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Dec 14, 2021
Chloe's great


, Pepper and her family, are on their way to visit cousin Chloe. I love playing with older cousin Chloe. Chloe. Chloe. Oh, Chloe. Hello, these are my


. Simon Squirrel and Belinda Bear. You can call me Psy. It's short for Simon and I. b is short for belinda I'm


we'll call you pear oh and this is george we'll call you ha oh didn't you tell us you had little cousins ​​chloe I'm not a baby but you're both little I'm a big girl George is little Why don't we all play to a game? Yes, let's play hide and seek.
peppa pig full episodes chole s big friends cartoons for children
We don't play baby games anymore. We're almost adults now. What's up with the yes no game? What is the yes no game? I ask things a new answer what makes it a game you shouldn't say yes or no too easy you want to play then yes ah you said yes that's not fair I wasn't ready b are you ready? yes, I win again Peppa is very good at playing the yes no game. Can I ask the questions? Of course, you don't mind me asking you the questions. I don't mind. Will I ever make you say yes or no?
peppa pig full episodes chole s big friends cartoons for children

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peppa pig full episodes chole s big friends cartoons for children...

I don't believe it. Oh, I give you. above, how do you always win easy? I just don't say yes or no, ah, I win, you said yes and no, that was fun, let's play another game, have you ever played sardines, what is that thing where someone is hiding and we all try to find it? Hide and seek, but when you find them, you stay quiet and hide in the same space until they all hide there like sardines in a can, okay, let's try it, George, you hide first, one, two, George, I can See your wavy tail, now Chloe has to get in. with pepper and george move up there now you are all belinda the bear must come in we also like canned sardines where has everyone gone?
peppa pig full episodes chole s big friends cartoons for children
Can we stop running now yeah, let's relax, relax, what's that, let's just sit and talk about things. like talking blah blah blah, let's talk about music, I like blues music, um, I like Red's music, I like Green's music, we don't like


's music, no, no, what music do you like? ? I like this, it's very adult, head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees. and toes head shoulders knees and toes it's time to go home now you'll see chloe again soon I'll go to your house next week


can we go too? you can come but we will play games we like with pepper and george hooray you can still have fun playing even when you're almost grown up the library it's time to sleep good night peppa good night george can I tell you a story?
peppa pig full episodes chole s big friends cartoons for children
Please, okay, I'll read you the red monkey book, but do we always have that? one the red monkey takes a bath he brushes his teeth and goes to sleep uh if that's what happens tell me another story the blue tiger the green spider the orange penguin oh what is this the wonderful concrete world that I've been looking for that's it's your book dad is a book that I borrowed from the library what is a library it is a place where you borrow books and when you finish reading them you get them back but daddy pig forgot to get this book back I have had it for quite some time time doesn't matter, you can take it away tomorrow but now it's time to sleep after daddy reads this story it's not a great story peppa please read it daddy okay the wonderful world of concrete concrete is a building material composed of sand, water and chemical additives, chapter one, sand. peppa george and mummy pig have fallen asleep it's morning peppa and her family have come to the library wow, how many books peppa must you be quiet in the library why because people come here to read and be quiet next, please miss bunny is the librarian hello mommy pig are you returning these books? yes, miss rabbit, right, why is the computer beeping?
He's checking to make sure you haven't been naughty and borrowed the book for too long. um, I may have borrowed this book for a while too. For a long time, don't worry, daddy pig, it can't be that bad, my goodness, daddy pig, you've had this book for 10 years, naughty daddy, I'm sorry, miss rabbit, that's okay now, you can borrow another book , miss rabbit, can we george and I can borrow a book. please yes the


