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Numberblocks Vacation Fun! | Full Episodes - 1 Hour Compilation | 123 - Numbers Cartoon For Kids​

Sep 11, 2023
foreigner I want to see a trick yes, play me two are you okay? your turn I can jump two plus one equals three I am three look at me three juggling balls one two three thank you thank you where are you going where is my audience one two three I like what I see yeah, take it off three my one equals two my audience you're better prepared one two three four one two three everyone look at me I'm here to entertain you with this funky tune I'll juggle three balls in the air and everyone will clap everything's going to be okay now the number three is here I'm ready, set, set, you'll have than counting to three to get three in a row you will find me hiding wherever you look in a fairy tale or a picture book one two three can't you see I'm in Three Blind Mice? three wishes would be nice you should try again and again that's my advice Goldilocks met Three bears one two three three balls three chairs three beds up I'm here I'm there I'm everywhere one two three everyone look at me I'm here to entertain you with this funky tune I'll take out three rabbits and make them disappear everything's going to be alright now number three is here three meals a day three sections in a play beginning middle end that's the only way y'all better tell him give three children the three little pigs the three musketeers one two three one two three the jungle balls can be your boys one two three to make a shape that has three sides one two three do you know what bingo is? it's a triangle one two three i'm here to entertain you with this funky tune with jokes and james take it off again oh no i've broken three it's all going to be all true i have three and i'm still here and if you want to dance with me you'll have to learn count to three one two three one two three one two three one two three dancing with number three one two three everybody look at me i'm here to entertain you with this funky tune everything will be alright now number three is here everything will be okay now number three we're all here um okay hello can we say it?
numberblocks vacation fun full episodes   1 hour compilation 123   numbers cartoon for kids
I know exactly what's ready, set, sing. one two three four five that sounds good, what should we do today? walk in the sun run through the woods climb to the top of a tree pretend to be a pirate discover a whole new world let's have an adventure all set go go go on we go on a great adventure we don't know what the day will bring we embark on a great adventure one two three four five that sounds good and that's it we wait again too little that doesn't sound good in the wrong order I know what to do make it smaller that way bigger that way go I'm bigger than you I'm smarter than you I'm bigger than you I'm bigger than you I'm smaller than you do I'm bigger than you I'm smaller than you Are we in an order?
numberblocks vacation fun full episodes   1 hour compilation 123   numbers cartoon for kids

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numberblocks vacation fun full episodes 1 hour compilation 123 numbers cartoon for kids...

Did we all do the right thing? Ready, set, sing one, two, three, four, five, one, two, four, five. That does not sound good. Someone is missing. Who could it be? Let's see. I'm one. Start with me. I am two. I'm coming after one against four I'm coming after three three missing where are three look at me I'm number three three you know what to do I'm better than you I'm smaller than you mortal mortal Doom I'm bigger than you I'm smaller than you I'm smaller? are we all here now? Did we all do the right thing? one two three four five look one two two sailboats we can be pirates let's go four five one two three that doesn't sound right I'm bigger than you I'm smaller than you We're all in order We all did the right thing Ready foreign and again one two You turn You can't do it fast What was so?
numberblocks vacation fun full episodes   1 hour compilation 123   numbers cartoon for kids
Come on, wait. looks familiar pointing to


