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Pawn Stars: Deals That Left Rick SPEECHLESS..

May 24, 2024
So how much do you want for this stuff? I'm looking in the $500,000 area. I'm kind of baffled to find something so big and intact. Is incredible. It's absolutely incredible. I'm estimating between 380-390k for this. collection I am absolutely impressed a cigar box that once decorated the Oval Office walks into the store Kennedy's cigar box that he used in the White House and inside are the remaining unsmoked cigars. I'm asking for $95,000, so where did you get it, Mrs. Lincoln? As a personal secretary she became friends with a man named Robert White and she gave quite a few items to Robert White, so I made a private deal with the White estate to purchase some of the items.
pawn stars deals that left rick speechless
Rick looks closer for more details. This is the auction catalog there is. a photo here the box contains 11 hand rolled cigars wrapped in clear plastic eight some are missing so someone smoked three of the cigars this is how I bought them how much are you asking? Well, you know, the other comparison sold for a million dollars. or something like that Rick asks for an offer and tries to negotiate. I'll give it to you for 95,000. I think the auction estimate was 100 and it didn't meet it. I'll give you 50 grand, that's cash right now. 70 what do you think?
pawn stars deals that left rick speechless

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pawn stars deals that left rick speechless...

Son, I wouldn't pay more than 50 Grand pops. I'll go 60, okay, it's all up to you. I'm out of 65 and you've got a deal. 60 Grand. I'll give you 30. Now give me the rest of the paperwork. I'll give you the other 30, I got it, man, okay Rick heads to Orlando to find a 1915 Pan Pacific octagonal gold coin for a client. One of the largest coin auctions of the year in Florida right now, this is where all the big buyers are. They are on the main coin I am looking for here in Orlando is a 1915 San Francisco Pan Pacific $50 gold piece.
pawn stars deals that left rick speechless
I have a customer who spent a lot of money in my store and this is the coin he is looking for. He looks at it closer and asks the price, so how much are you asking for $70,000? Would you accept 65 for it? um no, my client wants to pay $70,000, so there's no money to be made, they moved to another seller. Mike says there's another guy with one. how much do you ask? looking had sold it for 48,000 48,000 but this one has been cleaned so it's 48,000 that's cheap for one of those my client in Las Vegas would never accept this has to be close to perfect thanks buddy okay thanks for looking at it Rick is back.
pawn stars deals that left rick speechless
Go to the first guy and try to negotiate the price. I guess we'll go back to the other guy. 66 I mean, I have a customer for the coin. No, you don't know this business. I'm not earning much. money in this and I'm not one either out of courtesy I will do 675 you have to do it man thank you very much earning a little money is much better than making no money at all the client comes in with a big load of money the old man is crazy about money, he will be like a kid on Christmas morning when they see this, if they want less than face value, well we'll see what we can figure out, we have these bars and this thing alone weighs almost 75 pounds, most people don't realize until they 1964 all dimes, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars, they were all made of silver.
Rick wants to make sure they are all silver coins. I just have to make sure you know that they are all silver coins. It is very important for me to scan all the edges. This is to make sure there are no modern coins here. Do you mind if Pi goes to weigh them just to make sure they weigh the right amount? No problem, so you have 3372 or silver in the late 1990s, silver dropped to $3 an ounce. It's going to be difficult to buy it, do you know why when you talk about that much money there is too much temptation to put a steel bar or something in the center?
So you're saying this might not be pure silver. What I'm saying is there. There could be a piece inside that is not pure silver. Can we try this? um, yeah, drill a few, give me a few minutes, everything is checked, I'll pay you, it's not checked, I'll give you an address where you can send it. The process of testing these items is not difficult, but it is interesting. First you need to drill deep enough to make sure there is no lead core or some other metal in the middle of the bar, then melt all the filings until they liquefy and create a small button, the last step is to drop a little bit of nitric acid and see what color it turns when nitric acid reacts with pure silver, it turns creamy white, okay, here's the deal, yeah, that's it, okay, 33.39 coins for these bars here same 42 equals Rick does the math and offers a price of $110,900 well let's make a deal, that's the deal, you can't go like 115 not for $110,900.
I'm probably going to make $1,500 with you, so what's the best price you can give me today? I'll raise 111,000 I'll even raise 112 no no no you can't make money on it yeah I mean that's what I can do. I can win $1,000. Well, I bought it 12 years ago for a lot less than it sounds. Good for me, okay, let's do 111 today. I'll walk away with over $100,000 that a customer brings in Pokémon card collection number one. I probably have the number one Pokémon collection in the world inside this case. Dude, yeah, this guy has Pokémon cards, it's Pokémon, really.
