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Jul 24, 2023
referee, the next team to score a goal will win the game, where's the ball?, score goals quickly, come on, Richard Rabbit has scored a goal, hooray, the boys win, oh, football is a silly game, just a moment, the boys scored. her own goal that means the girls really win hooray football is a great game sleepover it's night


is going to a sleepover at zoe zebra's house hi zoe hello


welcome to my sleepover i will pick you up in the morning bye peppa bye rebecca susie and emily are here hello everyone hello peppa I have my teddy hello everyone zoey has her toy monkey emily has her frog susie has her owl and rebecca has her carrot carrots carrots Mr. zebra is watching television better I was watching that but it was a bit boring daddy sabra is going to sleep now he has to get up early to deliver the mail very well mommy zebra don't stay up too late good night mommy peppa and her friends are getting into their sleeping bag zoe's twin baby The sisters Zuzu and Zaza also wants to join the sleepover.
peppa pig full episodes nature trail cartoons for children
The slumber party is only for big girls they are so sweet and little girls can stay nice but you have to promise to stay awake we promise wow a piano I'm having lessons listen twinkle you have to be quiet so daddy zebra can sleep now in your sleeping bags Please, what do we do at sleepovers now? there is always a midnight feast what is a midnight feast we eat things in secret I know where there is food but we must be very calm suzy peppa calm down mom zebra has woken up we are going to have the best midnight always celebrate what is happening in your week dad zebra Now who knows a nice story before bed me and I will start Once upon a time there is a little fairy now it's your turn Peppa and she lives in the forest she was very pretty and had a beautiful fairy wand, your turn Emily tell us what happens next well I'm not too sure just say something emily as long as it's not boring okay the little fairy met a big monster that became too scary what's all this noise oh dear has the noise woke up?
peppa pig full episodes nature trail cartoons for children

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peppa pig full episodes nature trail cartoons for children...

Mr. Zebra, sorry dad, there's a story about a fairy and a scary monster and we want to know what happens next. Very well, the monster raised its big furry paws and walked on his big furry feet. Oh, and she said, twinkle, twinkle, little star, how? I wonder what you are. Mr. Zebra's song has put everyone to sleep. Rebecca Rabbit. It's the end of another beautiful day. Peppa and George are playing with their friends. Rebecca and Richard Rabbit. Time to go home. My bunnies. Oh, but we want to play some more. Mom, maybe tomorrow. Can Pepper and George come to our house tomorrow?
peppa pig full episodes nature trail cartoons for children
Yes, why is Richard crying? He's a little afraid to go down the stairs. Why don't we have stairs in our house? George, today we are going to Rebecca Rabbit's house. Mummy Pig knows how to drive and I'll do the map reading. Are you sure, Daddy Pig? We always get lost when you do map reading. We won't get lost. Okay, is everyone ready? Yes, then let's go, Peppa. and george are very excited. they have never been to rebecca rabbit's house before dad, are we almost there? The map says that Rebecca's house is on the next hill. I don't understand that this should be where Rebecca Rabbit lives.
peppa pig full episodes nature trail cartoons for children
We must be lost, there is only this carrot garden, where can Rebecca Rabbit's house be? Hello everyone, do you want to play in my room? Your room, but where is your house? Peppa can't see Rebecca's house anywhere. This hill is our home. It's called a burrow. Ooh, I'll show you. See you later. See you. Then go inside we don't have stairs we have tunnels wow Rebecca's house is a little different from Peppa's wow you have a bed and a window and a toy box like us of course I like your house I wish I were a rabbit I know Shall I show them both how to be rabbit?
Yes please, first you have to wiggle your nose and scream like that. Squeak Squeak. Rabbits like carrots. If not, rabbits like rabbits and they like to jump, come out, I will show you lunch time,


