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Peppa Pig Visits the Hospital on the Christmas Day

Jan 02, 2022
turn it on, come back, you can't pack everything, but we have to take all our toys, dad, just take the important ones, okay, I'll take Teddy and George can take them. I saw that Mummy Pig is packing a big bag for the holidays. Wow, that's it. a lot of things mommy pig, are you sure we need it all? Yes, everything is very important. okay, it's susie the sheep hello


, do you want to play? I can't play today, susie, I'm going on vacation, oh, where are you going? I don't know where there are vacations, that sounds good, oh grandma and grandpa, why are you here?
peppa pig visits the hospital on the christmas day
We are here for Goldie the fish, we will take care of her while you are on vacation, here is Goldie, don't feed her too much, granny, okay,


. I'm Mr. Bull in his taxi. He's taking Peppa and his family to the airport. Hello daddy pig. Let me carry that heavy bag for you. Are you sure you need everything here? yes, everything is very important goodbye this is the airport goodbye you have a Beautiful tickets for the holidays, please, here are some bags. Yes, I'm afraid this one is a bit heavy. Don't worry, just place it on the scale.
peppa pig visits the hospital on the christmas day

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peppa pig visits the hospital on the christmas day...

There will be nothing of value in it. Yes, you can carry those little bags on the plane. Just join. the line over there this is the x-ray machine what is this daddy it's a machine that looks inside things put your suitcases here please look it's my bag with a teddy inside that's magical let's make a lot of sounds and surprise daddy what a good idea come on george peppa and george are recording many different sounds in the kitchen in the bedroom in the living room in the hallway even in the garden george dad will be home soon you have finished recording your sounds no mommy there is only one more left come on george follow me what sound could be it's a very important sound peppa is going to the bathroom to flush the toilet george pig is home from work hi everyone hi daddy i've been wanting to play my new synthesizer all day hmm beautiful music, it's even more beautiful with the buttons dad play it again okay whoa what's that that's me we've made a lot of silly sounds play it again it's funny music dad oh oh certainly dad loves funny music everyone loves funny music no, this is the relaxation class yes we are all here to find inner happiness and calm.
peppa pig visits the hospital on the christmas day
Hello, welcome to relaxation class. It's about leaving stress behind, so please turn off your phones. I'm gone Hello kids Hello Miss Rabbit We're here for our gymnastics lesson Yes, the kids are very excited Great, I'll just set up the gym for you I don't care Just keep relaxing Relax What are you doing here? Oh hello. Peppa I've come to do a class I'll see you later too now where were we uh we were starting to relax oh yes, think of a beautiful clearing in the forest stillness silence children, are you ready for your gymnastics class? yes, lady gazelle, what is that?
peppa pig visits the hospital on the christmas day
I can not hear you. Surely you can scream louder than that. Yes, well, I want to see a lot of jumping, climbing and running. Ready, steady, slow down. Hello mommy pig, what are you doing here? I'm doing a relaxation class. Well I hope this children's party doesn't bother you hello daddy hello peppa oh this is fun I wonder how high I can go just try to relax stop relaxing now relaxation class is over how did you think mommy pig very very stressful funny that's it what everyone says? Why don't you try the bouncy castle? Yes, I think I will.
This is wonderful. I feel lovely and relaxed. Mummy Pig loves bouncy castles. Everyone loves bouncy castles. What a beautiful card. Open it. No. Brightness. Yes, we used all the glitter. How wonderful. Dad loves glitter. Everyone loves glitter. Now let's make a cake for Father's Day. What can we put on the cake? Yes, George, Dad likes cereal and ketchup. I'm not sure daddy pig likes ketchup on pie. Dad likes ketchup. Everyone likes ketchup. Cheese. Yeah george dad loves cheese oh oh what's going on here dad don't look it's a surprise I was supposed to be watching race cars on TV I thought I'd get up and do something you can always mow the lawn dad can't work at dad day mommy thanks peppa can you carry george and me in tow it's hard work it doesn't work now it's time for your tea party this way daddy would you like some tea thanks peppa and is there any cake oh yes the cake Mommy please bring the cake here it's Peppa but I'm not sure it's the kind of cake you can actually eat, yes it is, it's the best cake ever.
