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Outriders - Game Movie All Cutscenes [HD 1080P]

Jan 14, 2022
so disengaging initiating the auxiliary thrusters command we are 20 seconds from atmosphere breach initiative primary ignition is set to 30 spinning we are at first engine altitude 20 thousand feet and falling we are getting interference changed to a command of high gain antenna signal strength confirmed he's looking great for first step to land engines out of pod one has landed almost seems to be home that's what i'm worried about well boss you ready i got my truck i want snipers on three and six multiple lines of defense and a base of operations established within the hour move on good man one word you know the stakes on this mission flowers are already half dismantled our engines on their way to paris city of half a million now if these outrider bozos hit dirt please inform me first sir i am just here to reply to proceedings ade When we're not on earth, shira, there's no proper procedure, listen to the riders, I know what you're thinking, there's no going home and no one has any idea what's waiting outside. here but ace pencil heads can't green light this ground until we find their missing probes so let's do our job we can't get much on the negative probe hq all our systems are working we'll set the cap higher i'm going to explore on foot i need to stretch my fucking legs i'll take the point i don't need to see you get eaten on day one relax outrider you don't owe me anything i wouldn't be here without you i'd be buried in ashes back home alright let's get out stay tuned, look at our sixes no matter what happens here i need my best weapon on this in case things go wrong can i trust you?
outriders   game movie all cutscenes hd 1080p
Just tell me what to do, cover up our weapons shelter I haven't been fired in almost a century why don't you head over to yakov and check your gear and then prepare to head out as soon as those probes are located? 15 years into our trip, pretty much as predicted, here confirmed no communication since, oh, you know, I grew up in a slum. Dogfights for leftovers lost everyone long before the end. Doomsday wasn't something I was worried about because I wasn't going to live past 20. Anyway, somehow, I was one of those who made it. I don't even know what I am. i'm supposed to be doing here these things are going well the time will come you're going to have to put it all behind you this is a new beginning you could have a family here build a cabin get old and fat yeah that's not me cap i know how to handle the bullets no kids there'll be no need for someone like me here maybe the old you outrider but you're one of the chosen few who can build the future don't waste it i'll go find jakob's shooting range well we're waiting for those probes so stay tuned maybe im overthinking this but omg this is awesome i wish you would have seen this dad hey you are more right sorry can you believe this landscape is so beautiful now if we only had the internet to post those two it's from a scientific record plus we'll have the internet up and running in the first six months everything was backed up.
outriders   game movie all cutscenes hd 1080p

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outriders game movie all cutscenes hd 1080p...

I'm just kidding you. Shira. You were lucky with the probe. The scan continues to work. I do not know what else to do. It's how they can get the signals from the probe. it just disappeared yes they said it was some kind of interference or something maybe not from space but not down here still looks like initial readings were correct we are breathing yes but before ACE can authorize half a million more people who come here, we need the data probes to know that we can support them and if we can't, what is the uca's plan? b Do you have any questions?
outriders   game movie all cutscenes hd 1080p
I get responses to hey it's supposed to blink like that. oh oh oh, that's a professional bronzer. excellent training runner now go locate the damn thing so we can land this beautiful copy hey it's a historic moment we should document it for the scientific record huh hey cuthbert any updates the probe signal is mostly noise , but I have tracked down its source, I hope. y'all broug Your overshoes are the same different planet so electronics freeze. The trucks are down. We continue on foot, your main focus is here. tanner's got eyes on the probe got movement in tanner's direction I thought it was a good job getting the momentum to take off wait wait this thing is just in relay mode tanner the signal isn't coming from the probe, it's coming from outside our search area somewhere else place on the planet that's impossible there's no one else secure the hard drive we'll analyze that signal in the base copy damn something's frying it tanner give us the frequency uh carrier frequency is nine seven points have copy oh tanner tanner i'm seeing something really weird down here what the hell is that what the hell kind of storm is this my god come help me oh get one got a lot of casualties possible contamination i mean quarantine in ba se maxwell what is all this what does it look like sergeant major sir we have to follow the quarantine procedure and stop landing whatever the original reports on this planet were wrong there is some kind of anomaly s i land now everyone will die there is no hold the landing is too late for that there is nowhere else to go oh we need help we need medics feed them hurry don't stop they are contaminated we contain them that is an order always you've been looking around we've got men and women who need medical attention now get your asses in gear and do the right thing i'm not going to have to hold this down now burn the bodies do the right thing call him landing delayed hey can you help me with the wounded we got to catch 'em Matlab over here we go, get off your ass, what are you doing?
