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Our Horrifying Night at Haunted DRACULA'S CASTLE (Real Vampire)

Apr 07, 2024
true why is this happening if it was on the whole time like it was upstairs? It would stay on but it's like something is walking back and forth oh my gosh okay come on let's do this for the last three minutes just to get everyone up to speed on this. The music box turned off and stopped working, it was still flashing like it was watching something, but the actual sound didn't work. This thing just broke, it sounded so loud. There is no way to recalibrate it. It's still ringing. Did you move it? Maybe we should move.
our horrifying night at haunted dracula s castle real vampire
What I did is that it broke or something like what is happening with it after recalibrating twice. I can't believe it's blinking, but it's not like the music isn't playing. Sam said music doesn't work. There are many ways they can be interpreted, yes. 30 minutes left that's all we have in this


this is what I'm hearing there's no way I can hear what they're saying ow no dude nothing is totally creepy back there like what or maybe because we all came here to try talk to that, he's here with us, oh my god, holy cow, it's okay, we're in the music room, now you've got us where you wanted us, are you here?
our horrifying night at haunted dracula s castle real vampire

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our horrifying night at haunted dracula s castle real vampire...

Were you the one making this music box play on one of our devices? the one who wanted to listen to music some Romanian word that I couldn't say well we have other devices around here we also have a rim pod you can go play this go get this music box as you know stand in front of it we will play some musical idea idea you have an idea play is this what you wanted to hear lights off okay the lights are off this is what you wanted there's still something in this room talking to us yes who are you what are you a street boy yes, do you like the music we're playing what do you want from us hush hush can you show us some kind of sign I said what do you want from us that said silence but asked us to play the music Maybe I just want to listen.
our horrifying night at haunted dracula s castle real vampire
Should I play someone? If it was you who told me to shut up, a lot of lol because I'm not going to stay quiet until you give us some kind of sign that you're


ly here where are you in this room? I'm awake do you still want us to play music? No, no, we play music for you. now it's your turn to give us a sign and show us that you are here we are talking about the street we have about 20 minutes to show you right now there are a lot of romanian words that I don't know do you know vlad the impaler vlad Dracula III maybe we have the water, Dude, we should do that, let's get Sam out of this so we can change him.
our horrifying night at haunted dracula s castle real vampire
Yes, yes, the light was off because he told us the lights were off. Nate was playing the piano. We're talking to a street kid, right? not to hear these things while you say them no, I didn't say street, yes you said, I said a guy from the street and you said, yeah, oh wait, what was he laughing at us too, okay, so we're changing it, we are trying. To do this quickly we have the water here. Have you noticed that the music box hasn't played at all? I'm pretty scared to open this thing. I am not going to lie.
Oh, they can't hear anything. Let's try to do it. continue talking to you you want we brought water from the witches pond let's open that's okay I what's that oh he said we need me that's him we have water down here open it's me oh no are you angry or restless are you a restless spirit or you have unfinished business here very what the guy that's not so that's what I'm saying very well um, can we help you rest? you yeah you me and you yeah we're trying to help we can we help you trapped where where are you trapped how how can we get you out of a bad place suck a bad place something just broke there buddy this is scary, yes I am, yes where are you stuck? evil evil players, are you trapped? here in the


