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Jul 15, 2023
day. I know that's why I think maybe there's something there because, like um, I guess because you never get into that REM cycle, you never get deep sleep, so you're just tired all the time and then once you can , I'm not a doctor, I don't know anything about this, by the way, I'm not saying anything, I am, but actually I'm not. I only know people who have had this sleeping mask for sleep apnea and they say it has changed their lives immensely. I also saw a tick today that I saw Tick Tock where this man was talking to this doctor supposedly who knows supposedly and he is saying that you can't survive on less than six hours of sleep a night, sleeping less than six hours a night is a suicide, is what he was saying and I said, well, call me dead because I haven't had any more. more than six hours of sleep in years, I know, and then I thought, what is this and something else and then the guy I was talking to says, "If that's true, what's up with people who say that they like to sleep five hours a night and they're fine, do they like Thrive?" and the guy said, "Well, the percentage of people who can survive." with less than six hours of sleep a night, um, the people who can survive, the percentage is zero.
our house is haunted   relax 102
I wondered what this guy is talking about because I literally don't know a mother, it's so strange that he sleeps more than six hours, but I talk to doctors when they just nod and point at something, so you're not just saying I'm here, it's my advice. I'm not doctor. Here's a second-hand doctor who follows Tic Tac's advice. I don't agree with this person. It was like that can't be true because I'm alive anyway. I want to thank our next sponsor, which I'm very excited about. Guys, I'm obsessed with you. The foundation is so amazing and we talk about them all the time. and I love them.
our house is haunted   relax 102

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our house is haunted relax 102...

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our house is haunted   relax 102
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Can I do something very quickly? I want to do. I did something, yes, the other day and it elicited the craziest reaction from you. Oh no, can you hold my microphone for me? what's happening wait what are you doing just drinking water weird I don't understand why you did this the other day ah but I don't understand why you had the craziest reaction now you have no reason I don't even remember This is happening, what are you talking about? You just drink water in the weirdest way I've ever seen. I was so thirsty the other morning when I woke up that I, like, shoved a bottle of water into my mouth.
I was so thirsty and you got scared. it must have been your other girlfriend I don't remember this no it wasn't her what she did was this where was that very anticlimactic what did I do first of all I don't remember this you were like Jesus oh my god this is crazy that's the craziest you're going that's The craziest thing ever I've seen you excited a thousand times when it was no I couldn't even do it right wait but you did it and I'm not as thirsty as I thought well because I'm so surprised because I just saw you do that in my head.
I wonder what the first moment in the history of the podcast that just happened is. Oh, it's so good. My God. I thought: when is he going to do that? The episode of Elizabeth embarrassing my husband. Sorry, I didn't have a bigger reaction. I just didn't know what you were doing there. She was very confused, scared and now you don't even remember. Well, I literally typed on my phone. I'm like, oh, I have to do that on the podcast that she was so crazy on, so there's something that was big on Tick Tock for a while, like a year or two ago, that was like talking about X, right? ?
And I have spoken. about something like earlier on the podcast like IX and it started off like girls were talking about IX, what guys would do, that they would like to turn them off and it was like stupid little things, it wasn't really bad things, it was all a joke. It was like when a guy wears socks with sandals or something or something like that weird thing or like a guy stumbles a little bit when he walks and then looks around to see if anyone notices or likes to check his pockets first. he leaves the


