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Overtime: Pete Buttigieg, Preet Bharara, Elissa Slotkin, S.E. Cupp, Andrew Sullivan (HBO)

Jun 10, 2021
Hello, we are back here, thanks for that, why are you so afraid of cards? Less questions, more questions, you work, last viewer, why is that scarier than me? Okay, SE Cupp, did you still beat his wife? There's no Mayor Pete, oh, that's what I'm going to call your Mayor Pete, that's right, given your job in South Bend. Do you think there needs to be national reform for all police departments in the United States? I absolutely want to say you know we are a diverse community. I'm not sure everyone realizes that because they think it's Notre Dame, they assume it's a racially homogeneous college town, but I remember that yes, we're not Irish, but about 45 percent of us are not white and I have to tell you that makes life more difficult for every resident of a minority neighborhood and every police officer when there was a kind of veil of mistrust between communities of color and the officers who were sworn to keep them safe now under the Obama administration had many resources they could turn to from a department of justice that was committed to helping us without the so-called task force on 21st century policing, my police chief would be involved and when you have a department of justice that doesn't seem to care about these things, that makes it much more difficult for mayors and police chiefs across the country to try to make sure we modernize our departments and build that trust that makes it harder for us to do our jobs or there's Trump's response which is to be tough on them and the people with the bullets are on my side. side yeah, I mean, we really have to keep reminding ourselves how disgusting that is, what a violation of our norms it is for him to say, I've got the police, yeah, what could you possibly have to be president?
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And we also have to remember that this is again what dictators get. The people, the tough people, with bullets on their side and they buy them, that's why the Pentagon budget keeps increasing, that's why they're always kissing the cops' asses, you know, because when things get bad and they lose their elections, He will not leave the White House, he has tough people. Next question is Andrew Sullivan. What do you think will happen with Brexit? Oh, you're in bigger trouble than we are. I think I'd be a fool to predict it, it's like a minute. minute by minute and now it's Conservative Party policy so it's all about the factions within conservatism but the truth is I think they're going to come out without a deal they don't want but in some ways it's inevitable basically if You had a 52-48 decision in the referendum, right in the middle, really on a very fundamental issue, and a Prime Minister comes in who didn't want that, who actually voted Remain, and she says, well, look, okay, let's do it. a compromise, let's have, yes, We will leave for 52 but for 48 we will maintain our trade and we will try to maintain the economic connections of Econo and not be a member of the EU and that is why the conservatives say look, that means we are still obeying their laws. but we can't even say them anymore, so it's worse than staying.
overtime pete buttigieg preet bharara elissa slotkin s e cupp andrew sullivan hbo

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overtime pete buttigieg preet bharara elissa slotkin s e cupp andrew sullivan hbo...

