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Permanent Misdirection Bug in The Great Push - My Thoughts and Opinions!

Jun 10, 2021
Hello everyone, my name is Ratnos and today I wanted to make a video about the big


. I thought this was a


event. I thought there were a lot of good things happening. I thought the format was fantastic. I haven't seen it, I recommend going to watch the vods, I think it was really cool, but the most requested thing to talk about of course is the


disorientation bug that was used by Echo who ended up winning the tournament to win the tournament. So I thought I'd make this video, plus I might have something I could link as an exclamation point command in my chat for when the millionth person comes and asks about it in my stream, so if that's you, if it's that's why you.
permanent misdirection bug in the great push   my thoughts and opinions
We're coming to this video, welcome, thanks for coming and watching this, so I wanted to give a little context and help people understand a few things about this. I don't actually have that strong an opinion on anything specific. I have much stronger


here about what the policy should be in the future than I do about how this specific issue should be handled, but I think there are a lot of people who have knee-jerk reactions on one side or the other. other and I wanted to make this video to give you some context that might help you at least better understand and update your view with more information because I think that's something particularly if you're new to watching Mytic Plus. uh, there's a lot of stuff built into the kind of history of the format that's relevant to this, so let's start by talking about what happened.
permanent misdirection bug in the great push   my thoughts and opinions

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permanent misdirection bug in the great push my thoughts and opinions...

Echo discovered that they didn't actually find this


bug, but they were the first to figure out how they could use it to have a dominant strategy in Plague Fall and by dominate here we mean that they could make a 28 and all the other teams maxed out at 27 there, so a key level is better than what standard strategies could do and the way it works is through a


bypass effect, so in dungeons, if you cast and then cancel the bypass, apparently you just you retain the deflection buff, mister


just doesn't do what it says in the tooltip in those circumstances, so where it says uh starting with your next attack in 30 seconds and lasting eight seconds, you could literally say which for the rest of the dungeon is right in the second part of this tooltip, um, and so they use this to then position their hunter right next to where the plague boundaries spawned. mobs and then death of fame uh and then the mobs would just teleport to the person they had been mistargeted because they were now the only person on the threat table and that would be a really good way to basically kill the entire dungeon, um, this was not easy to do by any means, it's not like I made the dungeon free.
permanent misdirection bug in the great push   my thoughts and opinions
I've seen people say suggesting that that was the case, uh, it wasn't, you know, this is a very high intensity strategy still skill based, but it was certainly better. than the other strategies in this dungeon, right, assuming you know that all strategies were equally allowed or whatever, this was the best strategy, right, this is the best way to do the dungeon, so there was definitely an advantage to play here, um and then. Yeah, so the idea was to capture the pest borers, using misdirection, there have been a couple of other ways, people, you know, the wowhead guys tried to replicate it and the permanent misdirection way was the only way to do it, and if you watch bits like vaude you can see that's exactly what they're doing, you know they threw in a bad direction here, you look closely at the cast and