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May 30, 2021
I like that there is a system to win that makes sense with rights and standing, I know. i came and watched your show in manchester and you obviously mentioned you didn't even say how good it was and they went up they watched your show and i left oh thanks and i think they have it simple they like something like yeah they could go it's off i'm glad anyway , you mentioned on the show that Jane sometimes gets a little fussy with your new material and kind of revise it and stuff and yeah, how did she ever make you pull a joke or make you change a joke for fear of not doing a buying thing because I think it's okay yeah and um I you know and she might say oh no we're usually worried we're usually not worried about breaking the law or saying something that um I really don't think it's you the only thing that stopped me do something, it really hurts. the feelings of someone who doesn't deserve it, so if I go after pretentious pomposity, someone's behavior, whatever, that's fine, as long as I try not to chase things that people can't help themselves, yeah oh no I do, I don't, racist.


or sexist


or homophobic jokes or that doesn't mean that I don't talk about race homophobic sex I do talk about that but there is a difference is which side are you on and it is not the subject of a joke account it is the objective but what I am not going I don't laugh at someone's grief, I don't, I don't find it funny personally, even though there is a great joke out there, I think I'm not going because they don't deserve it, no, so I like it.
offensive jokes with ricky gervais
I like that my goals are fair, yes, and that's not it has to do with being popular because you say things that you want to say that are sure to still make you unpopular um you know some people are offended by equality so you don't pander to what's going on there what's your base for someone who it's a fair target. I wanted to get your thoughts on the reaction that James Corden had to Weinstein because obviously Weinstein deserves any kind of criticism, yes, but then he had such a bad reaction to the joke, was it me?
offensive jokes with ricky gervais

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offensive jokes with ricky gervais...

I want to know if it was because it was a joke, it was what it was. it was you know if you can go after the hot topics but it better be good you better be on the right side and you better be clear and to a certain extent it better be the right time as well because you have to have to be very confident if you're dealing with something that's booing or contentious, you have to get to work. out and that's why i can root for them because because you know it doesn't mean people might still understand the wrong end of the stick but i've done the best i could it's not that someone doesn't get my joke it's not my fault yes because i posted a tweet last night and you I think you know a lot about offense in context and I have to agree with everything you say and that's why I admire you as a comedian but I posted something on Twitter last night that wasn't so much a joke but just another statement and people were offended and said that was it and I'm happy to be proven wrong here, but people said I was making fun of suicide.
offensive jokes with ricky gervais
I said about beauty, but sometimes they call themselves social media influencers. and I think that's a very arrogant way of saying, oh, there are so many different words you can say, so I posted a kind of semi-joke that said if you refer to yourself as a social media influencer, you're right because I they are influencing me to take heroin or commit suicide doing that and someone said that was bullying suicide so i made the reference that if you tell your mother that her cooking is so bad it makes you sick you are not bothering with the vomit i mean that's fair enough yeah you're using a very dark simile yeah to push your point that's what comedy is usually exaggeration yeah so when you put something away like oh my god , I was starving there, they don't mean you're literally starving, it's good, it's dark that's a very dark thing to say you're not starving there are people who are starving to go well, you know i didn't , so not yet, you can have pretty dark things also less dark things because that's that's poetry that's what an analogy is is is um is exaggerating a little bit to understand us so no there's no way you're getting mocking suicide, then you may be using it in a trivial sense and you make people you know remind them of the bad things they have done to them. but then again that's not your problem because ev everything reminds people of things yeah it's basically bad things that happen to people yeah and that's not our fault yeah i don't want to add salt to the wound or you know, I can make a joke about something very dark and someone in the audience. it could have happened to them i didn't know if i went out and said hands up who that something really is if that's different yeah you know that's a very different thing yeah but i think that's it that's a classic example of someone being offended because they have confused the topic of a joke with the real goal the goal was not that topic the topic was you being so upset pretentious on YouTube I think that's clear yes and I remember when I was on Twitter I made a joke and if one person got offended i delete it and i think oh that's not why i'm in yeah and i think we move on and then people go the rest of us got the rest so you have a duty to the people too people who get it yeah yeah and oh if you take out all the jokes that might offend somebody there ain't no joke in the world yeah literally somebody why did the chicken cross the road and make my chicken die last night?
