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PE With Joe | Wednesday 20th May

Mar 31, 2024
three two one here we go good morning everyone and welcome back to PE with Jo another 20 minute clean up designed specifically for children, parents, families to meet in their living rooms or ask or in their garden and exercise with me. I love it. It's been nine weeks now and I'll continue as long as you need me, as long as you're here, as long as you want to tune in, I'll be back for more exercise, we'll start with a warm up first of all, there are seven, spot the differences and I just want to say thank you very much. .
pe with joe wednesday 20th may
I got a letter from Australia from Western Australia, so it says dear Joe Witt and I have been doing your job every day. I'm from Western Australia, from Olly Bridges, and I drew you a drawing that's eight years old, so Olli got there. I can't believe he got me all the way to Australia. Thank you for your letter and I love this little drawing. You see a lot of me, I mean especially with the sports gear on and the big curly hair, so thank you ollie, have a great day and I hope you enjoyed today's training, okay, so warm up first, Martin , the place, my name is Nikki, around there, so approximately.
pe with joe wednesday 20th may

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pe with joe wednesday 20th may...

Four minutes left happy twelve perfect in a family and shit ending crashing Finn bow and his dad in a wheelchair right next door a toe tap left to right left to right hello to Bertie Woody and Brett are training together in Peckham have a lovely day next turn left left to right we have Jackie and Becky in West Sussex good morning guys hi Zoey, eight, training in Devon, next big circle, arms, big things are backwards and then they move forward, good morning, Matt Michelle training in Scotland and hello. to Jasper in Melbourne, Australia, so the last few circles would happen, do a lunge, we lunge down and stretch, we stretch up so you can put your back knee on the ground, a big stretch up, stretch well and again, so stretch one more of those noble scrips, the legs stretch perfectly.
pe with joe wednesday 20th may
Now go with your left leg back, your right leg forward and stretch for two and a half minutes remaining on the clock. Good morning Lilian, alarm and in England training together, the Morgan family axe, who tries to get there every day, right next door, 90 90, remember the 90 degree angle in the front and back and then just sit on that part of your hip stretching your glutes, so from there you just sit on that one and slowly rotate and do the same thing again sitting on the front of that hip happy perfect ninth a million shares of Lincoln Same thing again, last one stretch that side and then turn and stretch the other side.
pe with joe wednesday 20th may
Okay, now we're coming down the back, so one straight leg when you just hug that knee, let's pull two soft ones towards your armpits, bring that knee towards you and then bring. that leg across the body, same thing again, so knee to chest and I took Daniel and Holly in York so clean it was the chest and then right and Millie Arrow and I and then before, okay, like that Next time sit a little softly. Turn in place so that it is left or right to warm up a little. I'll start in a minute, we have time for a couple more showers, okay, now understand Ivanova, we have Fletcher in Cornwall, who is 8 years old, so stretch from left to right and happy birthday to Nana Betty in New Orleans on the USA Thank you Nana Betty from right from left to right from left to right perfect I feel good I think we're ready so we've warmed up our bodies ready.
We're going to do 10 exercises, 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest, then we rest for two minutes and then we go to our second round. The first exercise is so nice and simple we will do six high knees so you have one two three four five six and then one two three four startups there are six big names forward star jumps as many as you can in 30 seconds time to start in 10 remember to increase the intensive it is very difficult you can change the exercise take it your own, know your own rhythm, try as hard as you can, it is going to burst five six one two three four and again six and four stars dance well that's all one two three four six six high knees for startups last seconds let's go one smarter, keep it up, anyone, this is the warm-up exercise, keep burning in the spa and relax, remember the wonderful thing about hip training: it can be very easy or very difficult, depending on how hard you push yourself, so if doing more reps is next, don't do it.
