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Paris Train Heroes Awarded Medals At Pentagon- Full Ceremony

Jun 06, 2021
A little less than a month ago, three childhood friends were on a


bound for Paris and heard a gunshot amid shouts and commotion from the passengers. They quickly focused on a man wielding an AK-47, almost instantly one of them said, let's go. and on three they ran towards the shooter those three friends are with us here today Thank you Alec Spencer and Anthony for what you did on that


and for joining us here distinguished guests Senator Feinstein Senator Wyden Federal Merkley Congressman Bera colleagues here past and present members of the defense department and community it is a pleasure to gather together to welcome you and the renowned Alec Spenser and Anthony to welcome you home to celebrate the heroic action they took at great risk to themselves and to them our highest praise.
paris train heroes awarded medals at pentagon  full ceremony
We also want to recognize some of your friends and family here today. To all of you, thank you for raising wonderful children. Alik is the national guardsman after returning home from a deployment to Afghanistan. He recently decided to enlist. Spencer is a doctor based at Logis Air Base in Portugal and next month he will head to Travis Air Base in California. Anthony is starting his year at Sacramento State University, where I'm sure he'll have the best what-I-did-on-summer-break story of anyone, and that's because after Alex said, "let's go," he, Spencer and Anthony ran towards the gunman as he trained.
paris train heroes awarded medals at pentagon  full ceremony

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paris train heroes awarded medals at pentagon full ceremony...

With his rifle, Spencer attacks the attacker and the three work to disarm him, as we know Spencer was stabbed in that effort. After the gunman was knocked out, they treated the other wounded on board before the paramedics and police arrived. It's an amazing story straight out of a The Alex Spencer and Anthony film has been rightly celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic, but I want to focus on the moment when they heard the gunshot and when they headed towards it, think about that moment when some took cover and ran when others were unsure. What to do, these three friends said, let's go, and if that sounds familiar to you, it's because it was last week, for example, we gathered here as a community to commemorate the anniversary of the September 11 attacks that day on United Flight 93, a group of passengers with the The words "let's roll" stood up and fought the terrorists who had aimed the plane at Washington and while these


were lost, we will always remember and appreciate their courage and sacrifice "let's go" should also ring true to many in this building because it speaks to our mission here every member of the Department of Defense in uniform and civilian has chosen to dedicate themselves to standing between order and disorder in the way of life we ​​cherish and those who would threaten it and that is one of the reasons why the United States United has the best fighting force the world has.
paris train heroes awarded medals at pentagon  full ceremony
Once known as Alec and Spencer, every man and woman who serves in our defense, Enterprise has looked at that world and those risks and said, come on, this is a perfect example of the strength we have now and the strength of the future guard in active duty and civilians came together to produce a powerful force that acts nimbly II in concert, each one of them is important and also familiar because the words go are as American as these three friends are again and again challenge after challenge the sound of shooting endangers the world has turned to the United States asks its military for help and generation after generation we have responded with a simple let's go and the determination necessary to face the dangers and defend the values ​​that so many around the world appreciate, ours is a world


of opportunities and challenges, thank you. to the young guardsmen and airmen like Alec and Spencer and to many other soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines like them and to the young citizens like Anthony.
paris train heroes awarded medals at pentagon  full ceremony
I am sure that we will continue to seize the brilliant opportunities and face the evil challenges of a queen, these same simple moves. Your words, let's get you three from the Pentagon, well done, Specialist Alex Skarlatos and General Silva, please join Secretary Carter in front of the flags, Mr. General Fanning Grass and Sergeant Major Brush, join the presentation of the award on stage, attention to orders that the President of the United States of America, authorized by act of Congress on July 2, 1926,


