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Pat McAfee Talks Some Of His Dumb Purchases

May 26, 2024
We're not supposed to have money man listen when I was your age it's just not how it's supposed to be it's not supposed to go what do you do? what am I supposed to do? Someone says look at


thing I can definitely afford and say no, what am I? What I'm supposed to do, I'm coming in, I'm taking it off the shelf, everyone's coming after, like professional athletes and stuff like that, and people who get rich and who don't. they come from money and then they get rich and then they lose their money, well, they spill it, it's like I understand how and by the way, I was like you when I judged people who had money and I was like with both money, like oh you.
pat mcafee talks some of his dumb purchases
You're an idiot, take care of yourself, it takes a lot of discipline, it takes a lot of discipline to have that kind of money in your bank account and look at


thing that maybe you've wanted your whole life and just said no. I'm not going to no, I'm not going to buy it and you're 21 22 years old 23 years old it's I had a very bad time I had a very very very very bad time it took me by the way I don't get a like being arrested there just for public intoxication the supposed story is on the side from the police we have our own stories dinner I didn't swim in the canal everyone knows I have a hole in my eardrum I wouldn't have gone in there if I had fallen maybe, hey, maybe I fell there, but the swimming thing , but I think if it wasn't for that, my expenses would have still been pretty incredible, yeah, I mean, I was running there the day I was drafted, I wasn't even drafted on the day of the question, we have zero dollars at the time, You get drafted, you buy a ladder, you buy a house, you buy a wrestling ring and then you walk through a mall and see something you like.
pat mcafee talks some of his dumb purchases

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pat mcafee talks some of his dumb purchases...

I think all my friends should do it. have a pair of these too, here we go, we should all have these five hundred dollar shoes, everyone should wear five hundred red ones, no hey, they were cool and you guys knocked me out because that was the trigger. that was once for 50 bucks, yes, but those would have been amazing. Tony wasn't talking about that, yeah, Diggs was a terrible influence in that particular case, they are good shoes the way they are cute and I'm just telling you that you chartered a cruise on the Allegheny River you had to do it to have a casino exactly these These are things you can't prepare for, I don't know how you find out about it, okay, I guess you can get someone to yell at you or whatever and I was on numerous occasions with certain people uh Vina Terry had a lot of conversations with me about come on, come on, come on, come on, you need you can probably run it?
pat mcafee talks some of his dumb purchases
Yeah, but then, uh, but I can't keep it. You always know there's always that moment and now we're going to see Connor do that on a little bit smaller scale, but not too much, I mean, you're having a really good, uh little freedom, oh yeah, it's a great moment, I got like 18. monkeys in the mail right now on the way you have a whole barn full of bad decisions I can only imagine the things you didn't pull the trigger oh god I can't do that I can't do that hey, good, good news. not much, there wasn't much, those were nice times, then I got franchise tagged, obviously, then the next year I got another contract and by that time I had already gone through the phase, you know, but boy, if they don't tag me like a franchise or that. second contract, there's a good chance it's in that broken 2.0, that's not bad, although what's your favorite purchase of all time?
pat mcafee talks some of his dumb purchases
Yeah, you know, I think it's a wrestling ring to be honest, just because there aren't many humans that I have it and I have a full size wrestling ring as a wrestling fan my whole life. Every time I found out I could buy that for a couple thousand dollars, I thought yeah, absolutely, I'll get it, but then I completely forgot about it. When I bought it, I remember it was like 2 or 3 a.m. m. when I bought that thing, which, by the way, turns out a lot of those


are potentially made, so that thing shows up at my house on an 18-wheeler.
I completely forgot. and then when it gets here I'm like, oh this is one of the funniest things ever and then the size was so huge it's 18 feet by 18 feet so I obviously had no idea how to put it together. So there was like a party in Pat's wrestling ring that we had organized and then Mike Barnes was sitting there in the wrestling ring. I walked in, it literally looked like wwf or wwe, I was at my house and then we walked in there and 'They're like, oh this is so funny, all my teammates would come to the house and be like, oh, I always wanted to get a ring or whatever.' , then they fall down and say, oh my God, that's so hard it's impossible.
I like it, yeah, I'll never use it, so that thing is probably the showcase. The water vehicle is another one that is supposed to be good on land and sea like a naval seal and it turned out it wasn't like the thing couldn't. it floated, but it was uh, but it had like the tank, it had eight wheels, four on each side, diesel, yeah, it had four on each side, so you had the tank controls and you made a truck bed in the back and it I assumed you could do it, yes. there was a little flat but it wasn't that big, it only had eight wheels instead of 12, by the way there is a 12 and then a 16.
I have the little baby, but they had the back. and tim


saw it and got excited. He had a pond at the time in the house he was in and he wanted to get a fish in the middle of it, so he got that thing out and that thing just started. It was sinking so I bought it for its buoyancy and it turned out the damn thing couldn't float. You know, it's a good thing you didn't buy the 18 wheeler because it definitely doesn't float. I bet you it would have been. a little better, I guess that thing would have stayed above the water, but we had to remove that thing that is currently in the barn.
Battery of an all-terrain vehicle. A dirt bike. A golf simulator. The golf simulator hasn't been used, although that thing hasn't been used. worn for a long time because I mean the condition, sorry to interrupt if you are a man watching this, you deserve to have it for a long time, great and you can do it now with our friends at Roman right now. Go to and you get 10 off. and free two-day shipping on roman swipes ensuring you have more time and more satisfaction every time you get into bed. Now back to the fornicating action, so yes, that's what I'm saying, although I want to judge Conor here.
Quite difficult for his moves, but I literally did it in a much


er, better way, but at some point you'll get to the point where you know, look at things, you're okay, I'll never use that, but I admit it. I'm not sure I've made it yet. There are some things I shouldn't buy that I still buy, for example that Bentley was the


est purchase of all time. I do a comedy tour. I get a check for it. It's huge. I'm like, oh my gosh, I could buy a Bentley with this and then that becomes I should buy a Bentley with this, then the Bentley just sits in the driveway for I don't know four years at this point, now it's just a small ornament on the driveway. just wasting money, we will never get my money back for this terrible purchase, that's the last dumb purchase I made, that one looks good, even though I don't really like it.
I hate that it's there because it gets in the way of the Harley. that I have a couple of those, I mean we can't just leave, I mean there's a lot of, this is what I'm talking about, so when you want to judge people, that's fine and I can understand where the judges are coming from for people, so is. Incredibly difficult, especially if you don't have that discipline in you that I don't have and it sure looks like that guy back there doesn't look at it either, it's going to be a fun ride to watch and I'll be here every step of the way. in the way of telling you, okay, at some point you're going to outgrow these, you know, probably not, probably not amazing until I get a tank, so there are tanks for sale.
I have looked, I have searched for a potential tank to purchase.

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