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Our Weirdest Hygiene Confessions [EXCLUSIVE]

Jun 10, 2021
Girl I'm your wax remover and call me you, I love that stuff, I ain't made the candle do that job, I was scared, yeah that's amazing and you see it and you turn it into a golf ball and you stare at it for hours, Yeah. I love things like that. Let me say this. I was. I went away for the weekend with a guy in New York and stayed at his apartment. I didn't go for three days. I could have committed suicide, queen. I'm sorry, are you kidding me? I, low key Garcelle, am the same way, oh my God, that's called sewage, that's terrible, yes, no, I discovered crazy ways, so guys, what I would do is one like you, you can say oh, I'm going to go get coffee tomorrow so you can get the first one in the morning if that's the case or if you're in a restaurant before you leave, make sure you use the bathroom like you don't like boys, there are ways, you just have to go get rid of those use the bathroom blow up someone's bathroom now you can't do it new york department either not much i have a question for you dear what tell me which bathroom adrian what is it for yes go go go to the bathroom oh, but I didn't discover a Nobody, go, look, listen, listen, ladies, go to the bathroom, sure, but there are ways to do it, you don't have to walk around the block, so you want this thing taken away from you and by the way, have you seen how tight There's your waist when you clean that area, come on, now you go to the bathroom and when you fall, when you drop it, you hit the blush like this, it's very fast and then you get up and then you say "yo." I'm going to powder my nose, baby, just give me 15 minutes and you do whatever you need to do, just let that stuff like you know get into the atmosphere, let it air out and then when you come out, open that door and open it up. so glad to give it some circulation so the wind can just give it time to come up for air, okay, okay, let's keep it real ladies, are any of you a shower snack?
our weirdest hygiene confessions exclusive
Yes, how did I not guess? This, how is it possible? How do they do it? You have never eaten in the shower. No, no, you have soap in your food. Moments when you are standing there and the water is on top. No, I wash and make love in the shower, those are the only two things I do. Wait, wait, let's go there, if we go there, you have to have some strawberries with chocolate in the shower with champagne, not because it was washed because there is water, yes, what kind of shower do you want? I have all the places the water hits you're in a drought how long are you going to take that shower?
our weirdest hygiene confessions exclusive

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our weirdest hygiene confessions exclusive...

Guys, you must have some big showers that cover the entire shower. my adrenaline is sprayed in one place. I like to shave things. I am very good in strange places. I don't know why I love plucking my hair in strange places. I love looking for hair. Do you always wash from head to toe? Yes, yes, thank you. I do not want to hurt you. I'm so lost, so what do you do? in the shower, well, they say they let the water run, but look, when I take my program here let's see, I have to use it because I have to take it everywhere, you know, she is how I get on here I get on here I put on dizzy and then I'm gone, oh, and then that's why you wash your legs and you're careful not to slip when you get your feet to grip or something doesn't allow me to keep my balance.
our weirdest hygiene confessions exclusive
It's not like these, most people don't use them like a loofah or something, you put it on there and then you do your whole body, yeah, you even get your back back if you have the long one so you can do this move, yeah, and you have to go up down here, yes, and I'm going to tell you. why a guy once told one of my friends that he actually intentionally looks for the girls he dates to make sure they wash behind their ear because he can't actually smell very fresh, yeah, your belly button too, yes, and don't forget the nails. and your toenails, yeah, usually when I look at people, I look at that, you know if someone is really clean, if they're nails, yeah, and if they're dirty, yeah, anyone else?
our weirdest hygiene confessions exclusive
I know the Q-tip package says not to put it in. your ear, but your hella goes in there and you're like, oh, almost orgasmic, you're like you never put it in there and it's stuck like wax, no one else I have to tell you something that happened, you guys are so sweet, okay? ? So, you know, during the Christmas holidays, our schedule, when we're, you know, I would say November to December is like chaos, we're here working really hard to stay on schedule, but you also have your families doing shopping. shopping between us is a lot, so during those two weeks I just let it go, but yeah, I wasn't really thinking about it, I was like, you know what I'm not dating right now or I'm not seeing.
Whatever, you know, it's no big deal, genius, two weeks doesn't have you like that, doesn't it, but down there things grow at a different pace, oh, that's true, you know what I'm saying, so I went out with a friend. mine, yeah, and we got a little hot and heavy and I was feeling myself because from here I looked good, yeah, yeah, yeah, I was like in full swing, my hair was fine, you know, we went out to dinner , I was feeling spicy, I thought, come on. go home and you know from up here you know when just when you feel yourself and you're doing the striptease and you're taking it all off you say, yeah, you know and I remember I pulled on my pants.
I got off and saw what was happening and tried to get them back up, but when you go there for a make out session it's hard to get your pants up, yeah, because they like it, yeah, especially if there's a bush in the way. Like don't let my zipper get caught in that, I was so embarrassed guys, and when I saw how it looked, how it looked, it just looked like Jesus was colored outside the lines, how often do you wash your bra and let's keep it real, okay, I'll keep it real when I get home from work, yeah, I take off all my underwear and put it in the hamper, so, okay, yeah, so I'm not going to fish for it.
The next day yeah I go and put on a bra that's in my drawer it's not enough and then at the end of the week I look at all my kids you just say draw New York yeah I say drawer you say bra yes, my drawer, oh my god. but yeah, I guess I take it out of my drawer and then put it on, so I wash my clothes once a week, yeah, so it gets washed when it gets washed, yeah, really, when mine starts to smell, it's when I wash it, it will be like you smell the armpit part okay, no, I don't wash my bra every time I wear it you guys, because no, I don't sweat that much.
I'm a hairless animal, look at me, so I don't really do it. I'd like to see it, maybe, my God, you guys are going to judge me once a month. I'm being honest, so wait. Do you know we have a drought in Los Angeles? Wait, wait, can't you put your bra in your hamper? Do not know where. Do you put it on when you take it off? Yes, put it back in the shade so you can use it again.

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