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Mar 08, 2024
once told someone there and that's basically what it would be, it's crazy right? I mean, that's it. It's strange, but how many series did you do? How many years eight? I don't really know because I've blocked a lot of them so I can't remember, but I was there for a long time. like through alcohol or I just buried it in your deepest subconscious, I just buried it in my deepest subconscious and, um, yeah, it's in a really dark pit somewhere and for a career highlight, I would have United, do you know what I like? I'm not really going to criticize Terry because he was great and I loved him from the beginning, so in the end it became more difficult because he was getting older, yeah, like a lot of the old cast that we were friends in, he left and there were a lot of new people. which was, well, boring, so it was much harder to enjoy being there and in that moment.
pete wicks spills on reality tv tea throuples why he s still single
Actually, yeah, when you came in, I was really at the point where I'd had enough, so you were a breath of fresh air for the 15 minutes you were there and then when I left, you left, can I? You don't think you're going to do this to me, I'm going to murder one of these PRS on you here and then you say but I'm leaving at the end and then in the next series you come back and I was him and It would be the case that I would be seen getting into things because yeah , they wanted someone who had a personality, yeah, because obviously it's hard to be the only personality in a lot of challenges.
pete wicks spills on reality tv tea throuples why he s still single

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pete wicks spills on reality tv tea throuples why he s still single...

I mean, your back must have been absolute. bits for carrying that show for them, series, I know with the short time I was there, I love them all, yeah, and if they want to come, I know the short time I was there, I know what surprised me was that The cast were much more concerned about the popularity contest on Twitter and Daily Mail than making a good Telly, whereas I think, and that took me by surprise because I came out of Love Island, where it obviously happened in real time, so didn't we have that reference to people's opinions?
pete wicks spills on reality tv tea throuples why he s still single
It was just and we didn't know how big the show was going to be so it was very authentic like we were all ourselves and then we came to Towi and you realized people were playing like a game of chess where they were trying to see the story to be the winner and it wasn't really about telling the truth or entertaining the viewers, it was like he wanted to win this. situation and you know, that's what gets harder and as much as I scoff and listen, everyone has criticized me since I left because, you know how I am, I take the piss and I don't actually think it's a bad program.
pete wicks spills on reality tv tea throuples why he s still single
I think the problem that people have in it is that actually some of them have personalities in real life and outside of it, but you put a camera there and they try to be who they are. they think they should be or who people want them to be instead of themselves, and really the only way to get any kind of longevity or purchase or identification from an audience is that, whether you're right or wrong, you have to. live and die. by the sword when you try to be something you're not, it's yes, because you're playing a character and none of them are good enough actors to play a character for that amount of time, no, and I think it's because they fear the attack from social media and then, have you seen that change in your time doing Telly when you started?
There were people who were much less filtered and less fearful. 100%, they were all much less filtered. And to be honest with you, you know. so the trolling and everything else was a lot worse than it is now, a lot worse, some of the things you know we used to do and some of the things people used to tell us is that it's annoying. and then obviously a lot of social welfare Chang on TV, which I think is a great thing, obviously 100% of that had to happen and it's a great thing, but it also changed


