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Our Son's New Obsession! - RELAX #25

Jul 15, 2023
electronic. I've had phone calls where we go through an email and I have questions and they explain things and ask me questions. I'm not talking about those those phone calls, those phone calls where there's a back and forth conversation about the email and they're elaborating on things and they say oh, so this part of the email what we want here is blah, blah, blah. , like I have a lot of those and they're okay, that's what I'm talking about, by the way. Those are okay, I'm not kidding when I say Eric can vouch for me on this, oh my gosh, there are phone calls where they turn on the phone meetings that are 15-20 minutes long and they're literally perfect, I know, love. they're terrible, you don't have to be so self-conscious that you're going to act like you are, you look like a terrible person or something, I feel like I know, I'm sorry, but it's true, this happens. all the time I'm sure in corporate America it's very relatable that there are a lot of conference calls and meetings that people know are completely unnecessary and just so people can have a meeting and schedule a meeting, yes, I feel justified in to get paid, I also don't like phone meetings where it's like they scheduled this meeting a week in advance and it's like everyone has to be there and then they call and it's like two minutes. and it's something they could have emailed, I'm like this, this could have been a week ago in the email, all the emails were going back and forth trying to schedule this, you could have just said like yeah, other than my my mom I don't think I've ever had a phone call where I felt like that.
our son s new obsession   relax 25
It could have just been an email that is actually true. You'll agree with this and we could have talked about it earlier on the podcast, but Evelyn said paper straws are needed. to


, they always make the drink taste strange, like a wet paper mush, and eventually seal the top after drinking to prevent an impossible sip. more of your drink I couldn't agree more save to the turtles yes of course we have metal straws in our house, paper straws are just, they might be my favorite drink in the whole world. I won't drink it if you give me a paper straw.
our son s new obsession   relax 25

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our son s new obsession relax 25...

They are terrible, hands down, the worst invention in the world, but I prefer it to a plastic straw and I hate, well, I hate metal straws, so I'm a paper straw user. I hope you like the role, it shows better than what I'm taking responsibility for at the moment. I use paper straws over metal ones. Yes, no, you use, you use the plastic ones here. Aha, the reusable ones. Yes, we have reusable plastic like we have a pipe. something cleaner, you clean them and they're in our dishwasher, etc., no, we don't have paper straws in this house, no, but when I'm in a takeout situation, no, no, I won't do it.
our son s new obsession   relax 25
Like bringing metal or reusable straws, I use thick plastic straws with me. I'll use paper straws, um, because for me it's better than metal ones, I don't know, but the worst thing about paper straws for me is that they last 10 to 15 minutes before they like to bend 10 to 15. You know, when you know that a to-go cup has like a plastic thing that you put through it and it's like a sharp star that sets up a paper straw with moisture, which is silly. because it's designed to be a straw in the grip of that star thing, it breaks and falls and then it's not a chance anymore, it's a summary, what the hell, it's horrible and I can't believe you say that for 10 to 15 minutes, like whenever I use a paper straw I would say I have two minutes before it goes down and into the soft end in your mouth, gross, I'm talking at the point of entry into the equipment, everything is wrong.
our son s new obsession   relax 25
There's nothing good about this, no it doesn't do, it's the job it's supposed to do. You can't even call it a straw. Let's not even call them. You were just defending him and now you're me. Just saying I'll take it instead of a plastic wrap metal one. I just don't believe the stuff and why instead of a plastic one, drinks inside metal. You just said you prefer paper to everything, no, not a reusable plastic one, oh, reusable plastic. I'm pretty sure I made it clear at the beginning of this, yes, but I eat drinks in metal.
I can't taste metal like your metal glasses that I don't use because there's like a tint. I feel like I taste it. This and the metal straw are the same thing they taste cold, I feel like I'm drinking from a pipe and I try the pipe, give me the pipe, yeah, it's cold, give me the pipe, I like it, oh, it's too late, it just came out your merchandise. give me the pipe christian, i like this one because yesterday i was talking about this with eric christian said that having to break up a bed after buying it or the same goes for pillows, why don't they already feel soft and used?
I don't feel like that, like we're not talking about ourselves, it's not the next ad, even though we love it, um no, but I was just talking about this with shoes because Eric is the sweetest and he just bought me a new pair. a pair of shoes the other day that are so comfortable why do I keep buying you shoes because now you don't wear them you're barefoot well yeah, I don't wear them in my house your shoes until you leave the house I think it's so weird that you wear shoes all the time I'm going to say no, no, no, you don't wear shoes unless you leave the car, like if you like, bring shoes to the car, yeah, barefoot in the car, yeah.