Don't worry about pushing yourself as hard as you can, so yes, you can increase the intensity. I'll take her down to need a little more rest. I have another 5 of 10 seconds to breathe and then I jump back into my next exercise. too much what the pulses are really the wide stance will go down I'm just going to pulse nice and low and this wide so 10 feet wide we go so much we have pulses so we stay down we don't go up we do it for 30 seconds staying nice, low and with back straight, I know what, but my legs are still so soft.
I think it's Monday, my glutes are so tight from those London squats we did in sets 42. I think I've now finished myself off with a keyguard that I haven't felt. It hurts since I've been doing these workouts, but this week I look stiff, although it's good because it means I'm getting stronger because when you have that thing that sees an and I come back with more, you know, more strength for us, so 20 seconds of rest, now we are going to be partners. Now what we're going to do is kick to the right, make sure you have enough space between you and someone. otherwise or the wall kick to the left so it's left right left and you can go as fast as you want or as high as you want place here we go we go then the kick kick kick leg kick stop kick kick nice and high nice big kick from karate Oh, ten seconds fantastic right drill number four bunny hops part of this is up you can go left or right full words you can come back, let's go back and forth across the room just make sure you have your ears bunny up you gotta have my pop up in your head okay here we go so remember we're a bunny hop hop hop and every once in a while do it like it's hot oh that's right you know why Bunny Hopps, movie friend, yes, no, you.
You know, little bunnies they call jumping, he left them good and they go up, yeah, buddy, he got harder, faster, jump, what... oh, it's not an easy exercise now, is that right, number five on the floor for an ABS exercise we're doing, squeeze now, oh. So what are we going to do with our hands behind our backs so I have company? Come up and then touch your fingertips behind your legs. The stretch and crunch. Stretch and take a moment to hold things together. Hold and then release. Hold and release. Come on. we're going to do ten exercises and then we rest for two minutes, so let's warm up with that baby it's already hot here in London, come on, you lost seconds, great contraction, opponent, fantastic way they're having me, they're not intensifying the exercise.
I'm standing, I'm back doing reverse crunches, so another great one for your abs. We lie with our head flat on the floor and then we hit the floor like this and then you do a reverse punch, lifting your knees, chest and hips off the floor. You can feel it. this one hit me again number two is ABS exercise number two you go on a hunch so it's going to hit the ground and the knees are going to get close to a chest big big breasts in the house next door it's really going to last a few seconds until you hear that bell and we'll be standing , of course, tell a lie, but not after my feet, we will not trust since we are walking, the easiest option is the following, when you walk with your hands and you walk with your feet and now, if you want to win.
You jump harder, so work on it so you can hand walk, walk with your feet in, or work with your feet, don't use the jumping ones, but if you want to walk, just get in these last few seconds, five, four, three, oh well, me. I want to be standing like this on this arm, I just have no strength left, now we are moving Pikachu, so he remembers that we came down, we have charged to get all the energy in the body and then you just don't pika Chu and you explode. Go up as high as you can, oh damn ego, load into it a ball of energy, smoke good and fast, well, it's sweet, harder, you go down, up, up, down, down, Oh so strong, keep going, how many explode?
Pika, come on, Oh, legs. one more, one more Oh, it turns me around, okay, great, hand number 9 will need two push-ups now slightly different because what I want to do is go down to push up and then the chest, but ruler, lift your hands up and Lower your hands completely. from the floor then push down up and push for how many push-ups as many as you can in 37 three two one let's go so that the chest hits the floor you have the chest hits the floor the hands rise from the floor and then press the chest hits the floor the hands raised off the floor relieve the hands and push well and continue like this come with a difficult pushup there are no cheats you have to reach right to the chest 12 to 7 o'clock keep your abs strong as you push up keep your abs tight and press corporately, straighten those arms five seconds four seconds three two one and relax good oh that's a difficult move because you have to go down and then you have to let go and from there really push up to that full point push up is a good way to go down and do a true push up okay next exercise number 10 last one that's one of our favorites is spider lunges so remember you started this and you lunge to the side and then you twist. and you launch left and right Wow look and keep throwing and if you want to speed up and if you want to go ha, burn, the last 15 seconds let's go seven six five speed up four three two one oh that was a great 10 minute hard effort , well, so everyone made a great effort today.
