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Our Valentines Day!!! He Forgot To Make Reservations!!!

Our Valentines Day!!! He Forgot To Make Reservations!!!
oh yeah innisfree money ain't daddy oh you saw y'all fake your way feeling so sure what happened to me mommy daddy misses so much like a playdate to wish you some like I said it's all up yeah yeah they say go fish Stewie's with what it can't they go up you would take you it's not a do subtract steady prayer for strength oh no I couldn't hey guys welcome back to egg large welcome back to your new vlog today's Valentine's Day and you know I had to go all out
our valentines day he forgot to make reservations
on candy so I call one of our friends he does the best flower arrangements so so right now I'm gonna pick him up right now and surprise candy I still got more stuff to give her so stay tuned for that I'll be showing you guys a little bit what I'm gonna do and then from there we just enjoy your night and call it a night all right now the place where I get events called melody yeah so 43rd Avenue and Thomas all right guys let me show you guys this are you doing okay all right guys so
I'm just getting home right now and I call Kai never know what she was doing she's still getting ready for tonight so I'm surprised her with the flowers and I got something else for her so you guys gonna see right now what it is so she likes it think about you thinking about you what can we focus on Jenny Mary Mary sugarplum on the question son mr. aboah yeah my memory awareness some more Stephan's and plan right now so we does it bill something gets emitted yes yeah I'm
gonna zoom like two days ago he's all talk he doesn't like this I'll do something that won't wait better alright guys so she liked the flowers now I love flowers I open that it's two gifts in there already you look butterfl just rip it I'm still gonna throw away dinner and all that yeah or you like kind of like that what I told you how that I wanted yeah well that's all I have been telling us or that I've been wanting across forever look how beautiful it is no
less manly don't care if I go leave oh this one my ass about embarrassments like this teacher you're a teacher she hot or what yeah it's just not I mean open another one it's inside the bank come on so beautiful white bulb a wing yeah is it an actual wing yeah it's only yes beautiful damn this is so pretty I don't get one but I get two necklaces yeah boy guys look at this whenever I think of my hair has like a little heart in the back you know that yeah take it out then
our valentines day he forgot to make reservations
as a heart oh that's cute oh my goodness I could be meaningful like it was the cross and that places know the same place oh yeah like it yes and then tonight we got dinner and the rest is history that's it I'm just kidding that's a lot all right that's what Kenny gets ready imma go to a mall still and in the night we're going to have dinner and after that we're just going to enjoy havin eat yeah we're gonna enjoy a night so have any no won't be vlogging that
the rest of the things but I wanted to show you guys what I got here and what I'm taking her and that's it what are we not lucky didn't know like I'm done yeah I'm liking dinner no I can't show you guys everything me when we all know that is whole says because there's a boss bag right there alright so I am ready give me one year I'm missing one thing what good you gave me it's pretty you see she's torn on and guys look what Nicole got me she got me
strawberries I swear guys my princess is so beautiful how about the best kids calm down there are kids in 92 get everything for balance I'm saying the fact that she went and got it and then she got me this balloon it came with that too but then look at my flowers they're my Nene's already he's to take everything from me so I automatically just put the flowers there for him now damn Ellie I got on floor air what the heck these three are going on a date it's in melody and Jose
oh I got you something bro don't think that I don't think of you close your eyes all right we're down one more step okay open your eyes look what you got you all right guys so we're heading off for dinner I'm gonna show you guys when we get there okay ready yeah like a matter fact dress we're fascinated you gotta go through the birthing month I will alright guys so we made here at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix have you no you better not so we're at the Hyatt
our valentines day he forgot to make reservations
Regency and we're checking in in our room right now because we know we're gonna go ahead and dinner first show you guys it's been more like Las Vegas like I like that one huh isn't a guy you like camera you had the jump right my guys inside looks yeah so you guys are gonna leave our stuff right now at the room and then what's the 20th things on the 20th or 4:24 24th floor or I guess you're eating that thing turns around dose researching that see if it's true I'm
just happy to get away from home we have so much work and we have so much for you mountains all the time but I'm happy to get out totally well Cory did you get the corner did you know I really so this is a room where we're gonna be staying at and who is this mamacita me what look at how are you insane it why too bad it's who you inviting over there was no beans nice so this is downtown Phoenix guys if you guys have never been in Phoenix Arizona this is what it looks like we are
across from the Sheraton yeah it's nice here we're literally on the 2nd Street and Monroe when Roy Monroy right oh that's a Phoenix Convention Center Wow that's where we got married love a silly cat I wanna look at about a cup you guys you're saying across where we got married oh this is love baby did he put it up liar all right guy said you guys are wondering where we at with the Hyatt Regency here in downtown Phoenix aw you got the room for one night because I was thinking
that you were supposed to book the room just to go eat upstairs no I was looking at the website I was like I couldn't find just like you guys believe that anyways I'm not gonna stage like we're gonna go to Nestor got the hotel room because that's the only way to go eat up there and then she was like but we got like a burning salon because they have the intro to film tomorrow so you could time for that all right guys we're gonna take you guys upstairs because that's where
we're gonna go eat dinner I'm gonna show you guys a little bit and from there so we're gonna turn off the bar because we're gonna enjoy ourselves and I'm really happy that the kids are actually grown guys because we're able to like don't ask a funny thought you could leave like literally are always home or working or doing something but I'm actually excited for today it's not even that far looks like it's work from our house mm-hmm hey guys I said you guys
are probably wondering why we're walking that's my dumbass


to put a reservation at the hotel so when we went upstairs there was no space for us so and you know that's blue as eye candy she's like why you walking so right now we went to this sushi place here downtown Phoenix oh that's was it right there now over everything everyday you have up they'll end up laughing and having a good time not guys because I figure that if we got the room like the restaurant was
upstairs I feel really good if you don't need to




you know so like even on the website didn't say


a reservation look at my feet and then let me tell you guys look super he took off my tank glass from my bag so I don't have them it was so much fun guys were on a bike right