, mom and dad, the rabbit has prepared lunch, Rebecca has taught us to be rabbits, oh, you will enjoy lunch , then they are our favorite carrots, delicious, delicious, yuck, George won't eat carrots. oh dear george i thought you were a rabbit rabbits love carrots wow george is eating a carrot and this is our favorite cake carrot cake carrot cake peg george is a real rabbit now the dentist every morning peppa and george brush their teeth Today Peppa and George are going to the dentist Peppa George, are you ready to go for your checkup?
I'm too busy for a checkup. I'm going to have tea with Teddy. Yes, we are very busy. We all need checkups to make sure our teeth are clean and healthy. Daddy George, do you have clean teeth like mine? It's George's first visit to the dentist. They both have lovely clean teeth. I'm sure the dentist will be very happy. Peppa and George are at the dentist waiting for their checkup. Oh, waiting is boring. This magazine is very interesting it's about peppa george potatoes the dentist will see you now hooray this is dr. elephant the dentist hello peppa have you been brushing your teeth yes dr elephant well now who's first I'm quick because I'm a big girl look at me george sit in the chair please keep it wide open please ah wider please now let's take a look dr .
Elephant uses a little mirror to look at Peppa's teeth I hope you haven't been eating too many sweets Peppa it's quite difficult to talk when your mouth is wide open, that's it, what nice clean teeth she looks like to me. Can I have the special pink drink now? Yes, but don't drink it. Peppa spit it out. George now it's your turn. No. George doesn't want it to be her turn. Maybe you can. Hold Mr. Dinosaur while the dentist looks at his teeth. Very pleased to meet you. Mr. Dinosaur. He is not a real dinosaur. He is made of plastic.
Hold him tight. He is doing very well. George can now show me his teeth. George doesn't want to show them to the dentist. George's teeth open. so there you are all ready you have very strong clean teeth george they are as cute as mine dr elephant ah yes george is very proud of having clean teeth george don't forget the pink drink oh but wait what is this? what's up dr. elephant george has clean teeth but this young dinosaur's teeth are very dirty oh no dr. elephant is very angry with mr dinosaur not at all peppa it is my job to make the teeth clean the jet of water please miss rabbit the dentist uses water to clean mr dinosaur teeth the polisher please miss rabbit this will be a bit noisy dr elephant polishes mr dinosaur's teeth pink pink that's george mr dinosaur needs a special pink drink omg what shiny teeth you have mr dinosaur dinosaur george loves mr dinosaur especially now that he has a good tooth cleaning peppa and george are in the grandma's garden and grandpa pig are going to play in their tree house peppa and george love their tree house here are peppa and george's friends zoe susie rebecca and richard I like your tree house peppa can we come in? yes now we can have a tea party here at pedro and danny hi peppa, can we come in?
Sorry danny, only girls are allowed in the treehouse. The kids are a bit rowdy, they always buy up all the tea parties, but George and Richard are kids. Oh yes, sorry. George, this treehouse is for girls only. What's happening? The girls don't let us enter the tree house. Well, it's not fair. Oh, I think I can help. Come here. Now we can have a nice, quiet tea party. What's that noise? You boys have your own lair with your old drawbridge. A castle, thanks grandfather, can we go in? No, this is a boy's den just for boys, but I love castles.
Castles aren't as good as tree houses come on girls I'm the king of the castle every castle needs a flag wow they have a flag we don't need a silly flag here's granny pig hello girls can I get you something? a flag please and it must be better than the boys, I'll see what I can do I'm the king of the castle oh every castle needs a phone wait this keep this rope tight and you can talk to the boys we don't want to talk to the boys we We don't want to talk to the girls Grandma Pig has found a flag for the girls' den This dress will be a nice flag Thank you Grandma, it's not as good as the boys' flag I wish we were in the castle Fairy princesses would live in castles If I were a fairy princess, I would live in a tree house.
We can come? Please only if you say the castle is the best. It is the best. I'll stay in my tree house. I love the castle. My God! It is raining and the castle has no roof. go to the tree house no, i will never leave my castle the rain has stopped george has found a mud puddle that looks fun i will stay in my castle i will stay in my tree house i will take care of your castle danny me you will take care of your tree house . Pepper and Danny love jumping up and down in mud puddles.