offensive jokes with ricky gervais
I'm vegan yes so do your best but dr. James Gordon and I think he kind of bounced off of some sort of light entertainment and then tried to do, you know, taboo, creak things, it wasn't quite him, the jokes weren't up to scratch. He's not a real Joe, it's like you know I deal with dark stuff all the time, but I mean don't try this at home, ok? I mean there is a skill and I feel a responsibility. I'm not one of those people it's things you know comedy is your conscience taking a day off my conscience never takes a day off I can justify every joke and I would probably talk about it too much and defend it a lot too I just go whatever , but I don't want people to think that I want people to go, oh, it was a joke because I don't do that either, I don't know, it was a joke, it's a joke and that's why it's okay, I think that's what you should be able to tell at the end of the day if you had told those same jokes, is that cool to you? you can get away with it because you're a slightly more daring comedian.
I think well, I think people could certainly say that when it's a closed club, like people come to my concerts, I have no right to say I didn't know it. d talk about AIDS and famine and cancer you should know and two it's not necessarily a bad thing even on this show now i say you know a joke about a bad thing isn't as bad as bad it's not even necessarily approving the bad thing could be aunt the bad thing depends on the real joke yes and but I don't I don't trust them to go everyone knows who it is and is joking I still think that the joke has a life after death because they took it out of context, that joke has yet to stand on its own and often you don't know a single line in this current show would be awful out of context yeah but in context y'all know the build up knows why i'm saying it they have the story of background that they've been taking on a trip is like you go out and yell at a joke for the summer I don't get it hence the whole joke and sometimes the lead up to the joke and I think I think the problem was if you would really do a lot to boost something, it has to be good and you have to be on the right side yeah so it's a skill you know it's a skill I think people think you just go out there and yell stuff but as I work a job or a routine for months , yeah you know, longer than it takes a journalist to say how terrible it was, you know they took a few minutes to look at this Chokin, well I've been this is this is bulletproof this gag and you have to be a bulletproof because because when it's taken out of context you feel like because the world we're in now in 2017 is so much different then say when the office launched is it different you think this is almost impossible to say but do you think if the office was released now it would be perceived much differently no kidding stay there well no not that you know people haven't changed that much but how people hit people has changed so it would same thing, you know, a cross section of the h umanity looking at this and getting it or not but in those days i wasn't afraid to take a complaint and tell them why they were wrong now if someone's bbc complains you shut it down the other complains like me on twitter at the first few days you should be able to stand up so i said well no i'll tell you why this is ok and some people just want to be heard like i work doing my real job and you know one of the things i I do is like customer service training and that's all part of my job and some people complain and even though what you did was call them back and they said oh sorry I did that and said oh thanks for calling yeah , don't worry, I think people just want to think that they are listened to and taken seriously and you know they've had a lot of time with you you know that if you've ended your life by not doing that, you want to make a difference that's what what is heckler that's what a troll is just that's what i want their moment they want their moment that's why people join some terrible horrible


fringe group because think about it i'm something now yeah and they're still in the news.
Well, you dress like Hitler. You've been on the news. Thanks. Good. You know there's no difference between fame and infamy now. word in his hand and leave his mark I was here, yes, and that's all this, that's what people would want to go. I've been here, yes, and they just want to be a part of the cause of the web. i have a lot of troublemakers on a humanity tour i think i think i have one really why do you really react or you just know i try to ignore it but this guy was persistent and what was he showing something oh it was really good it really was awkward because i talked a little bit about why I don't have kids, right?
And it's really crazy, you know. I look at the kids motif and it gets weirder and scarier and the fencer and and I started thinking about sailing and and they don't bother me at all I think I've created an environment where they don't bother you and they're there to listen it's a program and it's a reflective program and he went the other way through what happened is a tragic loss of talent. I went to shut my mouth, right? Okay, no. I checked the note. Shut that down and all of Claudia's Clapton laughter because he's always going to win.
