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Mar 30, 2024
With some bills, boy, no, n, I'm going to build it. super sharp, okay, creates a super sharp look, boy, we've got Roxy here, he's going to hold on and take a bow. ah, who replaced the eye? Are you serious? It was this, come on buddy, admit it, it's a good touch, it's not a good touch. bro and I don't even know what to do, I'm just going to fill the inside with a little bit of purple over here. Can you fix that? I placed an extra block by mistake, let me throw the purple one into the mouth like this and Crystal, what does it look like without capacity?
one raft but we re superheroes with crazy popular fan girl
Could you be honest with me, why is he laughing hysterically? What is this? It looks like a blue skull, okay, yeah, because it's the black panther. The black panther is black. I feel like we should have made a black luk. I'm not going to lie I'm not going to lie Hey guys I'm back and oh this is the Black Panther statue wait how it looks exactly like it's supposed to be yeah I don't know how I'm about to say wait . I like it, actually, yeah, it's like Super Roy, yeah, we're going good, good, good and now we're all happy, come on, us Go Guys, follow me to the farm.
one raft but we re superheroes with crazy popular fan girl

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one raft but we re superheroes with crazy popular fan girl...

I did something really cool and really special. Oh, what could you have done? Roxy, come on. Take a look let's see first, at first look this is


bro everyone everyone get the food you need I was actually a little hungry thanks Roy okay wait why are we getting food? You're acting like we have it. packing for a mission or something just grab all the food you can oh okay I have some steak well what did you want to show us Roxy and now follow me to the final portal why what? right any eyes bro, Are you cheating or something?
one raft but we re superheroes with crazy popular fan girl
Wait, did I boo you? Heather, yeah, oh, I call myself, oh no, well wait, guess what I can fly. Hello, Heather and bye, Heather, yes, see you later. The alligator got you and Heather. Roxy bows, see you later. little


ow ow I just burned in flames I'm about to die I'm going to die die die oh my God oh my God okay, where are you? I don't know Roxy, where am I? Where are you? Where are they? wait, I see someone there Lily, why do you have a spider on your hand? Guess what? Guess what?
one raft but we re superheroes with crazy popular fan girl
Guess what was going to review them? That I somehow got it? I BR and I caught her, come on Roxy, guess what guy, okay I just shot myself. I just shot myself ow ow ow oh Roxy is there buddy b What's up bro? What's up brother b? C face, Ling boy, uh, bow down to him, but hey, Alexa, relax with that backup, bro, backup, what's up? you want the smoke, you want the smoke, what's up? How much damage do I do? How much damage do I do? Crystal Chill I One Crystal wait wa before you, I want, I want, I want to marry you, I want to get married, are you serious right now?
Wow, really, and that was an incredible adventure. If you want to join us in the next click, click here, bye.

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