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PE With Joe | Wednesday 13th May

May 28, 2022
three two one let's go good morning everyone and welcome back to Peugeot it's Wednesday the


when our eighth week of training together has gone by so fast I've loved every day and haven't lost any money until Friday since we started so I'm going to get things going at a Walmart. I have explained the exercises to you. I'll tell you what we're going to do is give me a slightly different build today, so first of all, you're welcome to spot how to march those knees, so we've got six. find the differences that's the best second thing we have a quiz from all breeders which is six years old from Margate he came up with 20 questions and regarding physics type even space we have chemistry biology it's a great quiz, next one and three. small Twitter from left to right, so we are doing the quiz and then we will do it if I will do 10 minutes and 10 minutes we are going to go from 15 when it is so direct to 15 minutes of exercise that we are going to fight to the minute and we have a 4 minute very intense that you finished it so it's going to be a little different we're going to do a big workout today so left to right now we're going to touch our toes so obviously we did 10 minutes and stopped we're going to do it all the way through 15 minutes 35 seconds of work 25 seconds of rest then we stopped for 2 minutes and that's when we start our last bit of work we have 4 minutes of high intensity batter which is 20 seconds on 10 seconds off alright we're going to do squats and this stuff give me a little hips so nick off you go and we can start we've got three minutes left on the clock we're going to heat things up with some whoops and so what e remember to comment on her section on youtube channel so we can know where you are how old are you and where do you know your name her stuff so let's spin open good morning Eliot's in Aberdeen open hi Colleen , dear. we're going to be in this position here like this step and twi st so step on your foot and turn happy ninth perfect flight in Belfast hello to Elliott and Teddy in Scotland next I'll do it sitting on the ground choosing this 99 for the position so well known to the breeze there 9 bolts then from there what you do is lean forward at that hip and then roll back again to fill that stretch. workout left to right same thing over and over again we'll sit on our lower hands and try to bring that knee down to the ground this is great so I open up hip hops when you have squats and lunges you have more range of movement in the joints so you may find that one can hit the ground in a car a little harder for me so left knee right sit around we got 1 minute 58 seconds in the warm up Ellen and Adam Sandler in New Zealand next back back knee on the ground one one foot forward just rock forward and sit back rock forward and sit right do a little bit on each side to get that leg straight and then we'll switch legs same work forward sit down happy birthday luke evans in south wales have a great day mate 9th quick stretch good warm up that body up there la next time you stand up let's do some big arm circles big circles back big pads and then we'll switch and do them forward again rotate open those shoulders really big circle perfect arms now I'm going to touch the ground and then stretch the hand up so head to the floor reach your hand touch the floor reach your hand up and we have another 40 seconds then we start my first exercise only 15 moves in 15 minutes everyone is doing different up and down happy knife perfect you Jay all the road in argentina filling up to meet and you're right so last one hits the ground reach up ok so 20 seconds of time we're going to start with a nice simple run in place so 35 seconds of running on the spot but in 15 moves, 15 minutes, then we stop for the two-minute break, then we do a finale of the last four minutes, for which will be pretty intense here, we're going to run on the spot and I'll continue with the quiz, so this quiz is everyone's. three to six years of our uk goats number one sharks are mammals oh friends sharks are mammals we go fast 127 o'clock ok the answer is their strength sharks are species of fish like you.
pe with joe wednesday 13th may
I can start the engine 15 today to the end we are really going to improve my fitness today we are going to progress 25 seconds rest question number two what is the name of the wire inside an electric light bulb what is the name of the wire inside an electric night or what's that part called generates the lion Pete ok so next exercise is going to be up and down just a good squat stuff like even your chest with your arms out in front I'll leave it so sit down wait in the The hills rise high, good, nice, controlled reps, remember, keep your us. wrestle in the hills don't let these cave-ins push them out strong stable very good technique think about keeping those knees tripping weight on heels and that you can squeeze your quads and glutes which tighten them make them work and stay upright okay well the answer is metal why good they are wired inside a network to a light bulb its called a filament so its called a filament thats the part inside the light bulb ok one shot next exercise, I'm going to go down the floor. a set of push ups so remember if you're not on your knees and focus that's all you can do from your knees when you come down push up go down and that's it three two one let's do our best on push ups correct question number three , what is the chemical name of water?
pe with joe wednesday 13th may

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pe with joe wednesday 13th may...

