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PGA Tour Highlights: 2023 Rocket Mortgage Classic, Round 4 | Golf Channel

Jul 03, 2023
and Fowler opened with a couple of pars, novice in three Fairway, yeah, trying to do the same thing, I just have to throw knuckleballs on these back bowls. Kurt yes, he got it all the way, that's aggressive and very well done, he can't go straight to the flag, he's been. Great this week around the greens and putting you just have to get that ball into the fairway. Wow, he got a lot more out of it than I thought. It was fantastic. 18th place yesterday hasn't been so good since it was very delicate for Taylor Moore here in fifth he almost did it, that's great, it was very well done, he was totally committed to making good shots, he did a great job to take a two-way lead in the Sunday Orange and it's a real confidence builder, you know you played. three holes, you have hit perfect drives our first look at the 15 today, 140 to go, let's check our Troutman Tracer presented by Baker Tilly following quite well, there is not much green to get it in there and adjust to these speeds from the hole. to get some good speed here Ricky Fowler scores one and extends the lead to two.
pga tour highlights 2023 rocket mortgage classic round 4 golf channel
The sixth hole has been the most difficult all week, especially when you miss the target. Malnati has a short side under the green, it doesn't matter. Peter. Take a bow even at that. That hat that is automatic special so far today throughout six holes has not failed, it has barely missed the center line of the fairway. This is a full tail seven iron too and stay and that's a realistic look. uh, the birdie. This is a very simple little release. Eight Eagle here. yesterday, yeah, oh good call BR, I was definitely thinking the same thing as you.
pga tour highlights 2023 rocket mortgage classic round 4 golf channel

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pga tour highlights 2023 rocket mortgage classic round 4 golf channel...

I almost did it two days in a row. This is basically an open face Splash slot, almost like you were in a bunker, it came out a little hotter than I wanted, but I almost had good luck right there, a little bit on the left side, that's another one, yeah, they're three birdies in the first seven holes. The ideal start is to see Ricky with umbrella in hand and spreading things a little heavier on the way to the fifth Brian Harman. for two, another one of those chances on the back hole, nice good putt for Brian Harmon, all you can hope for is really good scores today, albeit with a clean lift in place, so fairway lies are preferred , yeah, that big break on this putt did it. at the right level, the most important thing here, good luck Santa Cat, yes, back-to-back birdies now for more power, has some momentum, going to Taylor more in the fairway in the sixth trees sticking out on the right side, there we are in your view instead of affecting.
pga tour highlights 2023 rocket mortgage classic round 4 golf channel
The shot will be above them and he discovers that Bat Plateau is a beauty, he does it a lot of times, as we see Hadwin now. If you grow up where I grew up, you do it because you play softball Anna constantly and this. is what they are playing today, smooth po Anna, this looks very good if the turns are controlled, which he did do quickly again, although can't be too aggressive with this move away in the ninth column of work, the column was lost the second green that Jazz had. a really good front nine four under par so far, a nice break staying on that lighter rough made this shot a lot easier than that four inch stuff right behind it.
pga tour highlights 2023 rocket mortgage classic round 4 golf channel
He knows exactly in his body what it feels like to drive ball 113. Do it on Sunday, when it really matters, yes, he can, that's a beauty. Hadwood was faster than normally done on those streets. Hadwin's third on the seventh tee shot in the bunker stayed up to here trying to use that slope. This is brilliant. This is brilliant. You get a little sense of why even though hitting the fairway has been difficult, this hole has produced a ridiculous amount of birdies throughout the week, this week more birdies than pars and they even talk about the 20 Eagles that have been made here in the seventh so that everyone leaves with one a few moments ago in 15 Max Homer even before tea time than I would have expected 12 under par although the right front flag here 140. behind her and inside goes holding one for Homer, the second eight of his career. the foreign




from the PGA


and they were begging for it the pin position was right for the hole in one today you know about the mic drop, that's the tea drop.
I'm out, the only bad thing is that he finished playing everything before 2 pm, that area 313 challenge. because I would have made an eagle at any time this week the saint is the difficult part, there is a donation of 313 thousand dollars, he made a couple of birdies but no eagle at 13, but it leaves him there with the A's, which is the all-time record. Max Homer reacts to an ace uh the bull found a helmet we've seen this put up for more cowards now it's the same result for Adam hadwin beautiful birdie and he closes in on one this is the Tiff right in his wheelhouse murakawa salary in hand that flag one complicated , it has to be precise of course, it's a lovely shot, his run is not executed, that's sure very well done, this is the ninth and Adam Shank remembers the players started on both sides, these are his first nine, another of those back holes. places that are hard to get to unless you do a 40 footer not bad Adam Shank is 12 and this is Keegan Bradley the winner last week not too bad after an emotional win last week Keegan Bradley played well this week still has that putter going yeah after all the pressure of going through that win last week in Hartford it's just a good


nament here again in Detroit so for the solo lead a lot going on really for something that's a foot and a half more or less.
Right now he's a solo leader, murakawa, looking to get a win for the first time in two years, did exactly what he had to do, took care of the par five, some side effects, this one wants to try to land, he just raised the flag and left turned there, well played, murakawa, a chance to increase his lead on the 72nd hole, okay Adam, now to join murakawa just inside four feet, gotta keep him inside the hole, company at the top , as Fowler needs birdie here on 18. down just a little on this first cut from 149 fading straight away Beauty that's how you answer Trevor for a playoff spot yes at least two will continue with hadwin and murakawa will Fowler join them?
Yeah you can't get this out of the hole with the speed you like to hit it it's a great angle to not only see the crowd but also left to right break and you have birdie and a three man playoff between Fowler murakawa and hadwin. I'll tell you what this is. really nice line what a Fowler 900 shot from 163. thanks this looks great too what's the difference between the fairway and the rough there and it will give Fowler a reading nine iron from 163 this looks too very good. It's the difference between the fairway and the rough and it'll give Fowler a read, he'll learn, he's got to put some spin on this nine iron, it's 25 yards closer than in regulation, yeah, he's carving this into a beautiful line. . oh, too much, my goodness, just a yard, if that bullet had stayed in the short stuff, it would have turned to the hole for birdie, good line, just miss, boy, he had a good putt there and Ricky came in quick and had a good view.
At that point, yeah, I didn't have much of a break, he caught it just above the clubface and hit it underneath, so Fowler has a putt to gain 12 feet and Ricky is back in the foreign winner's circle.

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