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Our reaction to Daniel Ricciardo’s RETURN to F1!

Jul 12, 2023
Daniel Ricardo is back for the Hungarian Grand Prix Daniel Ricardo has


ed to Formula One replacing Nick DeVries with immediate effect. I don't feel like we've heard anywhere near this level of news from Tommy this year, so we finally apologize to Nick. DeVries, because you obviously know this is the hype and excitement that Formula One fans have been needing and it's a shame for Nick to have lost his seat, but my goodness, we've been dying for any kind of silly spice and seasoned, if you like that. this season and there is no really big news and this has been an absolute bombshell and as you say it has gone from reports in the Dutch media to this news will be announced any minute now and we are recording it now at the moment you are listening .
our reaction to daniel ricciardo s return to f1
This will be official, absolutely crazy. I just want to take this moment to gloat, absolutely gloat. Now some of you will say that a broken watch is fine twice a day. This was done in February. This prediction. I came back and found her. I published it. on our Twitter account I'm sure our lovely video editor will play you a clip now if anyone wants to lose their seat. I think Nick DeVries could lose his race seat to Daniel Ricardo. Oh, spicy, and um, you put it in this in February. and this is where Nick DeVries seemed like the most hyped guy I ever bought into, you know, I put him ahead of Yuki because I dug myself in the hole oh he's so good and he's so experienced and he's so hardworking and all this guy . of things, but it hasn't been good, yes, he was very excited at the moment and you said that he would be replaced by Daniel Ricardo, not even the fact that you said that he would lose his seat first, the fact that he said that Daniel Ricardo was replacing. which I never saw happen because I thought Daniel Ricardo wouldn't accept the downgrade because to me it's a bit embarrassing that he left Red Bull for a new Venture and now he's back in the team that pretty much not quite because it was HRT, but the junior team Red Bull that he started with has a run, so wow, this is crazy.
our reaction to daniel ricciardo s return to f1

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our reaction to daniel ricciardo s return to f1...