I was thinking I'm doing the grind and I was thinking my news would be good oh maybe he was saying oh it's such a waste because I like you and you should have a kid where and and they started taking advantage of my mind so now I feel like a but I've yelled shut up a fight and i went with the one either lighting it up doing i said sorry mike did you mean he left yeah that's what i meant? man i think so even though he enjoyed the show and it annoyed me and ruined my flow i still thought oh gosh maybe it was good yeah so i'm well aware of that and that's the closer to the punch line , truer and funnier. yeah shut up basically yeah um but i still think it has to be before the snow you know i think if somebody showed something we love you ricki dies cancer you know its really i saw you in cambridge great show and when i saw you there was a woman next to us which is how I think some people laugh because they want you to refer there is like alum or no one laughs again people want to go even though they always want you to go who is like that yes I try to ignore anyone looking so much getting attention I do it on Twitter too attention seeking is the most annoying thing they can say horrible things correctly and if they mean it that doesn't bother me as much as if again in the early days someone said something afterwards of me, I'd eat salmon and they're like, 'would you rather they thought I was complete, yeah they don't realize it's the exact same thing, why would the people of the world rather be known as idiots, they're not known in absolute and I don't know when it happened, maybe it has always existed, but now we can look. you know all the toilet walls in the world at once oh yeah and d we see it more like the complaints you know 20 years ago if you saw someone not into a Lucy take our pen it's ok we'll go dear BBC, but now you can fire sweet and that's news particularly if you're a famous people's tweets are on the news how crazy is that most of what I do is an opinion so I'm going good so-and-so didn't like it and why what us why is it in the news he doesn't like a movie or something scranton 143 the new spider man was kind of boring the news now there's someone who started it actually just go back to humanity for a second what was a city a place that obviously you've got the big ones like Manchester London LA was there one that didn't Particularly I don't expect to be giving as an audience an all great one and they got better and better probably because the show gets better and better when you get better and oh god Belfast wasgreat yeah they loved the IRA and i was nervous and i went and laughed more because the famous dublin dublin was great dublin was amazing ing um manchester yeah they have all been great.
I'm a big surprise, oh I am. Usually I worry about big arenas. Yeah, I guess it's not really the place for comedy. proved me wrong first that all of that was like 10,000 and then I did Copenhagen are you worried about the language laying bare that and that was like 13,000 and they were amazing they got everything I want to say the screens almost make it a little more intimate in a and the sound is so much better these days it's not like playing in an airplane hangar they have yeah so I worry like you're worried about a day of the week.
I don't like playing on weekends in England because you're not. drinking cold at two o'clock I don't want people to join me because I'm on TV and they can have a drink, yeah I don't want that, I want people to join me and treat it like a theater show and they want to get something out of it so you know that I play on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and in English. and then i don't care so much in the whole world yeah i think he's a minor comedian. I don't think you can play them, but as a minor comedian I might have the opposite opinion that weekend gigs want them. what i do what the video because they're easy to sell okay they're easy to sell yeah i make it twice as hard for me to sell them oh yeah i'll say that for no you know doing weekend gigs , but but I know I'd rather, the thing is I'd rather do four Wembley's well everyone was there they loved it they can't believe their luck that five Wembley's and all the people on that Saturday night were going because they liked a bit of me in the Muppets and they could have a drink with if you know I mean I know or they took him there and he comes back next Thursday they want to come they can come so you don't want to get people out of there if you want people you see uh-uh I do gigabytes and it goes on sale they sell out in a minute if I put another gigabyte and it sells out in an hour right if I put it up if that's okay with me the next one will take two days I think that's giving people who aren't really fans the chance to come and I don't and I don't, yeah, you know, so I have other things What to do, it's not my, it's not my only one. source of income, you know, so I don't have to and also because I can play all over the world.