TV a little bit, yeah, because It meant there were a lot of things.
What couldn't be talked about, couldn't be done and he changed the kind of plots and things for the right reasons, but then it's harder than accepting that because there's always a backstory that people don't know, yeah, so people are watching. half a story and sometimes it doesn't make sense, but when you know the whole story, it allows people to escape and play a character instead of themselves because their emotions are not natural or real, they are thought out. Sometimes I think. Let's say I went on Love Island now if they had a version of you know, I, knowing what Love Island is, I would act differently, probably not because I have that special thing in my brain where I can go and not feel embarrassed I think.
This is what people can't turn off, but other people I think when they know what can happen, it's like there's a lot to lose and a lot to gain 100% and there's nothing wrong with people going to do that, you have to own that like I'm sick of seeing things where people basically just talk nonsense about why they're doing things if you want that lifestyle because social media influencers and all that kind of stuff has made it This lifestyle seems so surprising that now it's what everyone wants to do, yeah, it's not that surprising and I don't think people talk about it enough.
Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing advantages and some amazing things, but a lot of people see that. by doing that they've done it because they've been themselves, yeah, I think it's a really difficult thing, there aren't many people who are unapologetically themselves, yeah, and I feel like you're one of those people and I am, and it's that's why a lot of people love you and some people think you're an idiot that's why a lot of people despise me but some people love me it's because it's like mom we are what we are and that's all but they cancel us but I think so, that is the point.
I was going to say we're completely done, yeah, but I think what you and we do well, which is what works in television, is that we're pretty good. I think I'm good at narrating our own life, so I'll make a mistake but then in this same show in the next scene I'll go oh really up instead of trying to turn it around and say oh someone cheated on me it's someone else's fault oh own your oh a list everyone makes mistakes and that's part of life and That's all good, but admit when you're wrong at least and be humble enough to say it, and also that's probably one of the most likely things.
The only good thing about you is that you can be whole, but Own that, but we all can, yeah, you know what I mean? I think that's very important because it makes you relatable, but also you stand your ground if you listen, if I'm right, I don't care what you say, I'm standing. and that's important too, but we're also cool, but it's this, this has been a really strange tone so far, it's almost been like insulting each other, but then we also give each other a lot of compliments, this is what we do, although it's We can really take this so two ways you got these two they just sat there and told each other how great they are for 45 minutes B basically I just didn't want to read the Q cards because I really don't know what So I figured if I lose 45 minutes just for us to blow smoke up each other's asses, it would be great to get out of the


show in a minute because I'm beating it to death, but I think it's very interesting. to talk to you but I have this list here what you've done is who's sorry someone hasn't been awake since 5 SS Who Dares wins sebs go date a real monty and the L goes on about what's been your Bear Favorite grills.
I think the island oh yeah when they cut your finger off no no because I


have one side of my hand um no, I've been bitten by a shark um casually bitten by yeah I'm a shark attacked Survivor I don't like I talk about it, but what happened It was uh no uh, so anyway the reason I love Bear Grills and doing shows like that is because it's a once in a lifetime experience that I'll talk about until I'm 80 years old. SAS or things like that because things like how lucky we are to have experiences and opportunities to do things like that, I actually went to the jungle for two days, but it's