sounds we are playing musical statues a painting a painting of four I knew, but what is that? Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new sampling park, don't you mean trampoline? Don't look, oh, that was fun, oh, is that one from Of course, it's one, two, three, four, four blocks. Look in any direction you go. I'm still far away. Look at me. I still have three. Oh, not bad. You think it's amazing. You should see good foreign blocks. You have more ways you can do. Oh. my turn isn't bad either of course they don't have really different shapes is it the same shape one going up and one going across oh it's still true me that's all sheep very exciting compared to all of you, now, now, now?
numberblocks vacation fun full episodes   1 hour compilation 123   numbers cartoon for kids
You're forgetting something one two three one plus one plus one plus one equals four every big shape is made up of many little ones so many little ones can make every big shape look what i can do you did us all good and Just in time for the grand finale, what better way to celebrate the opening of my new park than with fireworks. Can I introduce heaven? Oh wow, you see one when we all work together. The sky is the limit. Foreigner, what's wrong? A smaller one. I always get a smaller one each time. every time i sneeze i get smaller look why i can never get a bigger one maybe you can stay tall nine plus one equals ten i have ten say it again i have 10. look at this ten minus one equals nine you're amazing, a bigger one you're a bigger one why do you have one on you?
If you're wondering why there's one on top, you'll know the answer when you realize I'm a big block I'm a big perfect proof I'm a cute ten blocks we're more alike than you think you're one one and I'm ten ones what once means one two three four five six seven eight nine ten two is made of two blocks I will always be your friend three It will entertain you that you can depend on two once and I am three wolves and nine ten a switch means one two three four five six seven eight nine ten four is made of four blocks I love being a square five is made of five high five there and there I am for once and I have five ones and ten ones which means my assembly one two three four five six seven eight nine put that round thing next year one is a zero I need my zero floating in space oh six is ​​made of six blocks I like to roll servant dice made of seven in a rainbow that looks good I have six ones I have seven ones and I have ten a switch means one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eight is made of octoblock and if you add one more nine it is made of nine blocks in a square bigger than four I have eight ones and nine ones and nine ten a switch means one two three four five six seven eight nine five even I can be one and two and three and four when you need to go up the stairs everyone is made of counting blocks you are one one and your ten are ones which means one two three four five six seven eight nine ten times one a wonderful Moon one day I will go to space you will never reach the Moon that way one only countdown from ten to one ready oh ten nine eight seven six six five four three two one number ten up the moon and my friends will be here soon ten equals nine we are on the moon nine and one that was easy this is fun one two three four five six seven eight eight nine nine aliens okay one more is ten nine plus one equals ten number ten back on the moon two more friends will be here soon ten equals eight plus two we are on the moon how we got here I have no idea one two three four five six seven eight eight aliens all coming home oh no, there's no room for those two, don't be afraid , octoblock is here octoblock Bill one two three four five six seven eight build two flying sauces good job I'll be back, won't it start whoa eight plus two equals ten Here I am number ten it's time to make some friends again ten equals to seven plus three we are on the moon seven and three we are very lucky look at me look at that there is the power button that was lucky we are ready takeoff constant still heavy seven plus three equals ten is ten again wait and see who will be my next two friends ten equals six plus four we really couldn't ask for more let's play dice rolling it was great having you six plus four equals ten quick before our visit is over we just arrived time for two friends plus 10 equals five plus five yeah, we're on the moon five against five it sure feels great to be alive, let's give them a hand, high five, come on, five plus five equals ten, number blocks one to ten went to the moon and home again oh yes yes two three three Block pies one for me no no no and one less than three is one two two Block pies one for me and one less than two is what pie one for me nobody and one less than one is one less than one just one way to know how many blocks are in this ten one ready what one minus one equals zero are you I'm zero the hero one less than one where are your blocks I don't have any nonsense zero blocks wait you see car here me when they're on the boats and


in the bay you have zero we know better when you've eaten all the cupcakes you don't have any pies how much you killed when you just did it They don't know they hate that when you sobbed oh you don't have any batteries you have elephants in that tree zero how many unicorns can you see Zero how many frogs are in your head how many squares zero zero zero I am the number for nothing I am one less than one when there is nothing of something I am the number for none when there is nothing to count let me see your mouth imagine a world where nothing can bring you down no, we are playing, no one is starting a riot, nothing and no one to stop you from thinking about anything imagine a world where everything is peaceful and calm zero zero instruments zero zero tree zero gravity zero worlds oops oops what is this nothing where are we nowhere what are we doing now no idea oh zero zeros zero was mine my hero is I am the number for nothing I am a lesson one when there is nothing of something I am a number for none when there is nothing there to count none is the amount now there's something you don't see every day alien up up oh that's where you live up up Don't worry fellow space cadet I can launch you home hold on tight ten nine eight oh yeah I think she's holding a tower up oh um I think you'll need more blocks than that this is let's build a fun looking tower wow I didn't even know I could make that shape one two three four five six please make me some building bricks , it doesn't fit, oh, this, eh, oh, that, try this, yay. beginners look at number blocks let's start building this could take forever something new the aliens are also building can we meet in the middle back to work everyone space here we go oh no someone said help from the block to the rescue block build one two three four five six seven eight oh, okay, up, down, bye, fellow space cadet, well done, team, a successful mission, mostly successful, we helped our friend get back into space, but now our towers all over the place, oh, what luck, we can build something else. a rocket a house a rainbow we are in time that's lucky I wouldn't miss the opening of the First Numberland Art Gallery for anything in the world I like you but where is the art? oh, I spent so much time making shiny invitations that I forgot to get any, can we? help I thought you had never asked are you sure you are a rocket? you are