George and I did it all ourselves. Fantastic, can't wait to try it. What's in it? your favorite things mmm tasty you had a good day daddy yes pepper and george was super daddy pig loves father's day everyone loves father's day what is hysterical redemption is when you dress like old times and sit down to drink tea we do more than just drink tea today we were being romans what are romans the romans were people who lived a long time ago and i am the emperor the emperor was the boss of all the romans ooh goodbye see you next week granny pig granny can we be romans too yes peppa here are some helmets now what do we do we march saying benny vidi vichy what does that mean granny probably means anyone for another cup of tea no, it means I came I saw that I conquered vani granny I love being Romans too pepper and george have been doing some lovely photos this morning, oh my goodness, they are so good, they look like Polly Polly.
The Romans also like to make images. Know? Yes, they used colored pieces to make images known as mosaics. Here's one I made this morning. Oh, can we do? a mosaic what a good idea you will need some colored pebbles follow me i have a whole bag of pebbles in my shed this is grandpa pig's shed here we have a lot of colored pebbles george what should we make a photo of a dinosaur? good idea George, find the green pebbles for the dinosaur gazelle. Can I have some toast, please? Yes, Susie, I'll make you some toast. Anyone else want toast?
No, thanks. Okay, the bread goes in here and we push this lever down. The toaster gets very hot, so please. Don't touch it and wait for it to arrive at any time cut it wow can I have toast? Please, everyone wants toast for breakfast. Well, in that case I'll have to use the big toaster. It's a super toaster. The dishes are ready. Everyone, wait for it. Here it comes. everyone has returned to take their toast. Children don't eat the toast you have first. Can I put honey on my toast? my toast I'm getting a lot of energy in my belly and I'm also getting energy from strawberry jam I'm getting energy from honey jam and marmalade we all have a lot of energy and now it's time for us to do a rebound at breakfast follow me use the energy of food to prepare our bodies and minds for the day copy me children egg apple yogurt pancakes and toast lich go for breakfast do I like toast better?
Breakfast is over and everyone is ready you will run around the cones like this to win a point but if someone catches the ball susie is out and gets no points oh let's play everyone take their positions for bat and ball are you Ready, Susie, everyone back off? I'm going to hit it a million miles, set, set. I've come full circle, I win a point, well done Susie, now it's George's turn to bet. Madame Gazelle. I think George is too young to do Button Ball. You are never too young to bet and play ball. Peppa. Oh, okay, do your best. george george has hit the ball back run george take it take the ball i will go get it george has run all the way and scored a point very well george thank you danny and now it's my turn to bet, aren't you too old? madame gazelle you are never too old to gamble and play ball peppa it's okay just do your best madame gazelle is good at batting you hit it a million miles and now i run that's one point the ball will go all the way to school Oh me.
I'll turn around again catch the ball did you catch the ball didn't you get it susie no who has it I don't have it I'm in I win I'm the champion george caught the ball hooray I lose I lose all my points well done george wow they both look the same it's because We are identical twins Identical twins look alike Do people confuse you sometimes but it's okay, we're used to it Peggy Pandora since it's your first time in the playgroup? we both get to choose what we do today hmm we like to solve mysteries and we like to do puzzles mysteries and puzzles let me see yes we have a puzzle hey we love puzzles this looks like a cloud and here is the sun maybe they fit no they don't It doesn't fit try to turn that piece over now they fit where does this piece go?
Hmm try to put the blue sky with the blue sky that fits and the green grass with the green grass the puzzle is finished it is a picture of a house on a sunny day well done kids, it was a great teamwork, are you enjoying your day ? Pandora Peggy Yes, thank you We love doing puzzles and solving mysteries Our dad is a police officer I want to be a police officer when I grow up The police drive cars with flashing lights and they go Yes Yes, maybe now is a good time to call your dad and let him know how it suits us.
Oh, where's my phone? I must have left it somewhere. Did you lose your phone, Mrs. Gazelle? Yes, I had it a moment ago, where can it be? Where did you last see him? If he knew Suzy wouldn't be looking for him, why don't you always put things in the same place, Madame Gazelle? Then you'll know where they are and that's very good advice, Susie, but it's not always possible to leave something in the same place every time.

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