then oh my god it's so fast it airs and then it gets cancelled. right there, you can see the misdirection logo cast and then canceled a couple of people have pointed this out as evidence of guilt, the fact that it was canceled so quickly, but it literally only works if you cancel it, if you cancel the misdirection effect , then you'll get it for the rest of the time, so it makes sense that you want to launch it and cancel it quickly, you know, have it in the same macro, press that button twice to make it work, so that's what echo did, that's it the strategy they used to win the tournament and there has been an uproar about whether this abuse of bugs is an exploit in case there are consequences for the echo uh or is everything fair and mythical plus everything is allowed uh and if your answer is a clear yes or a clear no, I have a few points that I think will be difficult for you to answer, so let's go over them.
permanent misdirection bug in the great push   my thoughts and opinions
Let's start by looking at the rules here. This is the relevant clause in the mdi rules. Any intentional use or attempted use by a player of any bug or vulnerability in the game. may result in forfeiture of the match and disqualification from the tournament Blizzard in its sole discretion or will determine bugs and exploits, so you can read this by just reading this first sentence and saying, "Okay, that's it." of course, the correct intentional use of an error." you know, bang, problem solved, you can also read this by just reading the second sentence and saying, ah, well, Blizzard discretion and uh echo asked Blizzard, which they asked, echo asked uh, I don't actually know, I don't have the full text of what they specifically asked, so I know there was a conversation between Echo and the administrators.
I don't know everything that was said and that's probably something relevant to Blizzard at this point, but you know Blizzard at their discretion, right? they allowed it, so you know, bang, also the problem was solved, so this paragraph doesn't give us much health help, so let's look at the context of the things that happened in previous mdis. A very common strategy on mdis revolved around misdirection not working as it says in its tooltip or actually tricks of the trade, as well as having a similar issue where the threat is redirected during a different time period than which it says in the tooltip, which was the core behind the toldagor cannon strategy.
The teams used every team, every team. I just picked the first one I could find on youtube, but all the teams did this on toldagor uh, where someone would get on the cannon and miss, they would cast misdirection and then instead of doing this, it turns into an eight. second or six seconds or whatever it was in bfa uh buff, you could keep using it and keep firing your cannon uh and redirecting the threat to your tank for the entire time you were there until the deflection buff wore off, you could jump and apply it again, uh, and not every canon use in every mdi run lasted much longer than eight seconds, but almost all of them had shots that redirected the threat far beyond where the misdirection was supposed to be corrected, uh, given that that's not the behavior in the tooltip like Well, sure, that's also something that you would say is similar, obviously, it's quite different to have something that lasts an entire dungeon and you can formulate a complete strategy versus something that happens in a couple of specific surveys, so maybe you already know that. a crucial difference between what you think should be allowed and what shouldn't be allowed, uh, but it's not like you know that there has never been a misdirection error that changes the time that has passed in the effect, some other things that have been errors certainly clearly correct. things don't work out as planned or in some strange way they are allowed in mythic plus tournaments or at least they have historically been qualified for the big


