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Opening Logos Paws Of Fury: The Legend Of Hank (DVS)

Sep 02, 2023
Stars fall from the sky through the clouds and fly towards a pyramid-shaped snowy mountain, gliding over serene water and arcing around the mountain peak under a twilight sky. Paramount an animation with yellow hands full of lever and electric sparks flowing through an electrified tube. slime lights up marquee letters that light up and spell Nickelodeon the ceiling above the letters explodes and the walls collapse a blimp launches the word movies and flies away a black circle floats on a pink background the circle and background colors invert a tiger with wings appears in the circle Flying Tigers Entertainment the letter A moves on a cloud of steam The steam fades away and letters appear next to the a that spell a line red and white balls float in front of the words gfm animation with a maze white in the background on a black background white red and orange scribbles form the words HB wink and graffiti below the word animation appears in a static image the figure of a child runs and flies a star-shaped kite an adventure floating words meet one next to the other little cinema 30 years
opening logos paws of fury the legend of hank dvs

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