I can't believe this is happening now. Let's ask the question: Did Nick DeVries deserve to keep a seat? And in fact we raised it. For you on social media, Tommy, you have the results of the poll that I did and it's literally swinging 50 to 50 and then it goes in favor of yes no yes no, this is pretty divisive, you know, it's Savage, Nick DeVries has been We've already started, we've seen his teammate Yuki snow to have much more time after having had, you could argue it was just as bad a season, well we asked everyone else, why don't we ask ourselves themselves too, Tommy?
our reaction to daniel ricciardo s return to f1
He posed that question to me: Did Nick DeVries deserve to keep his seat? I probably think in what has been 10 races he's on the wild side of things. Yuki Sonoda has had some decent results, although we've talked about a lot of them just off the mark, so if you were to look at it at face value, it's not that Sonoda is putting up a lot of points and Nick DeVries isn't, but that being said, we also discuss This and there really isn't much to lose for Red Bull Alpha to take a long time to unravel. of DeVries and put someone else in because realistically Nick DeVries needed to get on that team and start beating Yuki Sonoda, that's what he had to do, he has to show that potential on a team that we know can be incredibly Savage, that's the way Red Bull Driver Academy has always worked, that's always been the way Savage acts or goes out.
our reaction to daniel ricciardo s return to f1
Look, they have Daniel Aguacate backstage, maybe they want to start gauging how good Yuki Sonoda is and maybe start warming up. that seat for him eventually Red Bull who knows Danny Rick just enters the team and starts crushing Yuki Sonoda? That's another question, we'll have to wait for the answer. Did he deserve to keep his seat? My emotional side says yes. but he also didn't do anything to say that he should keep that seat and it's crazy to say it, but 28 years in Formula One as a new guy is actually quite old and that will be part of Red Bull's thinking I'm sure too.
It's not even like, oh you know, give him two, three more years, like look at Yuki Sonoda, he had more time, but he was 20 when he came in, whereas Nick DeVries doesn't have time on his side and he came in there to fill a position. seat I wonder if Nick DeVries really became the benchmark for Yuki Snowden to be evaluated, it didn't really work out. Nick DeVries was a little surprised and I think that's the main thing you said, the reason why this has been The fact is that they put Daniel Ricardo and then Yuki Snoda can be the one who does the Benchmark, yes, because it is something fascinating that we haven't even mentioned.
I imagine that many people have not even thought about it yet, but not Sergio Pérez. handing over Danny Ricardo enters Yuki snoda absolutely annihilates him in every race they could leave, then Yuki you can have Checkers, look, you never know with Red Bull this is the thing or on the other side Daniel Ricardo enters, he is incredible and they are going well, in We actually believe Daniel Ricardo is going to do a better job than what Checo is doing right now. I think in a weird way, this also makes Sergio Paris sweat a little because they're basically doing the first piece of the puzzle to evaluate.
Evaluate two more drivers in this Red Bull program and we know how it worked, you start there and the goal is that hopefully you eventually make it to the Red Bull team, let's not forget that there is a scoring team behind here, yes, it's terrible. Well, this is like he joined Minadi many, many years ago. This is like him joining a Williams of the future. This is, yes, they are doing it terribly. It's going to be very interesting to see if he gets in the car and it's actually not that bad. a car, as those two drivers say, and there are all kinds of different stories that need to unfold, um uh, sort of, yeah, and I can't wait to see how that goes.
September's question underscores iax, why not the DeVries at least? He even deserves half a season to prove his worth, isn't it unfair that he gets fired because of his troubles in a car that is rarely points worthy anyway? And I think one thing you said, Tommy, was that he's 28 years old. He is not a curveball in terms of maturity or whatever he should be, as he has proven to be a champion of the form. He has driven many different disciplines of cars where he had to jump right in and perform and that's the problem with being so old there aren't many. time for it to develop and so on, you know, from the perspective of nature, and it had to be Yuki, yes, it had to come in and be, it had to beat Yuki, he hasn't, he's made a lot of mistakes, he has crashed spun and also on the other hand, as much as it's cool that Rebel has two teams, it also means that they can have this revolving door a lot more than other teams that only have one team and two seats so they can play around a little bit Alpha Tower It's shocking, right?
Let's try another way. Let's try Daniel Ricardo. Maybe we'll try Liam Lawson, who knows what's going to happen. As I said before, I don't think Nick DeVries has shown any kind of promise for Red Bull to go there. I know what, let's give him a full season and see if he can develop. It's really brutal, but you have to be incredibly wild and go 28 years old. Nick DeVries will be the next big thing and the answer is no, unfortunately Max Verstappen has three. years younger than Nick DeVries and has 42 wins under his belt, that suggests Red Bull is really looking at Yuki Sonoda as the next driver to replace Perez, because what I see is Daniel Ricardo coming in as a measure. he's much better because he's got a Grand Prix under his belt, he's a race winner, he knows how to perform, whereas if you put Liam Lawson in that seat there's no guarantee that Lawson is going to be amazing, he might as well be, but that's again sort of stabbing in the dark for Red Bull, whereas they know what Daniel Ricardo can do, they know if he's underperforming just by looking at the telemetry and so on, so they have a measuring scale there for Danny Rick, yes and this is where Yuki has to step up and deliver Daniel Ricardo is an experienced Formula One driver who you can compare to Yuki even though yes he hasn't finished the season nor driven that car but he is still a point of reference now, let's not forget too, um, the same.