uh bear squad one of the other teams so no echo I used this strategy to make a marth does not reset, but also comes down from his boss's room so that he does not do mechanics and resets if you drag him to the other side of the room, just if he crosses the door at the normal entrance to the room, but if you can grab someone.
From the other side of the room, you can then go down here and fight Marth and you can fight a much easier version of the fight. You can see Mark interrupting his ability. And just sitting here and now, Otto is the tank. we don't have any generated ads or anything like that and this is the strategy that the bear squad used to secure their ranking in the big push event, this is how they got their highest necrotic weight key which was their wake strategy necrotic, uh, it involved throwing a boss into a position where it doesn't do mechanics, a central strategy in Waycrest Manor last season was to move someone standing in a place where all the ads couldn't jump on them, right, you jump on them like a Los chandeliers and ads can't target you as long as you're the furthest person away, so they just don't do their mechanics right, so those kinds of effects are pretty common historically, other kinds of things that are certainly not intended.
The behavior, right, it's like a bug that people use, it's a pre-enhancement, obviously, there's a pre-gathering of resources, a pre-use cooldown, and then starting a key which is pretty standard, but this also takes to another level in many cases, eh, here it is, for example. High Drive Ambition has a strategy in the Halls of Atonement that involves mind-controlling a gargoyle before starting the key that takes you here if we look at 45 seconds of a damage reduction effect and also popping an ashen halo and, in reality, we are. I'm not throwing a cinder on Hello, but you get the refined palette and then you can switch to the other one right before you start the key too and you get the benefit of two soulbind traits, uh, also effectively, so that guy of things you know. little resource things, little initial pre-key things worked and were allowed, they weren't fixed for m and, in the past, there were other things that were fixed, but they were slowly fixed, uh, in the last Freehold expansion, you could kill to Trothak or something like that. you could kill ludwig in the mythic zero and then start the key and then if you had killed trothak in the mythic zero and started the key, you could go and pull, you would go to pull trothak.
Sorry, you killed ludwig in m0 and then you could kill trothak. without killing ludwig in the m plus race and that saved a lot of time because ludwig took a lot of time and didn't give much notice and stuff, so that was a strategy that was the first time in this first season. I was pushing m plus it was the season that came out and my initial reaction was oh my god guys this is clearly a bug this is clearly an exploit we can't do this so for two months I told my team I'm not going To do it.
Do this, no I'm not going to be a part of this, I'm not trying to get banned, and then eight months later the bug was still in the game and I realized everything I did during those two months in the that he was not willing. Doing that strategy cost my team the correct score, it cost my team keys that we could have timed, and that's when I first learned that, well, there's a different set of rules for raids and more. Correct dungeon stuff is not treated the same. Another example of this was, like in the last Citralis temple expansion, for a couple of weeks, people discovered that you could go through the dungeon in m0 and then all the doors would open so you could go to the last boss first in m plus and then u-turn and head back through the dungeon with a huge damage buff from the last boss and Blizzard fixed this after a couple of weeks, but there were no consequences for players who abused that world record.
The keys were set to those thralle templates and eventually Raider io went through and voided each of those races for their scoring system, but Blizzard took no action on their part, uh, against that, they finally fixed the bug and nothing ever happened to the players who used it, so I guess what I'm saying here is that there's a long history in the myth of things like this being allowed, um, and in this specific case, you know particularly since they asked Blizzard, I think you know how they ask Blizzard what. exactly what was said between two is relevant, but I think the anger here shouldn't be directed at Echo, but I think it's reasonable for everyone to say: "Wait for a second blizzard, it should be mythical and be like that, maybe there won't be some developers who You know, make it so players really feel like they shouldn't be using bugs and mythic pluses and you know it's not like you won't have that experience I had with the Ludwig bug where I intentionally didn't disable it and report it I didn't hear anything from Blizzard and then eight months later it finally got fixed right and I just didn't use it for a lot of that time and it cost me, you know, the results were okay and I didn't get any benefit, no one who abused it had anything.
They never Something bad has happened to them. No one who has abused a mythical plus thing has anything bad happen to them, should that be the paradigm or not, and I would say no, they should come here and say, "Okay, wait, we want to." I like it, some types of things are allowed and some are not, and I think permanent disorienting effects probably shouldn't be allowed in the long term. I think this kind of thing, like you canFind a way to make a profit that lasts a while. the whole dungeon, uh, that shouldn't, that shouldn't be allowed, uh, I think if you can do something before the key starts and get a benefit, they should fix it, but it should be allowed until they fix it, I think if you can.
Take a boss out of the arena on him to prevent him from doing mechanics that shouldn't be allowed in a tournament and they should fix that so that's my position set. There are some things they should and shouldn't allow. Fix, there are some things they should allow, but fix them when they can, so, uh, these pre-buff things, and then there are some things they shouldn't allow in tournaments, uh, and then they should also immediately fix them as soon as they can . I think this is his thing and the misdirection things fall into that category for me, but that's a question of forward-looking policy, right, I think it's important to say, in terms of what should happen in this case, You know it's not fair to say it's okay, we have to do it. let's change the rules uh let's retroactively hold people to a different standard than I think they very reasonably understood and we also asked the administrators in this tournament so that's where I'm at with this.
I hope this video has helped clarify some things, I hope it has brought. I asked some interesting questions that explained maybe a few bits about things and told some good stories at least about the various strange bugs they had the most. I'm speaking as me, I'm not, you know, I know I launched Blizzard. events, but I'm not a tournament manager or anything like that and there's a good chance they'll go in a different direction than I would, so that's just my opinion eh, but yeah, thanks for watching, see you at the next, goodbye.

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