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Pennsylvania manhunt: Homeowners locked & loaded as search for escaped killer continues

Sep 13, 2023
two vantage points in and above the city of brotherly love Philadelphia Pennsylvania where, just outside the city in East Philadelphia in Chester County, the


for convicted murderer Danello Cabo Conte


and is approaching two weeks since he


from that correctional facility and of course the news of the last 24 hours is that he is now armed Fox 29 in Philadelphia has special coverage their reporters are stationed throughout the new


area let's listen to their coverage Pennsylvania State Police say believed to be within a perimeter of South Coventry Township Chester County targeted Routes 23 and 100, Fairview and Nat Mill roads and Iron Bridge and County Park Road, search closed schools for another day in Owen School District J Roberts, where students and staff are told to stay home tomorrow, we have a team. of teams that are in Chester County tonight Steve Keeley spoke to neighbors of the homeowner who confronted cavalcante, but first he went to Chris O'Connell in East Nantmill Township after the latest on this search Chris, well , search


tonight Sheba and Jason helicopters in the air Ground search teams A night search team arrived here tonight.
pennsylvania manhunt homeowners locked loaded as search for escaped killer continues
They are in the heavily wooded area behind me and in what has been identified as an approximately 10 to 12 square mile stretch of a search area between South Coventry Township and where I am here. in East Mill Township, look with the camera above, you'll see the perimeter behind me. I want to mention the exact perimeter for people who are here who are going through this, obviously some sleepless nights for them, the perimeter is Route 24 and Route 100, Fairview Road. and net food Road Iron Bridge and County Park, which is the perimeter right now around Chester County. We can tell you that hundreds and hundreds of law enforcement officers from state and federal authorities are now in the woods with canine units searching that perimeter.
pennsylvania manhunt homeowners locked loaded as search for escaped killer continues

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pennsylvania manhunt homeowners locked loaded as search for escaped killer continues...

Take a look right now. In a nighttime search video of the hundreds of officers swarming after Cavalcante was last seen in the 1900 block of Fairview Road last night by a woman in a Jeep, police responded and instituted an intense perimeter search around where we are. now for two hours. He was then shot by a homeowner who opened fire, he was not sure if he was hit or not, but he opened fire on Cavalcante seven times and after he stole a .22 caliber rifle from that homeowner's garage, since then Corporal Kanté Not only has he been on the run but he is also believed to now be armed with a .22 caliber rifle, so what we can tell you now is that reverse 9-1-1 calls are being made tonight through the residents of this area. .
pennsylvania manhunt homeowners locked loaded as search for escaped killer continues
Those text messages and reverse 911 calls repeat themselves throughout the night. telling people to stay home and shelter in place. You may hear the search helicopters above, but right now, on night 13 of this search for Danilo Cavalcante, he is still not captured. When we have something, we will bring it to you live. I have been live streaming throughout this entire ordeal on YouTube and Facebook as well as guys thousands of people are watching tonight Chris and we will continue to talk to you as soon as something happens if it does we will get back to you and the governor of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro.
pennsylvania manhunt homeowners locked loaded as search for escaped killer continues
Showing his support for law enforcement by visiting the command center in Chester County for the latest briefing this afternoon at noon on The Manhunt, the governor tweeted that officers are working around the clock to catch the fugitive


. I think what we're focusing on is apprehending. he we recognize that there will be ups and downs in these types of situations and we try to stay even dead that's what I expect from my leadership, that's what I demand from our team and that's what we're seeing in the law enforcement field, uh I think who has responded well to each and every one of the information we have.
I'm sure we're going to catch this guy and the Governor reminding residents near the search area to remain vigilant and notify the police immediately if they see anything. Suspicious Steve, you talked to some people in the search area who say they're not taking any chances. Many heavily armed law enforcement. Well, we headed back to the street where Kawakanti was last seen and tonight we ran into some heavily armed


. I think everyone should do it. be protected Kelly O'Hara protects herself with her purple gun wherever she goes around her house, right down the same street where her neighbor saw and shot danello cavicante last night, how close is that gun to you?
I need it in a second, a second, let me see, I can see if you feel more comfortable that mom and dad are armed, uh, yeah, I would say that, and their neighbors across Coventryville Road are also