outriders   game movie all cutscenes hd 1080p
I'm going to put you back in cryo until the lab can save your life. Do not be ridiculous. it really ended when you people why did you leave earth behind was when you saw the first spaceship crash and burn was when you saw your fellow explorers crumble at your feet finished until you finish what year are you from here what year what is this your capsule where were the uplink notes come in doc we have to go they're coming wait we can't just leave them here these are emphatically not why we're here sorry not another. I'll try it there.
Damn, hey soldier, you're so right when we get to no man's land. We have to stick together if we want to survive. come on come back come back what the hell is going on they got an altar to take our boys a part you gotta get out of here you think the old people give a storm get off oh how long has it been what this war how long who knows that it's before I was born that's impossible come on open the damn door and move how tight almost there almost where where are you taking us I'm not supposed to see the problem with you you just wake up or something like that kid I just let me catch up with you real quick that paradise that the escorts promised us guess what we got instead damn alien storms no shelter no food just kicking up to the sidewalk like exiles while your eca friends got fat in your bunker it wasn't like that we lost the electronics we could have left them all to rot in their cryopods but we can't we stamp them ungrateful how many times did i tell you to shut up welcome to the valley of death this can't be over when you are crazy all this is crazy it's nobody's time to walk oh oh me ugh oh ok I could smell the storm in your blood your stench of enoch your kindergarten abominations exile who the hell are you rider impossible such untapped power such confusion you want answers whatever you were before you have something new now a second life don't waste it who who was that mr. seth is upset and he's a little man a little man altered what does that mean you don't know what you are where did you steal that uniform i didn't know it's mine yes grand marshal she will explain come on where is she what is that go do what you have to do lieutenant Shira you are alive sorry to disappoint you you came from her side you have information for U.S.
You're kidding, look, I have a war to win, so either you help me or you go back to cryotherapy, wait. I've been watching people fight and die while you got comfortable in cryo so excuse me for not throwing you a little welcome party what happened to you the anomaly that's what happened you mean that storm we told them not to land we ended up in the same places when we left the earth killing each other for what little we have left why didn't you go somewhere else the


couldn't the


are dead what and the anomaly keeps us in this valley we can't go anywhere else You don't get it.
Do you think you're dreaming? This is real. Trust me, it's real. Like it or not, you're stuck here in the mud, and like the rest of us, you never should have. woken up i wouldn't miss all of this we were too late they took him underground let's get him back well he may be on our side but that's not our territory man i'm not gonna lose people to yaku yaku he's still alive not much more looks like then i'll go find him I am I don't care I got it covered I'm looking for it jacob dubrowski go away listen you got a gun pointed right at you pretty eyes hey whoa oh sorry guys I thought this was the bathroom ok I had it under control it's been a while I don't know you I thought you were dead then I'll die soon if you don't put your ass up to cheer us up right now okay come meet me there when you're ready no cause you won't cause he can do whatever he wants he's never been so happy to see a familiar face you are an age today and you aged my friend across the hall that was seth what was he doing here ignoring our pleas for help i thought he was on your side upset he is on no one's side the Insurgents have altered their walking nightmares where Lucky Seth shows up to fight them at times, but only if he fits the


he's playing.
