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May 09, 2024
the world from above in this episode wyoming


national park our trip begins at the east entrance of


national park exploring yellowstone lake we travel along the yellowstone river and manage to see the park's hot springs in the area known as heading north we discover why the views of the upper and lower waterfalls were so influential in the creation of the park following the yellowstone canyon we headed to the sea valley plain in the northwest corner of wyoming we understand why the park is a national treasure starting with the mammoth hot spring and continue south we explore the thermal basins of yellowstone crater and reach the most famous landmark the old faithful geyser in time for a spectacular end to this trip yellowstone national park has five entrances we approach from the east following the sion river and through the wapiti valley about 80 km from code and guayo due to climate restrictions the east entrance to the park remains open only from may to november upon entering the park we see the peaks of the apps aroca chain in the yellowstone rocky mountains which was the The first national park in the world declared in 1872, it receives more than 3 million visitors a year.
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Access to the park from the east is made possible thanks to the Silván Pass, maintained to allow winter traffic by motor sled. It is named after Lake Silván, which is located On the way forward through the pass we see Yellowstone Lake, the largest body of water in the park. Its basin is part of the immense Yellowstone crater generated by volcanic eruptions more than 600 thousand years ago. Yellowstone offers a splendid habitat for more than 60 species of large mammals here we see a small herd of guapi tease it is estimated that there are about 30,000 in the park the north end of the lake is where it feeds and drains through the yellowstone river a fishing bridge passes through the confluence spawning place of the cutthroat trout native to the area and nearby is the recreational park.
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Visitors who prefer less rustic accommodation stay at the historic life hotel that was built at the end of the 19th century and restored to the splendor of the 1920s in 1990. the river yellowstone is a major tributary of the missouri and collects water along about 1,100 kilometers of the rocks within the park it is used for recreation for fishing in flat bottom boat the words yellowstone yellow stone were recorded by lewis and clark during their famous expedition after meet with the military Indians near the river in 1805 following the river northwards we enter the area of ​​​​the yellowstone caldera these formations arise from the emanation of iron and hydrogen sulfide that produces the dark gray color and the smell of decaying eggs we fly towards the north through the hayden valley and the first rapids appear when the yellowstone river begins its descent towards the park's grand canyon the first waterfalls of the river are the upper ones that are 33 meters high the spectacular views along the trails at each side of the canyon make this place a favorite among tourists and is another example of how the yellowstone landscape was formed by organic events 600,000 years ago the upper falls mark a confluence where the hardened lava flow met a softer one In 1871, Dr.
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Ferdinand Hayden, whose name was given to the valley, conducted a geological investigation in the unexplored region of Yellowstone. Photographer William Henry Jackson and painter Tomás Morán accompanied the expedition. Their photos and paintings of the waterfalls captivated the attention of the authorities and inspired to Congress to declare the region a national park a year later the Yellowstone River travels another half kilometer before taking a much higher jump that takes it to the mouth of the Grand Canyon. The lower waterfalls are 94 meters high and are the highest in the park Almost double that of Niagara Falls, it is also the largest volume of water that falls in the rocks and this is the viewpoint of the canyon immortalized by the famous painter Tomás Moral, whose painting is today in the White House.
parque yellowstone discovery theater hd
These majestic waterfalls were the subject of almost mythical stories composed by the tasters who ventured into the mountain territory in the mid-19th century the border newspapers claimed that the waterfalls were hundreds of meters high and judged them to be the most sublime place on earth the landscape tours offer astonishing views of the canyon such as points on line on the blood trail the other viewpoints are exactly on the edge of the upper and lower waterfalls and offer the tourist a fascinating encounter with the powerful waterfalls on our trip through the northern valleys of yellowstone we observed a playful bison these animals They are quite nomadic in the summer they come to mate on these grassy plateaus they are vegetarian also in the colder seasons they graze in grasslands and foothills the bison is the largest animal in the park and the habitat of the yellowstone bison is believed to be the only one of In the USA, which has existed since prehistoric times, the guapito is a highland mammal and is most often seen in the early morning and late afternoon in summer grazing on the prairie.
In 1988, forest fires damaged 36 percent of the park. areas were finally inhabited by the elk thanks to the development of lush vegetation, for this reason they also graze in recently salted areas. The male is distinguished by its beautiful antlers that can have between 6 and 8 branches on each side and weigh more than 13 kilos by March or April of each year the male completely sheds his horns, which grow back from May to August, and near there the Gardiner River flows through the steep canyon of Si Peter, which receives its name from the Indians and Peter, it is believed that this tribe he used the cliffs to herd and trap cattle today a spectacular trail along the canyon takes hikers to one of yellowstone's best kept secrets osprey falls are inserted in a narrow canyon and the spray generated by the fall of water offers a refreshing mist to tourists on warm days.