an experience, I mean, obviously, it was an In short, it was a bit like you came, took a look and left, yes, the place.
No, I am not ok. I'll go back to my own show that I have on my TV. Alright, I don't need this one, so hey guys, I'm Liv and welcome to foxy moment sponsored by foxy Bingo. I'm going to go over your WTF moments from last week and try to give you some advice. Hi Olivia. I'm getting married in September next year to my lady Donna, she wants a big family wedding in some Grand Cheshier mansion with her whole family, a pig roasting on a spit and a saddle bag and damn owls or doves to bring the rings, it's too much .
Married at first sight, I, on the other hand, want a wedding party in mikinos, some of his family, but not the weird ones, and some of mine, then our mates, lots of fun and sun, before you say that I have balls and I have dropped clues. but she has become 100% possessed woman please give me some advice anything an eddie man should do in warrington right eddie im going to be honest with you you need to abort the mission unfortunately this is going to upset some people but the wedding is about from the bride and be a little controversial but this is your wedding it's not a stago it's not a holiday you're destined to do things you hate I hated almost every part of my wedding but you do it because that's love it's okay you need to do it Ten all the family there because they are strangers to you but they are her family and if they are not there she will just bring it up in an argument in 5 years and you will think why I didn't invite.
Her weird uncle is the wedding and keep the peace. I'm telling you, don't try to fight her about this, it will be the last thing you do. Oh very wise Olivia, would you ever like to host Love Island? I think so. d Smash It and it would be so much more real being blatantly honest and saying what we're all shouting on TV keia Oxford, that's so sweet. I feel very flattered. I think my Jama is doing a fantastic job and I think it would be necessary. a lot to fill her shoes, she really fits the role very well, but Never Say Never Love Island is very dear to my heart and a big part of who I am and what I'm doing now is thanks to that show and I still do.
I see. and I love it so Never Say Never, thanks for listening to this week's crafty moments. I'll see you next time, tell them about the shark attack because it sounds unbelievable, but we know it's true because it happened. Yes, there is evidence. um I was fishing because that's what we had to do and there was a little baby shark that got caught in the net, I'm sorry, Shark was a great wife and I tried to rescue him and get him out and um The little one took that for me trying to attack him, so he actually grabbed my hand, snapped my finger and bit me, which I thought was rude, ungrateful, little PRI, yeah, you're sharing V, right?
Yes, since then. I was a Pescatarian when I visited the island, so I didn't let you know that, but I was fishing and I did all the fishing because I didn't want to kill and after the island I stopped eating fish because, um, Spearfish sray. and I did all I mean, I was a small fish, what and they just put you off, you got the egg, I just, I felt bad like when you kill your thing, I guess it would be like, yeah, listen like I'm not one of them. they like, yeah, I'm a vegetarian and stuff now, but like you know, everyone can make their own decisions, like they tell people what they should do.
It's um and everyone is hypocritical in some way, even when there are people who say yes. You're a vegan and you know they still wear leather or drive with leather seats and then they chew like jelly and candy and they figure it out, but it's whatever you're happy with and they were all a bit of a reduced Atarian. Would help? Yes, I feel like my love for dogs is the purest thing about me and I know you share that love because I feel like if you are a true dog lover and the way I talk about dogs it sounds sick or like it's the only thing that it gets me like my heart is the only thing that can excite me like obviously I have my rescues you have yours I would love to have more that's my that would be one thing where I feel like I would have really gotten over it if I had more space and a schedule where I could have more dogs.
What do dogs have for you? Do you know what's funny? Obviously, as you know, dogs have been. It's been a big thing for me for quite a while, but it's animals in general. I think the purity and the fact that they live in the moment is the most beautiful thing and I think people could take and learn a lot from animals. Be anything that can give you unconditional love and take it and they don't care how your day was, how you look, you know what's going on, they just live by the fact that right there they're happy, yeah, and I think that's hills. beautiful thing and you know, I have rescued your two dogs and mine are rescues.
I've done a lot of different things. I've been to dog farms in Korea and all that, and I've seen some of the most horrendous things. where humans are simply the most vile species in the world and how you like to lay your head at the end of the day after seeing that when you went to the meat farm he cut you like he wasn't afraid of I mean, he was continually in floods of tears , it is simply horrible that we, as a species, areWell, apparently everyone dreams, but you don't remember them, but I don't. I don't remember so I've never had sex, I've never had a dream, I would love to be me, I have a dream every night and then I remember it with aggressive details and do you have sexual dreams?
Is it something real? Can I like it if people really like it? Because it has never happened to me. I'm not even asking the people in the room, then, do you have dreams where you actually wake up? Get up the next day and think, for example, that you are your little hard baby penis in the morning, just call one of my producers, penis baby, yes, but he is also one of mine, so he will know that in My podcast is known as Paul's Little Penis, if you like. to contact HR no no he is known on my podcast as we obviously share a similar group so I know little Paul who if you listen to St relevant is well known as little Paul so do you have a bit? a mushroom appears, it's not big enough to do that, oh man, I have sex like a real sex dream.