Hey dammit, you have no idea how bad Outrider is. We thought we had escaped the apocalypse. it was wrong shira do you know why i'm in charge? because i'm the only officer left alive the insurgents at our doorstep are savagely sadistic they have us close we are low on food and bullets and if those monsters don't kill us this planet will welcome the black fungus in the forest we never found a cure las mountains are full of abominations and freak storms get bigger every year we don't have much time left if we don't find a way out of this valley if we don't find a miracle this last shred of humanity is over shira oh would you look now i can do things that i don't understand but maybe there's a reason yes you are i guess i know why i saved your fucking life all those years ago i'm sure this isn't exactly what you had in mind i'm not complaining i still don't get it the day we landed that storm tore apart cuthbert but not me inside out some turn pink polka dots and some go immortal nothing about the anomaly makes sense it disrupts the laws of nature mutates everything it touches from the start the best scientists at ace tried to understand storms to tame them none survived i guess you were lucky boss or maybe not all i care is that you are on our side our only line of supply is blocked by an altar our weapons can't touch because of the old solar panel seth had no interest in helping us but now you're here hell why not maybe i can buy humanity another day lieutenant what the hell was it that the whole front line collapsed like an earthquake ok i think we lost all our first line of defense in my way go go go hey just in case i don't get another chance i tried to find you but it's all gone we had to run for our lives. forget it im alive i should have been dead 10 times over if it wasn't for tanner if it wasn't for shira i'm the one with dues to pay now jakob boss i missed you it's good to have you working now go smack that upset ass for us so we can get back to this fucking fight and so outrider you've had your first kill alter don't die so easily seth come on we need to talk they asked you to help them fight the altar down there why didn't you that pathetic monstrosity was a distraction people are dying because of them without the open supply route we all die these weak creatures killing each other for scraps you waste your gifts running errands for them trying to win their endless pointless war you must realize you are not like them anymore so what that I should play a god like you I'm not playing but you're something even more altered and these people absolutely need their gods just one like you u could take them to a future why don't you call him moloch i fight another war far above this petty misery my war is with the worst of our kind this one is too powerful he will destroy us all unless i hunt him down but this one won't it's your case. fight you want to be the shepherd find a way for them to get out of this massacre escort hmm sureamong our troops she's spying to correct you see that in your crystal ball admit it psycho you know i'm right you couldn't pay me enough whatever price you're looking for freak we're tracking a signal coming from beyond the anomaly when we find it we're going back to connect to the floras and shoot down those stray supply pods keep dr. zahidi and keep your stupid mouth shut up and you'll get your share of the believable loot deal, i know i know it's a pain in the ass but what if you put a hand on it sometime again?
I'll run you down with this fucking song we've got a chance. this, let's be honest, anyone who follows me around today will probably die and we'll all be home for christmas how do i keep getting into this? uh careful we have to fix the purifier what's the point huh the truck is worried that we'll re-seal the door later don't go out just wait r me it doesn't end this way it can't yes that's what your magical fairy visions why sure not it looks like we're going to get out of here and what no it's not okay something's wrong who the hell are you hey where are you taking us?
Who the hell are you? All your questions will be answered when we get to Dr. Scurlock. It's too late. I'm not threatening you. I'm trying to save them. What the hell? What exactly is in this? Please don't be afraid. My name is Nathan Scurlock. Xenobiology. Dr Abraham Zahidi. at least for as long as possible i haven't claimed that much fame as you can see there's a trailer of mine that served us pretty well just let us know how it works um yeah yeah of course i apologize mushroom wasn't always like this . this his dna was altered my formula simply tells the fungus against itself here all those brave enough to reach us are free to live in peace my antidote must be injected daily none of us would dare stray far from camp without him with this small ceremony every month not just in time for one no alternatives i'm afraid i hope the rest of your convoy tonight we don't plan on staying long oh beyond here there's only death until the truck is fixed we're stuck here anyway alright thanks look what i found in the woods this was Cuthbert's we've been here before well i thought things looked familiar but i thought it was Skirlock's drugs but unless you can get a spare oil pump out of your ass , we won't go far, we left a truck here before that day, the first storm hit, maybe I can find find that was 30 years ago not for me screwed llar until they push back and then loosen up a bit you forget everything i taught you you taught me you think you taught me something old amazing fighter she definitely got her temper from you looks like we're taking a break i guess i have earned the right to listen the full story so a long time ago before this fucking planet before we even left earth i was flying workers to the caravel orbital station and the flames started encircling me and i tried to find an accident and it was then when I tripped and saw this fucking pregnant woman lying under the rubble.