I don't have to reward every single person in Britain. Great Britain is like a third of my production because I can, luckily I can. playing everywhere in the world is your favorite thing to do is now, yeah, that's my favorite thing to be my third or fourth favorite thing to do I always considered myself a performing writer-director and I thought that would be something I should do as if I'd love it you know and um and this last tour is my favourite, my favorite thing to do is no because if you got your fingers in all these different pies that's the last pies you mean it's hard there's not always there's not a lot reasons why i think this is my favorite thing yes it's my favorite talks i think it's my best show yes i think it's my best show because i approached it differently i post like a true stand up my first guy out of four tours that i wrote and i'm practicing i got good i was good but this when i went on stage with some stuff on the back of my hand and you know it was really organic i think it was for the best because i'm older yeah and that It sounds strange, but I think you It takes 15 years to be a good stand-up and I finally believe I got there I have a voice I'm honest I have nothing to prove I think it's my favorite because people know me now that they've known me for 15 years so I can get away with it with more and they just like it between peers when you make that kind of judgment it doesn't do anything sorry i didn't really mean that yeah i know you don't.
I mean yes, so they know me, yes, but I think what hit me was the privilege, the privilege of being able to say what I want right and there's no one about it and with that comes a responsibility and I hope I've taken it. in um but it's because and the world changed in the seven years it lasted there seems to be a greater responsibility for comedians these days to tell the truth because of all the absolute Donald Trump Drive it's amazing this post the truth was you know, i think everyone has a responsibility now it's like i've grown us kids we're idiots we want the world to be beautiful so we can run around and be a idiot but when the people in charge are acting more like a kid than you are, You gotta step up, yeah, don't you?
I mean, yeah, if your parents aren't responsible, you better be responsible, yeah, you see, I'm saying yes, and in a way, really me. i feel like now nowadays and but you know t That the vote is split and i do try and keep politics out of comedy as much as i can. That's my personal opinion and you know myself on Twitter and places like that, you know I'll speak my mind, but when you're relying on a round of applause from an audience that just agrees with you that loses something funny. Read like this that I don't go explicitly to partisan politics I talk about things like ego and truth and nonsense and so I do it that way, but hey, you know I don't think I name any politician in humans, although I talk about the politics of the day and what's different and why the world is getting worse so you know it's not good scares me. offend people or move on, so it's just that I think my first real commitment is to comedy.
I'm charging you guys to watch comedy yeah otherwise it's a lecture yeah and well thanks a lot man but we wanted to have a laugh. a lot of people make these kind of jokes about Trump and stuff like that now he's nice to me he seems like an easy target to me if I ever tweet anything negative about Trump a lot of people walk away well you know and that's true and in a way I think that it's more than a joke, there's something to say, yeah, I don't know. I don't wanna joke about it yeah it's getting serious yeah it was weird because at first it was funny it was funny and now it's like oh he's retweeting that we're doing that okay it's been a year not because even at first when i was kind of joking about it yeah i'm watching from afar there were people that were fine we were in america dude yeah yeah these people lost their jobs and got hated by their neighbor because of what someone said about it so it's serious Mencius is mental yes Allison I see you saying pushing the limits is more daring and nowadays with culture too.
I think people have changed since you started doing stand-up until now and I think people are more easily offended or as dependent or a little bit. meter Or is it easier to be nervous? No, but then, do you think people are easily offended now? Is it like you said people have Twitter so they'll let you know now when people and they know they can be heard now? people can scare people they can leave I'm offended and there's someone to get some of the things we better do something yeah you know I think they use it to get their way they can know someone will cave or they can shut down a little and what you want is for those in charge to do well, we are not going to collapse with that because each one is different that was the opinion and you know that I like it I like to say that it is the only valid form of censorship is people's right not to listen and that's what we're talking about art or Jones we're not talking about real life it's not your right that's the other thing that people confuse with me going you know you can say what you want I want oh yeah what hitler did when it wasn't like we said was was what he did if he just said it this is a christmas special in a way so how about you a few festive questions how is a traditional day for you and Jane at Christmas Christmas really is a day off for me i'm fucked oh god i got it i'm having fun no it really is.