Like you have to go to a place of business that literally requires you to talk about this but you wear shoes all the time, which I think is suicidal, I think that's wildly inappropriate, not all the time you wear them now is 11 p.m. m. guys in our house, why are you wearing shoes? Because I can not? We have hardwood floors and they're littered with uh with cat litter no offense to another sponsor Kitty Boo Club um and just the crumbs of whatever you ate or our son ate and you ate, by the way, bagels. , well, toast, how often do you take out that vacuum cleaner, love, once a month, that's no, I would say that time, I would say once a year.
It's not true, definitely once a month there are a lot of small textures on the floors in this house, but shoes are textures of textures and to me, I'm like our son, when something sticks to the bottom of my bare foot, it doesn't I can and I have to like it, just wipe it off and go, you can't walk a foot in this house without something sticking to the bottom of your foot. I do not know how you do it. The shoes are so uncomfortable I can't stand them. I've always been like this. I've never been into shoes, but I was talking about this because Eric bought me these really adorable lavender pumas.
I married Eric. I've always been like Payless, so Eric loves buying fancy shoes. They are pumas. Cougars are not elegant. Well, I mean, they were. This is your microphone. I have thanks for pointing it out. I think I bought them in a what's that? put the mall that's stupid I don't know absolutely spencer's where they sell shoes as if they were trips that's stupid I don't know it's a shoe store it seems stupid to me it's not like a locker or uh um I don't know like the monkey store it's just that we're going to call ourselves Journeys, we're going to have a lot of similar colors and it's just that there won't even be walls in our store, it's just that the whole wall opens up and it's just a bunch of shoes and backpacks and it stinks, we're going to call ourselves Journeys.
I love the shoes they gave me because Journeys, you guys, first of all, they're adorable, but second, they're instantly comfortable, they're like walking on a cloud. Comfortable ones that I don't have. to tame them I love them and you were immediately like I hate when you have to do it immediately you made me I was like I hate it I hate when you have to break a shoe I always get blisters like why why can't they just look comfortable I think it's mainly for the shoes, they're like, oh, these shoes take a while to break in, especially boots, give them time to break in, like no, I'm going to buy them, make them comfortable now, what makes that more personal? that like it formed on your foot after a while, you haven't broken them in the whole term, it means it's more, I don't know if it's personally identifiable for you, so first you have to feel pain for two months. winning it there's something get out of here it's a shoot you're stepping on every year so these boots break it's not okay nothing's okay um so this one's from megan I'm just taking everyone's stuff that they need to


and expand on them a little bit the frames have to relax my cats constantly knock them over and they break very easily. right, I did that recently, I knocked down a picture on the back of the frames because it's hard to get, I don't know what we're talking about, I think I did it as someone who needs to relax and I said the background image.
Oh yeah, well I just bought some new frames and what I think needs relaxing is why is it important to put the price tag on it? like stickers all over the front glass of a picture frame with gorilla glue like it won't come off it will never come off why do you have to remove the glass shard and scrub it with soapy water and a razor if I want that makes me crazy like hey frame companies don't put their price tags on glass stop this it's absurd like why are you putting your price tags on and there's always multiple like it's this price but now it's this price and now is this Price again, like and Marshall, why are you so worried about your 699 picture frame being stolen that you designed the sticker with the slices so there is no humane way to peel it off without it splintering?
You try to peel it off and you also have eight stickers super stuck to your glasses. It drives me crazy. I just bought some frames because I like to redo some of the shelves in our living room and this is what I have to tell you guys. I've been awake for three days, there are no photos on them and those stickers are still on the glass. Yes, I'm going to buy. I'm going to print some cute new photos. I don't know if I'm going to remove them. stickers that they got, they got red stickers on clearance, a really good one is that what they said no, it's not that they said just frames.
I've never seen a price tag more attached to anything than a five-dollar picture frame from home. I'm so angry I'd rather not look at pictures of my family than I'd rather not and every day I walk into that room and the shelves look so much better, I feel like I did a good job with them but I see every day how they make fun of me with those stickers and you are someone who has a phobia, yes, like a deep psychiatric phobia, a diagnosed phobia of stickers, however, I really hate stickers and this is something that I now have to fight with.
