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Our 400hp V8 Swapped Merch Van is DONE - Already Ripping 3rd Gear Burnouts

Feb 27, 2020
so before we start today's episode we're going to take some time to talk about a sponsor of ours and a partner Cove audio and some of the products that made coal body is actually helping to support this project that you're watching right now on this channel . let's talk about the Cove audio solitude noise canceling headphones what do they do well? obviously noise canceling so outside noise is reduced to almost nothing so you can focus on your music your podcast what if you're listening so you've heard? music right now we're listening to i don't know i can't hear it's great well well why are they good going down yeah yeah usually they can't hear you so he's doing it with your stuff it's good he can't hear me.
our 400hp v8 swapped merch van is done   already ripping 3rd gear burnouts
You can barely hear what you're listening to, it's at full volume plus noise cancelling, it has a 12 hour battery life, you can also handle all your phone call tasks on this and it has a 30 foot range from your device to your headset so you can pretty much cruise your stuff around your shop work like you do you fold it up you put a really little baggie and put it in your bag and just take it off and you actually have a jack 8-inch audio on the side, so in case you want to listen to your original Click Wheel iPod or even plug into your first-gen Genesis and plug in to listen to it, you can.
our 400hp v8 swapped merch van is done   already ripping 3rd gear burnouts

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our 400hp v8 swapped merch van is done already ripping 3rd gear burnouts...

Also head to Co audio comm/tuning 65 enter the code moving to 65 and you'll get 70% off coab's ideal noise canceling headphones are the most affordable for the quality you're getting right now so don't hang around asleep, a great gift, get one for yourself, get one for your friends and now back to the episode. up to the shop here to talk to mike cox and the guys i've been missing for about three weeks so it would be pretty sick to see how far he's come mike this looks sick i'm very very excited on the underwriting whats up man dammit ok is the chassis legit bolted to the frame now or the body bolted to the its not really how many times you had this on and off even with all the coolers and all that jazz like that?
our 400hp v8 swapped merch van is done   already ripping 3rd gear burnouts
The brackets are the ones that are mounted to the body so all the transmission coolers are gold on the body that's ok because pretty much all you need to work on this is you have to get the body off the chassis like so that we have concentrated on making the bodywork easy to take. off once the trucks are fully assembled there's just a couple of things you need to disconnect so you can get the body off the chassis oh yeah so it should be very easy to work on that v8 it's significantly wider than that inline six was yeah and how much room is here oh like i don't know oh don't hit the brake pedal yeah so basically you're going to have to like the left foot brake you're going to have to drive with two feet but i think i'm going to bring the brake pedal out a bit more so they are roughly level.
our 400hp v8 swapped merch van is done   already ripping 3rd gear burnouts
You got it? dry fire because he's working on the wiring and I know we have to completely fix it before we turn this on, so let's go see Vince. Kent was a good eye. What's going on Zack? I'm making battery cables, this is how you crimp something this big. I'm sure you could do it with something else, but this is the tool for the job. So what's next after the battery? I mean you can make those wires. The computer and engine harness are connected so, theoretically, we can start the thing again. body off again and then what and then we're gonna put gas in it oil huh oil cooler lines and then we can turn it on maybe that's in there yeah ill let's do it yeah let's see if we get it going now good job man good job I might don't get any data.
I think it would be set for real. I'm sorry Chan. and to straighten all of this out for us, we're kind of inept like the word zack used to use a computer or something. I'm more of the type of person who sits to the left. we make such a perfect match so tomorrow we're going to clear this all out now we've got the engine the crank turns it builds some oil pressure we've got the fuel pump when we hotwire it works we'll see you tomorrow morning bright and early well we're back and got a special delivery of some seats today we should probably show you those yeah we're catching up doing some of the final brake lines some of the final cables. far enough along yesterday that they were coming today moving forward we've got a couple of issues to work out getting the body out of the frame again yeah and then finishing up some of the wiring arrangements and stuff we've got a busy day ahead of us huh?
No? look too excited Vince let's show you the seats this is them now a fabric on a cushion that's where you said that's where BEC goes and the good thing about these are very white I have some brackets that I designed and they had the water jet remove that basically , we'll get on there and mount our seats to the floor somehow but they'll be great the seats will swivel when


