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Octonauts - Under The Sea | Cartoons for Kids | Underwater Sea Education

Jun 02, 2021
start to fill with jellyfish, hey, enough, oh, the ticklers not only use their comb to swim weight but also to manipulate food, their little tails are tickling you. luckily you're too big to be eaten there, feel better, better later, eh, my medical bag here, captain almost help, what are you doing inside that thing? Hey, in, in, Jelly's Billy, let him go, you bulbous beast, wait, don't hurt him. I'm fine, mostly almost, how did the weight get in there? It doesn't matter, captain, how are we going to get it out? It can be a little tricky, as you can see that the comb-shaped jelly is transparent, but it has several transparent layers of skin surrounding a transparent layer. stomach full of water and weight, come on, no, come on, hey, come on, we're trying to figure out how to free you, stop playing, but I'm not jelly, please, stop, quasi dashie, get the shellington guppy, let's go after him, I have it.
octonauts   under the sea cartoons for kids underwater sea education
Oh, he got it right, Dashie, bring me that's my friend, almost cats, are you okay? Just give my whiskers a moment to stop shaking. They are being carried away by that current of fast water. This is getting serious. Let's sound the octo. Alert the


. The gups


weight is trapped inside a cone jelly and the comb jelly is trapped inside a fast moving stream Oh God, oh no, hey mister, can you hear me? Hey, so it's not good captain, I'm just constantly adjusting, wait, we might need it. with his help he achieved it and we will follow the current chronicles to Shellington.
octonauts   under the sea cartoons for kids underwater sea education

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octonauts under the sea cartoons for kids underwater sea education...

We've lost track of the sardines. Is there anything that can help us find them again? Yes, captain, I think we can find the sardines by listening to their burp. Sardines actually burp. Yes, sardines and many other fish swallow air to help them stay afloat, but when they want to sink deeper, they burp again, captain, you should be able to pick up the sound of the burp. on the gups


microphone now just listen and be very quiet no I think the sardines are taking a nap, no, that's just an elephant seal snoring. What's that chillington? that's just a crab snapping its claws ah burping dashie, can you tell us where it comes from?
octonauts   under the sea cartoons for kids underwater sea education
I'm already here, captain, ahead, near a coral reef, then that's where we're headed, barnacles, outside, dina, we may have found your school, that's good news, you better be on your way, dina , but I don't want to leave you here almost. I'll be fine, I'm with my school, remember and you need to be with yours, carry on now, almost thanks for all your help, anytime, stay safe, just follow me, the burps are getting louder, we must be getting closer, no you tell me. seahorses burp too much Shellington actually a lot of fish, captain, we must have collected seahorse burps instead of sardine burps, what if my school is so far away that we never find them, captain, the birds you hear now They come from somewhere above you, could this be your school?
octonauts   under the sea cartoons for kids underwater sea education
Dina, come on, you must be very close now I can feel them with the scales on my skin, there they are, whoops, I almost forgot to say thank you and please, almost, thank you from me, don't mention it. dina, helping sea creatures is what we do, goodbye. dina I'll almost let you know that you're okay there you go to class you're free come in we almost found dina's school and she's safe and sound I'm sorry I should have listened to you weight at least you're okay that's what matters I'll stay in the octopod tell me what everything is better then let's all go back to the octopod and please stay close to the gup i hope you felt comfortable in the launch bay lambie yes thank you and my nose feels much better, that's great news, i think today we can take off the bandages and I can go home.
Weight, that's right, I'm going to miss you Lenny, maybe you can visit the lagoon sometime and have my friends challenge the weight. Come in weight. Weight here. Shellington. an injured starfish inside an


