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Paw Patrol | Wir sind Bereit zu Helfen! 🐶| Nick Jr.

Jul 01, 2022
time is running out marshall has to hurry and when the treasury and his cat saved september keep jumping no the ladder is broken it's breaking a record all i can do is calculate the stairs i think stitch could use a little of help, no insert too big, no leg too small, oh, we'll stay here. What did you find rocky? These creatures here. We saw the style and created shoots for the bailiffs ladder. I finished. You did it well. Hello, she is beyond. Unfortunately, she resets the mayor. the record and the fast fire brigade and we've done great rocky marshall he's on his way soon thank you rider chase we have to get to the start real quick my cones hold traffic until marshall is over space yes you're in theaters where there's the world's fastest fire department don't worry it won't be long it'll be yours any minute hope you're at 7326 which one did you get there halo look at something i built myself a super trike look at a pizza board like a brake is not bad and you fixed it with tape we show me that on my super trike now i have to put everything back together i don't want so i just can't run into the street without looking left or right.
paw patrol wir sind bereit zu helfen nick jr
A super trike is broken. I know who can help us. Hello, unfortunately all the cyclists are here. We have an emergency. the pieces are lying on the street and alex wants to put the trike back together, can you help him? i mean they are pretty well acquainted with the vehicles of course we will be coming right away no insert too big no leg too small for head office need us more it was nice your water nozzles were chosen wrong the water was loose who's sorry hi friends sadly the dog food and treats in the delivery truck alex likes a bit so we are this is true honestly rainer i don't think you can do it attach the cable winch to the car and chase pulls it out but how do you want to get there?
paw patrol wir sind bereit zu helfen nick jr

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paw patrol wir sind bereit zu helfen nick jr...