of colors fly through the museum and make art but not ten nine eight seven six five four three two one stop ten is equal to 17. oh, now there is a surprise, I am 17 years old and I love to paint, they are great, come on, Come on, I don't care if I do some painters in the 10 portraits, Majestic Pants Arena, but I'm 17 years old, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen look at me good champagne I like to paint blue birds in a beautiful nature scene why paint just a few words what happened 17 10 and 7 17. some painters paint flowers that look so sublime I paint for


s 17 of everything takes time cute pretty chin hmm some painters like to paint apples in bright shades of green I can also paint apples but I paint 17 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen poop cute juxtaposition some painters splatter paint some painters paint dots my number is what matters 17 is a lot of dots oh nice juxtaposition hold that pause some painters like to paint faces that look like they are going to scream I can also paint fish but page 17 one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen wait I know what this gallery needs your art let your imagination play paint what you want Follow your own path the purpose of a piece of paper is to be an image one day you could be an artist the best there is I have been there before, but why paint just one of the things when you could paint seventeen?
Hey, come in number, I'm basically in position and heading towards the star of the block. Caution 12. The battery of the block star is running out. You have to change it before everything falls apart. the sky and crashes into the land of


, oh that block is no match for a super rectangle like me, all teams report that it changes two standing sixes next to which three standing fours, on, hold on tight, you must turn off the force field before you can reach the battery and then you see a line of towers ahead yes, six of them, each one has two buttons on the top, you must press all the buttons together six towers, two buttons on eachset shown this requires the ES switch, you've done it 12. now head to that battery there's no time to waste get up 12 you're going to hit there's no time turn look at me those block ships have gone crazy it must be the low battery don't let it I only have the applause of the team.
I have a great escape technique. Let's play a game of hide and seek. I have to lose them there myself. Oh, I had a bad feeling about this. A radio. Flame battery level is almost dead, but you're right. On top of that you need to open the cover, take out the old battery and then insert a new one as quickly as you can. Oh, they are three different tasks, but I can do them all if I use all four, that is. The target is approaching one, two, three, now witness the power of this disco cube in full operation.
I love it, you turn rectangle nine into 19. Okay, so I'm 19 and who am I? maybe it's something to make a super rectangle switch, turn, see you, maybe I can make a lot of rectangles, okay, let's do this, bye, what a fool, I'm missing a block, three guys, swan block, too many, nevermind, four, five, ah, again, you can do this, it's not a rectangle, come on. at 19. concentrated, bye-bye, nobody, six, bye-bye, one, oh I can't do it, I'll never be a super rectangle monster, ah, I wish I could be 18. I make everyday shapes with straight, neat lines, but there's always something that doesn't It's totally fine, so I make crazy shapes, that's where it shines crane and then make many funny faces. to make you laugh because I make crazy shapes are the things I do best I can make a table where you can eat or a fish I can make a garden Spain when you lost all your directions with a complement with your wish when it comes to making extravagant shapes.
I have it because I make crazy shapes. Crazy shapes are what I don't shit and whatever it's called too. I can do almost anything, so test me. The crazy shapes Crazy shapes aren't what I do best. I'm sure you'll agree Moana, a much more Peak. No one is better at being me than me. Let's all go because I make crazy shapes, so what I do and I see him remember is also. I feel my microphone during the test. what I do best crazy ways crazy ways all the things I do best I'm 19 and I'm unique and oh two by seven extreme three six nine twelve fifteen eighteen scene ago do you think this is fast follow me for some real action are you enough fast how to?
Awesome, let's do it again, anyone can ride that thing. Look at this. The Double Looper easily has two spokes, so you can only assemble it if you can make a two-block-wide rectangle like this. two times nine to go up and away one two Land Two times six one two times seven double luck double seven hey eight eight that sounds like fun but odd


