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Opening $10,000 NBA Mystery Box!

Jul 13, 2023
It is held in various auction formats, including multiple weekly auctions, a premium monthly auction, and my personal favorites, the daily and 10-minute auctions, you're already in the middle of the court no no no no no no no no yes, they also have a IOS available for download and a Marketplace so you don't Allow yourself the action and the best part guys they have provided me with a 10 off registration code for you so use my registration code jsr oh my goodness Mitchell you must press this, so go ahead and follow them on their social media. Pristine auction beads, links are below in description, oh come on, what were those 30 seconds?
opening 10 000 nba mystery box
Not good, that's how it was.Mitchell's time wow that was fast see if I can beat him Go say less did that cape that's a solid start bang wow okay no that's okay I have time I have plenty of time that's his favorite corner I like it not this corner, oh no way no way, oh oh brother you could actually win this, it's hard, half court is hard, this is not a joke, oh my god, one more buzzer. I lost because of five fouls. Wow, Mystery Box, no, no, light up t-shirt, that's the coolest item. Have I ever seen an auction in my life?
opening 10 000 nba mystery box

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opening 10 000 nba mystery box...

I love you, congratulations, thank you, Mr. Christine, auctions, you always outdo yourself. I love you guys, if you want any autograph memorabilia go to the pristine auctions and if you want to see us


our other 10,000. The NBA


boxes they sent us are also showing up, this is crazy.
opening 10 000 nba mystery box

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