So when we treat water, it has a chemical name. What is the chemical name of water? you started and if week number one you k now i realize you can go a little lower. Can you do more reps in that 35 second period? You have five seconds to go, so work on four three two one and relax. Fantastic correct exercise number three that we have. 3x number four nice and simple let's do the shuffles shuffle to die left to right left to right Artemis the chemist and Edgewater is h2o so let's go in ten seconds shuffle right to left as fast as you can but five seconds you're done here we go truffle shuffle left to right nice quick question number four which planet to earth so what is the closest planet to the sun what is the closest planet to the sun what is the closest planet to the sun what could it be ?
pe with joe wednesday 13th may
What are the options? I remember this when I was a child. I have a very easy method that speeds up many planets. Do you know that one of my very easy methods just speeds up the creation of planets? the planet near the sun could be very hot it is called mercury 2 although the planet near the sun is mercury and it is a small wave remembering me a very easy method just speed up the next thing i will do is lunges sorry for lunch let's go with westland the grassland if that's so easy for you you can jump jump jump so you can alternate between the jumps if you want or just the steps each exercise is different bright come on 15 seconds question number 5 what do bees collect and use to make honey what do bees collect and use to make honey if you watch the b-movie or not here we go great question right we are going to do an upper body exercise now so on the floor we are going to be in a plank position than this and what you're going to do is just walk your feet in and out, in and out, in and out, okay, so when it's harder, jump after you go, so he was walking with his hands in or pulling so he's walking with his feet in or hopping his feet in the answer is number five bees collect nectar and that's what they used to do and so they go out and collect nectar and then they go back to their little hive and that's what they generate and make their honey go outside keep going in and out going in and out we're 13 - you're doing great keep going this day i need to chest what the hidden writing can't write great answers great questions well this is a good number 6 - o friends lightning is hotter than the sun true or false lightning is hotter than the sun who knows ok next thing i'm going to do is run the place and friday nights panting fast, so punch, punch, punch. three hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit, but lightning can go up to fifty 3540 degrees Fahrenheit, well that's amazing, it's been there for someone to hold for ten seconds; it bothers me how that could measure things and say how many millions and billions and miles the stars are away from us correct question number seven oh interesting how many hearts do octopuses have how many hearts does an octopus have ok next exercise in the ground in this plant position like this and what you're going to do inside inside outside you can also do it up here out or do it sometimes twenty seconds to continue so you jump in and out and then continue that's so hard that's one day one month that's right now we're on our backs sit-ups just give our arms give our arms a little rest okay the answer is an octopus apparently it has three hearts interesting so they have three a lot you have imagine they have a lot many tentacles I didn't quite know the next one tonight legs up and try to touch the shin so remember we are doing 15 exercises you.
pe with joe wednesday 13th may
Today you will feel that they are more difficult because we know that when you rest for 10 minutes, but we are pushing, we are pushing them for 15 minutes or more. rounds before we get that two minute breather we are going to hit the shin we are working out we are going to really get them and get their endorphins going remember how you felt when you started this workout always remember you know you would feel better after that well ask number 8 true or false hair and nails are made of the same stuff pretty hard and this is pretty soft it's the same thing interesting in the next one we're going to do some kickboxing after this jab cross hook top kick repeat that jab cross hook top kick move kinda the same again jab cross hook left right kick up kick good kick i just took a left right use your space you're just in front of your living room let's know your school where you're moving kick yeah last few seconds one more to to the right so it's ten minutes we know what you stopped now, which is where you want to take a breath, but press Let's get a little stronger let's get in shape so we're going to go again the next exercise we're going to do is going to be a jump so we're going to start here we're going to do one two three shuffle back and again one two three three big jumps shuffle back we go one two three back and again one two three question number is not also true or false hair and now it's almost the same is true they all did the same thing it's called keratin so keratin is wise is what i hear another nova three big jumps run back three big jumps and shuffle back one more go six seconds three big jumps plus three see one oh great wow relax number nine is the sun a star or a planet , is it the sun, a star or a planet, okay, drink on the ground, mountain climbers, so hands on the ground, this is what you want to do, mountain climbers, as fast as you can, let's go 35 seconds so both hands on the ground need a chest mount climbers before 35 seconds so the answer is question number nine is it the child of the star or the planet is not a planet it is actually a star the sun is a star so there you're right keep knees knees knee to chest keep going ten seconds on a clock keep going not a few seconds oh that's hard ok question number ten how many ribs do humans have so how ripped do humans have good question oh well this is my favorite size on birthday have the brown jump i know so down up sleep down up whitey let's go down loot thanks for reaching one two three one two three thwack at that tempo ok keep going one two three hold Tom Ian, do that 180 degree turn.