I don't understand why Pokémon is such a big deal, they are great, in fact some of them can be worth a lot of money. The most expensive card is probably the pristine 1st edition 10 base Charizard and how much is that worth in the 50-100.00W range and do people pay that for these so how much do you want for these things? I am looking in the area of ​​$500,000. The expert shares his opinion on its face value 10. I think there are less than 50 PSA 10. Looking at this, there is 20% of the market on your counter. I look at this collection and I can't believe what I see.
There are dozens of impeccable ones everywhere. This is a unique collection. How much do you think this is worth? There is only one of them. This card could cost between 30-40,000 in total. I estimate between 380 and 390,000 for this collection. I really am absolutely impressed. Rick shows his concerns. My problem with these is that I am going to sell them. I can't have any conversations about them because I know absolutely nothing. Rick pitched him an offer. I'm not going to make an offer, it's just out of my abilities. I'm not going to be able to sell something I don't know.
I understand, so I'll make you an offer, not with my money. Thanks for bringing it. Thank you. Charizard worth $380,000. I still don't know the difference between a Pokémon man and a Charizard. Rick heads to London to see a Star Wars collection. memories this is where they filmed a lot of stuff for Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back that we see on the big screen now seven is where a lot of the Star Wars story happened this is where Luke gets the lightsaber so this here is where They filmed that, but what I want you to see is phenomenal stuff and that's why they really discussed the collection.
I've never seen anything like this. This is one of the movie posters that was signed right before they released the movie, so it's all signed by everyone, so what else is in the box? Luke Skywalkers' lightsaber from Return of the Jedi, how did you make them light up? They put a rod on them and, uh, it's a 3M reflective material that reflects back and then they animate in the color later seller shows more Star Wars articles what we have here is George Lucas's original handwritten draft of Star Wars The Script this is something I could never imagine existed our plan is to open a museum ourselves so people can see it the poster is something who would consider letting gock ask about its potential value what do you think the signs were?
I would put $50,000 worth on this R. I'll give you 25. That's a big deal. I'd leave it at that for 35. Would you? 33 do it 34 and you got a deal, you got a deal, thank you very much, a guy called Rick into the shop to check out a Ferrari back in 8S, every guy on the planet wanted this car. I hope I can get it for a decent price, this is awesome, well we have a 1984 Ferrari 308 gtsi with the target top Quattro valve. It's the second year they've made it a four valve version and with a little more horsepower, it has all the original paint, how many miles does it have 26 That's pretty amazing, even in the '50s.
I mean, they were just the car for Rick to inspect the car. Exactly what you would expect from a sports car of that era. It is low. You don't have to go to a chiropractor after driving. for an hour, you know the engine is in the rear V8, you inject it, you know at that point it's a leading technology, four Val, it's clean, it's in great shape, how much do you want for it? $79,999 an expert comes to check the condition of it. You have all your perfect Ferrari ticking points. I mean, you have your shifter closed here.
Your beautiful hand-stitched leather seats. What is that 3 liter V8 all about? These things were screaming, man Rick, you brought me to see some idiots, this is a Good car, can we drive this Rick after the test drive? The expert recommends a price. These are all the cars that guys our age looked at when we were kids. Okay, let's complete Tokyo Drift and listen, it sounds so beautiful. This is what we call a money in the bank car. It works well. It feels tight. It feels like a car with completely original mileage. How much do you think it's worth?
I would say this car is worth $75,000. Thank you. Hey, that's a fantastic car. Rick tries to negotiate. the price I take 100 but 80 is enough today you take 60 no this has nowhere to go but up how about we go 77 and A2 63,000? I'll tell you I'll go down to 70 if we are I'll do this now my top1 60 if you accept it I'll pay for it I can't go that low sorry thanks for letting me drive it change your mind let me know I'll do it the man brings a big set of Topps collector cards , this is the Star Wars set Topps, they were the baseball card company at the time and they said, well we'll do Star Wars cards, that's Hamill fiser Ford, the heroes as they call them, but they're all signed or it's like 300 of 334 this is the next part this is a signed poster what you have here is probably one of the most complete pieces of signage out there Kenny Baker R2-D2 there it is Anthony Daniel C3PO John Williams that's the opening score for Star Wars there same, all the key people are here, oh my god, Rick asks for their value, so how much are all of these worth?