Like you always like to soak it, oh yeah, but like when you talk about a photo, you have to remove the sheet, the very thin sheet of deadly glass, yeah, people have died, I'm sure I'm trying to get these stickers off. What if that was such a tragic way to do it? It should be in the script as if a beloved character accidentally died from cuts to an artery trying to remove a sticker. You know why? I'm so upset about this that I need to calm down. down okay so I'm very happy that the next announcement today is the calm app here's the bad news guys the world is full of uncertainty and that can make you feel stressed or anxious it can also be full of stickers stuck to glass frames and such.
It could leave you crazy, very stressed, because certain people want good news, you can navigate the change, feel more relaxed and calm your mind calmly, it's okay, we love the calm app, you have heard us rave about it before May we speak wonders about her again. -changing it up is so good that we've partnered with calm, the number one mental wellness app, to give you the tools that improve the way you feel, clear your mind with daily guided meditations, improve your focus with curated music tracks from calm and drift off to dreamland with calm's imaginative sleep stories and if you visit rce you'll get a limited time offer of 40 off a premium calm subscription that includes hundreds of hours of programming with new content added every week.
There are over 100 million people around the world who use calm to take care of their minds and we are included, people are stressed, man I know 100 million people are crazy, yes, they sleep more stress, less, live better with calm down, we use this, but I would say every day, yes, I use it every day. You like Eric. I always feel like the other morning you were tossing and turning and I heard you put something on and put it under your pillow for you to listen to. It's a nice little bedtime story. Yes, he is going on a train trip.
It's really cool across Ireland. How cute, um, it's really nice if you're feeling stressed, but we also both deal with insomnia sometimes and it's always a great way to get your mind to stop racing and just calm down. It's really wonderful, we use it, we pay. before we were sponsored by them we didn't even get this 40 yeah we don't get the deal you guys are getting so for listeners of the show com is offering a promolimited time special of 40 off a premium communications subscription at com. .com rce go to c-a-l-m-com rce 40 off unlimited access to the entire build library this r c e tell them we sent them oh my gosh it's time we've done this before.
Sorry, I forgot to mention its owner. what eric wrote a song i haven't even heard it yet everything i know i should say what i know i should say nothing maybe you'll talk about the song well yes, I'm people who listen to this podcast no, I like to look at the apple reviews like the ones Apple podcast reviews and use them word for word or use them as inspiration for a song. um, these are not things. This isn't an album I've been working on for months or years. It's like you're putting on Flynn. I slept tonight and I was looking and I came up with something in half an hour, so sometimes they're like this, this is from Apple reviews, yeah, so there was a, um, a review from Apple reviews, so I went to I grabbed my phone and people thought I was joking from the beginning here's a Paw Patrol figure if you're watching when o eric shows up skyler in his vehicle and this is zuma in his vehicle it's a guy we do no I don't I know I think which was a girl, but anyway, yeah, I was looking at Apple reviews tonight while you were putting Flynn to sleep and there was one that caught my eye, from someone named Payton Peyton, Ria Peyton, Maria.
I love his last name and they said I can't thank them enough over the last few months. I have had to travel more than an hour to go to work. I look forward to this podcast every Wednesday morning. I'm a big fan. I love watching him. Colleen's videos I'm only 20 21 years old I don't have kids but now I'm obsessed with truck tunes oh god I understand how well we're listening to it today I understand uh thanks for the podcast um but it made me think that um I've seen other comments on the that people listen to this while driving on a commute, just like peyton and I saw I just heard the name peyton and I saw the word y'all like I couldn't thank you enough and it was like this this is a country song oh yeah We're in for a treat uh I've never written a country song um but I don't know if you know this about me I'm a country music fan no you're not yes one of my favorite music artists of all time is hank williams senior uh I think his music is fantastic and it was when I originally moved to California and I drove around the country by myself, I listened to a lot of Hank Williams, especially driving through the middle, like the country music that you listen to, it's old, that's like old stuff , not like new stuff, like we're kissing on the back of my big controller well, no, no, no shade, I think it's some of that, actually, there's some really good country music that's current , yeah, there are, I mean, most of the songs that I really like are about hangovers and stuff like that.