and hopefully they'll have a little more adjustability than that we're going to get it all right so I've been here for about 30 minutes here helping the guys get the old transmission out Vince when he installed the air tanks ran the airline oh yeah this is what they've been waiting for yeah it's a box Wow a transmission that's cool what's there in the other cool box let's open this one it's like 13 quarts pour synthetic PNM performance trick shift performance audit automatic automatic transmission fluid so you got the BLM for l-lady in that big old converter you yourself some trick shift is ready to party alright yeah get the fixture set up for the stream cooler on this to eat in los angeles and one thing you always have to keep in mind is if you want to run a fixture you have to have this special fixture that is like this length and oring because we don't it doesn't work and/or leak keep that in mind if you're doing that kind of setup in this what I'm doing is we're replacing the flex plate bolts here because the original ones a little too long have some ARP units nice and rock hard and put some silicone on the end so we can keep the oil leaking good so we've got an hour before Chan gets here trying to fix things so we can fire this thing we've got our bnm for the in we have the shifter stuck some pipes thanks to it being an animal version the sauce is going to go in hey yeah i have the dummy tank we can't install the tank yet due to the riser interfering with where the tank is tank lands mm-hmm but all the plumbing is cut and prepped ready to assemble ok and i got big mike here putting the driveshaft in mm-hmm this is a tight fit alright cool i guess now you bolted on the torque converter but i did oh Great the six studs Todd Shafter said you could be my hero baby soon they're still hot so the time has come we got Chan in the building what's going on man you can recognize this battle man of the building. go ahead do all the horsepower yeah well six oh yeah what can we make of this?
But still, it's okay. I would be very impressed if he did 400 to the wheels. What is it, lieutenant? Today is preliminary so let's load the system and make sure there is the correct program in error and just make sure all the sensors are working correctly that way these guys can turn it on and idle it and get all the fluids there it is like a pre-dyno grind like that, it's all good before you try to start blasting it with power, oh yeah so what version of Holley's software did you download here? This is the newest. I think it's EFI version 5. of the software and stuff it's free online at holley chill you can get all the updates all that jazz oil pressure hmm ok it smells like kerosene yeah that's interesting grandma yeah well I like it though how crazy it's going to be so loud in here oh yeah Claire Iran and I would say yeah what are we going to do to get this so for this you just have to write a calibration file just the full setup with what type of crank trigger does it have what injectors were they using what fuel sensor map, oil pressure sensor.
Like all sensors they need to be scaled and calibrated and put into the computer so it knows what engine it is and how it's supposed to behave once you've downloaded all of that and it flies fine who does the rest and that's it. Holley's stuff so right now we're basically in a base you're in a base yeah it's enough to have systems check fluids whatever to make sure there's no leaks and then you should die in this cool thing, thanks so much for coming out. I'll go up to the top, yeah man, all these things here that are almost


Chris painted the window frames so when the glasses guy arrives it looks new behind them we still have a fused or shock modifier. we also need to install the radiator and fill it with coolant, burp, burp, we need to install the seat belts, oh, final weld on the exhaust, tie the lines through the chassis and hook up the trans cooler, so we're there, yeah easy yeah Easy money, yeah, so what does this thing need? This thing will still need a dino, dino, tune, dino, drive rest, oil sheet check or no overheat, shake, all that stuff, lots of dealing and we're excited to get this thing up and running for the road, yeah, so we're going to get to that we're making some progress so the driver side muffler gets pretty close to our fuel lines, our airbag lines, our wiring harness and so we have a new product for women funk motor spark that we want to show you. check this out it's cool it's a spunk engine sport exhaust blanket which is a new product design it's similar to the old one everyone has seen it the old turbocharger blankets so you can use it to wrap your pipes , their mufflers, their down-pipe turbochargers. your exhaust systems your fuel tanks feel like your transmission sells this is good for up to a thousand degrees celsius and for us on this side of the water eighteen thirty two degrees fahrenheit so let's install it moment of truth you brought a bottle of champagne I don't have Coors Light which will work.
I'll break it in the front of this thing. Whoa, the time has come. I miss Tom Joe. Wow, hey, what are you afraid of? It's time to open a beer because we're going to drive. this thing out of the store for the first time victoria christie boy that's it it's on its own wheels with its own weight we got it all vented i think you could take it off any sweet hop yeah no we been going like gang bangers trying to strap this thing on we got the dash wrapped all the paint on the sheet metal we stuck the shifter in and realized we have to make a new kind of shifter holder to hold that guy where we want him at the steering wheel side we have the seats or a seat there you want to get in there very let me show you yeah oh hey guys hey let's see if it starts and we can get it out of the shop at least feel accomplished okay let's do it let's do it If you take the driver's seat Mike that's fine.
I'll plug this thing in, okay. I bet you have to like it. It would help if it got up to operating temperature. I hope we can drive this a little further. We'll figure it out and then try and make donuts and


. There is no time. Perfect. Look who we have here. I think it's time to hit the dyno yeah so we're headed to Long Beach proper at 7:30 in the morning from the Inland Empire it's going to be sweet it's going to be a lot oh yeah okay we're here with Sean Church, what's going on, you know a lot but you know a lot.
They're connecting what he calls is the old dynamometer. Yes, this is Dynapac. It's a hub. shaft on the dynamometer potentiometer. I really appreciate you raising it. It's great. Our first survey we did 378 pom-pounds of torque and a thousand rpm. humming in march man the engines end out the engine out the truck and now let's kill the engine on the meltdown man yeah do it folks that's the need for america yeah yeah this looks evil. good job i can't believe it yeah it was sick nothing works right huh yeah it works yeah all they want to do man yeah okay there you go michael just ran out now let's go back.
I'm so impressed with this thing yeah it's amazing man third


this way no problem no problem and it was like quarter throttle yeah yeah third


Wow, I didn't want to care because I thought I was going to lose. and then all these cars here yeah you don't want to do that you know I do that but now with that we're going back to the donut garage and sure we've got everythingelse yeah it's time to deliver yeah now we know it's running good ready to get sick let's go we're back here to the donut garage as you can see one piece we've got a couple things to fasten we need to get our new wheels and tires for him and put some branding on it because right now he doesn't have any leather covering it so we'll do it all tomorrow and yeah SiC so good it looks good do you think the right stuff will come out of Zak? from there to get into the last last time honestly the wheels change the whole look on the brain they always do yeah its not a surprise but its always nice to see it definitely fits with the overall theme of the aesthetics of this vehicle now and its overall purpose. sure yeah this is my favorite wheel to get out of five two in a single pitch this thing looks sick yeah amazing it's amazing I'm sure everyone else check out what Zach looks like at home right now today , today, only Equestria drugs, 50% of that is correct, we have it. all the bovine semen there you have it


people are arriving at an event near you so we just had lunch i think the guys know we're filming a video no no thanks no problem johnny keep it up so we just had lunch here at the pike our favorite place in town with the best jukebox in town we get the band back together to make it the way we are on a mission from God

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