I'd ballpark $75-$100,000 for this game, you'll pay $150,000, that's the Jedi mind t


. I guess I mean. I'll give you 100 grand for them. It is a multi-year process. Yes, I can't do it. I have something else. I think you would like it. It's also really spectacular. Believe me. The seller returns with another game. So how is this? game basically this is a used screen uh section of the Death Star but you're still a gigantic nerd this is one of the coolest things I have they use this to film the Death Star sequence uh this came directly from someone who worked on the movie for his house to my collection Rick tries to negotiate the price to make a deal what is something like this worth it?
I'm asking for 25,000 because I can't see him ever looking like 25,000 no, no, he doesn't give me 15, no, I could take it. I'm sure you don't want that 15 no, I'm fine, hey, do you want to have lunch, yeah, we could do that. Okay, good idea, thanks. A customer brings a very special car to the shop. I have something for you. What kind of things? 197 74 Volkswagen Thing Cory, come on, it turns out this guy has one of my favorite cars here, guys, my 74 Volkswagen Thing. I guarantee you'll have more girls looking at this car. Any exotic bar. None.
Rick is passionate about this car. It was my first. car and I loved it, so how much did one of these things cost new in 1973? $1,999 why was it called that it had a strange look so they called it that they were a military vehicle in some countries the entire new interior was carpeted You're not coming I designed the paint scheme you made it the way you like it doesn't necessarily make it worth more money, so we upgraded the engine to a 1915 Weber twin carburetor 50 to 55 horsepower, now you mind if I take it for Rick and Cory take a walk down memory lane, so what do you think, son ?
It's the stupidest vehicle, it seems to have no style. I actually want it. I worry that those changes will make it even more difficult to sell. Well, guys, what do you think? So how much do you want for this thing? 15 grand for the paint job, all the carpet you change too much. I'd like this thing to be made of bones, so what are we talking about? So I'm going to 5 grand because it cost me another 5 grand to return it. yellow 135 5500 is the most I would choose. I'm going to have to turn it down today. Well thank you very much.
Rick brings in an expert to inspect a Volkswagen Samba. A 1959 Volkswagen Samba with a 23 window. This thing is absolutely beautiful. to make sure this is 100% legit from top to bottom, which is the top of the Volkswagen bus food chain, can you take a look? I want to know if everything is original, the expert thoroughly inspects the car you bought, the grooved lenses, red wax for the roof. beige gray an attractive bus I am more than willing to pay more than six figures for this great thing here in thelicense plate means that's the country of export that's the abbreviation for Greece looks like you have a real luxury 23 wi here Rick takes it for a test drive, if it comes back with a little scratch they better have security available because I'm leaving to scare It drives a little stiffer than our normal bus.
She feels quite tight. It works well. There are no blind spots on this thing. I'm sure it's solid, there were no noises, everything was tight, so what do you think is pretty tight? The expert recommends a value and what they think Bill is worth between 120 and 140. I think it's a little undervalued for this bus, it doesn't get any better than this right here, yeah, well that's your opinion on it. I think it's worth a little more, thanks man, hey, no problem, so what's your bottom dollar? I want 175, I would probably take a range of 140 150. That's what I'm thinking of more like 10535 you're like 112 125 is the magic number that's the take it or leave it number change your mind call me we'll do it thanks for your time Rick gets a call from his friend who repairs helicopters and his client wants to sell one, so this is it, eh, no, actually, this is it, it's all there, yeah, I know you said it was an accident, but it seems like a lot to me. of garbage, was only involved in a forced landing.
The pilot dies in this thing. The pilot and passenger are fine, so why did you buy this? I wanted a challenge. I thought it would be fun to be able to buy it and rebuild it myself. It just didn't work. I don't have the funds to rebuild it. I just don't think I can do anything with this. This is much worse than everything Larry told about an expert in this field coming to answer Rick's questions. What type of helicopter is this model? The number is a Scher 300C. This plane was originally designed for the military and they did all the flying and Army training.
With this, it is actually designed to crash and be repaired in the field. This whole front cabin I can usually rebuild. In approximately 2 to 3 weeks, the engines survived the accident. They made these pulleys. It costs $220,000 each. Everything's fine. The expert claims that the helicopter could be repaired and gives B


an idea of ​​the costs. So how much would it be? to reconstruct everything the estimate would be 100,000. I just don't see where there is money to be made. The retail value of this is approximately 150,000. I bought it from the insurance company for $10,000, so that's what I'm looking for to get out of I mean, I really can't afford to buy anything less than 10, okay, 10,000, that's a deal, man, thank you very much , even if I don't fix it, I can always sell it for pieces and I can make like five.