I was able to save both of us. Hold on. You were there during the caravan disaster. I met her again right here in trench town her child was born she was a girl and she named her chanda then that little mark was only six when she saw her mother murdered right in front of her so you raised her get in the truck . it's going to fix itself few make it out that alive even less bad to go on what you looking for friend i'm not your friend you don't know what's out there there are things i could tell you things i could warn you about but you wouldn't believe these things and what makes you so sure 'cause the things i've seen even i don't believe that was the little scurlock ceremony how was that weird a lot of rambling talk about brotherhood we all picked up rocks from a basket and hey there was music and drugs so not too bad where did zahidi go with scurlock talking a bit of science?
Here I will guide you. Stop. Hey, how are you? I would like to see Dr. Zahidi. Please, this facility is off limits. You will not receive a second warning. people who escaped from the war came here to die and i was next you think it was easy for me doctor it's random it has to be except you save yourself from your own lottery i guess it's convenient i create the antidote and keep us alive how many exactly you have sacrificed yourself for your little utopia i am not a monster i carry the load a few must be sacrificed so many could lift what you gonna choose who lives and dies i don't hide behind a basket of stones when i kill a man he knows it was take it all whatever you can carry you didn't have to kill him he was a man of science we were very few left he was a sanctimonious murderer what does that make me then his antidote God help me we are still going to use it you haven't seen anything yet oh augusto oh my god It is that a native of Enoch found Augusto lost there and just tried to give him shelter, but Scurlock only saw a specimen to experience this, this changes everything, he no longer exists, August can speak, it's fine, they they're not like everyone else they're friends it's ok you're free now go home bring dr zahidi back to my truck we're moving right away east there's a ravine to the east you'll have to go south around you know this force i've gone further than no one i am not a deserter i entered this forest because i am an explorer a traveler like you an outrider we are heading beyond the anomaly i dont know if we will be back but we could use a guide it has become a clown car normal omg we will have to report this. to gootman i can't believe we've been side by side with an alien civilization all these years in this case it's not us aliens these ruins are ancient if being the ones we saw they sent the signal that it wasn't here are you sure us?
I'm still heading in the right direction honestly or I don't know, but if you can get a receiver above this tree line, we should be close enough to follow the trail again. I know of a structure give me a radio I can go hmm sahidi I have an address but there's a big storm bruin warn the others we need to find shelter there august you're back what exactly is your friend bailey doing look what the store is doing no wait no it's what you think august can channel controls it look august is helping us no bailey you need to retire no i don't lose weight k then i think maybe i've gone far enough on your little death march i think i'm coming back to correct and take this monster with me come here huh so this is what it feels like bailey be careful you don't know what this energy could do to you don't go go you really don't want to do this you couldn't be more wrong monster no you don't win this for what's going to go away no no wait she's breathing but her spinal cord is most likely severed if she survives she'll never walk again good chicken watch the monsters eat her liver let's go there's no reason to let her suffer from you it's really alright now the non version my vision of the meadow i've been seeing more of it bailey is in it how is it supposed to come true if she's not with us in your vision is everyone how I don't know you told him he doesn't listen to anything I say, stop the movement in the trees behind us, that's the king, he probably wants his revenge hey he can get in line everything we expected is right behind this door but there is no obvious mechanism to open it august you should know yes lost people you mean others like you maybe what do you mean you know what's out there so hmm oh come on that's our only hope it's the end of the fucking world what happened to a place beyond storms we're about to go further than any man has gone before ah well let's go where i changed my mind mr mad spock look at the size of that it's coming fast we need shelter i will take the i initiative, stay with me, well this just gets better and better, looks like we can be here for a while, you need to drink, stupid, hey, she's waking up, hey, how? you feel like you've been gone for a few days i can't i can't feel my legs sorry bailey why didn't you kill me tada my masterpiece the broski outdid himself again what what did i do now oh i thought my daughter wanted you to live god knows a reason kill me or get out of my face jonah it's a fire looks like we're not alone or in the others i'll go see what the hell hey what the hell jacob the light was an ambush some real ugly ones were taking me out copy me yakub oh god mine, yes, they took them, yes, alive, yes, away to eat them, we take you, okay, take this, we can't stay in the truck.
