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Peppa Pig English Episodes | Peppa Pig's Visit Under the Sea! üê°

Jul 15, 2023
through its legs, have you crawled through a dinosaur's leg? that's it, you made it out of the jungle, you had a good gym class, children, yes, lady gazelle, they are real little explorers, now the ice cream lady, hello, mother pig, hello, miss rabbit, four ice creams, for Please, thank you, Miss Rabbit, George, you forgot to lock. the door paulie will have flown away don't worry


i'm sure polly is still inside polly isn't here grandpa and grandma are going to be very sad maybe we should try the garden look what is that what did mummy pig see in the garden dad How are we going to get Polly down from the tree?
peppa pig english episodes peppa pig s visit under the sea
Don't worry, Peppa, I'll rescue Polly. Come, oh, no Polly has flown higher in the tree, oh dear, oh, be careful, papa, don't fall out of the tree as usual. Don't worry Peppa, I'll be very careful, come on Polly, I wonder where George is going. George has Polly's birdseed. Polly loves to eat birdseed. George has taken Polly down from the tree. Hooray, what's that noise? Daddy Pig's mobile phone is ringing. Hello, oh. granny pig hello daddy pig, please can I talk to polly? Yes, of course, hello Polly, are you having a good holiday? Hi Polly, are you having a good holiday? oh mom, why are all the leaves red and yellow?
peppa pig english episodes peppa pig s visit under the sea

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peppa pig english episodes peppa pig s visit under the sea...

It's fall time pepper in fall it gets a little colder and the leaves change color it's quite windy let's play a game to keep warm my turn oh it's not meant to go that way the wind blows the ball along the ball It's in the pond hmm I'll just use this stick to reach just a little bit more daddy be careful daddy pig don't worry I'm almost there daddy the water is a little cold the wind has blown the ball out of the pond what luck yes what a stroke of luck every It's getting windier Hold on to your hats, no, the wind has blown George's hat away, don't worry George, daddy pig will catch your hat, look, it's in that little tree, mmm, I'll climb up and get it.
peppa pig english episodes peppa pig s visit under the sea
The tree is too thin to support your weight. Daddy Pig, so how can we get George's hat simple? I'll give the tree a little shake, eh, maybe if I shake it a little harder, I thought that kind of thing only happened to me, it's not funny, it's kind of funny, mom, I guess so. it's kind of funny a little bird is eating grandpa pig's flower seeds boy, get up from my seats so that's where all my seeds went into the little bird's belly two more little birds are eating grandpa pig's seeds oh look ah shoo what is it all this noise granny pig The birds are eating all my flower seeds so we're scaring the birds away There's no point chasing them They'll just come back We need a scarecrow What is a scarecrow?
peppa pig english episodes peppa pig s visit under the sea
A scarecrow is a straw man that scares away birds. What a good idea, grandma pig. I will make one, come on everyone, goodbye little birds, let's make a scarecrow, this is Grandpa Pig's garden shed, here there will be many things to make a scarecrow, first we need two sticks and some rope. Find them Peppa has found some sticks George has found some good thread, I will tie the sticks to make the body Granny pig has found some straw and an old sack. Beautiful, I'll put the straw in the sack to make the head now the scarecrow needs something to wear here's a bag of old clothes george has found a silly dress george mr scarecrow doesn't want to wear a dress pepper has found a nice coat george has Found a nice hat George Mr.
Scarecrow needs a suitable face Would you and George like to paint? a face, yes please pepper, leave what we don't throw the bottles in the trash, they can be recycled, what does that mean? All the things we can't use again, we throw in the trash for Mr. Bull, but all the things that can be used. used again they put in these recycling boxes the red one is for newspapers the blue one is for cans and the green one is for bottles


