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One year later… Did we make a mistake buying our Winnebago Travato??

Jun 10, 2024
Hello everyone Hello, we are Elisa and Jason with EECC Travels, that's right and we decided to


this video to answer a question. We have many things. We've owned our Travato for about a


and a lot of people ask us how you downsized. Did you upgrade from a larger RV to a van and why did you




? That is the big question. About two


s ago we bought a Thor Gemini 23 TW, it has a full wall slide, it was our first motorhome. and we took off in it and spent about six weeks, put on a lot of miles, and discovered things we didn't like about that particular RV.
one year later did we make a mistake buying our winnebago travato
We had attended several RV shows as we embarked on this journey of


an RV and we kind of looked at the smaller units like the Vans and the Thors and the 23 tws and all these models, and we ended up choosing that one, well, at least. In the end we didn't like it very much and we decided that, because of the way we travel, we more or less needed something that was more livable on the road that was more suitable for our lifestyle and we thought that the van would be perfect, so we decided to do the change to the truck.
one year later did we make a mistake buying our winnebago travato

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one year later did we make a mistake buying our winnebago travato...

We made a


so Thor definitely had more space, it had the full wall slide, it had a queen sized fold out bed, it had a full dining room, an open living room in the middle, a full bathroom instead of a wet room , a double-sided closet, so we definitely had more space, more storage. Gemini and us, that was something we were worried about going from a typical RV to a van-style RV: We know we're going to lose storage space, we know we're going to lose space, but is that okay with us? If we work with a limited amount of space, we'll be able to carry everything we need and live comfortably on the road, and with the loss of storage space, you know, there's only so many things I can take with me, you know, I like to grill Grill.
one year later did we make a mistake buying our winnebago travato
I liked to cook outside and I was losing all that space so I had my grills with me and we were just worried if that was going to work or not and one of Elise's big worries was the wet bathroom because the truck has a nice back end. bathroom, but it's a wet bed, so you shower and relieve yourself all in the same little place, but being on the road as much as we did on the Thor, we found that we didn't really use the shower, so it became in a no- The problem for us is not that we don't shower, we shower, but that we go to the camp facilities.
one year later did we make a mistake buying our winnebago travato
Thanks for the clarification. Yes, we bathe people well. If you shower in an RV, you're limited to your tanks, you know there's going to be hot water. running out of spaces very possibly tight, so we would stop, you know, we go two or two or three days, maybe more, maybe less, just depending, and we would stay at a campsite very similar to this one and use the facilities there. take a nice long shower, extended hot shower and that's how we ended up doing it so the wet bath stopped being a problem and that was really Elisa's great support, that was the crutch for me because I was like I didn't do it out. taking a wet bath, there's no way I can handle that.
I don't want a truck because I can't stand a wet cap, so every time she was dead, yeah, that was like a no-go for me, so whenever after being on the road for a year or so and going out and say: you know, I really think I showered twice in the Thor the entire time we had it and I found that I enjoy showers and camping more, yeah, it's just as easy to go out and stay at a campground because we were doing it anyway, some nights we do Boondock and other nights we don't just rely on our route and what we're doing and all that, so, okay, we got over that hurdle, we got over that hurdle in a big way.
Also, what I noticed about the truck is that I didn't realize how bad the Thor was until we bought the truck. What is road noise? Yeah, I remember being in the Gemini Thor driving down the highway and we were listening. to podcasts or radio whatever and I would have to like Max max at 30 to listen to it and because there was a lot of road noise, yes, a lot of road noise, yes, but we had nothing to compare it to. I thought it was normal so we got this one and it is airtight just like your truck or car that you drive every day.
This thing is hermetically sealed, it's better insulated, and you don't have to turn on the radio. There is absolutely no road noise, you don't really hear anything vibrating or creaking moving around the rattles and creeks that you heard in the Gemini, you don't hear in this it's like driving a normal vehicle, it's a truck, it's a 3500 Pro chassis Max and Basically it's 21 feet so it's basically like the size of a full size F250 or something yeah as far as space goes we went from 23 feet to 21 feet we went from a full wall slide and the RV was sticking out about two. feet more than the van, we had external storage and internal storage and we lost a lot of space, so that was our other big concern: can we carry everything we need, but I think you made that up?