I like it a lot, literally, I'm not going to sing one for you, I'm going to sing my own neverland, I heard you listen to a country, I do, I'm sorry, I like it, no, it's okay, no, it's not that annoying . I just like it, I'm shaken 'cause I've been with you for years and I never heard you listen to me like cheesy like it's good it's good like good music is good music is what I'm saying. okay this is what I'm talking about yeah what's your experience with country music while I'm taking a sip of um?
I love music, I love music very much and I believe that music is wonderful, important and necessary. I'm grateful that there are many types of music that people can enjoy because no one, no one is the same, we all have different tastes and my personal taste is that country music is at the bottom of my list of music that I like to listen to, that's okay . That's it, but that's your personality, but I also understand that people love like you apparently never knew you know everything, no, I think I think it gets the stigma that it's like I get drugs that I won't do. an island, well what you're saying is there's a specific formula that they know works and can make money and I think that's certainly true, but it's also true in pop music, whether it's like dancing in the club, shaking it up how I love you. yeah, there are a lot of lyrics for certain pop songs and artists that I won't mention, where it's like wow, this is like a marketing team wrote it, you know what I mean, and I think country becomes like a very representative specific because I I mean, I'm going to say the word truck in this song, okay, I love it, but it's like I said like this, this was like I wrote this tonight in 20 20 minutes, so, well, judge me anyway , I do not do it.
I don't know I'm not going to judge you I love you okay okay I'm excited to hear it I just was I'm excited and I love that you make different types of music every time you write a song it's different um a different genre but I was surprised to hear you say that you like country music because I've never heard you listen to or sing a country song. Yeah, especially you just have to listen to old Hank Williams. I'm depressed, I always wanted to play him in a movie and then they made a biopic of him starring Elizabeth Olsen as his wife and, uh, Tom Hiddleston.
I don't know if you know who that actor is. He plays Loki in that. another wonder I don't know any actors um and it was that it wasn't good and I feel like I'm just going to say that I feel like the reason it wasn't good is because sometimes because you weren't hank williams yeah and also like Sometimes actors insist where, when they act in a biopic of a musical performer, they insist on singing the songs themselves and I think it's a very strange thing to say: Well, I'll sing it and I won't use "like." especially when it's a very famous musical artist like the movie The Queen, right, that actor didn't use my voice, it was like he used Freddie Mercury's voice, like how am I supposed to do that?
But in this movie the actor was like me. I'll sing and but it didn't sound like Ken Williams at all, I don't think it was the actor's decision, yeah, I don't know if it is, I don't blame them either, but I feel like that Elton. John Movie I also like that guy says yes, but again I don't know, yes, and he's a great actor, but yes, no, I thought it was for me, it doesn't miss the point, I guess it's okay, leave to delay it, no. It sounds like he's stalling me, yeah, okay, uh, what am I doing?
You're singing, oh, okay, oh, then the other thing, oh my God, love, the other thing is when I was doing this like I didn't know how to sing country. I, then, I saw, uh, you actually surprised me by watching a five-minute tutorial on YouTube on how to sing country, that's true, am I boring you and you surprised me, a five-minute tutorial on how to sing country and everything that they said? What I was supposed to do was start at the bottom and go up like you're supposed to take something out. Well, it's a term you've heard in your musical, yes, but why are you just talking about the good one, I'm just saying if it doesn't ring a bell?
Like I'm doing something it's because I didn't, I watched five minutes, okay, let's listen to it tonight, enough excuses, what's okay, just sing it, listen to it, relax me on my commute, give me company while I drive. I miss my exit there's no gas in my truck I didn't have time to get my Starbucks now it's 7:48. I know I'm going to be late. I've been working for a long, long time. I've been working for a long, long time. And I need to relax, I don't know? There is so much traffic here on the 405. Everyone is here trying to survive.
I hope you all have a podcast after your commute time too. It is now 7:53. I know my boss is going to yell at me, we've been working for a long, long, long time, don't we know? There is a sticker on my bumper that says live, love life and always feel at home in my kitchen. There's a sign that says cookies first, buy cookies first and I just imagined that at Peyton's house she has a sign in her kitchen that says cookies butt first, so I went on a tangent there, I feel like al finale and I needed to explain, yes, live love like a Homegoods sign that says live, love, live well. and a sign that says "but the first cookies are good, thank you beautiful for the five star review on Apple podcast, I think that was your first full song that you wrote, was it really yes?" that could be a first hour course than a bridge, yeah, yeah, yeah, you liked the whole whole thing, I think we should have, I think we should have an album, you should, I've never sung, I've never sung on this podcast , we gotta get in the studio we gotta put this on, okay let's do it, who wants a chill album starring eric stockland? because no one, not even me, wants it, beautiful, what did you think of that love?