The answer is how many groups of humans they have. Humans have 24 ribs. in jump I think one more all together we'll make that big jump oh I've got two more exercises quickly Oh baby oh that's hard on the floor ABS exercise so I'm going right out of this come on try touching your toes the feet. is fully lying down, straight, flat, reach out, get into a fully sitting position, twine, touch your toes, okay, question number 11, Oh, how many species of dinosaurs have been identified seven hundred 105 Minnesota 8700, I know 100 or c500, how many species of dinosaurs have been identified. if it's a bigquiz on six year old Aubrey from Margate it's just a wonderful quiz it really makes me learn a lot come on to the second leg of luck and well one more exercise then it's Pat Benatar's recipe the answer is seven hundred species of dinosaurs. they have been identified in one type of land which is amazing that means there are many different species ok here we go to the next exercise one of our favorites we are going to expire on this horse and we are going to run in place pretend my knees ok so here we go one two three spiders 30 seconds one two three four one two three last those numbers yeah fantastic right well the amount of the main 15 minutes really was so successful that moment when i put on the accent just finish the question Oh, the last twelve, what is the Milky Way?
Is our galaxy a candy bar or C a milkshake? What is the Milky Way? Is our galaxy a candy bar or C a milkshake? It did very well so we've got a minute and 40 seconds on the clock it's not a scream it's going to start from the last last little burst which will be about four minutes of intense 2110 chill your barney bob you have a great day daniel hi henry training a wheel with his dad someone from the uk happy 5th birthday to austrian liverpool have a great day oscar we have the toby family at Albania Wow Millie and I are in Carolina it's a beautiful holiday now to be there in South India happy 6 perfect Antony and Banbury have a great day to name.
We have 45 seconds left. We have the Holland and Cambridge family one more for the winning pixie who is 8 years old on the baking stone, right? So this is what's going on, okay? thanks for the hello everyone Thanks Nicky in 25 seconds we're going to be doing 20 seconds of effort so 20 seconds as fast as you can then we have a 10 second break and off to our next exercise so this is it -out mapset this he's giving it a hard time. In the best part of the training, we're going to start with 20 seconds of running as fast as we can on the spot, okay, here we go in seven seconds, quietly as you give the last push, remember that you feel like your energy will peak at the end of this workout 20 seconds captain serotonin here we go high knees alright so number 12 the Milky Way is the name of our galaxy it's not Milky Bar not to speak for my own good laughs let's go next exercise let's climb the rope the same as you said let's have our hands around the head so even more intense again 20 seconds give me your without giving you oh come on press number 13 what was it rza pulled the whole object towards us ends with the earth see what force she pulled is for her job jex it all ends with me i thought learn faster come on its supposed to be hard four three two im relaxed great ok little Reba ok little one 10 seconds now I'm going to squat up that's faster stuck. oh dammit the force that pulls ev all towards us tends to be able to call gravity down oh dammit keep going it's hard to finish the mass 20 seconds on relax next on the ground mountain climbers 20 seconds in your position mountain climbers we go well number 14 what are the two? the poles of a magnet are called what are the two poles of a magnet? go faster 20 seconds ok thank you slow down keep going keep going as fast as you can faster relax good job good effort ok we have the answer the two powers of the magnet are called north and al south and attract to the right, so the next one will appear.