Everyone loves jumping in mud puddles, whether they are girls or boys. The long grass. Pepper and George are playing in the garden. Oh, not the grass. It's been cut down for a while It's grown a lot Come on George George Where are you? I can't see you george I'm going to look for you pepper and george can't see each other peppa and george love playing in the tall grass daddy pig is I'm going to read his newspaper what a nice day to do nothing daddy pig loves doing nothing oh my god dad pig we've let the garden get a little out of control what do you mean mother pig the grass needs to be cut oh I quite like it?
It's the wild garden look dad come and play in the tall grass it's fun okay let's all play with this stained ball oh where did it go? the ball is lost in the long grass now we'll never find it maybe it's time to cut the grass yeah daddy pig I'll go get the lawnmower I'm sure it's here somewhere ah here it is daddy pig found the lawn mower, it's a little old and rusty, silly, it will cut the grass in no time, it looks a little rusty, maybe. I should call Grandpa Pig and ask him if we can borrow his lawnmower.
There is no need to call grandpa. I just need to push a little harder. The pig's lawn mower is not very good. Oh, I know. Let's call grandpa. Hello grandpa pig talking. Hello grandpa pig. Could you help us? cut some very long grass oh, I'll certainly finish right away bye, I think this is a job for Betsy. Grandpa Pig is driving his lawnmower to Peppa's house. Hello everyone, I heard there is some grass that needs to be cut and it's just a little. I long for my lawn mower, don't worry, Betsy will have it ready in no time.
Your lawnmower's name is Betsy. She certainly is. Hello, Grandpa Betsy. Can we ride Betsy? Of course, you can jump on board. Yes, yes, captain, grandfather. We will mow this grass. in no time oh tight here we go betsy is very good at mowing grass this is fun they're done grandpa you're a bit lost oh yeah what is this oh this body ball thank you for finding our ball grandpa and thank you for mowing the mowing the grass is easy with Betsy now we can play with our spotted ball for you dad, the ball bounces very well on the short grass for you george egg oh catch zebra the postman's daughter mr zebra the postman is delivering a letter to peppa zoe's house zebra is with her dad today she has her own letters to deliver hmm danny dog ​​suzy sheep rebecca rabbit ah pepper and george only these good ones left, let's deliver them yes, peppa and george love it when the mail arrives, we have two letters, this one is for dad pig how exciting dear mr pig please pay your phone bill oh what is a bill it sounds very boring bills are very boring mommy is the other letter for you not this one is for peppa and george wow a letter for george for me please come to my birthday party love zoey zebra zoe zebra has invited peppa and george to her birthday party you need to write a reply to zoe to tell her that you are coming to her party can you help us write it mommy of course peppa and george are writing a reply to zoey, what would you like to say dear zoe, dear zoe?
I don't know what to say next. How about we would love to come to your party? Best regards, Peppa and George, what color envelope will we use red, Miss Zoe, zebra and the last one? of all the seal the letter is ready to be sent this is the mailbox here are danny suzy pedro rebecca and emily elephant everyone is posting letters and here is peppa with her letter there now what's happening hello everyone hello peppa did you get my letter? about my party yes and I have written you a response oh my God so many letters today and this letter is mine it is very very important it is for me can I open it now?
It's for you Zoe but it must be delivered before you can open it, that's how publishing works. Oh, and with so many letters to deliver today, I'd better get started and George and I should go bounce a ball too, George, see you later, Peppa and George are helping Mr. Zebra deliver the post. It's Zoe Zebra's house. This letter is addressed to Miss.zoe zebra miss zoe zebra zoe zebra zoe zebra zoe zebra oh all the posts are for zoe that's my letter i can post it certainly peppa loves posting letters mom look all these letters are for me oh amazing can you read it mommy dear zoey?
