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Paul Stamets on the Future of Psychedelics, Mycology & Medicine | NextMed Health

Apr 16, 2024
Greetings foreign friends I am Paul Stamets but I am not just one person. I am a keeper of knowledge in a long lineage that goes back thousands of generations. The fact that I have this voice on stage I am representing a large community of indigenous people. around the world who have preserved, studied and shared these sacred


s of psilocybin mushrooms in particular, so today I want to bring you some of the cutting-edge research that is rooted in indigenous knowledge and now there is a conversion of wisdom and indigenous science for what it is It is so extraordinary that current scientific methods and studies validate much of what has been practiced for thousands of years.
paul stamets on the future of psychedelics mycology medicine nextmed health
I want to give you my revelations. I own a company on, the fungi perfecti. I have co-founded micromedical Life Sciences. a new startup focusing on psilocybin for therapeutic use. We have a new non-profit, the Center for Ecological Awareness, this is where most of my wealth and assets will go, hopefully for generations to come. I have written many books and I don't know how to separate my vocation from my calling. All of you who study a subject are predisposed towards the subject you study because it interests you, it's a tautology, you know it, but anyway, that being the case, do you?
paul stamets on the future of psychedelics mycology medicine nextmed health

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paul stamets on the future of psychedelics mycology medicine nextmed health...

How many species of silicid fungi have been discovered so far, 140 actually 141, and they are all over the world and on all continents except Antarctica, they have not yet been discovered. The fact that there are more than 5682 collections since the 19th century, this gives a misconception about the presence of these psilocidal mushrooms. in the ecosystem now, why has it taken so long? Think about it in your visual landscape with plants and animals, you have them in your Near Event Horizon, daily, weekly, monthly, repeatedly, over and over again, we know which plants are edible, which animals are edible.
paul stamets on the future of psychedelics mycology medicine nextmed health
Edibles from experiences those people have eaten them before us, but mushrooms are different, mushrooms come and go in four or five days, which means you might not see them for a year, two years, three years , so that kind of memory that you have is so ephemeral and therefore something that can feed you, that can kill you, that can heal you, that can send you on a spiritual journey, something that is so powerful but so temporary, is not It is no wonder that it has taken so long for the significance of these unusual organisms to be revealed. we have echoes of the past in the archaeological record Mesoamerican mushroom stones the two silly cave paintings from seven thousand years ago in northern Algeria the myth of Demeter giving Persephone a mushroom before she goes to the underworld Sophocles Aristotle Plato everyone to participate in the elucinian Mysteries Curiously, the stones of the Mesoamerican mushrooms in the Elysian Mysteries coincided almost at the same time, persisting for more than a thousand years.
paul stamets on the future of psychedelics mycology medicine nextmed health
We must pay tribute to María Sabina who with kindness and kindness invited our Gordon Wasson and Valentino Wasson and their group to to come and embark on a guided trip by psilocybin mushrooms and she used zapat philosophy for Quorum and salasa being surreal lessons and Mexican philosophy three species that are in that region of Mexico was extraordinary is that María Sabina was not only a shaman, she was a Mycologist, she went out to nature, he collected mushrooms, knew which ones to collect safely and used them. That's very different than someone just giving you some mushrooms.
Now Valentino Lawson doesn't get enough credit. She was a Russian doctor and so was she. an ethnomycologist, she grew up in Russia, she knew mushrooms by their Latin names, the binomials, and these two women were powerful forces and they passed this knowledge on. Richard Evans Schultes of Harvard also 1938 1939 first heard and collected some of these magic mushrooms, but from these first encounters. With the indigenous peoples we were able to study these mushrooms, take them to herbaria and then science focused on their taxonomy and chemistry and Albert Huffman discovered psilocybin, the molecule that was present within these mushrooms.
I have to give credit to my family. My brother John converted for the first time. I got into