Elise is really great at organizing. I'm not the organizer, I'll have to give her full credit for this, but she did a fantastic job of maximizing our limited space, yeah, so every time we made the move we literally purged the campground we were staying at and there was a huge pile of donations. all the things that we knew we couldn't take with us and as we took things out we go, you know, we don't really need that and we don't really need that, we don't really need that, so the purge was It's not a problem for us, for some People it's like they just can't let go of something, but for us it wasn't at all and we can carry the things that are important to us, we have our big rocking chairs, there is a space above the cabin where they fit perfectly under my bed because there are twin beds under my bed there is full storage so underneath let me tell you everything and you too sorry to interrupt.
We also have a full walkthrough of our video. We'll put the link below and how he maximized all of our space and how he organized it. We will link to those videos below. Yeah, so make sure you check them out, but under my bed let me tell you everything we have. Carry underneath number one is a tool bag and I'm not talking about a small road tool kit. I'm talking about a big full size tool bag, everything you can imagine is underneath, we carry a small charcoal grill, underneath we carry an electric one. grill we carry two folding tables two folding beach chairs they are those small ones like backpacker chairs they fold up into a little bag yeah we have a huge extension cord because you never know for the fans we have fans now two fans we have two fans because it's summer we have two chairs so we need two fans that don't oscillate so we have one in front of her and one in front of me yes perfect we have an insulated backpack that we use when we go to the beach we have an extra blanket we have some pool toys under there it fits everything that fits under my bed and you also keep one of the extra cookies in there, that's right, because our bed configuration is we have two single beds but we have three pillows that will connect to make one large bed and under my bed I have a little bathtub-type cubby and I keep the lighter fluid in there for when I decide what I want because I can't use a fireplace.
I don't have enough space for the fireplace, so I bring lighter fluid and will carry it. the toilet paper, yeah, that's where it gets a weird combination right, and there's a cubby on the side where we put all our shoes, yeah, so there really is more storage in here than you think, we have absolutely everything we need . completely comfortable and to rest and enjoy our time wherever we are. Yes, I will say that when we were looking at Vans there were a lot of different floor plans and this is the only floor plan that worked for us because it flows the best. for us because having that back bathroom, even though we have two single beds, we don't sleep together like we normally do at home, sometimes we make the bed, but that flow is just great and that back bathroom has more space in the bathroom. and we have a full size closet so on a long road trip we can bring a lot of clothes and we do yeah I mean we buy too many clothes like we did I mean you can basically I can put the way she doubles everything. and fill my entire summer wardrobe, everything I have I could practically put there, yes, and also because I mainly wear t-shirts all the time, the same small thin t-shirts, shorts and not bulky pants, but we have also done this in the winter and I like this I like this is a 59k Winnebago Travato uh I think we didn't mention we said travado but not the floor plan this is the 59k but the back bathroom seems to have the best space yeah um to do your needs in the right position.
Privileged position to defecate. Privileged position to defecate. Okay, for me, it has to go in the back and it's perfect, it's a porcelain toilet. How cool is it that I don't miss that plastic. thing that was on the door and really guys, this is just kind of a summary video of whether we made a mistake or not, but I will say that overall the quality of this thing, yeah, the craftsmanship, the workmanship, it's just more. Superior unit than the one we had previously, the Thor Gemini. Yes, I agree that the cabinets are better made. You don't have those bells.
You can feel like oh, we have the countertops or this really nice solid. surface countertops and yes, like a Corian countertop, it's what it's a real sturdy solid surface, it's got the sink cover that you can remove and use to get extra space, it's the chair that swivels, you'll see inside. the tour video, so I don't want to get too much into that, but um, but the window curtains too, that's another place where you can notice the quality, yeah, yeah, so the front window has a popup, you open it. like this, you slide it. up it has um it has two arms that lock into place you lift them up and they lock into place and it's what's your track and then you have this blind that goes up the track and you can lock it in place and then put your with the sunshades down and you have instant privacy, yeah it's like 10 seconds and it's built into the unit, and then we have really nice custom made side curtains for the side windows, it all came with the Toronto, we didn't have the special one.