Great, when the repairs are finished, Rick is going to check the helicopter. This thing looks amazing. It's like a real helicopter a month ago. This thing was a piece. Basically everything here had to be rebuilt. It just took time and you already know how to do it. I think I've hit the $100,000 mark you were looking for, so how much do you think I can sell it for now? It will probably sell for around 160 to 175,000. A customer brings in a huge dinosaur bone. So do you know what dinosaur it is? I have no idea, I just know it's a dinosaur bone.
There were certain warehouses in the United States where there are massive amounts of them. How much do you want for this? I was thinking 40,000, we don't even know what kind of dinosaur it is. A lot of times they will find, let's say, this bone right here and they will throw the rest of the blaster, so a lot of times these dinosaur bones are not all complete, that could be a real dinosaur, okay, I'm going to put it back so you can let me. Bring someone here to see if everything is real. The expert comes to inspect the bone.
All I know is that it's a dinosaur leg. This is a camarasaurus. The camarasaurus was a long-necked dinosaur that lived in the Jurassic period and walked on four legs to authenticate. We'll take a look at this to see if there are any pieces of cast that definitely feel like a cast toe. It looks like these little fingers. These metacarpals. These are real. If they were molded, it would be much lighter. The real value is in the real bones. That is where. the meat of the piece is this type of detail that will be Deb's draw if we can see some cellular structure you see the black and white difference there uhhuh that looks like calside has filled in the bone cells this is definitely real question Rick. for an opinion on price so the big question what are these things for, feel very comfortable valuing them at 25,000 well thanks again man I really appreciate it thanks I mean what would you take for it?
So how about 21,000 I'll give you? 15 grand for that, how about 20? I'll give you 18,000 not one cent more, that's my top dollar. Sweet F, I'll meet you right there and we'll do some paperwork. A man brings a landmine training item to the store. I have a 1945 World War II Japanese American landmine training set. I think it's probably worth between $2 and $3,000 and I'd like to get around $2,500 for it. More than 300 million landmines were used during World War II. They would help a soter learn to identify diffuse landmines. or destroy the Japanese minds it has the original manual it has a picture in here to identify what they are a type 97 type 97 anti-tank mine then you have a magnetic mine this one has four magnets some of these versions had Japanese grenades in them I want to know if they are complete, that one is the problem here, but while I'm pretty sure they're rare, I don't know how rare the expert comes to inspect the item, okay?
So what do you have in the set? These are the four main mines that you will encounter if you are going to invade an area controlled by the Japanese. The type 93. This is an antipersonnel mine. If you step on it, the ceramic landmine goes off. The real problem with that one is you. You couldn't detect it with a mine detector instead of a metal one like this. You could attach the magnetic mine to the side of a vehicle and it would direct the explosion where you wanted. You had four fuses, which was normal. something is missing the only thing missing is the grenade, only 600 have been made, you know you don't see many of these sets, thanks Mark, that's fine, thank you, thank you.
I appreciate what you want in return. I'll take 2000 today. I'll give you 800 dollars about 1,800 I'll give you 800 dollars and it's a shot in the dark 800 okay 800 dollars okay thanks a customer comes in with an old book to sell I brought you a very rare book Hi Rick, do you have a second to look at a book? Surely the adventures of Tom Sawyer are a classic of American literature. This is actually the seller's sample of Tom Sawyer. When you open it you have different types of binding, like if you offer a cloth binding at a certain price, the expert and the customer have a conversation about the book, it shows the history of printing, how things would have been sold at this time , you can see more of the things you normally can't see.
I'm not known for writing books about children and this was a big change for him, it was a big risk, okay, so what do you want for it? I would like to get 10,000 of it. Rick asks the expert for his opinion on the price. This is a really rare, uh, Mark Twain seller's perspective, that said, it's also quite worn and still not a first edition Tom Sawyer. The value he would put on it at retail is probably between $9 and $10,000. I'm thinking 5 grand. I have to earn money. Yes, honestly, five thousand dollars is too little for me to go.
The customer tries to convince Rick about the price. At the end of Tom Sawyer, he strikes gold. You know, how much gold he finds. I'll go 55 I really want to keep six, honestly it's hard to give this one up because it's such a special book. Take a blood oath at 5500 5500 um. I'll meet you there and I'll have someone. Thank you. for watching and as always like and subscribe for more content

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