, I mean , doors closed and weapons


. I'm not afraid of it coming out of this brush or anything good, I take my own precautions, you know what I mean, it's like I have a couple of rifles by the door, one of them is this Ruger M14 223 with 30 rounds, do you feel more comfortable? more nervous with the weapons here by the door.
I'd rather have them there in case I need to use them. We're here on Coventryville Road, just a few doors down from where Kavakanti was seen here last night and if you're out and about. there criticizing the police wondering why they haven't called him yet why they can't find him what's taking so long well if you're up here in this thick brush you'd understand why you can't even see me now and I'm only about 20 feet from where is the chamber now it's thorny, it's thick, it's hard to walk a few feet at a time and as I try to get out and make my way it doesn't take me long to understand why I haven't caught them yet, it's almost impossible to get through here and in the darkness, if you can't see me in the daylight, imagine what it's like to look for him in the dark of the night, I'm sure they'll catch him.
You know, it's just that it's hard to rain here, you really understand why they haven't caught them because you know the land around here and how thick the undergrowth is in the forest, oh, absolutely, there's so many different places to hide that we have. tons of woods, so I totally get it, so you're not surprised that they don't have it at all, so they go to bed tonight wondering again where it is, where it's going to show up next and we'll be close to them. again or even closer next time Sheba Jason oh great job painting a picture, Steve talks about how heavy the brush is and a lot of people say oh how have they not caught him yet?
That just told us that you can't see anything. you almost have to rely on your ears to hear it, yes you almost need gardening tools, yes a machete or something to be on the hunt or a machete to be on the hunt for a cavalcante, okay Steve, thank you very much, we'll see. At one point, this all began on August 31, when Corporal Kanté


from the Chester County Jail by scaling a prison wall. Sightings were reported on days three and five not far from the prison in Pocopson Township and then this weekend, police say Cavalcante was spotted in the Phoenixville area and found a stolen pickup truck he was driving abandoned in East Ant Meal. , which brings us to the 12th yesterday when Cavalcante stole a rifle and the owner of the house confronted him and even shot him, he heard gunshots, but he ran away now.
Fox 29 has I've been with you throughout this entire broadcast airing online, as you can see here, this is Chris O'Connell's report from where he is from his point of view. You can see that there are many authorities on this particular road that you are on or near. In the search area, you can follow Chris at any time and watch his live stream on our YouTube and social media pages as well, and that's an East Mill township. We'll send it to Kathy right now, so Kath, This is not what search teams want. Listen, but we have storms.
We thank our team at Fox 29 in Philadelphia, of course, they have team coverage and they are stationed in these locations where the search is taking place, especially since it is also much more difficult in these late night hours. I'm Andrew Kraft, thanks for being with us. We want to post some tweets from our Fox 29 colleagues there because it seems like, as you saw, some residents are taking matters into their own hands and arming themselves because we now know Danilo. Calvicante himself is armed, check out this tweet here from Chris O'Connell, says Manhunt updates federal agents assembling for nighttime search for danello cavicante there in South Coventry Township.
Now this is still focused on Chester County, but it has moved from municipality to municipality. to Township, so Chris O'Connell also posts this photo here saying that a gunman on a light blue scooter is searching for Danilo Cavoconte near the search area, so Chris O'Connell took that photo today of that individual who lives there and armed upstairs himself and then of course Steve Keeley, you saw this video just in his report, he says they own homes a few doors down from where the prison escapee was last seen, Danello Cavicante, or armed and ready in case he hasn't gone far and shows up at your doors.
We spent the night with them to ask them about their fears and the weapons they heard there from some of those Neighbors remember that one of their neighbors shot Cowboy Conte cavoconte taking a 22 caliber rifle that's why he is now armed so in the meantime we are In addition to receive some statements from Cabo Conte's relatives, now remember that he is a native of Brazil. We know that his sister has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They are there to interrogate. We don't know if he is cooperating with authorities or not. but she is stopped in ice.
I think that even as we speak I want to publish this statement here because Danello Cavoconte's mother is speaking, she just spoke to the New York Times, she says this, her name is irisima cavoconte, she says that if it is to go to a place to suffer and die in that place it's better to die soon you don't have to suffer so much, the horrible words from your own mother about Danella Cavacante being the subject of hundreds of law enforcement officers looking for him were almost two weeks into this and there still doesn't seem to be an end In view, we've been talking to our reporters live there in Chester County, frustration is growing not only among law enforcement and officials, but also among the general public in Chester County.
Schools have been closed due to this and the guidance is to stay home if you don't need to go out of course. Mills Hayes told us earlier this afternoon that people still have to go out and have errands to run. they have to go to their jobs and so there's a strange juxtaposition at play where you have to go about your daily life with this lurking in your community. It's a very, very strange feeling, that's what the residents tell us anyway.

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