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Pawn Stars: TOP 10 BEST PAWNS OF 2023!

May 02, 2024
where it came from or its history. You know, frankly, I'm not surprised that someone would just throw this in a bag and donate it. I can't believe how many things I buy from people that they just find on addicts. Of course, yes, yes, the Civil War was mud, sweat, horses. It's not as romantic as they make it out to be in the movies, you know, a terrible, hard existence. As far as I'm concerned, life was horrible for a soldier during the Civil War and his uniforms didn't make things much better. Imagine what it would be like to wear this heavy wool jacket in the summer in the south.
pawn stars top 10 best pawns of 2023
In fact, hundreds of people died from heatstroke. It looks very old, it looks like a civil war cavalry jacket, yes, but I don't know, you know, my big concern is that it looks too good to be true. It doesn't have a single moth hole and I mean, there really aren't any scratches. . If this uniform is real, it could be worth a lot of money, but this thing is in amazing shape for its age. I know there are a lot of people who make them for recreations, so I have to be careful, what do you want to do with it?
pawn stars top 10 best pawns of 2023

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pawn stars top 10 best pawns of 2023...

Well, if we can get money for it. I mean, it's money to go to the school for other things. Well, I like it a lot. Civil War stuff is cool and sells, for sure. I'm going to call my friend and if there's any guy in the world who knows about this it'll be Mark. Well, great, if everything is real, we will discover something that will be great. I appreciate it, thank you, I'm excited that you're doing it. We're bringing in an expert today because if he can tell us it's real, then everyone wins. Hey, Mark, how's he doing?
pawn stars top 10 best pawns of 2023
I am the system administrator for the Clark County Museum. Well, this is what I called. Okay, so can you tell me how you came up with this? It was actually donated with some costumes for a theater production, so we know absolutely nothing about it. Oh, I hate to tell you how many times I've seen things that have gone into costume collections that really shouldn't have Rick in them, what are your concerns about that? I mean, it seems too good to be true and generally when I see that that's actually the case, yeah, and you're right to think that way whenever you have a civil war uniform something like that and it's in perfect condition yes you want to question it there are many reproductions there are many costumes that have been made to know if this is real what I am looking for is you know what type of materials are how they are put together these are inspector marks which means it was inspected when it arrived at the army that's what should have happened now that's kind of interesting, normally you have loops here where the belt would have disappeared That doesn't necessarily mean it's not original to the time period, the reality was that in the Civil War we were equipping an army huge amount of almost nothing, so we bought from anyone who could sew these things and civil war uniforms are kind of notorious. for having variations from what the ordinance said when you wore this you wore it with metal shoulder pads and this shows no sign of having had shoulder pads even the fact that it doesn't have the loops it doesn't appear to have had shoulder pads I think it's real I believe what you have is a Model 1854 Civil War uniform jacket I assume it was worn by someone behind the lines because it is in wonderful shape or it came from a surplus thanks for bringing it in I appreciate it.
pawn stars top 10 best pawns of 2023
I think this is a spectacular Civil War uniform. You don't see them anymore, so yeah, I guess I'd rather hope Rick can get it. I believe in an auction. I can get 1,500 2,000 from this. Wow, that's impressive, but there are a lot of fees at an auction. I have to earn a little with my time, effort and risk. 750. Let's go to 850. I'll tell you what I do. I'll be 850 great, okay, thanks, okay, let's do some paperwork. I'm so excited to know this is real because it's great for school, but it will also change the way I look at things when they arrive.
I ended up settling for $850 today, so it was a great day, what do we have here? Well, we have a set of fossils, uh, torosaurus petara tooth and crocodile skull from North Africa, okay, cool, so where did you get these? I bought them. at a state sale near my house, okay, I mean, this is really impressive, the crocodile is the most amazing animal that has ever existed for like 400 million years and it really didn't have to evolve that much because why? evolve when you're already the perfect killing machine, it's hard to find such cute fossils, the same with the fish because in this one you can see some scales and stuff like that on them now this T-Rex tooth is cool because it's a T-Rex tooth.
Rex maybe there's DNA in there that you could open in a music park breed some more of them how much do you want to get out of these the skull I want 8000 and the tooth I'm trying to get 3000 and the fish I would like to get a thousand 000 for it. Well, has anyone had it checked? No, that's why I bought it here so I could learn a little more about it. You really have to be an expert at telling these things because fossils have become so popular, all the things get baked a lot and I have no idea how to tell, but I have a friend, let me go find Andre, he's, uh, my friend, he's the pale and olist one, he knows all about this stuff and, um, I'll be.
Back, okay, so here we go, Andre, here are the fossils I was telling you about. Wow, okay, this is a fantastic collection. Do you mind if I pick up some of this? Sure, go ahead, of course, first I'll choose Tyrannosaurus 2. Okay, I hate to break it to you, but this is a replica, it's a good replica, but it's not real, the weight is not right, it feels like an artificial substance, this definitely It's not genuine, okay, we have a fake one, but I recognize it. this fossil and I can tell, looking at it on the table, that it is a genuine fossil.
It is a Haste that lived in a freshwater lake system in the western United States during the Essene period through a series of volcanic events. These fish were very well preserved in the volcanic ash that smothered everything in the lakes and that is why they were so well preserved. Well, and this guy here, this is another fossil that I'm very familiar with and really faked. Very often, do you mind if I choose this one? Sure, go ahead, I can tell from the shape of the snout and the basic anatomy of the skull that it's a dinosaur that's a skeletal crocodile, so how old would this be?
Approximately 60 to 50 million years ago, just after the dinosaurs became extinct. the guys managed to find a foothold and survive these guys floated to the surface of the water and just waited for the fish to swim with their jaws open and closed them tight, yeah, the teeth look good, this thing is phenomenal, okay, what is the fish? Okay, the fish is worth about $500, okay, and um, the Dryosaurus dinosaur, okay, it was close enough, okay, the Dryosaurus got it, this is a really nice specimen, honestly, it's the


one I've ever seen. seen. $116,000, okay, thanks man, I appreciate it, yeah.
Anytime, okay, I'm going to leave out the fish just for the fact that I have a lot of fossils in the store and it's not very unique to me, but this right here you're asking 8000 for it and frankly it's worth more that that um, I mean, I'll give you 9,000 just for the skull, well, the praiser said it's worth 16,000. Do 11, if I didn't call the guy that shows up, you'd still weigh, well, we called him, uh no. Nine is the


I can do, it really is, can you do it? 95. I have a lot of people in my store.
I have thousands of people a day in my store. Rarely does someone come in and say, "Hey, you've got Petrii crocodile heads, so $99,000." We have a deal, yes we have to make a deal, okay sweet, just go there, my boy will cause you pain.

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