I have dedicated the time to the two-minute break. Uh-oh, two minutes break. If you ever wonder, am I faking it? I'm really out. of breathing, believe me, I'm really eating breakfast, it's hard for me, it's hard, I'm talking, I'm doing so many record sets of watching my breathing, it's not easy and that's the thing about hitting training, pushing yourself, it's all about get out of your comfort zone and get a little stronger, push your body to adapt and that will be achieved through these exercises by doing more repetitions within you, you know that deeper squats, better lunges, will make you stronger and they will strengthen your legs, your arms, your chest.
Very good for you and also for your mental health, your mindset, your energy for Daniell, happiness rises every time you exercise to always remember that, okay Nikki, we have one minute and 20 seconds on the clock, The rat laughs and shouts, come on. I want to give up some big birthday shares hello it's a big barri good morning in Saffron Walden waters of Morden good morning Archie and Wofford have a great day mate trouble six but happy perfect six a Reuben in Edinburgh Scotland good morning officer ah tea Enjoy it in Cardiff, good morning to the Clay brothers who have not missed a single training session.
Good morning Zack and more in Ashton, not far from where my mother lives in Epsom, we have Emily in Tasmania. Wow, hello millions, Bella training in the pool in Dorset and hello Sam and Katelyn in Chester, okay next round is 35 seconds work, 25 seconds back, so what you're going to do now is the little girl soccer, you are going to run to one side, pass the ball to run to one side, pass the ball to crouch dribble move pass left and right crawl well and fast move and pass the ball from your foot come on brad that's good left pops good step back little split lip leave aside just move as fast as you can to the left hit to the right through the ball yeah and again leave fifteen let's go to the face in the shoulder come on let's go left right pass the ball Wow bang keep tweaking your game let's go one two aah oh sure good job number two sorry number 12 imagine them too, let's finish Okay, we're doing Michael Jordan's, we're doing it to dribble to charm the legs, where you go one, two, three, four and then you shoot, that's one, two, three, four, shoot from left to right, we go one, two, three, four and you shoot, one, two, three, four, shoot three. point one two three four well let's go again one two three four Jordan let's go one two three let's dive in let's go one two three four back then the last one one two three four stars because yes, yes, we have the joy came to the left the final count Chicago Bulls win the payout okay, 15 seconds left, now I'm going to do it Oh, climb the ladder, fireman, Sam, so climb the ladderladder, stop going up, Sam goes up, keep running, keep running, keep going with everyone, try your knees higher. ten seconds five four okay look why you can still hear me Utley I have it for the warden how is that a good idea? the floor let's do bicycle crunches bicycle crunches oh, okay, elbow to knee 35 seconds, that's too hard, keep one on the floor if you want to keep one of those four, that's okay, the harder it is, on compared to when you keep both legs off the ground and creak and twist from left to right come on, where's that bell? where is that moment?
I keep hearing it the last few seconds creak and spin I would surely understand why we are not doing Elsa's frozen skiers imagine your Elsa, you are going to continue skiing the ice and you explode I see that you are very hot and you ski and you explode you are a slight smell come on ready explosion of ice but I just left it up down left okay come on let's keep popping keep my ice skating left five star let's ski the steak okay come on okay fast enough. Oh, keep going left, right. It's nice to me why what you see three, uh, fantastic network for everyone.