you have a bottle so which box does it go in um the green one yeah this is fun now it's the turn From George, can you find a newspaper for the red box?
George wants to recycle Daddy Pig's newspaper. Oh, I'm not done with my newspaper yet. George, you can have it in a minute. Oh, here you are. George's newspapers go into the red box. george now that we have collected enough things we can go to the recycling center hooray come on mummy pig has the bottles pepper has the cans and george has the newspapers are all ready yes daddy pig so let's recycle recycle let's recycle let's recycle this is the miss rabbit recycling center we are here hello hello hello miss rabbit have you come to recycle? Yes, we have many chocolate eggs hidden in my garden.
You should find them amazing, but be careful. Don't step on my little plants Oh, it's so exciting in spring to see how these little plants start to grow We promise to be careful Grandpa, very good, so Grandpa Pig's chocolate egg hunt has begun, do you have time for a cup of tea Grandpa? pig oh yes, it will take you a long time to find my eggs I have hidden them very well here is an egg pepper has found a chocolate egg in a flower pot here is another egg rebecca the rabbit has found a chocolate egg hidden under a leafy bush hooray an egg For me Emily Elephant found a chocolate egg in the branches of a tree.
I think I can smell the chocolate. Freddy Fox has a very good sense of smell. Yes. Freddy Fox found a chocolate egg in the middle of the birdbath. Grandpa, we found the chocolate. eggs it was a lot of fun but it was a little easy it wasn't easy for the little ones george richard and edmund haven't found any eggs ah edmund I think there's something behind your ear everyone has found a chocolate egg what do we do now? Grandpa pig, ha ha, you eat them, of course, see you at home, who put that pipe there? I know I'll take a shortcut, it's a little money, come on, car, daddy pig needs to get home, daddy pig is stuck, I'll call grandpa. dog truck hello breakdown recovery I'm stuck in the mud can you come rescue me please sorry daddy pig I'm moving a big metal pipe that some maniac left on the road I'll pass you on to the next rescue service?
Hello firefighters, I'm stuck in the mud, can you rescue me? Please, I'm sorry, daddy pig, I'm rescuing a turtle that got stuck in a tree. Calm down, Tiddles, I don't know why you like climbing trees, you're a turtle, no. Worry, daddy pig, I'll pass you on to the highest rescue service in the country, what's that noise? I am flying. Miss Rabbit's helicopter has rescued Daddy Pig. Lucky dad gets a helicopter ride after all, should we show him what my helicopter can do? Yes. can go up can go down helicopter the wind is quite strong now the wind is very strong now daddy pig flies the kite higher daddy pig flies the kite very well yes, I'm a bit of an expert in these things, watch out for the trees the kite may get stuck on one don't worry I know what I'm doing oh dear daddy pig has the kite stuck in a tree oh no oh don't worry george dad will lower the kite uh yeah, be careful there's a big mud puddle peppa and george love jumping in mud puddles chloe jump in the puddle please don't I don't want you covered in mud oh move away kids please be careful daddy pig I know what I'm doing please be careful just a little bit more daddy daddy pig you're too heavy for that branch nonsense I know exactly how heavy I am look I'm a butterfly oh dear george doesn't want to be a worm wants to be a butterfly george when I was little piggy I liked to play at being a worm it's very easy to be a worm I'll show you how first you have to lie down on the ground and then you squirm I'm a worm butterfly I'm a little butterfly look look I'm a butterfly, yes, Peppa, you're a beautiful butterfly, Grandpa George, what are you doing?
We are twisted worms. I also want to be a regular one. I'm a twisted one. How are you? I love you. I'm a regular. It was fun, what animal do you want to be now? Hmm, I don't know, look grandpa, there's a little frog, why don't you play at being frogs? Hmm, frogs aren't as pretty as butterflies or as wiggly as worms, but frogs do play. Do you like grandpa pig daddy egg hello peppa george this is grandpa pig's garden he has grown all these vegetables himself what is this? I'm sure it's a dinosaur oh let's munch on some vegetables for lunch peppa do you like tomatoes? yes grandpa pig george do you like tomatoes?
No, George doesn't like tomatoes, dear, do you both like lettuce? yes, grandpa pig, george doesn't like lettuce, dear, i must have something that george likes, do you like cucumber?, yes, george doesn't like cucumbers and he doesn't like lettuce and he No. like tomatoes, well george, what vegetable do you like chocolate cake, silly george, chocolate cake is not a vegetable, maybe george will like vegetables when you turn them into a delicious salad, oh, lovely fresh tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber, first we need to wash them with pepper and george helped the granules to wash the vegetables maybe it is enough to wash granny pig has made the tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber into a salad grandpa pig can you call everyone to lunch lunch has the bunny made pizza for lunch?

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