the Soldiers Medal Specialist Alexander Scarlet Skarlatos for his heroism beyond Call of Duty on August 21, 2015 Specialist Skarlatos bravely distinguished himself by voluntarily accepting the risk of his own life aboard a high-speed train carrying hundreds of passengers in the vicinity of the French and Belgian borders.
Specialist Skarlatos brave actions prevented a potentially catastrophic loss of life, Unarmed Specialist Skarlatos led the effort to confront a gun-wielding assailant, physically disarmed him, subdued and restrained the attacker, this act of selfless courage prevented potential mass casualties Thanks to the heroic efforts of the specialists, the passengers suffered minimal injuries. Upholding the best traditions of the 186th Infantry Regiment and the United States Army, we are honored to have a congressional delegation from California and Oregon join us for this special presentation. Senator Feinstein Senator Wyden Senator Merkley Dr. Berra, please join Specialist Skarlatos on stage for a photo.
Thank you Specialist Skarlatos Elected Officials and Service Leadership Airman 1st Class Stone Please join Secretary Carter and General Silva in front of Secretary of Flags James General of Wales Chief Master Sergeant Cody Please join the presentation of the award for Stage Attention to Orders Award of the Airman Medal to Spenser J Stone Airman First Class Spenser J Stone distinguished himself for heroism involving voluntary risk of life while traveling on a high-speed train in Belgium in route from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Paris, on August 21, 2015. On that date, Stone Airmen responded immediately after seeing a heavily armed gunman enter their train car prepared to fire with an AK-47 assault rifle without take into account his personal safety and without hesitation he ran unarmed towards the gunman and took him to the ground.
The gunman was armed. With the assault rifle and the automatic pistol, 270 rounds of ammunition, a cutter and a bottle of gasoline, an intense physical altercation occurred and despite receiving multiple lacerations to the face, neck and thumb, the aviator, with the help of other passengers, managed to disarm the gunman then strangling the gunman to the point of unconsciousness, Airman Stone ensured that he was immobilized and unable to move afterwards, completely ignoring his own injuries. Airman Stone exhibited extraordinary poise while providing critical life-saving medical care to stop bleeding caused by a sustained gunshot wound to the neck. by another passenger airman stones decisive actions prevented the gunman from opening fire on unarmed civilians potentially saving the lives of hundreds of passengers on board and definitively saving the life of one wounded passenger the exemplary courage and heroism displayed by airman Stone reflects great credit for himself in the United States Air Force, attention to orders, the Purple Heart is


to Airman 1st Class Spencer J.
Stone, Airman 1st Class Stone was wounded in an attack while aboard a French-operated Amsterdam to Paris high-speed train in the vicinity of the Belgian-French border on August 21, 2015, Stone Airmen joined the effort to confront and subdue a foreign national motivated by radical religious influence who was intended to cause massive damage to the occupants of the Train as a long-standing priority target for multiple terrorist organizations that France has suffered from. Several attacks during 2015 in my judgment for the purposes of this award these circumstances meet the executive order criteria for an international terrorist attack against a foreign nation friendly to the United States.
We are honored to have a congressional delegation from California join us for this special presentation, Senator. Feinstein and dr. Berra, join Airman Stone on stage for a photo. Thank you, Airman Stone's elected officials respond to his leadership, Mr. Anthony Sadler, join Secretary Carter and General Silva in front of the flags. The Undersecretary of Labor, please join the award presentation on stage. Honoring Orders Awarding the Medal of Valor from the Office of the Secretary of Defense to Anthony Sadler On August 21, 2015, Mr. Anthony Sadler boarded a train in Amsterdam, Netherlands, carrying hundreds of passengers bound for Paris , France, two hours into the trip, just after crossing the border with France, witnesses reported that two people entered a bathroom along with their luggage; the individual left the bathroom some time later.
Brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle after hearing a struggle and being unarmed, Mr. Sadler charged the gunman along with two American soldiers. service members disarmed and subdued the gunman after helping to restrain him, mr. Sedler assured the passengers that they were no longer in danger. Reports from witnesses and investigative agencies after the incident indicated that the gunman was heavily armed with approximately 270 rounds of ammunition and was on a European watch list of questionable persons, mr. Sadler heroically distinguished himself by voluntarily accepting the risk of his own life, preventing potential catastrophic loss of life and protecting the lives of two U.S. service members.
We are honored to have California's congressional delegation join us for this special presentation, Senator Feinstein and dr. Berra, please join mr. Sedler on stage for a photo Thank you mr. Stern elected officials and leaders of the Department of Defense, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in giving another round of applause to these three Americans.

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