for his keys like stupid things he shouldn't even know if your keys are there it's just stupid things and it was like something funny on Tic Toc for a hot minute so now he's grown up so they've made him like he is now that there was a trend where you use that voice changer where you talk about x with your partner as things that give each of you the possibility to do things.
I thought about doing it with you. Can you do the voice? He is friendly. of nasal, yeah, that one, yeah, we should do one, but without using the filter and just talking about it, we should do a whole podcast episode using that filter, do this with the rest of your story like this on the right, tell the rest of the story. get the voice right no no unless it's the filter oh you're not like pretending to make the videos so anyway this was popular for a while so the egg went from girls talking about little girls Things that boys do, um.
And the boys were very offended by this, by the way, and there were boys who did it well, this is my egg for girls when they are ugly, you know how it was, no, that's not why it's funny, you don't understand , but now. like people are just doing I've certainly talked about it here before, but the reason I wanted to mention it is because I have a lot of weird things going on in life in general, not with things like you, but with life-like things that no one can relate to, e.g. , stickers on fruits. People know this, this gives me the biggest balls, it makes me nauseous.
I think it's so disgusting. Yes, you literally got it. I have never met another person in my entire life who feels the same way I do about stickers as if they were fruits. I think it's disgusting. and I won't even take them off I can't touch them properly if I touch them I'll literally throw up like I'm not kidding I'll choke like when you're grocery shopping the first thing you say to me is hey, can you? you take all the stickers, oh my god, and if you take a sticker off a fruit and then stick it on the counter, oh no one has done that, no you don't do that now, but anyway, the point is I have some weird and I wrote one that's weird, but I was watching a video of my brother and sister-in-law.
They have a YouTube channel and they posted a video with her daughter Bailey, who is, you know, a teenager that just floored her. her life and what she's been doing and someone had asked the question like what's your biggest pet peeve or something like that? Something you don't like something like that and she said styrofoam and I talked to Jessica about it, my sister-in-law and she was like how did you not know this? She just absolutely dislikes styrofoam, it's the biggest egg on her, like she thinks it's so gross and it's the first time in my life I've met someone else who feels any way. about something so random.
I've never met someone who doesn't like Styrofoam but doesn't think about it that way. I don't think anyone likes it. I don't know anyone who likes it, but it's not that she doesn't like it, it's like she feels the same way I do about Styrofoam, like it's fruit stickers, and I realize there's something more to it than that. It makes me feel that way and I feel like I could have talked about it here, but no. I got into that to a certain extent, so I was on tour and ordered room service and now I'm pretty sure we talked about it, it's been over 100 episodes.
Sorry guys, but when you get food and they put Saran Wrap on it, then when you get to room service, they put Saran Wrap on the water, the glass of water, they put Saran Wrap on the small plates, on the coke, on whatever thing that's on a plate, if you put yogurt in a bowl of oatmeal with yogurt, like they put Saran Wrap on top. I think it's for your protection now, of course, it's for health reasons. I appreciate that they do it for that, but Saran Wrap disgusts me the most, yeah, I don't like it, I think that's how it is, so they brought it.
I wrote it because they brought me room service and um, it had water. Now I was so thirsty and the water had surrounded the glass that had Saran wrap on it and I liked that it took all my strength to touch it. It really came just to Take it away from me, oh, and then I thought, I can't drink this, yeah, I couldn't drink it because the surrender, if I touch it, it's not like that. There's something wrong with me, yeah, I don't think so, yeah, no, that's not right, I know. That's why I wrote, I thought: What's wrong with you?
Like drinking this water. He was very thirsty, but in my mind I had made up that Saran Wrap had touched him. It's contaminated. It should be the other way around. There was no Saran wrap in this, I was just living outdoors in this hotel, taking up everyone's hotel rooms on this trip until me, yeah, like I should have said, oh this is the cleanest climate, Saran wrap , but it's In my mind, when Saran Wrap played this, you can't drink it like poison and I tell everyone to go see what's wrong with you and I couldn't drink it and I hated myself for that moment and I wrote it on my phone.
I didn't really drink it I couldn't I couldn't get over it and it reminded me that I had seen these tick tocks sometimes I'm sorry I'm in this place um Sometimes I've seen Tick Tock about people where they're like when you're eating chicken and suddenly you become very conscious that you are eating chicken, have you seen them? Yeah, or like if you're eating eggs and you've become very conscious of the texture of the eggs, it's okay, but you can't eat it anymore, that's what I'm talking about, remind me once the thoughts in your head are like: I can't stand This, I'm sorry, I think you need cognitive therapy or something.
I need many things. uh, it's there, but anyway the point is, is there something that gives you that gross feeling that's kind of normal for you to be like that that would make me die of dehydration? No, no, it's not that, but it's like I'm trying to get it. on your plane here, um, if you watch the episodes and not just listen, will you ever see me trying to push Eric forward or if I'm backing up to try, I'll try because Eric does this change of focus or something like that. camera I don't know how cameras work, some of my cameras we use can't change focus and we have to be the same distance from the lens.
But Eric likes to stay away from the camera, so I'm always trying to get on your level, but anyway, um, so, but there are things that suck you out in life. I can't think of anything like no, like no, that would make me starve, yeah, it's like so gross that you're like oh that's so gross or like yeah, that's so gross it could be just something else I actually do gross things. all the time and I don't have any problem with that, yes, I know, there are certain things. I don't like that but there's nothing I would like, yeah, I mean,I'm amazing, thanks for listening, see you next week, bye, you can relax, the world is scary and we.
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but now we have big microphones so you can relax, that's the name of our podcast.

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