Wild podcast interview about the helmet that Marco had, where he talked about how he disagreed with Christian Horner about the drivers and it was Nick DeVries who was the disagreement between those two is the most recent one he mentioned and clearly yes, the helmet that Marco You've probably looked. that and it turned out fine, no, okay, let's get rid of it, yeah, didn't I say that when we were discussing that? Actually, Marco probably wants to fire him because it makes him look like he knows what to do here and he's proven it but then I guess the fact that Christian was actually the one who didn't want him to do it this time, I mean, that was brutal, surely Nick DeVries then when he heard that and said this is not going well for me, he saw the The sharks start, yeah, trolling around him, the next question, Fitzsimmons, stresses Joe, really, what's the point, the car It's not particularly good and it will take Daniel Ricardo a while to get used to the car and then I think it will almost be the end of the season.
It would make more sense to keep DeVries until the end of the season and then evaluate him, but that's the crucial thing they did when evaluating him, they gave him 10 runs, he had to jump, he had to perform, right? They don't want to give him two three years to start developing, they already did it with Yuki sonoda, they don't need another driver to start the development phase where Yuki was and where his mistakes and this that and the other and the other In fact, we keep saying that his age too, that's not what they need, they need Danny Ricardo there potentially to, like we said, benchmark and then see if Yuki is the goat or if Daniel Ricardo deserves the seat back to Red Bull. the fact that he swallowed his pride a little bit, he will go back to a literally scoring team and if he starts performing again other teams might sit up, take notice and be fine, that was just a blip in his career, let's not count Danny out.
Rick isn't there just to be a tool in Red Bull's measurement process either, but I think he shows that they're looking at Yuki. I mean, Alpha Tari's season is terrible, the car is not very good, maybe it has a more experienced driver too. like Daniel Ricardo in that seat, could help develop them and push them forward as a team also the next question in Keys underlines the corner lists Do you think Ricardo will do significantly better than DeVries because I think the car is really horrible and Considering that Ricardo didn't do particularly well at McLaren apart from the win at Monza, I have doubts that he will do well now.
Well, I'm going to come out on a whim here right now and say that Daniel Ricardo will do just as well as Sonoda if not. a little better for the rest of the season oh, that's interesting. I haven't really thought about it in my head, it's really difficult because when I try to think how we will be against Anoda, I think this is exactly why Red Bull is doing it again. of answers, the question of why they are doing it is because we can't say at the beginning of the year that Yuki was the absolute goat and that Alpha Tower was horrible and that he actually finished in 11th place, was he the one who dragged that car to where should I?
It can't be or the avatari could be better with a couple of better drivers in there so I'll say Daniel Ricardo goes in there and matches Sonoda maybe he beats him on the odd occasion where you know we've seen Yuki still have those. moments where it gets a little too much, yeah, rookie Yuki Sonoda comes back where he's a little hotheaded and stuff like that, oh I just can't wait to get hungry now, it's going to be like one of those things that It's really fascinating to watch because Alpha Towery is a bit fascinating to look at because they are usually only washed from behind.
It will be another interesting narrative that will develop throughout the season about how well Ricardo does against Yuki, correct final question in Chaba lutra. Will Danny only be a six-month replacement? I think so and I think he can be a kind of mentor to Yuki as well. Do you think he is a suitable option for the Rebels' future? Do I think Danny will be a six month replacement? I mean. Of course he's not coming back, I think only for half a year and I'll be like, now I'm leaving, that's like quenching my thirst. Now I'm going to relax for the rest of my life.
He is going to come back. I think with the bit between his teeth, I think that's the phrase and he's going to fight for his survival in Formula One, but Danny has half a season to prove that he still belongs in Formula One. I think he it will be fine. he has to show that he can do it this is like a test for Daniel Ricardo this could be the opportunity to end up not only back in Formula One but in that Red Bull that everyone says he is You know, it's an incredible car, they have won 11 races in a row, what is the record.
I think we both thought he wasn't going to swallow his pride, he did and he's back, so thank you all for watching and listening to this emergency podcastto talk about Daniel Ricardo's


to Formula One replacing Nick DeVries at the Hungarian Grand Prix. I'm excited because I love Daniel Ricardo with every fiber of my being and I can't wait to see how he does. see you very soon for other content bye thank you

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