's section is here oh look fairies flowers pretty dresses hi peppa oh hi danny i'm bored a book about football hi peppa hi suzy i have a book about nurses george has chosen a book about dinosaurs look what i found more adventures in the concrete world here's a red monkey book, not the red monkey book, it's boring, but this is a different story, it could be more fun, I bet there once was a red monkey, he bathed and cleaned himself teeth. and he went to bed no, he got on a rocket ship and went to the moon he had a picnic with a dinosaur he swam under the sea and climbed the highest mountain that was a very busy day in the end wow, we did it again, we can borrow it and read it it's at home peppa but i was going to choose this book or this one you can take three books home if you want peppa you pee but you have to remember to bring them back on time yes miss rabbit and you have to remember to bring your book back too dad pig I'll make sure daddy remembers Yes Peppa I'm sure you'll have fun running around, there's been some very stormy weather and the school roof is leaking, how can we raise the money to fix the school roof?
We could have fun running, what is it? fun run is a day to have picnics and give money to watch people run and the more money you give the farther they run good idea daddy pig how far can you run? Well, I can run as far as you want, but dad, you can hardly run. no nonsense, I'm an expert in running well, does anyone else want to run? No, thank you but I will give money to see daddy pig run me too and I'm excellent thank you daddy pig Peppa and her family are eating delicious spaghetti is it there? more spaghetti daddy pig, you have already eaten three servings, eating gives me energy and I need energy for my fun run, you also need to practice running, what if I practice eating today and then practice running tomorrow?
No, dad, you need to practice running now, oh, come on. on daddy's race this is easy it's easy to run downhill it's hard to run uphill i don't think i should have eaten so much spaghetti it's fun race day Madden Gazelle has a graph that shows how far daddy pig should run if daddy pig can you run here to the supermarket then to here my grandfather is covered and all the way to here windy castle then we will have enough money to fix the roof of the school I will do it now ready ready come on I did it now You can have the picnic, silly dad, that It's just a drawing.
Yes, now you must run to the real Windy Castle. The school bus has arrived at Windy Castle. Now everyone can enjoy the picnic water. What a beautiful hot day and such a relaxing way to raise money too! Daddy Pig has arrived at the supermarket. All that running has made him very thirsty. Let's look through the telescope. I can see Dad. The telescope makes everything seem closer. Oh, it's not going very fast. Daddy Pig has arrived at Grandpa's dog's garage. That's it, I can't go. in daddy has stopped oh you look pretty sexy you need something to cool you down and give you energy take an ice lolly thank you grandpa dog that's nice eh a wasp shoo shoo stay away little pest the wasp wants to share daddy's ice lolly pig no this is my lolli daddy started running again very fast get off, get off, can you stop now daddy pig we have enough money to fix the school roof daddy pig has lost the wasp well done daddy pig all that extra running means we have enough money for a new school bus also today Peppa and her friends are going to travel by train Mr.
Rabbit is the station master how many tickets one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten child tickets and a teacher ticket please, now the children, don't lose your tickets can I see your tickets please uh I have lost my tickets oh dear Pedro you must be more careful there is your ticket oh try not to lose it again here comes the train miss bunny is the train conductor here are your sheets activities that children have to detect everything that is on the activity sheet boat a signal box and a tunnel I can see trees are trees on the list ah I can't see clouds our clouds on the list I can't see grandpa dog oh hello to his grandfather dog on the list silly peppa my grandfather will not be on the list but he is sailing on a boat and there is a boat on the list hey, the children mark the boat on their activity sheets tickets, please, Mr. rabbit has come to check everyone's tickets uh, I think so I have lost my ticket oh dear oh dear meow there's your ticket pedro you were sitting on it now try not to lose it again pedro the train is going slowly uphill the train is going quickly downhill ma'am gazelle I feel a little sick can I go to the front please okay Pedro, can you go to the front of the train hello Pedro I'm not feeling very well would you like to drive the train for a while yes please if the children check the signal box on their activity sheets the signal has stopped the train so someone important could cross oh we haven't seen a tunnel yet oh it's gotten dark we're in a tunnel the tunnel is the last thing on the activity sheet last stop wall changes everyone Now except Madame Gazelle, how are we going to get there? home oh peppa we're back where we stopped the train has gone in a big circle tickets please um petra has lost her ticket again um pedro can I have my hat back please there's pedro's ticket oh that's where I put it he is a fish? a beautiful sunny morning dad pig goes to work in his car breakfast time mom pig goldie is feeding goldie the fish mom goldie isn't eating no maybe he's not feeling very well let's call dr hamster the vet dr hampstead a vet speaking hello dr hamster Goldie the fish is not eating and looks sad.