when he brought this book by Miguel over on vacation. I was 14 years old and I left the book with my friend Ryan and my best friend. He borrowed the book and had it for a week or two and I tried to get it back from Ryan he wouldn't give it back I pressured him over and over to give it back my brother was going back to Yale and Ryan said I can't give it back to you my Father found it and burned it.
I said he burned my brother's book. I was so embarrassed that I apologized to my older brother, he was my mentor, but I figured if this book inspired Ryan's dad so much to burn it, then I think I have a topic I really want to explore. so I continued and this is extraordinary. I think 45 years ago, when I was 22, I published my first book on psilocybin mushrooms so lost to be mushrooms and their allies as a taxonomic treatise that delineated psilocybin mushrooms from their closest resemblances. I want to pay tribute to my father, who is a great scientist, my mother was a charismatic Christian but full of goodness and kindness, and my brother John, all of whom have passed away, and my mentors, Dr.
Daniel, stunts, skates for children , Alligators, Smith and Michael. in, I discovered and co-authored four new species of psilocybin mushrooms, philosophy ashrams, the most potential mushroom in the world, supposedly philosophy, wide-eyed philosophy, Sanofibulose and philosophizana, Foreman's American variety, these were new to science and , out of nowhere, these two surprised me. weeks ago I had a species that now bears my name zziai you know that sounds good too, doesn't it


ia? can you say it with authority yes, it is probably the most appropriate document on that type of mushroom in the world because five people, including two people from the Ecuadorian Judiciary were looking for mushrooms all with their iPhones and droids and that is why they filmed this it is a great honor in the field of


to have a species named after you, you never name a species after being in the field of