The ice will collapse very easily. Super has a hovercraft and omg I can set it to float so we can easily drive over water and ice without interrupting the chase here we go I'm ready set up the winch buzzer inflate the life jacket look at the cracks in the ice means it's not anymore firm luckily the water is not very deep here i will put the hook on the fixed bumper so you can get the car out of the bumps on the ground please be careful that looks dangerous that's all but go ahead and see below we always know exactly what they are doing the ice wont last much longer the hook is stuck i think i better get off the ice oh i dont stay on an ice floe how can i get your quad now if i jump in the water i draw a lifebuoy ok super and now you can take me to my choir you drive very slowly back the strange things here at 1000 euros you have fast thank you summer and now we drive a country before we get wet we will catch up again evo we'll take care of the babbel delivery truck come on don't forget your reward six meatballs to go per dog 1 thank you mr pepper enjoy them and i thought you'd just slide on banana peels home our meatballs the tastiest fusion the gg had the helpers in four paws you're good you came we have an emergency party and the cat is stuck on top of a chairlift and it's cold in here you have to go down and repair the chairlift otherwise people can't ride nobert the snowboarding is exactly my thing let's see no me marshall we need you and your ladder and kati and i have to get them off the chairlift. to fix the chair lift what yes the appropriate equipment kiel rocks today of all days no homework for me ok the four legged helpers get going so whoever feels like cheat or bitter sweet or bitter and don't do a riot super chase is on the spot and against treason the pirate is gone like me there my like a mid blocker don't click with me pirate cool if i can bother you for a moment let's go to trouble bell and i'll shake you're right kbh fine then we'll go door to door as soon as i'm on the bus now everything is fine waiting that's just hello where is everyone going i have something for you can you do a trick i think it's a reward that was very kind girl you were raised very well here determined was very dry you here my robot can be very nice you deserve it thank you very kind all the artwork that's why there is something to nibble on not only then there is also the rules still apply i had no idea we were going to take a boat trip when the dogs come they will definitely be excited about the ghost ship party i think the ghost ship is really cool b is waiting for me i wonder who controls the the ship knows a subscription you are tremendous there is some awkward talk can you take us back to port? yes, of course, I lost my glasses, although on an involuntary excursion by sea and without glasses, I'm blind, I'm sorry, Alex, I'm the mayor, I see, I see. nothing but i got a feeling he went faster chimney we're stuck on a pirate ship with some fit guy he can't see and henrietta goldstone dog team and i don't believe in ghosts but we gotta do something i know we can help inflate a life jacket that protects pretty fast on the way and no one knows where thanks to your ex you sent my darling chicken where is my darling darling who could steer the ship into the sky like this?
paw patrol wir sind bereit zu helfen nick jr
You have to do something to make the ship go slower; otherwise it will be great and I won't come on board if you get close enough to pull the sails then we can do it. that would be laughing she did it yeah some stops are going around the best little ones flight control helicopter pilot i'd rather turn off my engine we climb on board and let each other see the wind is getting stronger b super fast come on you can do it spring summer i handled you good hey well i got on the chip it's a very scary thing news we'll see let's see i got the popcorn hop it's good for christmas eve hey that's not for chop n I want to use it to smell the tree with popcorn.
paw patrol wir sind bereit zu helfen nick jr
It's delicious, but I prefer to wash it. Cutting down a real fir tree was a great idea, but it's so big we've cut down enough. Don't worry. I still have a few fairy lights in my kennel I'm going to get So listen I'm not coming how should we hang something on the branches at the top no problem with a ladder the fairy lights now we can decorate the tree with colored balls á la la la la rock pop dogs cats and also in ramallah country in that they are just bizkit if your friends look very pretty our home christmas tree decorations something is missing what the star belongs on top you made a star now santa claus definitely he will find us and bring a lot of gifts now put on your hats please ask another thick skin commanded in action can you repair it yes of course thanks that's great we br put everything in the center clamps rocky the bike is very tight long time hold much better than before but my grandpa always does everything with duct tape now fix the brake rocky please don't waste the pedals reuse your brakes better with n them than with a pizza board, but the man always has to keep his feet on the pedals, you know?
I think you better drive slowly, crazy. Please bring me the flyer. Now you fix it with a screwdriver. I'll do it right away. The trike is ready. Brilliant. now i can super fast with my super dreiland wanted to drive don't drive without these and a shiny one we want a jet lag go on first we'll do a test ride but let's stay involved codetermination hanna is super fast superdry has so you can get used to the trike you would take the road slowly first entrance to headquarters yes that's great i wanted to go alex bartl we'll bring the food together and l eckerlis to headquarters you know dogs are always hungry be careful on the south sidewalks smooth my hat i don't have it grandpa thank you the hat always brings me luck you're funny nothing happened i won't let a pop olympus stop me come on go yeah what also keep focus if the road is slippery you have to be extra careful around the bends you look perfectly daring no a delivery van should be on the 1 that's not great the ice can break yes that's probably true never never dangerous container you must never no adults come in also not when they wait if the ice can't hold then it sinks with everything inside and the dogs have nothing to eat and democracy can come into the car rental and I can be the owner of it that's how the hill I'll do it differently that was not something to imitate that hurts nothing happened I could say below that's good because I'm starting to get very cold with e now I get up from the chair, but first I have to get out of here, everything is fine, dude, now my head has cooled down a bit, unfortunately, how will it happen now?
I would build a ladder. It was a ladder. Yes, we could build a grand staircase out of snow. A train. It is a good idea. Should I do it. Uncle Ryder has cold boots. the trike in the morning i'll thank you in a moment i can fly just fine skype went well again something is wrong with you everything is ok i couldn't stop it anymore it's too fast for me maybe why do we do something to make it drive slower alex , I know I'm sorry, it was my fault, you said I drive slower, then nothing would have happened, it's ok, everything if you try something new, you have to start very carefully, I know I wanted to be like you, now everything is ok.
Dnung all is well said Sky Chase Rock and go ahead all the rescue and she put me on my three super ward councilors glad we did no problem getting help is easy one phone call is enough. a new spirit wally's snores behind the barrels sounded so scary and wally ate all the cookies the sega rises again is he a ghost or a clever kitty she solved mysteries you cheeky little rascal henrietta was our secret captain wally was to blame for The creepy The Noise and the Cat set sail when they filmed some good detective work. Thank you very much, Mr.
Pepper, and if I could still find my glasses, there are glasses in his pants pocket. I can't believe the crab mumbles along the steps and then lifts it up so we can see something broke it's all clear everyone innkeeper done and hurry up otherwise Christmas has to be canceled this year I'll get my car as much as I've worn out the sled, what did you do well, Rocky, who's your turn to lift it with? Well, let's see what was found as a result of the accident. It's one of the runners that broke. We can't use it anymore.
We have to take something else. you find something and how much of it probably the magic poinsettia the storm is getting stronger again let's fix it quick i said i found out it's definitely not going to pick up a santa claus light it's still gold no don't do that if i'm there in front of me I went faster higher maximum of gifts saved and unfortunately don't excuse me marshall nothing happens with the gifts also it wouldn't be like that it would be the other two hits more snow the storm is every stronger once again i hope santa claus soon finds the poinsettia for mayor sterin let's go then the power of santa claus that only henrietta not the mayor wilcken you here's a present for you too merry christmas done everything repaired now only the poinsettia is missing easter without the star the sleigh can't fly i hope you found it hi hi santa claus this is a rider good news we've adjusted the sleigh and the presents are almost delivered that's great rob so you'll always be in the list of the good ones, but unfortunately I haven't found the magic poinsettia yet and if I can't. find it find it again if christmas is canceled if it doesn't find the stars then tomorrow many children will be sadly sitting under the christmas tree and the dogs will also wait for a while i have an idea actually we should see where a lot fell if i zoom in, we could see where the star is, the star has landed on juni's farm, let's go

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