like me can't make a rectangle two blocks wide look, don't let that be slow down 15. The next one could be for the three of you, so you need to make a three block wide rectangle like this, three by six, three lifts and three by six, land again now that I can do it, bye.
Built for speed 18. I can ride lupus and Double Loopers and Triple Loopers three five four that's because my brother and I are super rectangles which means we can do a lot of different rectangles so we can do a lift and two rays um , that's not all, we can both make sure, it says six times three three well, yes, that's true, six times two, but why do we need six rays? Oh, unless, oh no, how do we get there? Relax, let me take care of this. I'm 12 years old. I am a super rectangle Master of rays. Oh wait, can you? do that again, watch the super Looper, change one for eighteen one or twelve wow, two for nine, Dubai city, quick work, sister, right on three for six, six, five two, that's you, that's it Fast enough for me, but not for me, here comes the nine Looper 9x2. extreme friend, are you okay?
Riff hurried and now to do something else very quickly. Lay down. I wonder if we will ever discover ourselves like you. 22. Oh, can I help you? I love exploring numbers and I know the place. Wide and tall main positions and more change rotate change rotate Hello friends, welcome to the rectangle. I retreat, seeing what rectangles a number can form really helps to figure them out completely when I discovered that I make a 2 by 11 rectangle. I knew that once I was a thing. of two halves well, okay, you can make many rectangles. I am a super rectangle.
I can make different rectangles all day long and at that pace it takes all day. Some of our super rectangles like to go a little bit more, ah, one by eighteen. two times nine three times six six times three nine times two eighteen times one How rectangular is the answer you are looking for? It is very rectangular. In fact, do you think you can help 23 and 24 find their rectangles? We would love. All we need is. some bats and a couple of blank scrolls, let's do this first, find your main positions that are as wide and then as tall as you can, stretch out as far as you can into a rectangle shape, a really wild one, now reach for the sky, one by twenty four tall thin rectangle that's two so far I can do more let's find out bend over and touch your toes you make a rectangle when you're two blocks wide oh I can I'm two by twelve I can't never mind it's so much fun now try three blocks wide, then four, then five until you get back to your prime position again very wide rectangle full white rectangle five white oh I was doing so well I wouldn't worry about it 24.
I haven't made any separate rectangles from my Prime positions keep going no have you lived until you tried to turn six wide no oh yes six times four so many rectangles already now seven wide no no yes yes again eight times three now it stops you no no no no no I'm not giving up 24 keep going yes 12 times two and twenty four times one my white main position so many rectangles oh yeah that's even more than we can do sister we might need to find a name bigger than super rectangle that's it I figured it out for myself.
I'm 24 and I'm a super dumb rectangle look at my matrix screen flip switch flip switch flip switch I can make rectangles all day and all night too, how did you get to 23? Just my Prime positions, that's all, are you sure about all those blocks? there are no other rectangles anywhere, how remarkable. It feels good somehow, some numbers are very rectangular and some are not very rectangular and that's okay. I realized that I'm 23 years old and I'm happy being me and at the end of the day you can't. say fairer than that I play my big new game I'll roll the dice to start my friends this game is called how many tens six times n equals 60.
I'm 60 years old here to play with 60 points hip hip hooray see six lots of ten is a new high score I have six tens or ten sixes, go online oh oh no oh no so dice game I'm sure you'll see those dice again requires another ten seven times ten equals 70. I have 70. you Numbers luckily, luckily, I have seven tens, so I'm also a simple connection, but it's way out there, but how can we get it back? Luck is in the air tonight, here comes another ten, eight times ten, equals 80. I'm okay, super hot to block to the rescue oh secretly I have eight tens but this is a job for 10 eggs Octonauts Get together unlock your block forward smash what's the greatest hero of all oh there's always someone bigger look up to the sky nine times ten equal 90.
I'm 90. You won't believe your eyes are square or not. I can't say the grid is ten blocks by 10 blocks, but I have a short column, oh, row anyway. I'm not completely square and now. a disappearing trick days no you don't and what do we have here 10 20. 30. 40. 50 60 70 80 and 90. 90 has the highest score but I wonder how long for what 100 hello one yes yes little me I'm a big number but I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you look how far we've come remember when there was only one then ten the ones were one ten we are the one and now a zero I have reached a new place of possibilities a new friend a new face and a new kind of hero I'm big I'm really really really big I'm gigantic Did I mention I was big I'm taller than the tallest tree no one hears a block because I'm big.
I really must count if you count ten tens, one ten at a time, you will reach the correct amount ten twenty Thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighteen nineteen hundred Square oh, I have 10 times 10 that makes me Square, she is awesome now I realized that she squared one four nine sixteen twenty five you will know when all the squares arrive because I am a big massive square okay she is bigger than the rest ten times ten as you can see a hundred times my size she is great we all think that she is the best but I am still one of you I am one with you it takes a hundred to make one me I will not make fun of you I am not done with you inside I am like anyone you will see I am really something big I am tremendous tremendous I am proud to be so great you will see ten times that is big unquestionably big I am bigger because I have three figures my zeros could give you a clue is this the beginning of something you you I am big I am really very very big I am a reference point you cannot lose me I am that big and like a a hundred times more fun when you're 99 plus one I'm really really really oh

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