you can do that, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, etc., but not in the field of mycology, so I'm going to say this is the life cycle of fungi, simply abbreviated, you can create cultures from spores or tissues and I decided this since many of you may have heard of silicide. mushrooms how many of you actually went hunting for psilocybin mushrooms in very few hands so I'm going to show you three psilocybin mushroom hunts and quick succession here and we have audio please we don't have audio okay this is philosophy ?
Azure Essence, the most potent slow sister mushroom in the world, is very, very large, has a sinuous stem, and grows in mixed alder forests. Actually, its kind of location is where the Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean and from this enormous storm coming out of the Pacific, the flooding of the Columbia River, the debris fields that are created, is located and about 10 to 15 miles away. south of the Columbia River and 10 to 15 miles north, it is an extraordinarily large species for what we call lignicular species. species that grows on wood chips, so audio people. I hope you can get the next audios on Cube please.
Azure Essence Philosophy. Azure Essence is probably one of the most potent mushrooms in the world. It contains psilocybin and silson up to two percent of its dry mass now. Consider that two percent of the dry mass of this mushroom is psychoactive crystals. Why does a mushroom produce so much? We don't know, but it certainly appeals to human interests. The bluish color you see here is a bruising reaction, it is indicative of silicon as it degrades and the more bluish you see the more silicon there once was, now there was dephosphorylation of psilocybin to silicon and when you ingest these mushrooms the silson becomes into a serotonin agonist, it means that this small side or silson becomes a temporary neurotransmitter that opens the floodgates of According to the census, this mushroom is sinuous, it has a sinuous stem, which means it bends back and forth. back, it has a very intense blue color and it has a very indicative spore color here in the annular area and the sport color is purple-brown and the mushrooms are bluish. two traits in combination practically the de facto determinants is a philosophy now look at how Bodacious the rhizomorphs are at the base of the stem.
This is a big philosophy, by far the biggest I know growing on wood chips in the Pacific Northwest. a popular one to have in your backyard and it's just fun, it's just naturalized in the forests here and this is a beautiful fruit of them and these philosophies, a lot of the forest philosophies have this chestnut brown caramel color, this one is unique because It has these umbos and there is a wide umbo and the cow is very circular the bruising reactions just from the impact of the rain perhaps this mushroom is one of the most fascinating and interesting to grow and choose to participate in this mushroom.
These are exceptionally powerful and can often cause temporary paralysis, loss of muscle control, so that's not good. It seems that for most people who boil this mushroom in hot water those symptoms seem to be relieved, but this is clearly a sacred species and I love touching it personally. This is not a mushroom that I enjoy eating, it is almost too potent for me, but it is a species that I greatly admire, I love touching it, I love handling it, I love seeing it and it is a great indicator of the habitat in My Magic Mushroom Forest, which It is very conducive to spiritual experiences, now the other species that grow in the northwest and, indeed, philosophy scientists, are now widely grown on wood chips.
It was first identified and published by Elsie Wakefield of Kew Gardens in 1946. There is a very strong theory that the Zion Essence philosophy came from the northwest and went to Kew Gardens colonizing Europe due to the importation of all plants to Kew Gardens and so when the plants arrived with soil, wood chips and mycelium, so this is an example of a species from North America that probably colonized Europe, so here's a philosophy patch from Zion Essence. Wow we're not moving forward for some reason so we'll just move on there it goes and this is called wavy police for obvious reasons it grows on wood chips and it's kind of a mixed ecosystem there's mosses and lichens and um and it also has this reaction of blue ink on the stem another species named after Daniel Stunts University of Washington has an annular zone on the stem and is bluish, there is an unfortunate circumstance here, friends, that makes it very dangerous to collect these mushrooms for hobbyists, this is Las Vegas and galarana marginata Pia, the most poisonous mushroom in the world compared to the eminent Rosa and Emily, which has killed many people. most people who have died from mushroom poisoning have died from Hamilton it is a science cyclopeptides that grow so close together that they touch, think about that now the palliculous philosophy also grows on wood chips and there are more Runner gallons, like this that young and ambitious Pickers or people who collect these mushrooms can easily collect them both together, then there is the semen spearhead philosophy, the Liberty Cup, which grows in fields, especially around ponds, so we will approach the temperate regions from Europe and the Pacific Northwest, one of the most interesting philosophies to collect is one that grows near ponds in the pasture and this field has not had cows for over 10 years, so cows and sheep can help, but they are not necessary and this is the philosophy similar to the sieta and the famous liberty cap um es Here is a small and exquisite fruit, it has a translucent margin, you can see the striations, they are actually gills that show through the cap and the lid also has a separable gelatinous film, so here's one we can look at and while you tear it. cap, there is a film that is clearly visible and you can say oh, that one is really big, that film stretches and breaks, so these mushrooms are purple-brown spores, the latin film separated and usually, They have a sharp umbo or nipple at the top of the cap and this papilla or nipple is not always present in all specimens, but is quite characteristic of the species and of other species, and this is the most common that has been consumed in everyone.
It's philosophy. Kubensus probably genomically traces back to Africa, this species and Liberty. It seems like the cops probably came with cattle and shepherds, you know, herbivores, you know, sheep, horses, cows, etc., that were brought from the old world to the new world, so you have a colonization of species that come and go. . What is colonization? species, all species migrate, all species colonize new habitats, but now they are everywhere, so they are all over the world, which is why psilocybin mushrooms became very well known in the 1970s, when it was realized that you didn't have to go to Mexico to find these little secondary mushrooms literally in your backyard in the Northwest, Northern California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.
Dr. Andrew Weil posted this in the pamphletsHarvard botanists on the sudden popular mushrooms in or in Oregon. Terence McKenna, who was a great thinker and controversial philosopher friend that many of us know published several books, but by far the most interesting book that sparked interest was the metric psilocybin mushroom Growers God, in which I showed people how to grow soul side mushrooms in their backyard, in their closets and basements, etc., we started a series. of lectures on psilocybin mushrooms and this is in Oregon and because I had DEA license coverage with Dr. Michael Buick from The Evergreen State College, I was able to collect and preserve these psilocybin mushrooms legally, so it was a kind of an umbrella to hold these conferences where people brought specimens and this is what we need, we need evaluations to be able to study them, so we did a series of these conferences for more than 30 years.
This conference is a continuation of that flow of knowledge and then the psychoactivity conference here in 1998. Albert Hofmann discovered LSD, the first to isolate psilocybin. Sasha and Shogun, me and other psychonauts, you know, we bond, but I'm also a light-hearted prankster. I met Ken Keezy, Mary's jokers, um, and I realized that he had an intersection of events knowing about his


. scientists and the Psychedelic Rangers, so we brought them together at the Millennium mushroom conference, an extraordinary conference, some of you may have seen the Netflix series, how to change your mind, there's a short clip there, okay, that's from the background culturally, let's migrate forward, so now as Daniel mentioned, soul side mushrooms have become the Zeitgeist of our time, there are actually 24 states now that have bills or votes that have moved forward, you know Oregon and Colorado have decriminalized and allowed therapeutic use, so this is because there is such compelling evidence. that psilocybin mushrooms have great potential mental