I've always loved Christmas and the typical day, we work, we're up to it and, you know, we decorate the house and we have a little soiree right before. with friends and then one day i wake up we open our presents it's cool like big in my house yes our presents a little drink i mean it's the only day you can't have a little gin and tonic in our town yes it used to be see our lemons go round and give gifts to sick children now i say that oh i love anything that really gets involved oh i love to cry after ten on a gin it's a lovely start and then it's all like working up get to, you know, the two o'clock party, yeah, the best of Top of the Pops that's back now, isn't it, yeah? in the old days i love this i now i go is i really clandestine is i still love rihanna even though they changed my diets what's more what you have for christmas dinner tofurkey i don't mean everything else is the same ya you know vegetables exactly yummy and you know soggy dips and caramelized potassium so the brilliant oh yeah it's crunchy and chewy while on pretzels red sauce yeah good yeah some sauce vegetable dips not so thick yeah yeah thing baby oh the my girlfriend's mom has the settings like water it's like brown water is i love that it's solid and then it's like at the end it's like a porridge that scrapes yeah even without real meat and not even without the carcasses out of the can from christmas dinner still be a joy it wasn't a gift you got or gave it still gives me chills when i think of the worst gift i ever gave well i was too old to give a gift you know we have big brother and sisters yes they give you a nice gift s because they are working and you are a kid you can get over it but I remember when I was 14 I think my sister bought me a now my ear and a bird table and a science thing and I bought her a big bottle of blondest shampoo and she was like oh cheese and I just and realized I'll give it to you I will I'm too old that's great my name wants me a pillow once and all our cousins ​​have pillows with stuff on they liked it So I bought a car.
I have no idea why I have never been in cars. I have a car and it's a hit on the license plate, said Jake. the whole time my aunt edna was around seven or eight years old, so when was this? So this was like 1968 69 early days so fiber was a nice presence gave me a fiver right right and on a card and like mine was oh wow what you need about Edna and I said four pounds she went you can't give four pounds oh so when you can spend four pounds on an earthquake I thought I see the perfect one she's the perfect presence we haven't given each other a good present they are both crux let's go with these four crux and the worst present was thinking about this he used to do he was supposed to remove the cards but a lot of effort getting them out he just likes to watch sports and sit there he needs to smoke a good picture of the package everyone used to buy from my dad you know our founders of old old burn you know tobacco stuff you buy anyway but sex saving money yourself giving like Bob it's like very weird it's like it's a token though now if you want to give me a present right you can't go wrong with something like a bottle of wine or a bottle of whiskey eventually i'll drink it if you know it's a good gift yeah how little worst presence i think so there's an arrogant presence like that more of themthere you go do you like fly fishing and i have like fly fishing or stressful gifts where are they like um um ten skydiving lessons yeah me my girlfriend bought me ten ski lessons and i have never been skiing and i said thoughtful gift and i like it No, I haven't been yet, I know, but I see it, so it's not that bad, but when exactly is it when they go skiing, yeah, like her mom really likes her type.
Tokyo: the guy who won Britain's guy has Talent, he's a pianist and I said in two hours I'll get you tickets to go see him and she's not going to London for Isis. I remember I was 18 the first time I went abroad, it was like I had a temporary passport and I was going to France, so one day, right? and my mom said um are you going to france for this part? I already knew Encino, but that's it, there's a mentality, you know. point you don't need to see the world you have we have everything we need d Bobbo go out nowadays a card oh and Netflix no actually I never lose my legs.
I don't need these to sell the legs to a Carlo Netflix. I only remember this really sweet story that my sister made up one Christmas. enough to know that santa wasn't real and she was young enough to still believe in it so my dad said ok go upstairs go to her room then i'll go to the bag of things and I'll leave. in the night and i got dressed obviously dressed as santa claus and then i woke up my sister i looked out the window so she got up she looked out the window and my dad was leaving with all this stuff and she just turned to me and when dad Noel has the same trainers as those and then obviously because with that but dad smokes weed okay dad did.
