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PEOPLE HAVING A BAD DAY #28 | Fail Compilation 2023

Apr 14, 2023
hello everyone i want to ask if your birthday is coming up soon if so i will give you some treats in this video let's get started this might be the last time you enjoy ice cream boat of resilience laughs eyes full that sick -fated pair of pants foreigner does well customers are treated like royalty life is a pursuit of passions high quality products husband is a joyful soul a gift of generous nature that feeling is truly exhilarating self inflicted pain innocent gays the beginning of agony dear friend it's just the one that came after her mesmerizing eyes that poor girl the eagerly awaited music group the training session was riddled with injuries thank you the extraordinary cat surprisingly old woman happy but not too happy he is really interesting she was born to be a driver a friend who came uninvited life is not easy alien the only wheel on earth is bad luck thats sad we are here funny story how to check for genuine goods sphere warrior alien skating is really weird thank you animals can be alien really scary that girl is really talented the stairs run in an electric rice cooker maybe no one believes it thanks foreign music can erase all sorrows we can't open the door now but if you want to leave a message shaky friendship not really amazing oh my god chicken alien that friend is very cute and that's all the content for today's gift I hope you like it remember to like share and subscribe to the channel bye and see you again
people having a bad day 28 fail compilation 2023

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