benefits and there is a familiarity factor that is increasing with them because many of us know that people who have had sales have many experiences that have been profoundly beneficial, so let's look at four meta studies , this is one of prisoners 485 85 000 prisoners surveyed statistically significant reductions in the past year burglary and robbery property crimes and violent crimes when looking at community members here between the ages of 16 and 70 1266 members psilocybin is associated with a reduction in partner violence and then, when the associations are analyzed using psychedelics and classic opioids and a representative US adult population, only psilocybin was associated with a reduction in opioid use disorder and another recent study which revealed that only psilocybin was associated with an increase in the relationship with nature, now many doctors Are you here?
Do you know the best case outcomes? Well, these meta-surveys are beginning to populate the database that creates a credible argument for studying them clinically, so I show them to you because today there are one hundred and twenty clinical trials on psilocybin registered on Think about that. 120 11 of them are using niacin as a placebo act. Both substances are good and have an effect in about 20 minutes. I could not. This is out of place. I don't think niacin is a good positive control. I think this is so. The cartoons sum it up quite clearly, nothing more needs to be said, but a placebo must be a placebo throughout the clinical study, you must know the difference in 20 minutes, so it is extraordinary to me this went through all the IRB forums More than 200 doctors and all of them approved niacin as a placebo act.
You have to ask yourself well, so in any case, clinical studies have now been published, many of you know about the treatment of depression, significant results with double-blind placebo controlled and a more recent one on alcohol use disorder. also a significant reduction in excessive alcohol consumption, okay, these are two of the 120 clinical trials and more have been published for reasons of time. I'm not going to go over them, but there is starting to be a chorus of data about the problem. see with psilocybin in medicine seems too good to be true all of us are resistant to it but you know it could be true it could be true for reducing violence you know it could be true for reducing crime the evidence is starting to pile up here this narrative is increasingly credible how many applications there are for psilocybin therapy to benefit patients in the society Roland Griffis of Johns Hopkins and proposed changing Souls I've been was put on program one to program four, program one like most of you know it's a dangerous no medical use high addiction potential for those of you who haven't taken psilocybin mushrooms when you take a large dose of sulfur mushrooms the next day when you look at the mushrooms you say no I'm not going to touch that for a In fact, for a long time, some people only use it once in their life, for six hours a day, and the positive benefits extend throughout their entire life.
What does medicine do? It's not a very good pharmaceutical model, you know, but there are macrodoses and microdoses. The macrodose is perceptual. Microdosing is subperceptual, so one gram of one percent Philosophy Cabensis is equal to 10 milligrams, one tenth of what you know is a milligram, it's usually subperceptual, so the interesting thing about microdosing is that it's increasingly a trend and now there are studies and many clinical studies. trying to track the benefits of microdosing, so it was last week eventis is the most used muslim silicide in the world. María Savina did not use it, it was associated with the Spanish who arrived in the new world, so it was frankly disdained, it was not a favorite.
Kind but extraordinarily interesting. A friend of mine recently went to Oaxaca and visited the huge corners because of the great interest in philosophical mushrooms and because they can't be found out of season. What are they using? They are using cubensis that is being generated with Western. In vitro propagation technologies so that the mass text is sustainable and can continue its traditions. Build bridges between cultures, continents and centuries. Dr. Pam Crisco is in the audience here, she is a co-founder of micromedical life sciences that we are involved in. by setting up this microdose study with a quantified citizen at, downloadable for Droid and ioa iOS devices, so in this you are anonymous, you have gone through an ethical review, you have your own data and you have challenged us to what extent.
I'm taking what you're combining it with. I popularized a combination with Leon's man and niacin. You know, I came up with this in mid-2015. There is a memory test. There are hearing tests. There are cognitive tests. So we move on and I encourage you all. to know, please participate in this, we have over 22,000 people reporting on this app, think about that data set there, we have literally millions and millions of data points now we can't disambiguate them, it's just that the data is too much, so we have now published three articles on nature, the first article was an article based on motivation and demographics, the second article was more focused on analyzing the consequences, supposedly the effects, with all the caveats that are involved and the second article started to show us some signs and This is a smaller subset than the 22,000 people, but the reviewers of that nature were very impressed, but the fact that the data sets were so large we got significant decreases in depression and anxiety .
