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Pawn Stars: Rick Takes a MAJOR RISK on $10,000 Gambling Kit (Season 3)

Sep 18, 2023
Hey, how can I help you? Hey, I have this complete set of games that I bought about 20 years ago, I'm not sure how much it's worth, but I know it belonged to an old gamer named JD Borthwick. This is great. This is amazing, it's a little roulette, you're ready to spin it. I decided to come here today to sell my old turn of the century betting set, made for JD Borthwick, he is a famous player at the time I bought this case. about 500 dollars 20 years ago this is very interesting, what can you tell me about his son?
pawn stars rick takes a major risk on 10 000 gambling kit season 3
Well, I know it was probably made in the late 1800s and they wore them when traveling on stagecoaches, boats, and trains. It has everything, cards, poker chips. They have poker dice markers, he still has the key, the only reason I knew it was JD Borthwick's game is because his name is on it and of course JD is on everything. JD Borthwick I know a little about him. I know he was like in California and he wrote a book on


, yeah, in the late 19th century, he was Notorious Gambler. I've been in the business for a long time, but I've never seen a game like this.
pawn stars rick takes a major risk on 10 000 gambling kit season 3

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pawn stars rick takes a major risk on 10 000 gambling kit season 3...

This is something special at that time, people who had games and stuff in a room and shared it with the owner. The establishment they established in the game was banned in many places, so guys like this would come and have some games and move around in this set. Awesome, this guy was a professional gambler and these were his tools, it was a dangerous and dangerous profession because if it was illegal to gamble in that city, they weren't exactly obligated to pay you if they lost, that probably explains all of this, so oh my god, there's quite a few ways to kill someone in this box this is a very good cold pocket pistol it's also one of the first and it's in beautiful shape it still has the engraving on the cylinder this damn thing is loaded well one way to find out no, no good loaded, you've got a lot of stuff here, it's got ammunition, we've got a little knife here, it's a complete killing kit.
pawn stars rick takes a major risk on 10 000 gambling kit season 3
I mean, this is what Mave


would have had on a riverboat, yes, without a doubt, this is the coolest item ever. In my store, this is not only a tool kit for gamers, it is also a survival kit. I imagine Doc Holliday having one of these and always being ready for a game or a problem, so what do you want to do with this? I would like to sell it. but I don't know what it's worth, yes, one of my problems now too. I mean, here you have a 19th century Bowie knife that could be worth a fortune.
pawn stars rick takes a major risk on 10 000 gambling kit season 3
You have the revolver which should be worth at least 2000 dollars. I mean, just these little pieces of ivory here are worth a few hundred dollars each. Wow, that's great. I mean, you have vintage gaming equipment, but you also have vintage gaming equipment owned by a famous gamer. I mean, you have so many things to do here. I just can't make an offer because I need someone to come see it. It's good, awesome. I'll call you when I have someone there. Thank you. There's no doubt I want this, but I have a few questions before I can make an offer, so I'll call my friend Sean to take a closer look.
I own Tortuga Trading and specialize in ancient weapons and armor. Well, it's obviously a


game and it has JD Borthwick, okay? I know the name, I know it was associated with the game in terms of the whole experience. I don't know during the gold rush, gaming was a huge industry, this particular kit was designed for the guy who traveled all over the continental United States. They consist of multiple games, all kinds of parts and pieces that the player of the time would need. I'll tell you from the beginning. 95 percent, if not more, of these game kits are just assemblies that can encompass period elements to make it look like. like it was something put together in the past, you know, this is something that Doc Holliday or one of the biggest players of that period would have had and I have to look at it and determine if it all fits into an age period where this guy He was alive, so do you mind if I start taking things out of here?
What I'm looking for is anything that has maker's marks or personal identity holidays owned by someone rich and that means it would be monogrammed. This is one of these. pieces this letter b could be the connection of the dot to the last name and this is what you want to see with vintage items. I like this because it again has his monogrammed initials. Then you also want to see the materials involved. Does everything fit? to the time And there is legitimate wear and tear when putting things in and out, that's what you want to see. This is cool, but the fake ones always have some kind of weapon involved, so I want to see what's in here.
The manufacturer is a well-known manufacturer. Joseph Allen and Sons and it's legitimate age you know it has pitting on the blade so obviously this on the trip was subject to lack of care of the weather at some point the gun is a cult and originally the model 1862 was a pistol percussion but was later converted in the 1870s to accept a casing and in its own right a collector would love to have just this gun so everything I have seen here fits the period that would make it so genuine like I've never seen her. I know the next question you're going to ask is what do you think it's worth?
And it's a difficult question. You have to put a value on what you see and I will advise you not to separate it because once you do that, that's it, you will never be able to put it all back together, only my guts tell me only with everything I see between seven and ten thousand, like this It's, wow, that's great, that's amazing, thanks for coming, Sean, absolutely there. Come on, my pleasure, okay, it was nice meeting you, thank you, take care, okay, so what do you want to do with him? You know, after hearing that, I think I want to keep it and do some more research.
Yeah, well, I have hundred dollar bills. On the back, shoot me a figure. I do not think I can. I'll give you four thousand dollars in cash. You know, that sounds very attractive, but I don't think I can do it. You wouldn't accept five thousand dollars. I did not win. Don't take five thousand, you're killing me right now Rick, talk to him, I'll pay six thousand dollars. I don't even think I'd figure it out for 10 right now, yeah I really think I want to keep it and If you ever change your mind before selling it to someone let me make you an offer, you'll be first on my list.
I promise. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you. Damn, I really wanted this. I got as high as I could and I hate to see him walk out the door

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