I don't think I did the scoop. enough, I don't think it sounded good, you did it a couple of times, no, this country, I need more training, it's like a ballad, a country ballad, well, anyone's listening to this right now driving to work and maybe you'll get there a couple of minutes late. Yeah, who cares, man, you've been working so hard, just relax, just relax, I hope you're enjoying this, that was beautiful, I love it, great job, we love it. You all love Eric's songs, as you should. He's very talented, I don't know. that they do it but you tell me that they tell me that you do it it's fun for me I don't care yeah um well I care they they love it and I love it uh you know what, although you know what I love you guys love jewelry, I always do it they do, but when we get back we have one more little, uh, one more announcement for you, a really exciting one that I'm really excited to talk to you about, but first I want to leave you with.
I know when we get back we're going to play a fun little game. Yeah, well, surprise, but yeah, we have a wonderful new sponsor this week that I'm really excited about because I've been wearing some of his jewelry. It's been a while, but this is the first time we've talked about it, so I'm really excited to have Anna Louisa sponsor us. This is an amazing jewelry company that they founded to bring clarity to the jewelry industry. They design pieces with a more beautiful story from start to finish, starting with recycled materials whenever possible, transparent business practices always, and small batches that are kind to the earth.
This really caught my attention when they first reached out to collaborate with us. I love when companies care about their products, they care about the earth, they care about making a difference, but they are also passionate about making good quality products and this really shows in their stuff, so I have a few pieces of theirs, but I really enjoy them very much. dainty jewelry like that is my jam really dainty and chic everyday like I never change my jewelry so I just want to wear it for a while simply timeless affordable quality conscious luxury lasting that's my jam those are some buzzwords love oh yeah sure, but when I was looking through all of your beautiful options, there was a mom necklace that I thought so and you guys know I'm wearing mom necklaces right now.
I have many mom necklaces, but they have a beautiful one that they love so much, in fact I bought one for me and my mom, and I also bought one for you, so you have three, I have three, well now I have two, my mom has one, but they are very cute because they are so delicate and sometimes with delicate jewelry that it breaks very easily or bends, but it is so well made that it feels sturdy and strong and it is so beautiful and delicate that I really love it, I have another one, dandy, like me.
I have always described my favorite type of jewelry. I don't like big, clumsy jewelry. There is not even an advertising text. What you're reading literally just says delicate on your phone. I really love delicate jewelry. It has always been my favorite word. When people ask me what kind of jewelry I like and they have a lot, there is another one that I love, which is like this small and beautiful diamond and it's like it's a very delicate love on a gold chain, it's so pretty, they have so many beautiful things, um. Carbon neutral 100% of carbon emissions related to the life cycle of its products are offset.
Exceptional quality. They even offer a 365-day warranty. They have limited batches that ensure the highest standards of production quality and eliminate excessive waste, so if you want to check them carefully. Recommend relax relax to treat yourself and your loved ones. You can use my code relax to get 10 off. This is a wonderful product and they always have very fair prices, with Julie's starting at just 39 and they have new jewelry. The collections are released every Friday so there are always new things to see if you don't like what they have now but you will.
It's all really beautiful, so again it's great brand that makes beautiful sustainable jewelry so go check it out anna a-n-a-l-u-i-s-a dot com slash chill out and use my code chill out so go check them out you'll love it just like me and my mom is really good at spelling love . I'm so good at spelling, aren't I alwaysbragging during these podcasts, spelling things? I love spelling, what can I say? I love to spell and I love mom's jewelry. Those are my things. Spell mom, you don't even know. how to do it okay guys so to finish this episode we're going to play before we do the podcast.
We came out with a couple of little previews and we would play in the previews and I think we played this for a while. in one of the trailers for that 25 and a half hour podcast, so basically what we're going to do is word association, which I'm horrible at this, I'm kind of horrible at all games, one because I'm extremely competitive and two. because my brain doesn't work that fast my brain works fast in other ways like I can think about 20 things at once but I can't while you're saying something I'm thinking about something else so it takes me a long time to process what someone else is saying you know what? what am I saying?