cave we need your help immediately I will be there I will have a guppy ready in a jiffy I will wait to go home until you return weight I would like you to come Me and we will meet my friends. I'll be back as soon as I help this starfish here. It's like new. Be careful with that hot steam. There must be lava under these rocks.
I'm trapped as an octopod. Please come in, they are Shellington barnacles. What's happening? shellington peso is trapped in this cave please send help help is on the way shellington open the hatch octa modify what's going on problem hello friend but don't worry let's go rescue him now hey so help save me now that i have gotta help to save him. My eleven shot nose is working again. My nose knows where to go. uh-oh almost. This isn't just a cave, it's a cave with hot lava under the rocks, meaning this cave could fill with hot bubbles and steam at any time.
Second, we have to get Peso and the starfish pod out of there. Now another piece of coral, just a sea sponge. Oh, spiky sea urchin! Sorry, little urchin, these coral pieces are harder to find than I thought. What was that about someone cheating on me? You should have seen the look on your face, dolphins, what's the big idea of ​​playing tricks on me while I'm here? Well we were playing with what you do here anyway, I want to play with us, we're blowing bubble rings, yeah I'm too busy to play right now, do whatever you want, there's a pirate here trying to work, thanks Dashie, take a look at this one, Shellington, huh, this one looks very healthy.
I'll put it with the other red ones, jumping jellyfish, there you go, weight, thanks, adjust, stable, stable, what is it? That's great, you want to play catch, that's one of our favorite games here, catch, watch out for those sorry dolphins, but we have work to do, maybe another time, oh, there must be someone who wants to play with us, Come on, we've been. working for hours and we still have a lot more to do at the rate we're going it could take days to finish and these dolphins aren't making things any easier barnacles for shellington these dolphins won't leave us alone why are they acting? this is the normal behavior of dolphins captain dolphins are curious creatures they oh what is this they love to play with each other and invent new games hmm it is impossible to see where we are going now captain look at the view mates, I can clean this windshield in no time time, thank you, thank you, cordial, no problem, seaweed is my favorite snack, well mate, it's lucky for us that you like this scurvy crap, ah, you sound like a pirate, yes, I'm a pirate, oh , I always wanted to meet a real nine pirate, my name. pete parrot fish a parrot fish called pete my grandfather calico jack had a parrot called pete calico jack the famous pirate was your grandfather so have you heard of him I'm a big fan of pirates what would be your name would almost could be your companion almost and his faithful companion Pete, the parrotfish, doesn't that sound great?
Well, pirates usually have parrots as companions, not parrotfish. Well, I have a pace like a parrot, but I'm even better than a parrot's gaze. I can change. colors wow, yeah, parrots can't do that, that's true, and pirates don't clean algae off your windshield either, that certainly was a big help, but we're in a hurry to find some treasure, mate, so you'll have to do it. Keep up the good work, my first day I am a faithful pirate companion and I can search for treasure. Let's split up, fish, Pete, what do you think these pointy things are?
I wish I knew I'll swim forward and find out, friends, this reef will be full. of jagged shark edges and narrow passages, I think your ship is too big to fit through, but according to the map we have to go through it to find the treasure, then we'll leave the gup here and swim the rest of the way, I wonder? What are these wavy lines? Are we going to go in there? What is that and that? Now we know what those wavy lines on the map are. Eels, yes, moray eels, these waters are full of a companion.
Hey, okay, now that rock looks like an ordinary rock and ordinary rocks don't sneak around and to prove to myself that there's nothing to fear, I'm just going to sit on this ordinary old rock and do flappity flaps, what is it? , sweetheart, stop that rock, huh, oh, there's no rock. the monster from Creepy Cove and has the captain's octocompass almost weight. What happened? We saw the monster first. It looked like a rock and then it became huge and then it turned green and disappeared. Yes, and it has your dashi octocompass to store in barnacles. the octocompass is moving towards a small cave on the other side of the seaweed thanks dashie octonauts let's go to that cave meow ah I think the monster wants to trap us inside this cave captain hmm well I don't see any monster but I do see my octocompass monster my whiskers twitch, another monster, the real one, I have you, don't worry, we won't hurt you, so you're the monster from the creepy cove, no, I'm not a monster, I'm just a fish hugging a cuttlefish, so how?
You explain the fact that you changed your size, your shape and your color, that's what we cut out of fish to protect ourselves so other animals can't hurt us. I can make myself disappear. Look, I look like a rock or I can make myself. look bigger awesome or I can shoot ink and make it look like you're looking at another cuttlefish as I swim away that's awesome hey buddy we didn't mean to scare you mister cuttlefish we've only been chasing you because you have something that belongs to me you mean This, yes, that's my octocompass, yes, please take it, I was just playing with it.
I like how it changes its appearance, as do I. You're right, okay cap, you must be really excited to see Sandy, I'm definitely Peso Sandy. The sea turtle is one of my best friends and I don't get to see it very often. Sandy always swims in these waters this time of year, so it's lucky we're passing. Sandy should be right on the other side of this canyon. I just hope we get there in time to see her we'll get there faster than you can say muncher tumbaer how's it going muncher crunchy munchie what was that let's change the steering wheel quasi weight totempo hold on everyone this could be bumpy flappity fins we We're headed straight for the canyon, no, If I can help it, everyone, okay, sure, hey, okay, captain, shake, whiskers, it was close, captain, it's not over yet, the power went out and we're right on the edge of a deep canyon.
I'm already late to meet with Sandy Tweak octo alert sounds uh sorry cap no power no octal alert tunip octo alert sounds vegimal style that looks more like the octonauts to the launch bay seems to have lost all electrical power I think that I found it the problem cover see that the red color means that the octopod's battery has run out of electricity and without electricity the octopod will not work don't worry, modify, I'm just worried that when it is fixed it will be too late to meet sand you

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