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PART TWO: A Big Surprise from the One and Only Ellen DeGeneres!

Feb 19, 2020
listen be more yourself and say no i think this is the way so what i'm saying is whoever is running the show don't pay attention to them and watched your show for so many years how do you think your show It's evolved well you know I started like I said you know I couldn't everyone was so scared because I was dating after I came out and no one would hire me so for three years I didn't work so when I started I couldn't say the word gay I couldn't remind people I was gay I dressed differently I wore crazy necklaces and now you know 17 years later you know I couldn't be more gay and I think they know I think it's really important as they know and that's why they have the group that they have, that everyone on TV is represented and everyone needs to see someone they go to, that's me, not just for a long time.
part two a big surprise from the one and only ellen degeneres
I didn't see anyone like me on TV and that scared me. It makes you know the parents. i care it makes everyone scared and judge what they don't know and the fact that there is an eclectic group of powerful women, strong women, opinionated women, that is a representative that we need fear, do you remember what you felt on your first show , yes, I remember? remember i was excited i wasn't scared i was actually really excited because yeah i hadn't worked for three years and i was like this i just wanna say i had nothing to lose you know there's that famous phrase you know when i have nothing, you have nothing to lose and that's a good place to be and that's where I was and I had so much fun I loved it I loved being on TV again I remember wearing a pink shirt I remember having Jennifer Aniston on the show oh wow that's it great i remember and remember yesterday but everything else is a blur in my life.
part two a big surprise from the one and only ellen degeneres

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part two a big surprise from the one and only ellen degeneres...

I tell everyone that Ellen gave me the beginning of her. me in yourself for a year this the girl is so talented in so many ways and


s you in so many ways i love you so much i had so much fun with you and i'm sorry twitch took over but look what you got i mean i just have to come back because I'm filming my show today actually you have a show but I brought something because it's your 1000 so I wanted you to know that I have a lifestyle brand to have clothes and rugs and lighting and everyone. here i want to give you an awesome $250 gift card i said 250 so im going to have to pay more you can go to


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part two a big surprise from the one and only ellen degeneres

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