I would love to come to your party on behalf of Danny Dog. Susie Sheep will also be coming to your party and Rebecca Pedro. Emily Candy. Everyone will come to your party. And this letter is mine and it says that we are going to your party. your party love and kisses peppa and george everyone has arrived for zoe's party wow so many gifts you will write many thank you letters zoey oh and who is going to deliver all those thank you letters you are dad but i can help swim peppa and her family are in the swimming pool daddy pig is wearing his swimsuit mommy pig is wearing her swimsuit peppa is wearing her swimsuit hurry up george everyone is waiting george is wearing her swimsuit peppa george let daddy put the bracelets on there george you The bracelets They make you look very old now I now we can go to the water.
It's George's first time going to the pool. Why don't you just put one foot in the water? Maybe you should try the other foot. Maybe George should try both feet. at the same time, good idea, but you don't need to splash around so much here's Rebecca Rabbit with her little brother Richard Rabbit Hello Rebecca Hello everyone Richard Hold on to this float and you can practice kicking your legs George, would you like to try it? kicking your legs very well but try not to splash big kids don't splash we are very good at swimming when george and richard are older they will be able to swim like us, right? rebecca yes oh richard he has a watering toy can you stop him richard oh dear richard he has dropped his watering can in the pool i'm sorry richard i can't reach him he's too far down mommy i can't swim underwater not even i can swim underwater hmm please hold my glasses mommy pig hooray there see well done daddy pig I'm rather good at swimming underwater the cat that drinks water is for babies can we jump off the diving boards now?
Sorry Peppa, trampolines are for adults only oh cheer up you two, you can watch me die, silly daddy, your belly is too big, nonsense, I won trophies for My diving when I was younger was quite a while ago, daddy pig, it's It's a good thing I've stayed so fit and strong, please hold my glasses, mommy pig, you'll have a better view if you look at me from the side, please don't. splash us with water daddy, of course I won't splash you, peppa, I think I need a higher board, please be careful, daddy, pig, yes, don't splash us, daddy, don't worry, peppa, don't splash us with Water, daddy, I told you.
I wouldn't splash well done daddy pig I don't need my towel I have a special way of drying myself daddy pig has splashed everyone with water daddy pig I'm sorry everyone pirate island grandpa pig will take peppa and her friends to spend a day on his boat everyone to board george could you wear my pirate hat today we sail to pirate island if we're lucky we can find buried treasure pirate island sounds like a great place land in sight here we are pirate island what's that? It's a metal detector that finds buried treasure grandpa pig is using the metal detector to find buried treasure aha, the metal detector has found something, let's dig it up, it's a small treasure of coins, hey, let's look for more, ah , we found something else, it sounds big, my goodness, this treasure is pretty heavy, oh dear, that's not buried treasure, it's an old rusty shopping cart, oh, maybe treasure hunting is enough, who wants to help to build a big sand castle?
What a good idea, granny, I'll check the boat. Grandma is going to help. the


are building a big sand castle and grandpa pig is doing important things on the boat ah this is cute oh maybe close your eyes for a moment granny and the children are making a big sand castle they need lots and lots of sand They use cubes to make the castle turrets what a splendid castle it's time to go home oh where did the boat go look granny oh no, grandpa pig is fast asleep and the boat is moving away we have to wake up grandpa shout what louder than you can oh no, grandpa pig is still asleep grandpa is too far away to hear us we are trapped on a pirate island we are castaways we will be here for a hundred years we will have to eat wild fruits and berries and we will have to eat bugs and slugs the parents are here to pick up the kids oh where am I?
Hello, hello everyone, did you have a good time? Yes, actually, I've just left something behind at the tip, look, there's grandpa, we'll stay welcome aboard, loving, naughty grandpa, pig, we thought. you left us behind sorry about granny next time I promise not to fall asleep goodbye pirate island see you soon I love pirate island can we visit again oh of course we can peppa

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