Order that and then all the window shades will slide up so we can literally park and have complete privacy in less than five minutes. I love it, again, it's just more livable, we don't want to spend all our time at camp, you know? If we want to, we'll park and hey, we want to go here, we'll just unplug it, plug in the cable and go out, we'll go around town. We can park this in pretty much any standard parking spot we can. She makes a U-turn if we take a wrong turn because you know how that happens, she's very flexible and when we're driving down the road, Lisa wants to get up and go to the bathroom, she can, she wants to go to the refrigerator. make a sandwich or if you want to sit, lean in the back and look out the window and maybe do a little work on a computer, this is the perfect unit to do that, it's like your little traveling rocket, yes, I've prepared the I eat lunch standing in the kitchen while he drives many times um, I've taken naps, I've slept well because he woke up at 6 a.m. and he's ready to move on and I'm still sleeping and he just pulls the blinds down, throws the pillows on his bed and boom!
We have left and drive carefully. Oh yes, I know it's illegal, but let's be real. When you have a truck like this and you can do that, let's face it, you're going to do it, that's the cool part about having it. an RV, so we enjoyed this unit. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I absolutely believe we made the right decision, this was not a mistake at all and if I had to do it all over again I would do the exact same thing. Same thing, yeah, I don't regret anything about the van and we haven't been in it much over the last year and that's how things have worked out for us, not that we wouldn't want to be. the van, but we sailed, so it turned out that we were going to have one cruise after another and poor Ellie was careless, so this summer we decided to block the schedule, there will be no cruises here in the summer so we can actually come back. the RV connects with her again and makes the decision if we are going to continue traveling or let her go and I think we have answered that question, yes, yes, I am definitely going to continue traveling from now on, we enjoyed it.
The unit is fantastic and it's perfect for us right now, but let's face it, we all evolve, things change, who knows what will happen in the future, but we will move forward with the strokes that we can improve, who knows one day. a class A, we enjoy camping and we enjoy trying all kinds of different things, you know,As you look at us in the world of cruising, we love to try all kinds of different ships and things, so we love to see what's out there, but as of right now we absolutely made the right decision.
I'm glad I bought the Winnebago Travato 59k and I don't regret it at all and as we travel, you know, we discover the things we want and need and find. a couple of cool things we've added to our you should be talking about the new electric bikes the new electric bikes and your new grill yeah we have some new electric bikes and we love them the brand is called 10 ways uh we just sort them They ship them to your house in a box, put them together and boom, these things are fantastic, the reason we chose these particular bikes is because they are very light and will fit very well on Ellie's back, so that's good because I constantly have to lift the bikes, put them on the rack and take them off, so weight was very important.
My particular model, and we'll put the model links below mine, only weighs like 37 pounds. a battery that has a range of up to 53 miles, it only takes a couple of hours to charge and the great thing about this bike is that it is belt driven so there is no chain, it doesn't rust or get oily, it requires very little maintenance and It has an LED screen with three pedal assistance modes. can go about 20 miles per hour the elise's is a little more comfortable for a woman it has front fork suspension so it's a really smooth ride it has five pedal assists that go up to 20 miles per hour it also has a small accident that you can tie things to and the nice thing about his bike is that it has flashing lights, you can turn left, turn right, it has signals that you can use, it's really nice, both bikes have beautiful LED displays and both bikes have lights. on the front you can cut them at night and they are very, very bright, very bright, you can see very far.
I love these bikes. I love how versatile they are because I can pick them up just by lifting them, they are super lightweight. Place them on the back of the computer without forcing them, which is super nice. One thing I really love about these 10 shapes is that it doesn't look like an electric bike, they are very stylish, it looks like a normal bike, the battery pack sits. right there they are so nice, you don't even realize it's an electric bike, everyone asks what kind of bike that is and they can't believe it's an electric bike when we tell them I love it and of course the seats are adjustable .
You can raise them or lower them depending on what you want and it also has brakes, thank goodness because you'll probably need them and they work really, really well. I love riding this bike. My particular bike is more like a mountain bike. Elise is more. like a cruise so we have the best of both worlds, hit the like button and the subscribe button that really helps us. YouTube really likes that when you do that, so if you like it, give us a big thumbs up and subscribe. Yes, and leave a comment below, let us know if you could live in a van and if you have one, tell us what type you have. 100 thanks to everyone and see you next time, bye, thank you.

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