Mood improvement using microdoses of psilocybin mushrooms, as I explained. also with the broth with lion's mane niacin and psilocybin, so I came up with an endurance broth and this is just a general recipe. You can take a picture of it right now. I'll leave it for about 10 seconds and um and I chose niacin because psilocybin is a vasoconstrictor. Niacins from vasodilatory neuropathies often occur at the tips of the fingers and toes as the vascular system shrinks, so I thought that because of the neurogenic benefits of psilocybin, vasodilation would help. neuropathy and peripheral nervous system endpoints. I chose lion's mane because lion's mane is actually one of the best-studied medicinal mushrooms in the world.
I run a website for doctors and researchers at, which has literally hundreds of pages and a great search engine where you can search for every clinical study out there, every in vitro study, it's a really great resource for those Physicians and researchers who don't have time with all the chaos of data, can jump straight to the most relevant studies, the lion's mane, which is ngf, builds the nerves that help. signaling there are four double-blind controlled studies, some are mentioned here Alzheimer's and dementia, you know, they are the most important and that's why I stack them together, so I'm talking to Dr.
Pam Crisco because some of Our results were all based on subjective reports. How do you feel? You know I'm not a psychiatrist and this is, you know, this is very complicated for me, but I ask you, don't we have a motor skills test? and she said yes, we have it. a psychomotor test, so we put this thing called the finger tapping test, many of you doctors know this traumatic brain injury, dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Mrs. How many times can you tap your fingers in 10 seconds when you're 22 years old? You can hit much better when you're 82 years old.
I think we all know that, so we started looking at the finger coverage test and when we got the results, our other co-authors told us we had some results, we won't share them with you. I wonder why you say we can't believe it. I said good. Really, of course, what do you do? Do you see? I said we see something with a finger tapping test that is really a difference, it's surprisingly unusual and this. are the results with this damn lion's mane with niacin, psilocybin mushrooms add microdose levels, tapping frequency went from 48 to 68 max in 30 days in the 55+ population, that's interesting because obviously , neurodegeneration is age-related that we all suffer from. neurodegeneration and age, so this is unequivocal, it cannot be explained as a subjective result of interpretation, it is a test of psychomotor ability, so the p value for significance has a one in 250 chance of being simply random, so the significance of the p value here is obviously quite It's extraordinary to think now about the variability in the underground psilocybin mushrooms that are being harvested, the variability and variability of niacin and the breadth of lions in all of those supply chains and a chain of custody, many of them with variability.
The fact that we had so much importance in the upper test point is zero zero four logically, if those parameters were reduced and optimized, we would have a better meaning than what you are seeing here. I think I discovered something, so I ruled out to my 11 scientists who work for our company, what the mechanisms of action could be fortunately. They are much smarter than me and they focused on a European test by looking at the map. Kinesis tracks the B and C and Jack and these encode nerve growth factors and bdnf that provide derived neurotropic factors.
This is where stem cells can differentiate into newborn neurons. in the brain and the hippocampus, so we started sending samples to the Europeans, several thousand samples, now several thousand combinations. I'm going to show you four results of the synergy of silicon and niacin to track on your own the cumulative additive sum that you see there. Together we have a 4.8, 6.4 times stronger synergy to help and stimulate the binding of NGF to the receptors that go through the cell wall to the nucleus and then increase cell division, so we put them together and we saw something really amazing to the maximum.
The value calculable with individuals at this microdose level has no activity, but three of them together without combined activity have massive activity. This is the analogy of gunpowder, charcoal, sulfur, potassium nitrate, three individual components have no activity, they come together like explosives, then trace B of Of course, it is the most interesting. I found this article in Cell that came out a year and a half ago. 28 co-authors from renowned medical institutions found that short- and long-acting antidepressants work due to stimulation of the B track and here again we have the maximum calculable value of niacin. I think it is a catalyst for these psychedelics, not just the first dilation, this is in vitro, there is no vasodilation involved, so again this may be underestimated, then we looked at lion's mane nicotinic acid and northern silacin, which is a legal analogue of psilocybin as a derivative. of one bail system, anotheranalogue that is legal and we had a massive stimulation of tens interleukin and this also encodes your endogenous antiviral, you know, defense, you know, in your immune system, so the fundamental hypothesis is that niconiacin is a catalyst to reduce neurogenic factors. with tryptamines related to psilocybin, niacin, vasodilation, then we believe that clinically it will show benefits and the entourage effect of synergy.