this castle is an evil place can you give us a name? can you tell us your name? leader you are black you have to be happy that you have war I think that the leader of the war who was the leader of the war was that vlad well, he was a leader as a commander, he was a ruler, maybe that is the same: corpse, you know About vladimir paler evil oh yes, yes, he is here, he is vlad here, we have brought the water from the witches pond here supposedly cursed by vlad himself, do you like this? damn water yeah yeah this is this yeah this is the damn water so it's legit what do you need from the wood holy holy look at me what are you doing oh oh my god you're obviously trying to say, oh my God, help, help if they?
He said help wasn't going to work I'm shaking buddy he needs blood he helped no it doesn't make sense do you want blood no I want death I'm in a jacket I'm going crazy buddy I'm going crazy too I'm freezing. It's scary well, you have unfinished business here in the castle yeah, what, what was it, what do you need from the castle, friend, did you hear how strong this is, friend, that was the most intense, we said what do you need from us and immediately you said loved from us and then we said oh that just went off yeah you just heard it's resonating oh we said do you want our blood he said leader evil leader so we're 100 talking to him talking to a highway no It was like this. it turns off for 30 minutes and then as soon as we tell you what's wrong, something appears.
I'm going to move this again too, we only have 15 minutes ready, okay, let's get started, you can hear us on us. I just heard the music box play, go, what wait, wait, wait, you want us to do it, you've got water dripping, we're making it, we're making it, what does that mean, come out, you want us to leave, right? Now we are trying to help you. Do you want us to leave? What was it? It feels good. What feels good. Stay. Do you want us to be here? Please? Where are you falling holy? Are you OK?
Need help? No, do you hear that? Yeah, I was worried because someone can't, are you still here? Did you hear that? I am just here. What did you just make that noise about? Can you make another noise for us? Are you doing that? Do you hear? That's the noise outside the rover. Can you see us right now? yes drink more drink more water look look dead look dead or look around more more more more more more more water death dead dead are one last time can you confirm that you are a street boy are you a street boy are you in the hallway?
No, I can't, buddy, I hear someone right there, someone's here, I was right here, hey, it's outside, that's outside, yeah, footsteps were heard right there, right here, buddy, this is right outside the house , holy, holy, holy, scared. It was the wind, surely it was the wind. I felt it. I knew it very strongly. Are you okay, buddy? It's a terrifying experience. There is something here that we keep hearing. There's something that just snapped. Can you make another noise outside? here we listen to you as you are saying it right now we are leaving right now you just said three times well guys, we are actually down by the main well, I just heard it several times, it is one of the strangest ones. experiences, yeah you just become like a medium, I was shaking like every time we do the eses method, it always scares me to the core, you were literally talking to something, it's like in your ears, so loud, what were you?
Talking to, let's try to figure this out several times in all of our similar investigations, he was saying yes to a streak, yes, he's a


, well, I don't think it was Vlad himself, no, because when we kept asking Vlad, he also said no. We are saying why are you trapped and someone said leader, someone is afraid like the ruler and obviously Vlad was a ruler here and obviously he is the scariest person to live here because if a spirit is trapped here and they don't know it. They are dead, they probably still have the same mentality of being afraid of you know what happened in their lives, but the thing is it's strange, they didn't want help, I hope the camera caught this, but there were explosions. at the next door I was like you're in the hallway because we thought it was a hallway, we don't know this castle very well, obviously he said no so I opened it, he was outside and then he said outside and do you remember?
I asked what you need and blood comes out, we went to the store earlier today, I bought something, oh perfect, it eliminates


s, exactly, that's the rumor, apparently no, you didn't, oh God, this is pure garlic, why put on? It's spitting black, that won't be him failing my ass to


, they'll clean it inside, we'll clean it outside, having the garlic, if we throw Vlad in there, come on, boy, with water, if you want we'll go to another castle and or a vampire type place, comment below and get 300,000 likes and we'll do it, get ready for the next hell week video in two days guys, we'll post every other day until Halloween, get ready, subscribe, it's going to be the craziest, Sam.
McCoy, literally, there will be so much content that there will be movies. I can't wait to show you what we have in store for you. Be sure to subscribe. Go see Nate too and I'll see you soon with another video. Bye bye. the largest group of tunnels in an underground city in the entire world some kind of homemade grenade what are booby trapped catacombs yes what kind of threat are they trying to kill you are they trying to kill you because of the flood the normal entrance what are we going to we're stuck around it like giant rocks falling that's not good that means something collapsed there's some shuffling out there there's a shotgun nothing that's horrible dude this might be the most demonic thing we've ever encountered I've never seen anything like it this hell week of Sam and Colby and we're going to go find a satan hole, dude, satan's vacation house, let's go

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