No, you better bring Goldie to see me right away. Oh, dad took the car. How do we get to that? We can take the bus. This is the bus stop. The schedule says the next bus will arrive. at 10 o'clock what time is it now at 10 o'clock how many tickets a ticket from mom and two little pigs and a fish please the fish is loose hold on tight mister bull is waiting for the bus ooh a ticket to the music store for Please hello Mr. Ball, we are taking Goldie to the vet. Oh dear, we feel bad.
Are we Goldie? He can not talk. He's a fish, of course. Maybe you'd like to hear a melody on my tuba. Sounds funny. That's why I'm going to do it. to the music store to get it fixed Mrs. Sheep Mrs. Cat Mr. Zebra and Mrs. Gazelle have gotten on the bus four tickets to the supermarket please Hello Mrs. Gazelle Let's take Goldie to the vet Oh, Goldie's not well, she likes them wheels of the bus go round and round the wheels of the bus go round and round all day the vet helps sick pets get better oh, is this the sad little fish that won't eat? yes, look, this golden one has eaten the food oh, she didn't eat at home maybe Goldie was bad at home the interesting trip has cheered her up ah you have a very healthy happy fish she is lovely thank you dr hamster mom pig peppa and george se they go home on the bus mr bull goes home with his bent tuber he is like a new madame gazelle and her friends go home with their purchases i see goldie the fish is happy again yes it was the bus trip that made her The fish in the tank did better swimming around and around around and around hello where have you been We took Cody to the vet and now he is better.
Oh dear Goldie has a cough. I think we should take Goldie to the vet again tomorrow. I can take you in the car. No daddy, we want to go on the bus. It's fun. Okay, we'll go. on the bus everyone loves to ride the bus, especially Goldie the fish plush playgroup it's home time at peppa's playgroup peppa's playgroup it's our school mascot it's peppa's turn to take him home he has pajamas a photo album and a toothbrush everything is in his suitcase I look at peppa daddy pig and the playgroup teddy have arrived home mommy pig we have a special guest who will stay with us tonight really who is that play group teddy has pajamas a photo album and a toothbrush what is the photo album for we take photos of him doing exciting things oh my friends have taken teddy play group all over the world london paris egypt oh I say that teddy play group has an exciting life um I hope you have a great time with us it's peppa and george's bedtime everyone this is teddy playgroup hello here's our special guest everyone needs to make room oh and that's mister dinosaur, he's not very good at talking, let's take a photo for Teddy Playgroup's album, say cheese, cheese, dad, Teddy Playgroup needs to have an exciting time tomorrow.
Can we go to the north pole? How are you? the supermarket yes, I don't think Teddy Play Group has gone shopping before it's morning peppa is taking Teddy Play Group to the supermarket this store says everything oranges apples bananas very interesting this is the box where you pay for all the food you buy George wants to take a photo, okay, george, cheese, geez, that's enough photos, george, oh, where's teddy's playgroup? teddy daddy's playgroup is missing, you've lost thewow the cast The cast helps Pedro's leg get better I rubbed my knee and I also have a cast.
Wow, do you want to draw on my plaster? Yes, please, all the children are drawing pictures on Pedro's cast. I'm drawing a soccer ball. I have drawn some flowers. sir dad a carrot and I have drawn a puddle of mud wow thanks to all of you you can also draw on my cast okay I will draw a little flower thanks Pedro Pedro what is it like to be in the hospital it is great what are the nurses like how do they give me stickers wow and they come every time I press this button who is that I wonder could it be Pedro what do you want Pedro we are very busy I have a little itch even if your leg itches we can't take off the cast until your leg is better it's not my leg that's itchy it's my ear is that better yes thank you lunch time what would you like to eat today Pedro can I have spaghetti and sponge cake pudding?
Please prepare your dinner in bed. Yes, that looks delicious. Dr. Brown Bear. He has come to see how Pedro is, how are we doing today, Pedro? My ear is a little itchy right here. Hmm, I would say that you are almost better. Visiting time is over. Bye-bye, Pedro. Bye-bye, everyone, get well soon, Pedro. Yes, Mrs. Gazelle. Your friends are playing in the yard, Madame Gaelle, my cast has fallen off. Can I have another one? You don't need a pepper for a cast your knee is better oh yes hello everyone Pedro Pony is back oh hello Pedro where is your cast?