Yes, because I don't listen to it. I don't understand this game either. So this guy won't be good at that either. It might be fun to listen to. So, for example, this could be a total disaster if someone is still listening, bless you, so, for example, you just played a song on the guitar, so let's say we start with the word guitar, I would say guitar, you could say, I would say drums. bang hair haircut you just said haircuts you repeated then I lose then you would lose so you lose if it's arguable but you lose if you take too long if you repeat a word or if you say something I've never heard of this game we have I played it yet, I've never heard of it so we're going to try it and I'm really bad at this because when there's pressure and you have to go fast, I'm really bad at the games I'm going to be so there's pressure. and we gotta go fast 'cause you gotta go fast, which makes me feel no offense, love, I'm not going to be good at this, yeah, you pause in the middle of your sentences and mine, so I feel like this might be difficult. one for you too okay okay go first pick any word in the world carpet haircut scissors sharp strong I hate this game we're going too slow it's supposed to be much faster I think you originally lost when you went, you were, um strong, okay, let's start again, okay, no breaks, we just have to spit fire out, let's see how bad this goes, if this fails, what will it be, we'll play 20 questions, okay, go there, eric is my name, that's not a word you can say, it's my name.
We are so bad at this game. This is horrible and I didn't know the rules. They didn't know.they were, I've explained the rules, you say a word, yes, a word, it's word association, okay, dragon, love, what, okay, I'll start with flowers, pedals, bikes, fast, flynn, patrol dog, car, truck, littering, dumpster, you just went from one dumpster to another, yes, I can do it. that those are different words, so this is the worst game ever. Is anyone listening? This is horrible. We both do it. I feel like this game is fun when one person is good at it and another person is dedicated to it, but it's both of us. equally terrible at that so let's try 20 questions okay I don't know why we thought a game would be fun this isn't the kind of thing I'm having fun with I'm just trying it one more time okay pants shirt t-shirt love can you see tea , why didn't you say sure, I said tea, tea, it's not a word, it's a letter t, like a golf tee, love, no, you lose, do you really want to try again without just saying t, case of the phone, call number, digit, digit, can you?
Don't just say the same word, I know I lost, this game is horrible, let's play 20 questions okay, so I'm going to think of something random and you can ask me 20 questions quickly, yes or no questions, yes or no. okay and you have to guess what I'm thinking about in 20 questions okay okay then let me think about something let me think about something I'm thinking I'm thinking okay I got it it's a person it's not a place no Is it a thing? Yes, is it in your kitchen? Yes, it's probably, is it hot? It is not cold?
It can be at room temperature. It is at room temperature. It's a fruit? Is it in the dishwasher sometimes isn't it? It's definitely in the kitchen. Well, these days it can be anywhere. Is it a piece of furniture? No, you have nine questions left. Is it a fly? No, um, that's one thing I'm not going to tell. Yes, it starts with the letter s No, it's okay, I'll help you because you only have seven questions left, okay, a lot of times people ask things like, I've never done this before, is it bigger than a toaster? it's smaller than an elephant it's um it's its size it's good um you know it's a thing but you don't know what kind of things so it's something it's a toy it's edible do you know there's all these things?
There are worlds of there are worlds of questions that can narrow this down and not just like it's a fly, how about the lyrics? Is it as big as a toaster, smaller than a toaster, okay, so these are supposed to be yes or no questions, yeah? It's a toy? No, you have five questions left. You use? I have enjoyed this. You have to order four more. I can't forget if it's smaller than the toaster. Yes. I said yes. Foil. This is not the time to be. I guess not, it's not aluminum foil, you're not going to guess this, are you?
When you use it, do you clean it afterward or just leave the mess behind? Well, I personally don't clean it because I wouldn't clean this. but yes, it is necessary, there is an item that must be discarded when you use it. I'm giving you too much information. I'm trying to help you. You didn't say yes or no. An item must be discarded. It can be thrown away, but it is not in the refrigerator or freezer. No, it can be, I suppose, but no, you could put it there if you wanted. Are you currently covered in flies?
Nobody else asks. Is it a light bulb? No, it's a palette. I'm so sure it was close, it sounded the same, I thought you'd say yes, so you usually ask questions that narrow it down, you know, so you know it exists and people can do this. Oh yes, I have. I failed miserably at that, but yeah, I've heard of 20 questions. Yes, do you want to try to do it with me? You can think of anything in the world, like if I just made lollipops, that was lollipop. You want to do one and see if I can get it, I probably won't be able to do it either, honestly, I'm not good at it, right?