I'm putting you back. Today I am trying very hard. Okay, next exercise, two wide jumps is what we do, we're going to do a big jump one two but B and back, so two jumps to a bath ready, that goes one two down up shuffle back one two down up shuffle back one two up shuffle back same again two big Tom's one jump Burpeedown, shuffle, back up, one more set, come on, jump, jump, ah Wow, we're working hard today, okay, the next number 17, so they will go 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 6 10 punches in a row 10 kicks little jump on that baby of course, I like the fake one on one, his punches, the comments go, but okay, which way, things down on our elbows, you have a plate, so it doesn't matter what men lift 20 tops, we go down, up, down, you decide to choose the. one that's right for you, let's hold the board, hold the board like this or do it up down up down back well this job has been so hard seriously we can't go back there anyway what we're only progressing we're getting harder fitter and stronger we're moving forward every day we get there a little stronger we get mentally stronger again hopefully suits and I'll lean harder this is what it's all about we're always progressing stay strong for seconds hold a pet when you already did it the first week, you struggled with 10 15 20 seconds, you just did a certain five - well done, well, next time one could imagine that there is a huge basketball hoop somewhere in the room, just everywhere huge basketball hoops are moving. basketball. around, basically we're going to do a dunk, okay, so we can hit again, jump and set it up, let's go slow, mom, okay, well, oh, left, right, we're going to do a dunk and a hit, okay Come on, Michael Jordan, Michael, yeah, keep jumping, keep jumping. slam dunk, okay, one of these on the bottom, under the neck and suck Oh, Jordan, the last one, the last London, make it big, here we go, yeah, God it feels so good, slam dunk every time it feels so well, okay, the last exercise I do.
Absolutely fault, I'm original works, but I don't know, I'm sweating well, so ten climbers we go 1 2 3 4 6 8 9 10 up to the jump of 5 stars, we go like this 10 - 1 2 3 4 6 7 9 10 up to 5 stars done 1 2 3 4 5 down again 10 weather 5 started is the final answer the last push you can kick up to here Bell is coming 10 up is one two three four five star doctor one two three four five last series laughter let's finish new one star one on one don't ignore that it hasn't finished five starts together here we go one two three four five we made it we complete it when you complete it in the body after training when on May 24, really a great effort for everyone, boys, girls , mums, dads, teachers, NHS staff, doctors, nurses, anyone who has done it, well done for pushing your body to the extremes we put ourselves to, I mean sorry, encouragement, what a fantastic exercise, ok, leave me quick I'll tell you what the difference is one is the elephant two is the airplane three years of sunglasses forward the giraffe five is the little party hat six is ​​the little turtle a turtle and seven is Tigger from Winnie the Pooh there are no seven find the differences thank you again For everyone, pay attention to my beautiful photo that was sent to me from Australia and that arrived to me, but thank you and secondly, give yourself a huge round of applause, give yourself a 5/5, Nicky, how many people do we have live?
There were a maximum of 200,000 live broadcasts. today, which is wonderful, so thank you very much. I'll be back tomorrow on Friday, as well as the fans best friend, but a new outfit, so I finished some greetings and wish you good luck for the day and enjoy the sun and Emmett. get some healthy food in your body that has lots of water in it today because it's a hard workout and I'll see you in the morning happy 6 burps if you're Jenna Fowler in Wales it's a bit sketchy happy birthday Fred Smith in Bristol we have better Nelion Dorset and to Memphis and Caleb in Florida Wow the Greeks Florida today great stretch we have the whole Harris family little hamster next step next hand on the bed knee stretch the inside of that leg let's do one more well Charlotte Nick and your two more, we have Logan and Korey Glenn in Scotland and we have Zach Tennant Georgia in Worcester.
Thank you very much for participating. I hope you enjoyed. You know, we're trying hard. We are really working. I hope you know, I hope you feel good, you feel confident and happy for today because that's what I thought. A score may not keep ringing, it's the serotonin in the brain that makes you feel good and it's there every time you do it. a job is always that your motivation is waiting for the end of a workout, it is never really at the beginning, it is always at the end when you feel it, but that is what surprises you and you feel that things pile up so well done that I have seen them all . at 9:00 on the court, let everyone take care of themselves

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