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Pastor's Daughter Is Kílled By a Gangster, Driving Him To Seek Vengeance

Feb 20, 2023
The movie begins in New Jersey; with two friends on a road trip, trying to find their way using the road map. Some time later, they are forced to stop in the middle of the forest due to a tire blowout. One of them goes to fix it, while the other relaxes inside the vehicle. But then, a mysterious figure lurks in the background and suddenly pushes her deep into the forest. Not realizing what happened to her friend, the other girl tries to call her friend, until she notices someone approaching the van. She immediately screams when she realizes how zombie-like the person looks.
pastor s daughter is k lled by a gangster driving him to seek vengeance
Fortunately, someone quickly jumps out and decapitates the zombie-man, before opening the back door of the van to save the girl. But suddenly he is pushed away, while more zombie-like figures begin to invade the car, killing the girl inside. The next scene takes us back in time to a high school student named Sarah, who attends group therapy after losing her mother. Meanwhile, her dad, John, the man we saw in the previous scene, is waiting for her outside. John is a


with two


s; Sarah and Rebecca. The little family is very close, although John is a bit overprotective.
pastor s daughter is k lled by a gangster driving him to seek vengeance

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pastor s daughter is k lled by a gangster driving him to seek vengeance...

When they go shopping for a Christmas tree later that day, Sarah complains that John is so strict that he never attends any parties, but John brushes her off and resumes shopping. However, as they are about to pay at the register, a random guy steps in and claims his tree as his own. When the random guy turns hostile, John decides to be a pacifist and takes a step back. When they get home, Sarah makes fun of her father for letting someone else take her tree. Later, John approaches Sarah and allows her to attend a party tonight, and Sarah expresses her joy by hugging her father.
pastor s daughter is k lled by a gangster driving him to seek vengeance
The little family then goes to church, where John preaches at the service and mentions what happened that day. He tells people not to choose violence. Meanwhile, on the other side of the story, a drug dealer named Arlo meets a


named Kady for a drug deal. But when Arlo reaches into Kady's trunk to collect payment, Kady smashes the trunk door into his back, knocking him to the ground. Next, he breaks Arlo's already broken leg and pushes his mouth against the exhaust of the car, forcing the drug dealer to inhale the exhaust fumes. Back on duty, Sarah says goodbye to her father before leaving for the party.
pastor s daughter is k lled by a gangster driving him to seek vengeance
Sarah then stops at a gas station to fill up her dad's car, and we can see that Kady is also there filling up his car. In the process, Sarah hears a guy yelling from inside, none other than Kady's trunk. Afraid that Sarah will report this to the police, Kady tries to capture her, prompting Sarah to get into her car and drive away from her, but Kady follows her. In her panic, Sarah decides to call her father to tell her what is happening and where she is. Unfortunately, Kady manages to pass her, causing her to crash on the side of the road.
Wasting no time, Kady gets out of the car and quickly ties Sarah's hands to the wheel, before pushing the car into the nearby lake. Subsequently, John rushes to the location, but by the time he arrives, it's too late; Sarah is gone. Sarah's death devastates the


and sends him spiraling. After the funeral, a detective named Jed visits John and his family. Jed tells John that this was not a case of road rage, because Sarah was found with her hands tied to the wheel, and he promises the grieving John that he will find whoever did this. As this continues, Kady calls her brother, Vic, to tell her about all the money and drugs she has with him right now.
Excited, the brothers agreed to meet the next day. Detective Jed is on a mission; he goes to the gas station Sarah went to last night and asks to see the security footage. There, he sits for hours and reviews the footage and discovers Kady's license plate. Later, Kady is seen being pu


over by a police officer for a traffic stop. The officer gets out of the vehicle, but before Kady can say anything, the unknown officer injects Kady with anesthesia. That night, Kady's brother Vic is waiting for Kady to show up, but he never does. This, of course, confuses Vic, so he reports it to his boss, Otto.
After learning that Kady is missing, Otto is furious that the drugs and money Kady has are worth a lot. The leader informs Vic that the drug dealer always puts a tracer on his product, so he sends his goons to hunt down Kady. Meanwhile, it turns out that Kady is being held hostage in an underground lair deep in the woods and she's being taught a very good lesson. They electrocute him repeatedly and tell him that from now on, her name is Number 21. At the same time, the drug thugs start looking for Kady inside a drug den and start beating up everyone associated with Kady. .
This is where they find a guy keeping Kady's tracker and find her location on the map. The next morning, John approaches her youngest


, Rebecca, and gives her a bracelet as a gift to comfort her, but the girl does not accept it, so John puts the bracelet in her pocket. John then goes to meet Jed the detective at the bar, where the detective begins to tell John that he is ready to give John the same opportunity that was presented to him many years ago. He then tells John a story from 10 years ago about Quinn Brady, an infamous rapist who assigned his victims a number and tortured them, before finishing them off afterwards.
As a young detective, Jed led the investigation and caught the rapist, but one day, he was granted early release. Jed is disappointed by the decision, but knows there's nothing he can do about it. To make matters worse, the first thing Quinn Brady did after he was released was to