Oh dad smokes weed and my sister is at school one day and he calls weed her puff and she was shooting at school and the teachers were blowing things down andshe just had to teach in terms of a system when a parent would look at that yeah that sure is t


let's wrap up with some twitter questions go ahead and a quick word association game ok then we can give you a word obviously what are you the pressure yes there is pressure so it was a lot of fun I'm going to reflect. I'm going to get to what you mean so let's go to the office one word sorry go wait wait see one word to describe the office embarrassing Golden Globes funny Trump glorious Slough great very great right bloggers Susie astok I think only 2018 the future From Okay, we've got some Twitter questions from people and that's going to be what we're going to flag West for.
Would you rather live on a diet consisting only of pork pies or Scotch eggs? The blunt questions you don't eat. Not now either, but why not, well I guess I'd have to go for the Scotch eggs so I could remove the meat and eat the egg. I guess, as you say in truth, I now believe it. it would be better if it wasn't yeah no morals yeah now we're in a world where i think i was still with a scotch ch egg whatever because pork pie you open the port but first of all the rind of the Pork isn't like puff pastry it's like cement yeah harder you know I mean that thing people like no jelly inside I always took that outside you really let it set a little apparent melting oh really in the temperature you let it there to keep it longer and then which means you should eat a pork pie without opening it with your eyes closed. because when you look and say well what gray animals inside this pig was soup all of a sudden it all says if you were on your deathbed i love this question and i could muster the energy for one last action but it had to be one of the next you would do a handjob or would you shoot some heroin what you're looking for you have about a half hour left you only have energy to do one of those things i guess i hope and i'm a very very old man yeah well then i guess it has to be the heroin , yeah just a plumb if I'm sort of 87 with what they are now at 87 honestly it would be like a cross between silly putty honestly it would be like what you put in a pork pie it would honestly look how to stretch now ranson horrible the last turkey neck at the butcher shop and i will try to handle it as it would be falling apart in my hands so no 87 that means masturbating is out of the question thanks for your question was there another one i think we'll be done with that, someone wanted to know if we could take a photo of Oakley's bass style together, could we do it easily? fuck sure yeah remember when i mean this what i was talking about dig the locked taylor sega oh yeah i know yeah again just from being fat and these the organs were already in my throat.
I lost a kidney. looking but you're into you it could be any deaf magic be whatever you want you're looking back on your career in your life what was the only moment you thought yes i made it it has happened you still need something else to happen or is there one how to do it What you define to do was kind of like being happy and doing what I want and I always have, even if that was, you know, playing around in school and then thinking I have to get my grades because I want to go to college and then join to a band in college and then I just always know I don't think you could most people can be happy they just don't realize they can when I had no money because I wanted to be a rock star and I was struggling I thought I was happy because I was trying to be a rock star with no money, you know, I mean, yeah I was happy, yeah I wasn't. it's over that's why you keep doing more and more so you don't have to i wake up every day and decide what i'm going to do today yes you know outside you know responsibility pay your taxes and go to the dentist right yes um i just think we're just here because i dont know anything if we think the universe is like thirteen point four billion years old yes 4.6 billion years old you know we are a blip you know where we were with trillions at a shot we are here at all and we will never exist more later so you have to enjoy and not hurt anyone yeah and I think then you can't regret it you know I don't know it would be I can't imagine there is something that is a lovely scent it's a great way to end I want I mean, I guess deciding if there's one big thing you know was deciding to be a comedian, yeah I got fired from XFM in 1998 and I thought I'd make a living out of it.
I remember waking up thinking I'm a comedian now and I'm going to do what I do and that was lovely because it didn't feel like a big change but like a big second chance you know I never thought at 18 I'd make my big engine have a 30° angle, whatever it is, right? I mean, yeah, and I'd say it's never too late, that would be my regrets for all the things I thought were too late, there's no point in learning a language be fluent now and 28 i thought it would charge my battery isn't that carnotaurus would be amazing now no yes it's never never too late yes the only thing he likes to do is when you're laying in bed 97 it's too late to meet here we go this is a very Christmas special from work Podcast Tom Norris thank you very much everyone there is a real Home Show here we go it has been a pleasure thank you very much I am going a Squatch oh yes

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