I now have over 200 maximum calculable value test results, so this is not a binary between Sultan and niacin or nor lion's mane silacin and niacin or beta system, these are all cross conversations throughout the nervous system ecosystem. Think about the Entourage effect, the synergy of all these compounds found in silicon mushrooms and yet 95 percent of all clinical studies focus on the psilocybin molecule and nausea by having the mushroom 99 percent percent of all people taking psilocybin are taking psilocybin mushrooms in the form of it's not 99, it's 99.999999999, the right people don't have access to Solace in the molecule, but doctors want to have this magical approach, let's go down to the unitary . you know Singularity a compound Let's try it to see the result we don't evolve that way people with whom we evolve Food our receptors are in constant biomolecular communication or the ecosystem that surrounds us and the foods we eat we need to have clinical trials all This is preliminary evidence, The top test is so seductive and interesting that it is difficult to argue that this is a motor benefit of the cycle, but the in vitro test that we have, as suggestive as it is, we must demonstrate it clinically, but sometimes it takes a person like me, I'm deeply immersed in the topic, but I'm not a neuroscientist, I think outside the box to get out of left field.
Psilocybin reduces opioid use, I think, and others do too. Psilocybin reduces binge drinking. Psilocybin reduces depression and anxiety, I think. Psilocybin reduces crime. My family has been affected by opioid use. It is difficult, very, very difficult. It is difficult to talk to your friends and neighbors who know that the word is out. voice, you don't want to talk about bad news, but think about the opposite with the psilocybin you know. someone who is negatively affected by PTSD or trauma opioid alcoholism has a six hour experience with psilocybin and it has changed the good news travels far like a pebble in the pond there are ripples emanating through society watch the return of investment and reduction The budgets being spent on law enforcement are a surprise to many of you here, but my good friend Randy is here, Dr.
Pam Crisco Lee Stein in the audience, there is a massive movement in the law enforcement and with the group of seals there is a church in Texas. called the Church of the Healthy Warrior 400 seals have gone through another church in Texas, but my friend Marcus, who is an ex-Seal who works with Governor Perry and got the bills advanced, 600 seals in that group came together to a weekend experience within the protection of a religious institution. or a church that uses psilocybin, they come out of it with the result that no other medicine and practice has even come close to psilocybin.
Long ago. I think Soul Time is a game changer, as excited as I am about it. I want to dampen my enthusiasm. My skeptics are Daniel Croft and other people and our community you know have become my biggest supporters because they want to see the evidence. There's plenty of evidence here that psilocybin is a game-changer. I think psilocybin makes people kinder and Bridges divides through religion. and politics that unites people as in a unanimity of being and a unity of purpose of a common person we are all kinder we are more considerate or more tolerant less likely to react negatively we don't throw Spears at each other we want to build camaraderie and community and we have heard from someone, people, doctors and researchers here, building a community is a significant influence on the results of all the medications that are currently used, most people who use psilocybin mushrooms are either using it or not, most, but a good number of them are using it in chocolate thanks to the Aztecs you make small chocolates you put your microdoses in them you keep it in a jar caution put the word laxative in another chocolate you don't want to have any accidents keep it away from Children, for Of course, all those warnings, these are powerful medicines, my father, before he died, asked me to take psilocybin with him, who published numerous new species of mushrooms Sultan, the father of American mycology and Helen, his wife, also published voluminously in scientific literature Smith. and my father asked me to take a trip with them about silicide.
Muslims trusted me. They both asked the same question. We are partners. We are your wife. Take psilocybin with you. Both Helen and Mona said no. I rejected. I said I'm not going. carry psilocybin with you at the end of the year towards the end of your life you will have this epiphany and not be able to communicate what happened as the John Hopkins researchers reported in many others is the ineffable it is impossible to explain the experience so all this this technology and reality virtual reality, I think it's wonderful and there could be a convergence of virtual reality and psychedelics, especially you know, a short period of experience, but nobody who takes psychedelics wants to have a virtual reality on for six or eight hours, right, it's too much simulation, but here it is important that artificial and natural intelligence converge, so we are at a nexus point and in the evolution of our species we need a paradigm shift in consciousness.
We are at a point in the evolution of the human species where we have some decisions. to become a keeper of knowledge and a long lineage of Elders that goes back thousands of years and many of these Keepers of knowledge the threads of knowledge have been cut Nation by religious persecution by War by natural disasters subjugation a religion about religions indigenous people the fact that We have this knowledge today, we have echoes of past archeology and in the songs, the oral traditions, the art, are tenuous, many of those threads of knowledge have been cut and broken, but because we now have means and a different way, not just songs and music. and art, but we have entered into that we have the ability to be able to share knowledge electronically, we have conferences like this, opinion leaders who meet, we have a unique opportunity here, friends, an extraordinary opportunity and we must demonstrate it clinically, but we can, we have challenges that we will face in the


