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[PB] Super Metroid Any% in 41:43

Apr 01, 2022
yeah sure i mean i have to assume the best in people um it's not like i'm being naive and saying 'oh he's being honest' i'll be charitable and just assume that's the case it doesn't affect me in absolutely oh no im wearing scarves still waiting for my stuff i forgot to resume the alert siren yeah no problem um yeah how do i get it i might uh i might be dishonest maybe but theres no reason to think the guy actually has bots, it doesnt really do much for your channel so when people do bots like that all they do is hate and then get reported so yeah trolls use it well yeah i still got my oss so what He passed?
pb super metroid any in 41 43
I peed my pants live and the police are on their way and I'm scared I don't know what. I can't go to jail please do that oh yeah that means they're coming for me too oh what do you think they make the pants they just arrived huh how to display docker container logs dude if he hits this one he's cheating huh ok oh he's telling you that you plan to replace that chair with the stain replacing it is clean and i told my piano instructor about it It was a bit embarrassing but i told him he laughed and said it's ok.
pb super metroid any in 41 43

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pb super metroid any in 41 43...

Does anyone else remember the conspiracy theory that Howie Mandel was being held hostage? Howie was being held hostage. live up to those goat feet you want me to time out eddie and then you don't want any goat food in return he's begging me please don't which of these counter-strike maps is a bomb disposal scenario all the oh is that 1.6 uh pov gamer thanks for 14. alright uh man i missed the uh old school counter-strike days um what else was going on h1z1 you know that was a lot of fun playing a lot with the homies played that a lot with the hom Yeah, uh, what do you like best, okay, buddy?
pb super metroid any in 41 43
I love these new emotes that just conflict with normal people's speech. I'm trying to figure it out, um, thumbs up, so I'm assuming, yeah, plus zero emissions or meltdown, um meltdown, why are they retreating in dread? you know i just did i'm not going to be uh speedrunning dread again probably this summer i want to get a best 80 time in this category so yeah i might be ok so this is if i don't get accepted in gdq i may be doing mario 64 .70 stars we're going to have the biggest baddest bets you've ever seen every day um I'm probably going to be running mario uh