I think they just have to get out, they'll have to see what a disaster it is and then they'll have another vote in five years after so many. people have been hurt and they will get them back, that is what is going to happen, it would be very difficult to return to the EU once you have left, really yes, I think money can throw money at a problem, it goes away. I learned that what is good for you. I know, let's see what happens with the British economy, well, I mean, it may not do you as bad as you think and look, the British voted this way, they are pragmatic, they don't want their immigration problems to affect and when a pragmatic country since that's doing this is crazy, we have to address the question, okay, so Representatives Larkin, as new members of Congress, what is your perspective on the divisions between progressives and moderates within the Democratic party already?
overtime pete buttigieg preet bharara elissa slotkin s e cupp andrew sullivan hbo
They are much more representative of the 40 who won on November 19 than From those we heard, yeah, I mean, I think the story of the 2018 election was that voters were trusted by people who appeal to a broad base of people, They talked to them, they went out, they asked for their vote and they talked about the issues that mattered to them, no. There's a lot about Donald Trump every day, he's doing his own thing on his behalf, that's what won the election, but I think the drama that people have been focusing on is a little overblown. I think people like that story, it's extremely exciting.
overtime pete buttigieg preet bharara elissa slotkin s e cupp andrew sullivan hbo
A part of this freshman class that you walk into is a different breed, we have a fire burning under us and I consider it like a platoon. I worked alongside the military my entire life. you have a platoon but they all have different jobs. you have the same. mission everyone has different jobs he's very warm to the guy from Brooklyn and the Jew is fine, I'm looking for are you worried about Trump's nomination of Stephen Moore? Will he be booked soon? He will be nice to the federal board. I mean, he said no himself. you know what I'm doing, yeah that's a steep learning curve and that's what you want on the Fed board, someone new needs a steep learning curve, no wonder the best people really love him, he get the best people, hunt down the autocracy and you know we are. good people, but we're not all experts at everything and we probably shouldn't put everyone in the State Department or fund it, that's a generous term, he's a guy on TV, sure Trump sees people on TV, hires them correctly, yes, I think it's a quote it's a dangerous standard just that and I think that's the extent of it.
Can you explain what you think happened with the Jesse Smollett case? No, it's a look of astonishment. You know you initially had a very serious accusation of a hate crime and then you know you want to do it. I'm sure you understand what the facts are and then you have the police department and the prosecutor's office there, you know they present their case very passionately and you've seen it before and a few weeks later you have what we just saw in the last week . where the prosecutor's office just dismisses everything goes away and usually that's done in conjunction with and you know there's a consensus with the police department and the head of the police department criticizes the prosecutors for dropping the case and as far as I can tell That is, there is no change in the facts with respect to the time they filed the charge and the time they withdrew the charge.
I've spent most of my adult life as a prosecutor doing cases or supervising cases and I've never seen anything like this so I think it's important to understand what happened because I don't understand it and this used to be my business if he still says he said the truth all the time, it's a drug that leaks out, but when the most important man in the country says you can say anything, it leaks out. NAACP Image Award already on Sunday night. right, okay, slaughter of congressmen, do you think Trump has a good chance of winning Michigan again in 2020 and that's all the same question for you about Indiana, but he goes to Michigan a lot?
I heard that was his 18th trip, yeah, and we're going to see him a lot. He was here yesterday. He was there yesterday. We will see it a lot. I think this is the Democratic election to lose and that means losing is still possible. I think it depends on who we put. and I think it depends on whether we have someone who talks to people about the things that are going to affect their pockets and their children and it's not about not playing with the base every day, but remembering that you have to appeal to a broad people-based based on values ​​I won with many Republican women who have the exact same values ​​as me caring about your community caring about your children wanting empathy those are shared American values ​​I am extremely optimistic after running for office for 18 months.
I'm probably the most optimistic person here because every day I'm with wonderful, decent people who still care about this country and to me, if you get a candidate who talks about that and can show some integrity and authenticity, then you're going to get a mayor. Democrat, what do you think about Indiana 2020? Look, it's a very conservative state, but it can be done. I mean, I think in math, there must be a lot of people in my county who voted for Obama, Trump, Pence and me, so what? That tells you that people aren't as ideological as you, right?
You know? I don't think anyone would have guessed that in the last 50 years, since LBJ, the only Democrat to turn Indiana blue, not Clinton or Carrie, was Obama in 2008, so to me, that tells you there's a way to do it. I think, as Alissa says, it's mostly about values ​​and showing that sometimes even people with different values ​​than yours, if they know that values ​​are what motivates you, yes, they will give you a lot. We must recognize that the whole world is always changing faster than we think. In some ways, look at gay marriage. Yeah, I mean, this wasn't even close to like 15 years ago, but you know why, because we talked to people that we actually made the persuasive case that we made.
I didn't tell them they were because we also told them that Will and Grace Hollywood changed people's minds. I really think so, but if you execute the tactic, the never confrontational tactic, the correct tactic was always look, we have our families in common. You are like you, we have your other and that is why you got engaged, while now the issue is that your race is European. I want no part of you and please vote for me if you are or for the can if you are. The candidate, I mean, it's Donald Trump, he's going to leave that issue alone.
I can't see that I doubt it. No, what do you think he would say? What is the nickname? Don't know. I'm not imaginative enough to figure out what. Yes, but you know. I'm not that worried about that, no, you shouldn't, you should know that you are, you are the only white man on the Democratic side who has minority credibility. Provine ever shows up, okay, thanks, Roberto, see you.

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