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Jul 09, 2022
the weather today after having done what is a little weird to see and i can do a little new version of a fire that is very, very, very fashionable they are given in lublin in france it is the ghost john maybe he waits because he is not coming we see we children I knew that the coconut cream very very good things yogurt with cream yes this trip is good I am convinced like them but maybe it is mm I would see black I find you do not want to drink being yes 4 that I have I found you difficult it does not have coconut come to sell the mango and you were something for me I want to look for 60 all four months no no no but you don't want to know how to do anything last year but if you know what others are without one it's thanks to these soldiers or everywhere in Montreal I found a place today where I am going to open it for you oh my god oh only because of our imports these blocks from Canada I already have Moroccan look how black it is on the inside only the hands no it's not me it's a no but I think of myself I can do it to you if not you are able in the cage it comes out ta n bad you have pip expected because if I tell you pieces ah it does not hold there if not it does not count what you have what is fixed no one vomits the rib and a gaschney moose if we get closer specific comment you had to do that we will do it in the next video In my next video I'll wait for you, you're fine, but today's video I had a lot of fun, it even hurts a lot, I'm crying. that comes and do not forget that you have to stay for me, be prudent, it is so much that the names have to tell me, on the other hand, with a small glass, everything is very, very good.
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