, but I believe that this is essential to improve the nervous system of all of us, the central and autonomic peripheral nervous system.
This is a game changer because Michael's dosage has become a neurotropic vitamin that we can all benefit from as we age. I want to thank my coworkers and researchers as a dedicated team who are inspired, we think we are making history, we are on to something truly extraordinary and innovation and breakthroughs do not come from conventional wisdom, think about this, it is the minority that They always go further, the conservatives have their role in society, they are protecting what has given stability and those who go further are disruptors, but I suggest that it is the minorities that always drive innovation and change, they go further, they are at the borders. of knowledge sacrificing themselves due to the cost and the likelihood that they will fail when they are able to pull this off we need to protect our minorities the biodiversity of our ethnicities and our cultural origins is absolutely fundamental for us to expand the frontiers of medicine and science in the


how many Einsteins have we lost how many Einsteins are there in this room for those of you as you get older with all that experience if you have that knowledge intact to be able to pass it on and pass it on to the next generation, I think you can smile like I hope on my deathbed knowing that I did everything I could.
He had this knowledge as one person in a long lineage of knowledge keepers to be able to help the future generations that our ancestors are calling from the past that our descendants are calling. from the future this is our time we need a legal system we need the railing psilocybeans not for everyone seventy percent of people on average have a lot of experience thirty percent of people we don't need to have quality controls we need government regulations A few weeks ago I received my license from the Drug Enforcement Administration, so I can now legally research psilocybin.
Also, one of the reasons not only has a long history, but a long time ago I came up with a mantra that nature provides for me. I am not a psychiatrist I am not a psychotherapist those of you who have to deal with a complex ecosystem I am not an expert in that I am a mycologist I am an inventor I would like to think outside the box and go beyond I may not always be right I am not to have it I don't have to worry about tenure I own my own company but it gives me the freedom of exploration and imagination, let's all imagine a future like this is where our time is a critical time, you know, I think we are in a moment where We might have to invent solutions that will help our species and its descendants survive, otherwise our species will fail too, but I am hopeful that psilocybin will be a game-changer. everyone involved in the psilocybin movement help protect it help have discipline help other people have discipline when you see them straying and going off the rails don't marginalize them don't humiliate them Reach out a hand and bring kindness bring them back into the fold and say that these are sacred and powerful medicines that must be shepherded with kindness, courage and wisdom.
I want to thank you very much, let's go for a second, so first of all, Paul, I want to thank you for being someone who has helped me imagine the future and create it and be a true disruptor. We were lucky enough to start our opening evening here with Leroy Hood. uh, and you are a different forum, but an equally important form of disruptors. We want to give you our second upcoming official Med Health Disruptor Award. Paul Stamos, next birthday, thank you and we have many people who are imagining the future and looking to be disruptors in similar different ways.
Can you summarize some of those lessons learned? Because now we see psychedelic studies at Mass General and disorder and uh, Johns Hopkins and other amazing places, any kind of lessons learned in taking things from imagination to disruption, the biggest challenge I think facing clinical trials with high doses of psilocybin is whether the line-controlled model's double placebo is accurate or not. helpful I would challenge all doctors participating in double-blind placebo controlled studies, such as with niacin in 20 minutes, if you suffer from treatment-resistant depression, which by definition means there is no treatment, you are at the end of your rope and You want to be in a clinical study that will help you and then 20 minutes later you realize you have the placebo, what are the ethics for doctors who are actually exacerbating the depression of the patients they are trying to help? ?
I think there's a great ethic, you know? Challenge, there is a person in our circle. Thank you very much for that person who mentioned this in our meeting. I mentioned that maybe we should use ketamine as the other, you know, control. I thought it's really interesting. We need to have something where people cannot know that they have been given the placebo because there is no longer a placebo and then what is the gap between the signal of psilocybin in the treatment versus the placebo of those individuals who are now more depressed I have never seen that any Once it is published there have been several examples of suicides from the MDMA study in the placebo group, well maybe they became more depressed and suicidal so I don't envy the doctors' positions on this, they are facing a really real situation. difficult, but the end result, even with microdosing, is a reduction in depression and anxiety.
Mood improvement is not the goal that psychiatrists should bestow on their patients, so I think there is a new model here that needs to be generated and people much smarter than me in this audience can probably have plenty of ideas, but anyone to design clinical trials for psilocybin, keep these words in mind, let's help work together so we can find a solution, that's all, thank you Paul, okay, thank you foreigner.

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