revenge, brutally murdering Jed's pregnant wife when Jed was at work. The reason he tells this story is to let John know that he knows exactly how painful it is to lose a loved one at the hands of another person, and that he knows what to do to get rid of the pain.
Jed also tells John that Quinn was finally stopped, but not by law. Jed then suddenly asks if John would like to spend 1 minute alone with a guy, to get revenge for the death of his daughter, revealing that Jed was the one who kidnapped Kady. John agrees and they drive to the detective's house in the woods, to a secluded cabin built by Jed. They descend into the secret underground lair, where Kady is tied to the wall. Jed assures the pastor that this guy is guilty by exposing all the evidence he has found and tells John to start attacking the man to take his pain away.
According to Jed, he did the same thing with Quinn Brady to heal himself from the pain of losing his wife, and it worked, so John should do the same. He then tells John to choose a weapon; John picks up an ice pick and approaches the man. He starts to press it to his ear, but stops after a while, because he doesn't have the heart to kill a man. To calm John down, Jed assures him that he doesn't even need to kill the man, just torture him, but John wants none of that and wants to leave. Unfortunately, this disappoints Jed; he says that he built the room thanks to people like him, so he electrocutes John until he passes out.
Later, John wakes up wheelchair bound in a different room, where Jed proudly shows him another hostage he's kept inside a coffin for a week; It is about a man who apparently raped an 83-year-old woman. It turns out that Jed has a lot more hostages; Over the years, he has been catching pedophiles, rapists, and murderers. He would rename them with numbers and invite his wronged loved ones to torture these people into insanity. He also calls these hostages subhumans, because Jed has put them through so much pain that they have become cannibalistic and behave like animals. Quinn Brady is one of the prisoners and Jed now calls him number one.
He then forces Kady into the subhuman cage. Meanwhile, on the surface, drug thugs arrive at the secluded cabin looking for Kady. At Jed's command, the subhumans begin attacking Kady, while John is forced to watch. Jon takes advantage of the shock to free himself and hide, just before Jed notices Jon's disappearance and believes that he has escaped. He starts to run for the entrance, but is soon met by Vic and her boys. Meanwhile, John hands the subhumans the keys to open the cage and free himself. Just in time, the drug thugs venture into the basement to search for Kady and begin shooting the subhumans out of fear, while the subhumans fight back and begin attacking them.
Jed is also caught in the middle of this and is torn apart by his own pets. While everyone is distracted, John runs upstairs and starts looking for the car keys to escape. But very soon, some of the subhumans also start coming up the stairs and start attacking John. They pin him to the ground, and among them is Quinn Brady, the killer of Jed's wife. A battered and bruised Jed staggers up the stairs with a shotgun, and with nothing to lose, he guns down Quinn Brady, before shooting the rest of the subhumans in the room. Bleeding out from being torn apart, Jed collapses and John checks his wounds.
However, there is nothing he can do to save him, so John stays with him as he takes his last breaths. Meanwhile, the rest of the subhumans have also surfaced and begin trying to find a way into the house. It is at this moment that John remembers her youngest daughter and realizes that he needs to come home to her no matter what. Here John decides to pick up a machete and any other weapons he finds inside the house. He takes Jed's bike and rides off the property, but crashes into the prisoner when he takes a sharp turn.
The subhuman with the rope tied around his neck runs towards him and begins to attack him, and John manages to kill him by decapitating him with the bicycle wheel. But it's not over; another jumps on him right after, and is forced to slash him across the throat. The next one he faces is carrying a shovel and tries to hit John with it, so he swings the machete to slice off his legs and stabs him in the chest. But suddenly, he hears the sound of a truck horn and it takes us to the opening scene. In an attempt to save the girl in the van, John comes to her rescue by decapitating another subhuman.
But just before he could save her, he is dragged under the truck and taken away, while the rest of the subhumans attack the girl inside the truck. John kills the subhuman that dragged him away and engages two more, ending in a bloody fight down the river, in which he emerges victorious. Afterwards, he runs through the forest, until he comes across a farm where an old couple comes out. The husband, Ed, goes to the barn to shred the Christmas tree, while his wife stays inside drinking coffee. Her dog suddenly starts barking, so the wife goes to check it out and finds someone tampering with her truck.
Approaching the person, we learn that it's Kady, looking to steal her truck. When the woman runs away in fright, Kady strangles her and drags her out into the yard. Her husband tries to help her but is overwhelmed. Just in time, John arrives. Kady throws him out the window and the two men fight to the death inside the house. Overpowered, John runs to the barn and tries to climb up, but Kady pulls him down. The bad guy then tries to crack her skull in with a metal vise, while taunting him by telling him Sarah's last words, which were "where's my dad?" While he is in pain, John starts kicking aimlessly and accidentally starts the shredder.
At the same time, he reaches into his pocket, which contains a bracelet that he wanted to give Rebecca. He uses the bracelet to stab Kady in the eye and she breaks free of the metal grip. As Kady struggles to remove the bracelet from her eye, John sends him stumbling into the shredder. The man is then slowly sucked in and crushed to death. John then picks up the bracelet from the floor, and the next scene shows John attending grief counseling that his daughter used to attend. He shares his feelings with the group and they comfort him with his kind words.
He's been a while and seems to be doing much better. During the service, he reads a Bible verse about how God is armor that can help you defend yourself. After the service, he is taking her daughter Rebecca to softball practice, when a grown man bursts in and throws her out of the arena because he wants to use her. When John sees this, he confronts the boy and asks him to come to his senses, but the boy just starts calling him names. Unlike in the beginning of the film, John now defends himself and his family from him.

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