The park is located on a plateau that is at an average height of 2,400 meters with mountains that reach 3,300. This plateau is often covered in clouds and creates an enchanting atmosphere for visitors. between mount everest and the mammoth area about 8 kilometers from the north entrance is the park administration a group of red-roofed buildings built in the late to early 20's during its first years of existence as yellowstone national park it was operated by the American cavalry and this place was an army post for 32 years the stone buildings house 400 people in 1918 the army left control of the park in the hands of civilians who maintained the administration in the fort since then in the historic military buildings there are currently offices and rooms for residents, there is also a medical clinic and there is the albright museum that tells the story of the residents of the park near fort yellowstone there is a beautiful white hillside covered in calcium carbonate this geothermal wonder of nature the hot spring of Mamos is a huge complex of limestone terraces that present varieties of white, chestnut and cream color.
A circuit of walks and stairs allows explorers to explore the imposing terraces of sedimentary rock. Each of these formations has its own characteristics, such as the now extinct liberty cap. a 14 meter column formed by hot water that gushes from a single spring when the hot water coming from the norris geyser basin moves across a fault and comes to the surface through cracks and fissures the dissolved limestone is deposited on the terraces per day they flow towards us more than 1800 kilos of calcium carbonate the yellow orange and brown terraces take color from the bacteria that live in the waters we leave the northwest sector of the park and head south towards the edge of the crater here We are going to explore a basin where the highest temperatures in the park occur.
The extreme thermal conditions of the Norris Geyser are the result of the conjunction of two important faults and the fracture zone of the Yellowstone Crater, which is why the basin has the hottest thermal springs. acidic and changing areas of the park, the crystalline pools become bubbling and muddy and even transform at times into geysers. Within this basin there is a spring with prismatic characteristics generated by the pigmentation of the bacteria that live in this mineral-rich water near the entrance. West is the source of the Madison River at the confluence of the Gibbons and Firewall Rivers, contemplated by Mount Time National Park.
Continuing south, we see the Lower Geyser Basin with hot springs scattered in small groups, mainly in grasslands along the Firewall River. We concentrate on Fire Lake and the groups of fountains known for their multicolored mud. The basin also delights tourists with its fumaroles and geysers, in addition to the bubbling pools and hot water springs. The white dome releases water and steam through a pink column of 6 meters high, this sector has many places of high activity such as the firewall and hot lakes that drain through a front of the firewall, the esther geyser, which in Spanish means stable, is the largest in constant eruption of yellowstone and the world and the brainport group is the most diverse of thermal attractions in the lower basin includes basal springs geysers and fumaroles the clepsidra geyser whose name means the water clock in Greek has four fumaroles that release water in two different stages the intense stage can last from 3 to 6 hours the other amazing phenomenon of this group is the fountain 20 paint pots named for the colors red yellow and brown in spring these springs are more active when the water from melted snow is abundant and generates an effect of dancing bubbles In the summer months the mud becomes drier and thicker.
Between the upper and lower basins of the geysers is the appropriately named middle basin, nicknamed the quarter hectare of hell by the writer Rudyard Kipling. This is the Excelsior Geyser, one of the most largest in the world contributes 22 million liters per day to the firewall river the excelsior is flanked by the great prismatic fountain the largest hot water spring in the park and the third largest in the world discharges more than 2000 liters of water per minute the color varies Depending on the level of pigmentation of the bacteria in the water and the temperature of the water, the blue color is so intense due to the great purity and depth of the water in the center.
The large prismatic fountain is another famous work by the painter Tomás Morán inspired In Yellowstone we are in the upper basin and we see an isolated group called Black Sand notable for its colorful springs such as General and Rengo. The basin is named after the volcanic crystal that covers a large part of the areas. Another famous geyser in the upper basin is the broken whose shape is very strange the mouth was formed surrounded by dry pine stumps destroyed by an earthquake thousands of years ago with a beautiful view of the geyser of fate ford the inn that bears the same name functions as a hotel within the park since 1904 it was built with pine trees planted here and it is the largest wooden hotel in the world knowledge and the enormous chimney are made with the volcanic rock that abounds in the park, steps from the historic inn, there is the Old Faithful geyser, due to its little variability, it is perhaps the hot spring most predictable on the planet, which is why it is the most visited and anticipated attraction in the park, as the majority of visitors.
The members of the famous army expedition that gave the name Yellowstone in 1870 mention Old Faithful as the first geyser they noticed. This was also the first in the park to receive a name for the locals. The best indicator of an upcoming eruption are the benches full of people. Facebook begins each performance with a prologue of splashes and small bulls and this lasts about 20 minutes. The jets grow. in two or three stages until reaching the maximum height, the height can reach 32 to 56 meters and each jet contains between 14,000 and 32,000 liters of water. The forecast for the next eruption is based on the duration of the previous one.
They last on average between 2 and 4 minutes the interval between deductions is on average 90 minutes and the forecast covers only the next eruption hello facebook it is a true symbol of yellowstone and a North American emblem the perfect place to end this trip

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