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People Having A Bad Day | Funny Fails Compilation Pt.3

Aug 11, 2022
oh what you have to pay taxes so oh she's still squeezing oh her wallet and she's trying to push it back and she's going to spit too right? i was sitting right where you were sitting there i mean i just wanna do it yeah catfish catfish catfish guys i'm really in trouble look at all the golf cart the roof just went back on i don't know what to do but it was a foreign accident i'm coming over here season you're ok i tried to do the ziki but it got a little out of hand oh my god yeah ok wow oh oh my god no no no no no oh no what the hell not me and my brother just listen to this crunch these idiots just from backing in a car look oh no oh let's get out of here check this out I bet they take off I'll stay here until they see Luke. do it let's do it right let's do it guys let's see if it crunches even more oh look at that oh kinky dude oh my gosh this is great check it out oh oh oh oh dude stop truck I can't hear oh my gosh oh dude it's going to beat him up even more oh man that guy ain't gonna have a job in like two minutes. look what happens no not really oh she's also in heels oh here we go here we go oh I got it I got it hey I'm so sorry look at that because I sprained my ankle I can't with this I want ice cream I want to scream I want ice cream
people having a bad day funny fails compilation pt 3

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