Do you have something, yes, okay, is it edible? Maybe sometimes I think people eat it, okay? Is it smaller than a coconut? Yeah, uh mmm. Did you say it's edible? Sometimes it can be good. We have one in our kitchen. Probably yes. Is it meant to be eaten or is it just something you can do with it? I would say it's more like something you can do, but not with certainty. It's not for eating, yes, is it for living?, yes, oh, that's a good question, I see what you're doing here. Is it so we have one in our house right now?
Probably, yeah, I wasted that question. You said it twice, yes. by the way, not counting your questions, is it a bug?, aha, how did you do it?, how are you?, you're already there, I was just saying: aluminum foil light bulb, like 10 deeper questions, I was just saying to the aluminum foil and the light bulb, um, I'm really bad at this, it's smaller than a spider, it's not what lives and we probably have it in our hmm and people can't eat it, it depends on the size of the spider, yeah , that's right, is it bigger than a quarter?
Sometimes, damn, I hate an answer sometimes um, am I scared? uh, I wouldn't say you're afraid of it hmm, it's an insect and I'm not afraid of it, no, I wouldn't say you're afraid, no, hmm, it's bigger. that a spider I think it would be 20. no, that was 10. no, um 10 bigger than a spider sometimes I don't know, there are different waiting sizes, I don't remember what you said, I'm not the one asking another question. Do you remind me of Remi? It looks like it's bigger than a quarter. I said. I didn't say it was bigger. What did you ask me?
Yes, I did it in relation to monetary size. I did it. I asked you if it was bigger than a coin. a quarter I don't remember what you said it could be, I'm not sure, a big one, yes, I don't know, currently it's an insect in our kitchen and I'm not afraid of it and it's bigger than a quarter, this is not There is no other insect bigger than a quarter in our kitchen whoever is not afraid. I can't believe this flies podcast uh no, no, it doesn't fly hmm, so I'm afraid of it, okay, right?
Does Flynn know what this is? Yeah, no, he doesn't know there's a mistake. He really knows what cricket is. Yeah, I got it, oh no, it was like 40 questions, it was 14. Aha, then I got it, our son won, he loves crickets, he found a cricket the other day, by the way, he's really afraid of crickets, yeah , are you afraid, I hate crickets, um, do you hate them? I'm not a fan of qrikets, well he found one and we were like, oh yeah. and we've been saying this, we've been playing this game with him, we've been asking him what the names of things are, what is it like for him to creatively come up with the name of something?
And you have it on video, he thought. for a second and he says the cricket's name is buttus buttis and he was serious guys, it wasn't a joke, it wasn't funny, it was like he was Buddhist b-u-t-t-i-s buttus uh, and now we keep playing that game. with him and every time we say what his name is, whether it's something, now anything he knows, he laughs, so now everything is Buddhist, but that cricket still has a name and we let the Buddhists go outside and every day he looks. for the buttons i trapped buttis with him with a cup and a piece of envelope which i put under the cup and i let him go now every time he sees a cricket it's buttus the same cricket that buttus loves and anything else he wants to name is buddhist but hey Rest in peace, but we, I hope you are, he's dead now, probably in our backyard.
I don't know the lifespan of crickets. I feel like it's not much, it can't be, but this was a fun episode. Sorry, you had to listen. We like to fight in games at the end, that's not really our theme on this podcast, but we thought it might be fun to end this week, did you like that? I hate it, don't tell us, don't tell us what we are. Too proud, it was fun for me too, let's keep making them off the air. Okay, we should continue. I want to ask about 20 more questions. I feel like I could understand them.
Yes, I think you could understand them now. You just needed practice. round, I think it's true, I think you'd be really good at it, um, okay, so thanks to Chris um, our wonderful editor, producer, brother-in-law, slash brothers, friends, amazing humans, thanks to TJ, my lifesaver, um and wonderful producer of the program. and thanks to you for listening to them, we love you all very much, thanks to our sponsors, we have t-shirts. Good trouble is back on July 14th and here is the song of the day from one of you thank you we love your covers and have a wonderful week bye you can relax colleen and eric they have a podcast the world is scary and we are locked in our house, but now we have big microphones so you can relax, that's the name of our podcast.

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