mario 64 all month 70 stars not that's the case um so if I don't get my target time on this, we'll see, though we'll see, yeah, I'm not going to like publicly saying my target times, he just doesn't need a shout, okay, he's doing good. if anything he needs to yell at me ok i need him anyway he's just a cool guy albeit a little safe yeah yeah i used to s anyway i peed myself at some point in the acronym like i was saying um then after mario i'll probably do dread or something else from sm depending on what i get we'll see, and then yeah i'll be back to doing horror races again maybe july no I don't know we'll see if I get accepted into gdq instantly I'm going to start grinding kaizo I really have a choice it was yes come on why you gotta do that to me? i used to think you were cool but you didn't even know that question alex dude um we'll see i mean i'd love to do it live he's a scary ass bromhack but he's funny ummm donald chubby pick us up listen to him. run fast while my parents are yelling about the divorce good friend welcome to the broadcast sorry you should go tell your parents say hey if you're worried about me in the divorce like how old are you when my parents my parents divorced when i was a little older and it was the best thing that ever happened to them and I was like why what do you expect? t for me to grow like not all of that to be happy how to let you know how i wish you i wish you would have done it sooner um yeah you're pretty young i don't know it's hard enough i'm sorry to have to deal with it just understand that um i guess you know as sad as Sounds like, some of those normal people break up afterwards, especially after a lot of stress, but um, you know it's still no fun wanting to move on, yeah, don't. do that, don't tell a 16 year old on my channel to take drugs to cope, come on, yeah, just like my dad got a lot happier, my mom was happier and I think they were afraid that I would make us angry and, well, I'm not.
pb super metroid any in 41 43
I know I would have been very happy knowing, but I feel like that's a lot of times as parents, I feel like they try to keep it because they say, oh, you know, it's for the kid, but as long as you're mature and understand that you could be in exactly the same situation. When you're older because you know humans are malleable I don't know Oh this is probably terrible advice. There are probably people here who are like evangelical Christians married for 40 years watching. I think if they get divorced, it's like it's done. I don't know, maybe it's my grandparents, from what I know, okay, maybe they're seeing a lot of things a lot of times, it's a sunk cost fallacy, okay, I've already put a lot of time and effort into this. let's just live and die miserably you know the sunk cost but it's a fallacy for a reason ok it makes more sense to leave than stay in um no i certainly hope they never hear that yeah sure why is it gold?
I was sitting here talking about divorce, come on, why is that a goal? I did something? Did I miss something? i know uh probably yeah it hasn't been t hat long but its up to you good resources somehow i got a gold there uh sony a6000 with a sigma 1.4 16mm lens with the sogma i didnt think i made that ledge ok oh hmm hmm hey ok um i really dont like annoying its not the end of the world i just want a little bit of health more than anything in it so no one good enough good resources come on thanks hmm yeah so good i dont think this go to work, we'll see, oh yeah, close. close wait i'll take a look at that later i probably need to focus right now yeah health interesting weird drop uh hmm uh um hmm well weird power bomb drum oh not quite but ok um ah this run turned into something potential sorry I'm not speaking I'm trying to get in the zone here trying to execute uh it's a decent segment that lives second I don't know oh it broke even okay though that's that brutal segment because it's like it's a kind of agricultural segment, you know. farm one time take a little more time to do anything oh and i also fell at the end of sparkle sparkle so it's like two three seconds okay come on i got eight seconds to spare come on what Come what may, run good tonight, come on. looks good, okay, good recovery, okay, very good fight, there's a chance I didn't say anything until after this fight was over, that was, um, it was definitely an eight year old fight. shot, that's okay because if you get pushed forward, it mitigates some of the time loss due to leg reduction.
I don't know, actually the team has a baby bp three and a half years from my last 80 bp. It's the three dogs dance for joy a thousand bb come on crazy crazy so much for the 1000 uh jayco thank you so much for the 100 yeah it's been zero days I'm proud to be in America alright ok three and a half years look at these splits ok ok ok thanks thanks so much it feels good to get a bp after so long um its not like i been grinding that much but oh also um wait lemme lemme thank everyone here um good thanks for the um four months radon thank you very much for the 500 this makes there a ten dollar tip way to do it hey thanks for the ten dollars appreciate the devil fox cheered x600 awesome job votes thanks for the 600. uh one i am thank you for the 1000 bits emmett thank you very much for the 540 bits uh jim thank you for the 76 months thank you thank you we are no longer a minute away from the record now we are 57 seconds away um uh plath thank you very much for the full year um stache thank you p or the gifted undersuit thanks Megan Roy tipped him five bucks man he doesn't but um that doesn't matter b Because we're getting better I got 241 tonight and everything else has been a 4120 bubble under this this is huge this is underscores 300 thanks for the 300 so yeah we had a 41.49 before a lot of 4220 and then we just got a 41.43 yeah so let me take a look here these are the splits this it's a rhythm folks delight right here this is good for me and this is good for rhythm folks because I'm significantly behind early game I can be four seconds ahead of bombs I can be five or six ahead of the power pumps may be what was this a medium slow I can't be kidding 20 seconds ahead on uh the ghost I've gotten 1105 okay um and then I have like four seconds to save gravity division I may be 20 seconds per in front of from gravity my golden ice beam was really crazy i didn't know it was going to be a gold um alujs thanks for the nine months uh i appreciate the space forces deserve their decks of joy fourteen equal time three good job thanks for the 4143 that's it very v very generous of you thank you so much i appreciate it yes we have a slow medium um um ok let's take a look here so a nice split is my ice ray split but um even if that's plus two it doesn't matter too much um Ellen Elevator We can still save time overall I want to save like two seconds on that um break even is fine too and then Ridley Dead is just stacking the time save because we had around seven seconds to save in that split and after that it's I really like this it's decent but not good you know what I mean so after ridley's death I can be quite behind.
I have like 23 40 kills on there so I can get a 20 23 35 . or better out there um just so you know um varies I still have uh three seconds to spare on that split actually been grinding the various splits offline a little bit avaria really dead um leaf shrimp i still got time um g4 i got four mother make seconds one were good um so the goal is to break eve n on that and then i got four undone ok its 57 seconds to go now okay yeah honestly just fewer bugs so i just told you look at this gravity i can be minus 20 or more i've been i've been more than 20 seconds ahead of my gravity time i got on this bp and then i have time savers each of these splits at the end is still a time saver aside from the mother brain one that is pretty decent that will be harder to beat but i can still save two seconds on that um these are just my segments um i just got a new bp after three and a half years i started running this category again very recently one thing i want to say is i am very happy with my progression i played for two three weeks i was almost on point dead and then the ring came out and then I started grinding that for two weeks and then this is my third day back to 80 percent and we get a 4143 so that's awesome

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