I will find them. causing me trouble oh let's dance yeah I always thought the old roach could survive anything my mom always told me he was the only outsider in Enoch still alive he even escaped the caravan wreck when the earth he was dying, he said classic, but why? he you know it was his magic amulet i always thought i didn't care about any of it like it protected him well i guess he finally gave him some well can you believe it turns out the old man's wheelchair is uh really handy , it will only make the f worse later, if anyone wants to come back, do it now, but I have a mission.
I'm finding that sign. You will need a driver. What are these trucks? But none of our expeditions managed to get out of the forest alive. How is this? it's even possible if they came from the woods they're going in the wrong direction don't look any closer this isn't us the enemy so oh my god it's some kind of fuel cell i've never seen advanced textus before who the hell were they whoever they were they lost this was a massacre we can't stay here china we need to find her we're headed for those rocks i didn't think we'd make it out of that storm that's not a storm look there's someone out there wait it's t that the son of a who killed jakub man you're really good to piss people off this don't let this happen me neither next time i see him he's dead up here i found something some kind of outpost looks human you see that antenna on top there i can use it to track a signal you hear it's a device digital relay our signal was th on but how was it playing when i landed how is that even possible it's not it's not possible just an interstellar ship some once he left his hours so who were they no matter those coordinates we found them we connected them and contacted the bloody foils he did it august passed here incoming get out now hide there go august may be here giant cockroaches yes take cover quick no august august what the hell happened to august the people of august were not annihilated by the savages they became savages why would they make this monroy was a madman hey there is a ship is that the caravel that is not possible caravel never left the land its engines their engines exploded tens of thousands died so what the hell are we looking at the source of the signal monroy's signal there is no place beyond the storm it comes from there protected from anomaly just like the uplink in your fucking briefcase i don't get it It doesn't make any sense to me either.
Everyone saw it. The caravel exploded during its construction, although the people left on earth were able to rebuild the ship. that they left us we were the first however the truth is that monroy enslaved the people of augusto dismembered them and turned them voluntarily mutated into savages so they could fight back I'm done with all this whatever is waiting for you on that ship I don't want i don't want to be a part of that thiago you can't leave us now i thought you weren't a deserter what they did to augusta people what our people did to august don't you see thanks for letting me go with you let's end this let's find a way get into caravan thirty-seven point five six seven three degrees north degrees north 22.80116 degrees look that's exactly how i saw it how we saw it janna that's not real that's this planet ok but it's long gone no no get out , i'm in the mood for this today, you're fine, i imagine this many times, never you, who are you who i am roy like how you did how did this ship get there before us?
How do you think they let us die while the earth caved in? But I don't die so easily. Now we build a new engine? An engine that shackled all others before. we were still crawling through deep space we were already here oh you should have seen it their primitive civilization the natives treated us like gods yes i've seen what you did to the natives look now this isn't a rescue why didn't you? come when you said it has a distress call 30 years since the flowers reached our skies 30 years surviving in this hell this hell was thanks to you my whole life trapped in that valley slowly killing each other for nothing you stole our people the hope before we even got here make no mistake they are so capable of all plates of evil they were not as tame as they seemed they had powers a lot of power things i had to understand so you just rounded them up you tortured them son of a are you ready how long before thosecreatures would get tired of us before they turned on us they would have had us on our bloody knees all he wanted was his powers for us for all of us so we could survive so we could be strong can't you see we lost the earth because we were meant to to something else there but by the grace of my son you think you'd be standing there with the powers of a god if it hadn't been for me everything i've done for mankind i saved us you cursed us but i won it made him lose no more time i have to connect the uplink to the caravan power so we can get to the flat is before you find us we have to go no no no no let me have to do this do what you have to do doc that door won't last long if that beast breaks through the hull of this ship we lose electronics we lose pods we lose everything i'll take it take care just put those pods down oh uh tahiti what's going on there it is working i've contacted the flowers transmitting the first launch codes now almost there almost there the ponds are more important tiago come in i won't lose any more friends oh i guess the signal's out, the uplink was all in vain, wait guys look over there the pods work they did omg I guess some of the commands got through after all wow like I always say it ain't over til it's over about what the hell when roy's people no i don't think so who are you we are from the war zone are you the escorts we heard stories about some disturbed escorts opening the border finding a cure in the woods we have been following their trail from the war zone war, but now we keep moving you

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