I've dreamed about people and you put them in a different scenario and then it's like the next day, you're like, oh my God. Do I like that person or was it just a dream? I've heard that happens a lot. Yeah, like in the dream, let's say you have someone who just doesn't have charisma, isn't sexy, but in the dream he really was. sexy or like they rescue you or do something and then the next day you look at them and you're like, oh, like you're in shape, it seems to slow down and go away, but oh well, oh, I want sex dreams that you have. enough sexual problems, fan, this is, it seems that we have to change it a little, but it says that you like the dads on your mat, but in your case let's say mom, oh, too bad, okay.
I quite liked older women when I was younger. I used to do it. So I used to, yeah, I want to be fair, the only way I would find an older woman now is in a morning, but um, but I used to when I was really young. He dated people who were younger than his children. help yeah i used to like an older woman sugar mama cougar stalking people you work with on social media just bad because i don't care if you're talking to people on social media anyway so look at you yourself, look at me, it's a bit wrong to ignore phone calls from people you don't know, for example, you answer numbers you don't know, no, 100% fine, no, I don't always answer numbers from people I know, that call I can validate I answer every call that comes to my phone, even if it's like a Hong Kong number, why would just curiosity, anxiety eat me alive not knowing who needed to talk to me?
Do you like all your AR messages on your phone? like answered open I actually talked about this with my therapist recently because he said we have to find a way to do this. I used to go on stage and I'm pretty busy right now because I don't know if you know, but I'll let everyone know that we're all privileged that Oliv appeared today for her own podcast because she's very, very busy. , got up at 5 a.m. m. and she has to go. She's back in Manchester and she works really hard, she doesn't like to talk about it, she doesn't get the credit she deserves, but she's very busy, so thanks for being here, let's give a round of applause for Liv, okay, yeah, okay.
I'm screwed anyway I wouldn't go to sleep until I'd responded to every WhatsApp and email as if she wouldn't let me go to bed at the end of the day without responding to each and every one of them. I literally respond in a good sort of Like five to 10 business days for almost everything, I can't stand it. I think my WhatsApp now has like 500 unanswered and unopened messages, no, no, it's wrong to pretend like you didn't see someone you know on the street. Oh sure, 100% do that. all the time because I can't be bothered to talk to you sometimes don't you think I don't know if you're the same as me, but because our jobs are like talking to people and are so socially based? my battery B is empty, so if I have a really weird day off, I actually like Brad, oh, what are you doing?
Say you're going to lunch with your friends. I just want to be alone all day because every day I'm talking. With people we're very similar, it's like everyone is always surprised when I say I'm actually a bit of a loner. I love it, how can you be? Because you are quite sociable and when I go out with you. No, I'm like when we're pretty similar, you're very there and present, but then when I come out of that and our job is very sociable, then you're always talking to people, our job is to talk, yeah, so. when I come out of it I literally just want to sit with my dogs in complete silence and I don't want to make any phone calls, I don't want to talk to you, I don't want to do anything, I just want to rock back and forth, um. crying, we'll get him help after this, in case any B one of his therapists, well, most of them quit after the first three weeks.
I said he's the only person who goes to a therapist and then the therapist needs therapy. trying to burn their ears after hearing my story, yes, PT, post-traumatic Olivia syndrome, it's a nightmare, but it's sweeping the country. Nice restaurant, kleptomania, umania means stealing, yeah, thanks, just for anyone who was listening, you don't know what. when you say klepto Mania restaurant, because this is what I'm trying to figure out, this is when people say and see, oh, I love that glass and they drink it, yeah, yeah, that's weird, like I've been to . dates with people like really no, no, oh yeah, and they've stolen things, yeah, but no, but they say they like it and then I'm like, well, I'll take it for you because I don't want to get caught stealing and I'll probably get away with it. mine because I can talk myself out of doing things where you put it, oh, I put it in my pants.
Sometimes I can put it anywhere if you just come out and say with confidence that people won't ask. like a full dinner service it's not like it comes out with glasses Cutlery um I won't tell you the place where I made a chandelier once because it was really nice to be fair, but can we count the candles when? Pete's We say: I think you too, yes, I know. I love doing anything to you. It's very fun to work with you. It's easy to talk. I think there's some good stuff in there for the wannabes in the reality TV community who are now probably going to do it.
I looked at other avenues of work and I figure I probably should do it. Yes, we had a great time. Judging by the faces of the people in the room, no, they are communicating with the legal department. They are in it, yes, they are. It's legal, but we gave each other a lot of compliments and also a lot of insults. There was a good balance. I think this is potentially the nicest we've ever been to each other. I'm not even kidding. I won't let you have the pineapple now, I think it's the most vulgar thing I've ever seen in my life, so I'm fine, however, I would like one of the gong cups because, hey, thanks for coming so bad, okay , thank you.
A wonderful moment Olivia, you are the best podcast host I have ever met. Bye bye. This week's episode was so bad it's okay. It was brought to you by Foxy Bingo. Put a little foxy in your day with new fast and interactive bingo experiences, all at the end of your finger they have a huge variety of free classic and exclusive games that you can play with your friends to keep the party going you want to connect with other foxy Bingo players has a community chat so you can always feel part of the foxy group so get your fox continue heading to foxy bingo today 18 more teas from and apply

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