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On the Spectrum: Ep. 9

Jun 04, 2021
Julie, are we even friends? I mean, we never talk to each other, we never hang out, oh my God, I'm not some stranger you're nice to because of some ethical platitude. You're a useless loser, plus everyone I know hates you and thinks I'm crazy for agreeing to be on this stupid show. Maybe I could be a better person. You are an aborted fetus. You should go and kill yourself. In fact, it cuts. Oh, great job! Kelly Danny. I think that was the decision. Alright people, this is a recap of scene 12, next scene 13, wait, which one is Julie dies in the fiery car accident?
on the spectrum ep 9
Jesus Christ, she's okay guys, we need the ND filter on the camera Adam, we need the head out of the dress ready to go. next to the car, can I tell you that you have been a lifesaver because we usually don't have an assistant director. Also, the craft services are great, you have the veggie plate, the cookies, the popcorn, the chili, the chili I've never seen. the Cru very happy yes, I'm going to go check the broken windshield and make sure it's ready to go. Are we really going to kill Julie and get into a car accident?
on the spectrum ep 9

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on the spectrum ep 9...

Yeah, that's funny, Adam, don't take all the chili, okay, hey Danny. Hello, I'm Joanna Joan, your friend. Oh yes, sorry. I'm on set right now so I can't think straight, how's it going? Alan is Julie's body going through the windshield or just her head. I need to know how. big to make the hole just his head very good well I wanted to remind you that my party is tonight and to make sure Alan comes safely I can't make him come Danny I'm trying to fix it with someone called Megan she's very pretty and she also has Asberger's God, now there are two just make sure it fits.
on the spectrum ep 9
I spent $12 on taco meat. Okay, I'll physically force him to go to your party. Great, perfect, bye, okay. Hi Alan, what do you want? what to do with this heart, oh god, just throw it away, do you want me to put it with the accessories to store it or something, no, why would I want to do that? It's a real pig heart, oh my god, don't let it fall on the ground. It will be stained, do you use the real heart? I wanted it to look realistic. Self, you can't use real pig blood on people. It's full of bacteria.
on the spectrum ep 9
I boiled it, kie. I'm sorry, Danny, hey, I loved you. to sign the severed head I made, I'm Julie, we have all this crusty burnt skin here, burnt hair, missing ear and my personal favorite, I prepared a syringe with a tube to expel blood from her nose, what do you think, oh god mine? hey oh wow it smells really good hey Danny you did it it's good to see you yeah it was a piece of cake uh where should I put this? Got it oh great thanks where's Alan? Oh, he's almost here. I saw him outside.
I yelled at him because he. He didn't bring anything so he ran to the store real quick you're Alan yeah you made him come let me introduce you to some people guys this is Alan Alan this is David Max and Rachel now you guys talk I'm going to go make some margaritas hello hey, what? what's happening? Yes, I love it, so how did you meet Joanna? Do you know what is usual? She was going to the bathroom in the men's room and I walked right into her, so SAA, yeah, oh God, oh I did. I don't see this, dad loves the heat, how hot is it quite hot?
Alan just arrived, how is he? Oh, now he himself is standing in the corner. Maybe we should go and have him interact with some people. No, God doesn't. It's okay, it's just that he's terrible with people, it just makes him more uncomfortable. She looks like a lost puppy, so where is that girl she's supposed to meet? He's almost here, he's just parking. Okay, okay, so everyone here knows I'm trying to hook them. two up and we're all going to do our part to make sure they talk to each other oh hey Alan right you're the one who makes Danny's videos yeah they're really funny okay I just wanted to tell you.
You, hey, go talk to her, no, if she wants to talk to me, she'll come here, what no, that's not how it works, where did you get that, oh, why do you want one of these? Danny the taco, the answer to that question. It's always yeah, oh, well, right there, you just walk over there and pick it up. Excuse me, can I take that seat over there? Yes, that. Can you move just a little bit, just a little bit more and we're almost there? Thank you. You're a lot of daisy time, yeah, can you move a little now?
A little bit, yes, just a little bit more. That would be amazing, it's perfect. Uh, Megan, did you meet Alan? No, no, I haven't. Hi, hi, Allan is a writer. a writer who's smart, you think he's smart, yeah you know the one he did with the plumber, you know the one I really like is where you go on a date and you treat it like it's a sport, that one's so good and I like one which is like a silent movie where you're all in the office and you're trying to get coffee and there's this 30 minute short film that you made.
Didn't they win an award for that? Yes they did it. They won the audience award for best. actor and short film oh seriously, what was that wait, wait, wait? Your favorite thing is juice. I'm telling you, buddy, she sticks the whole COC stick up her ass. No, no, there's no way she's going to put it all up there, where are you? from Oregon no way I'm from Washington she sticks it all up her ass I'm going to get out my phone let's fix this right now do you miss home? Yes, I miss Seattle a lot but not the people so much.
They don't really like me, she put it all up her ass, that's brutal, so what do you do? um. I'm going to grad school to restore art. I love art. It's like when I go to a new city, my favorite activity. It's like going to art, yeah that's cool, I just don't want to talk about it right now. Okay, sorry, so where do you live now? At Ceno RV Park you live in a trailer. Yes I like it. I think it's great. Where do you live? Sherman Oaks, oh we're practically neighbors, that's convenient every time I see this man.
I always forget that he looks exactly like my little sister. Actually, I'm probably going to get another reca, so it's okay, yeah. being here to make it seem like you two are getting along oh I don't know I think I'm upset no Alan she has Asperger's this is more attention than she gives most guys you should go to Ask her out, I don't know. oh my god, stop being like that, just go, okay, Megan, oh, hey, Alan, you know? I'm actually a little tired and I think I'm going to go to bed, so it was nice meeting you, okay? you're probably going to walk her to her car oh no she wouldn't want me to do that yes you should walk her to her car no she said she was tired which means she wants someone to walk her to her car she's probably halfway there Already going down the street oh my God oh my God wow oh it's Alan God Alan what are you doing here?
People told me to walk you to your car. Can I walk you to your car? That's weird. Alright. Where's your car? It's right here. Oh, it's fine. I'll go there I guess you'll go Will you come back to the party? um no because I don't want people to know what happened. I'll go home. You want to go home? Do you have a car here? Yeah. Then I'm going to your car oh, okay, yeah, okay, he'll get in her car, yeah, so where are we going? Just do a U-turn right here, okay, okay, oh, and here we are, it was nice meeting you tonight, okay, nice meeting you too, Alan.
Why are you looking at me like that? Sorry, I guess I'll see you at one of Joanna's parties. Yeah, I guess that's okay, then yeah. Lo cu oh my god, Alan, why are you so weird? I I I I I I I really like you I like you too wait I um It's just that, you know, I just came out of this as a long-term thing and I haven't been with anyone for a long, long, long time and I just wanted to take things with a grain of salt. little calm, you know? like really slow, I mean, I think it would be better, I really do it anyway, um, you're so beautiful you want to come home with me, okay, my elbow, I'm still okay, okay though, oh my god, my god , ay ay ay. ow ow ow my back oh please help me help me ow okay Alan Alan Alan Alan Alan Hello everyone, we hope you like this episode of on Spectrum, be sure to subscribe and watch all the other episodes in the series and comment on others. things like that and people looking at me

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