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On Collision Course With A Bear - Ep. 120 RAN Sailing

Feb 23, 2022
on last friday's episode me and mullen left seward and headed to prince william sound 50 miles east now it's almost 3:30 and we're looking at these glaciers so we went here from our anchorage last night here and now we're waiting for the tide will turn or slack so you can go through this narrow passage it's called Bainbridge Passage and from what we've heard it's very beautiful it goes between two high mountains so it's over here and if we get closer you'll see this arrow shows the tides and the current so right now there is a current of 1.3 knots against us it will go up and this is like yes and here it shows what time and how much current it is so when it is like this we are now at the end here and we can see we're thinking of starting to get in there at 4 so in 30 minutes and then yeah I guess it's like or it's already started to change a little bit and it's about 6 miles so and then it comes to a point current with us rivers like this so this is what we use and when we go through these narrow passages or inlets and then we also have the local tide tables so we can look at this they give it away for free and different yes at the port offices we are alone here no one around shelter I haven't seen both of you today.
on collision course with a bear   ep 120 ran sailing
Bridge message. This is your favorite shirt. I don't know. She is right behind you. Yes. I don't know why they have the same name. two islands right between Bainbridge Island found 10 miles ago off Anchorage under a look at the water it really is changing color the glacier water consists of a lot of sediment which makes the color of the water change much warmer here in compared to the situation yeah the wins for the guys made it a lot colder I think it's like six degrees Look at that Marlene There's a sea otter Oh do it but right now he's lazy and in half an hour or 45 minutes he'll recover and according to the tidal chart. you have it will run at 2.6 before the language but it's beautiful here it's a shame it's not sunny today because having it is beautiful anyway but some of this would have been just spectacular yes i see it started to rain i have all the different weather in a minute after another hmm smell too so we're doing 5.1 knots speed so there's quite a bit of slack right now these auditors have found a perfect spot in the dead and close to the rock but pretty nice funny i mean god is waving yes this way they are waving hey shut up shabba so i saw this black


swimming from bainbridge island to the mainland which is far away on the other side of the run.
on collision course with a bear   ep 120 ran sailing

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on collision course with a bear ep 120 ran sailing...

I guess it's like half a mile or so a big day this week between the islands here, probably enough, but at first I thought it was an absolute nasiha. in the distance but efficacy is here like it's the dog or not it's the small beer yes we were on a



with a beer like today we have seen two beers one this morning and one now something is very wrong with th currents, tide tables are in place. I took the water but the curtain tape was kind of wrong because we should have won not with us but we think we have won nuts against us which is weird because the time in the book is perfectly aligned with the time it says or the table of tides in the Navionics program but the currents so we are in Author Cove there are others Audrey Cole not only had orders but also seals Eagles and blackberries the anchor got good and we rested after a day full of impressions it is 8:00 am. m. and we leave Turkel and head to the next place.
on collision course with a bear   ep 120 ran sailing
Today's plan is to go to Icy Bay, where there are two glaciers, Shanaya Glacier and Tired Leisure, and they are glaciers that go into the water. There are mosquitoes, the hair is huge, they are that big. Last night I got a couple of them. I think through the hatch, even if we had it closed, so we put a towel down to keep them out. bigger the w The bottom of the hole here is covered with Kelvin, luckily it didn't become a danger, it could be unlucky and there are like 50 kilos that have killed going up a banker.
on collision course with a bear   ep 120 ran sailing
I have to pull out two knives to cut it. when you get there cut the branches for the pretty stout kill my other car we are entering a survey now just that name pretty describes but we are headed for ice glaciers and indeed there is already ice on the water hmm a couple of growlers that they would pacify by now and the water has changed color the color of this layer now is more like greenish greenish the water started to rain it flows from the direction we are heading maybe that is the reason why the ice is coming out i don't know pushing it so yes we'll see how far we can go maybe the ice will block us so far it doesn't seem to fix well I think we can go in it's really cold in there because the wind is coming down from the glacier I think the temperature in the air has dropped I don't know five seven eight degrees or s something it's pretty cold we've got the winds we're now some of these rollers are ice huts they're actually pretty big so you don't want to run right into them and you want to see the accessory so let's look let's go around there sweet we're going to turn around and we're going to pay right down here to put on more clothes to get the temperature down from 13 to 8 degrees Celsius.
We entered this bay because of the glacier up here the wind is coming from the glacier it is quite cold outside especially with the wind effect the physics fit now we have quite a few 40 knot headwinds the glacier here feels like you are back in Antarctica The Shanaya Glacier has receded a lot in recent decades, which is also the case for many of our planet's glaciers, many of the glaciers in Prince William Sound are much larger in graphics than in real life, and fact you need to navigate unfamiliar waters to get close to some of them from here on the ice is pretty thick I d ​​dont think we can get any closer 7.4 degrees Celsius in the water right now its down I think from 13 its a big difference, so we're looking at each other through the ice, it's not much, so I guess today we're very happy that we did. an aluminum boat is a spectacular place really incredible listen to that sound ice in the water poor thing look good what do you think this big one has more than 300 meters days here incredible it is a nice challenge to be ice so thick nature is calvin it is like dropping the mountains of ice or falling into the water we saw and heard some bonnets but we didn't video them they sound like a cannon going off and some can cause really big waves so right now we are drifting on the ice here. with the currents there are quite a few currents here I'm almost crazy we have a point nine so we're floating together with these chunks of ice there which is okay because they float at the same speed that seals used ice floes to rest on and also to give birth to cu p.d., there is enough ice around us.
I've been averting my eyes. There was a really big one like a grunt that pushed itself when we hit it. He ducked under the bow, but I made it. You have a box of ice that tastes good. Is it salty? No, there's really no service for tonight. get out of here first get some working ones out look at all the seals in there we cleared our eyes no problem but it was hard leaving this magical place thanks for watching please like share and subscribe we really appreciate it stay tuned for the next week's episode as we explore more of Prince William Sound

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