I took it off because my leg is better, is your leg strong now? It's stronger than before it's a super leg, can you run with it? look at this peter he likes to run and have fun everyone likes to run and have fun grumpy rabbit's shipyard peppa george and grandma pig are going out to spend a day on grandpa pig's boat, there's pepper and george we're ready to sail I'll bring the boat a little closer, be careful, don't hit that big stick, grandpa, that's a mooring post, I won't hit it, oh grandpa, there's a big hole in your boat, it's just a scratch ooh grandpa's boat is breaking down. sinking fast grandpa pig jumps a captain never abandons his sinking ship grandpa pig's boat has sunk to the bottom of the river it's grandpa's dog hello grandpa pig beautiful day for a sale um yes, there I am I'll take my boat to the shipyard today.
I'm going to do some repairs. Would you mind taking my boat to the boatyard too? Of course, where is your boat? I'm standing on him. Has it sunk well a little? I'm surprised your ship didn't sink a long time ago. What ship is better than that rusty bucket of yours? Grandpa dog and grandpa pig are best friends. Catch this captain, yeah, yeah, captain, Grandpa Dog's truck has pulled Grandpa Pig's boat out of the water. wow, next stop at the shipyard, a shipyard, pepper is where broken ships are repaired, this is the grumpy rabbit shipyard, in sight, there are grumpy rabbits that did that to your ship, grandpa pig, someone pushed him against a mooring post, crashed and made a big hole. there you should never let other people steer your boat grandpa pig uh yeah can you fix it?
Of course, I just need to assess the damage. the grumpy rabbit is measuring the hole in grandpa pig's boat now i need to find something that has patches on the top, it must be It's good to know how to repair a boat. Oh, it takes years to learn how to fold a ship. How long have you been repairing boats? Yes, the grumpy rabbit has collected a lot of scrap metal to repair ships. Now this is a gold mine. It's a load of rubbish. but you can make things from piles of junk, like submarines. Wow, the grumpy rabbit made a submarine out of trash.
Does it really work? Look at this, it fills with water so it's great for going down but not so good for going back up now. This is what I've been looking for It's a washing machine It's the solution for Grandpa Pig's boat It's what it is You're going to fix my boots with some washing machine Yes as good as you Now we try it Get ready for the launch Awesome, it floats, it sounds surprised, yes, they usually sink on the first try, now we can go spend the day on the river, what a splendid idea, that's life on a boat with only the sea and the sky.
I know a song about the sea. and the sky do you want to hear it no thank you yes please I got up this morning the sea was still there also the sky gym class Peppa and her friends are going to the gym today let's see if they have all their gym kits on Pedro is wearing a superhero costume Pedro, where is your gym kit? is home I thought it was dress up day follow me kids this is the gym where moms and dads come to exercise and have fun are you all having fun? your gym teacher for today is grumpy rabbit where is she hello kids, are you ready to exercise?
Do we have to do that? No, that's only for big athletes like me, not for little explorers like you, we're not explorers, I'll make you explorers, but you guys look alike. a superhero uh, it's just pretend, pretend, that's fine, let's warm up, everyone run in place, stretch the bubble like jelly, ah, the rest, now that we're all warmed up, we can start, start what's your adventure , I want you to pretend that this room is a jungle. It doesn't look like a jungle. Where are the trees? you have to imagine it the trees the rain the river flowing fast at your feet your first adventure is to walk on this beam across the river oh that's easy ah but it's night and it's windy, that's how it was for me, it was a dark night and stormy, I was on an adventure ready, but it's not windy and it's not night, you have to pretend that everyone crosses the imaginary river safely, well done my little explorers, what's next?, grumpy rabbit, your next adventure is cross this swamp


of crocodiles.
I can't see any crocodiles. You have to pretend. Let those crocodiles know who's boss. Go away, naughty crocodiles. That's the spirit. Have you ever crossed a crocodile swamp? Of course I did. Because? Are you afraid? You're not as afraid as they are of me. Ready, don't forget to make the call. Everyone has crossed the crocodile swamp safely. Well done. What is our next adventure? This is a vault, great athletes jump over it like this, but you can pretend it's a dinosaur and crawl across its legs, have you crawled across a dinosaur's leg? rambunctious rabbit oh yes I was walking in the jungle once when I stumbled upon a lost world of dinosaurs and that's it you made it out of the jungle did you have a good gym class kids yes lady gazelle they are real little explorers now we cross a river and we swing on crocodiles and crawl under a dinosaur I love doing gymnastics classes with grumpy rabbits you

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