You can not escape. I want to hit. I want to hit faster. push yourself now How did we get there on time? down oh yeah jump down let's go I want you to get stronger I wanted to feel how hard this is so when you come through the other side you feel amazing - my mood - in the next one let's do pinky fingers let's go Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu let's go , i'll be exploding high intensity keep jumping down oh ah legs relax one more one more so strong ok the last one is going to be tucked under jump jump let's go last seconds ten seconds a lifetime oh really watch carefully then well done seriously Oh Reba what a workout that was very intense regardless of your age or fitness level that was hard Sonia thirsty massive applause high five I hope you feel good and what you should do after that push yourself to that limit and beyond and really get out there from him but you're stronger you're stronger and fitter and healthier from that training and that's what you have remember every time you do a job and you push yourself you come out a little stronger a little leaning a little fitter your mind stronger you are more optimistic you are strong you have developed real character you just went through that hard training and you are here and you can be proud, proud of you same, right?
It's been easy. Like an astronomer studies the space of an insect or we see pokemon let's sit on the ground stretch a little like this an astronomer studies space and astronomers study space question number 16 animals that eat plants and other animals are known as what animals that eat plants and other animals are known as omnivores so they both agree so destruction delivers the cutters but there Nate brings that knee to his chest and swaps number 17 which organ covers the entire body and protects it which organ covers the entire body and protects it. I don't think so, but the skin is an organ, so this protects our body from you knowing if you're burning and getting infected.
This is incredible. The skin is an organ and that covers it. Number 18. What are frogs called? what baby frogs could fit together handle head inhale exhale touch toes so nikki how many live streams do we have today 225,000 that's amazing hope you enjoyed today's work it was hard we worked hard why not come back thanks touch central towers ok a frogs baby name is called a tadpole so a little baby frog for the tadpole two more questions now we are going to stretch the hip flexors to push the knee into the ground in that what i have there that is what the lydons too so what is the biggest animal on earth is an elephant what is a blue whale or see a giraffe what is the biggest the biggest animal on earth the biggest animal on earth is the blue whale, which is a very, very large animal and then eventually it stretches a lot towards that hip flexor and let's switch sides.
How many teeth do adults have? How many teeth do adult humans have? adults have 32 teeth between the top and bottom of the road, so that's quite a bit, isn't it? That's weird, so let's high-five all you listeners, let's hit the thumbs up button for more really high-five. Thanks Aubrey. I love being pushed at six m Margate feel like stretching now let's make the spot the difference is and I'll take some shots so number one oh yeah for little friend number two monkey to be on the second acorn so when she comes out and picks up a corner so one two number three was this wedding look this is my wedding photo clip one two three number four is this little rubber TV thing number five is this little cell phone like in these little ones my phone and then number six i went back to electric guitar my favorite fender stratocaster black one of my favorite guitars so that's the six points the difference yeah we've had an amazing test a very intense workout i mean honestly it was a brutal workout we have really worked very well done everyone who participated if you didn't make it all don't worry because when you come back tomorrow the day after you get fitted you will be stronger so please e Nicolas Bennett from a million yells about thumper he sold out so next stop breakfast but William soaking in Nottingham Nottingham hello to Sasha in Vienna in Austria good morning Sasha look at the Phillips family backed him up hello Becky and days in Southampton Coby Anna Luna and dad for training all the way in Tokyo Wow Tokyo a big shout out to dougie in Edinburgh good morning dougie and finally happy birthday to everyone who had a great time on the


of May.
So, thanks for tuning in today. I hope you enjoyed the training that for me was the most difficult so far. let me know in the comments if you found it if you liked the challenge if you like me to mix it up let me know I'd love feedback so I want to make sure the set of exercises is right and you don't know people were joining so thanks again have a great day see you tomorrow the 30th and then i'll see you again friday for a new outfit you'll love it good luck everyone

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