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Mar 06, 2022
one two four doesn't sound five is missing someone who can be let's see I'm one start with me I'm two I come after one I'm four come after three three I'm bigger than you I'm smaller you're bigger than you I'm smaller than you I'm more little one, you're here aren't you? we all did the right thing ready, put one two three four five that sounds good and here we go again look one two two sailboats we can be pirates and that's it I'm better than you I'm smaller than you I'm bigger than you I'm bigger than you I'm smaller than you all in order we all did the right thing ready start firm one two three four five that sounds good and then we come back here we are discovering a new world one two three four five no one can enter plus one equals two two can cause one two two paths where should I go you go left I'll go right snakes live not live rubber the worst guy will have to tread carefully we need someone stronger someone bigger double two plus two equal oh mmm why rocks are never square apples golden round things why did it have to be round some help for you take that side one two three four now continue go ahead and double four plus four equals delicious golden once for a quick exit two three four five six seven eight divided by the half eight equals four plus four giant round thing alert one two equals greetings everyone let's see who dares to enter the lair of actions solve the riddles but be careful the treasure goes to those who share one for you and one for me wow oh it's locked look there's a key but how do we get there?
numberblocks   let s go on an adventure learn to count learning blocks
I am the genius of the air. Oh, to win the first key, you must find all my gems, but to make things more complicated, you must share the gems equally between these two bowls and hurry, when the sands of time run out, a bird will fly away. with a key, how can we put the same number in each bowl if we don't even know how many there are? Remember how we share the lanterns, one for you, one for me, yes, if we put one gem in each bowl, in turn, I always have the same number of gems one for you one for me one for you and one for me it's working two gems in each bowl one for me one for me one for me one for me one for me one for me that's all of them, there are six gems in my bowl and six in mine, that's 12 gems in total, that's right, 12 gems shared between two balls there are six in each bowl, congratulations, there you are, I thought you would never get here.
numberblocks   let s go on an adventure learn to count learning blocks

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numberblocks let s go on an adventure learn to count learning blocks...

I am the water genie, your next challenge is to share my 15 water gems between these three shells so that each shell has the same number of gems. The next key share the gems before the water dries up or the key will be sucked down the bottomless drain, quickly one gem at a time, no. no, no, that's too slow, let's get three at a time, three shells, three gems, one gem in each shell, good thinking, three, three shells, three gems, two gems in each shell each time, there's one more in each shell, three more and three more and that's it. 15 gems shared between three shells is five gems in each shell, good team to share, hello, kind and warm, here I am the fire genie to win the final key, you must share my 20 fiery gems in these four chests that you have until my toast is ready.
numberblocks   let s go on an adventure learn to count learning blocks
We need to make sure we find all 20. So let's put them on the ground as we go, then we can check one for each chest. Now place yours there. We need five rows of four to make twenty. My toast is almost ready and the key. It's almost toasted, I can't see anymore. Do we have them all? we can't look at this line it's missing a gem here now all four lines are equal, that's right, 20 gems spread evenly between four chests are water, fire and air gems. enough to share the dead end six is ​​good with the dice how do we get six hello friends this is my advice it's time for me to roll the dice watch me give a little roll and you'll know which way to go one two three one two three follow me seven doors which door is the right one maybe seven can help how do we get seven four plus three equals seven oh I feel lucky this easy way look up meezy we're stuck no no we could swing from the flat poles?
numberblocks   let s go on an adventure learn to count learning blocks
I need someone with very long arms to stretch that high eight, how do we get eight? four plus three plus one equals oh, stuck squares are strong, let me try no, no, we need a bigger square nine, how do we get nine four plus three plus two equals one? two, how are we going to get out if ten was here? We could move it over there, how do we make ten all together now? four plus three plus two plus one equals ten ten nine eight seven six five four three two one blaster four three two one what an


we can be small numbers but when we work together we are still the kings and queens of the castle I am five years old I feel alive As long as I can drive my train only five no more no less I can drive the number


no, I'm getting on the train let's get back on our way I think I know what to do, let's stop the train adding one one plus one equals two two plus one equals three three plus one equals four four plus one equals five just five minus one equals three three minus one equals two two minus one equals one can you help us?
Please, we have to get back on track. Oh, we know what we have to do. Stop the train adding two plus two equals three. Three plus two equals five. Just me. I can start the train so I'm about to try again five minus two equals three three minus two equals minus two equals two well friends, leave it to me, I'll stop the train by adding three, what does that mean? I'm not so sure. I don't think I've seen that before minus three hey let's stop the train boy adding four equals five only I can stop the train so here I am to try again only five no more no less I can stop the number of


express so here I am I'm going to try again one, two, three, high five, I stopped the numbers, welcome, welcome, welcome to my new Stumpline park, don't you mean the trampoline?
No, no, no, look, oh, that was fun. Oh, it's that you, of course, is one, two, three, four, four blocks. look in any direction I go I'm still look at me I still have three oh not bad you think it's amazing you should see five bye you make all these shapes I made so the more blocks you have the more shapes you can make oh my turn of course they're not Really different shapes, they're the same shape, one that goes up and one that goes across, oh, that's still better than me, look, that's all one shape, it's not very exciting compared to all of you, now, now , they are forgetting it. something one two three one plus one plus one plus one equals four each large shape is made up of many small ones so many small ones can make each large shape look what I can do and just in time for the big finale what better way to celebrate the opening of my new park that with fireworks I can present the sky at night you see one when we all work together the sky is the limit look what I have oh one two three four four flat cats perfect for our picnic oh better leave them great now one two three four four plates enough for one two three three flapjacks what has disappeared but how could this simply be the work of flop jack snuckler what is a flapjack snaffler is a strange creature made of three blocks with three eyes for spying flapjacks three arms to grab flat jacks and three mouths to eat flapjacks and there must be one hidden nearby because there's only one two three four four flapjacks oh oh ugh there are no flapjack steaks here that's what he wants you to think he's trying to fool us all save a jota I think we're safe really let's look at one two four three three flapjacks and hit again how many eyes does one two three have how many arms one two three how many blocks one two three four five three blocks no, it's five what Are you all doing five?
They do not have three eyes or three arms. Whoever told them yes, I


ed them three. Do they know how to


? Yes of course. Look at a lot of things. Say some numbers and then say three because three is best. number there's a little more to it than that three there are some rules you should follow rule one coined everything once try coining those flapjacks that can help put them in a line and point them out one at a time to make sure you don't miss any or count the same one twice one two three four very four three two one wait one that's not right rule two say the numbers in the correct order if you don't say them in the correct order one two three four you won I don't know how many there are oh one two three four three jacks oh we've been here before the rule three the last number is how many when you get to the last to count the last number you say tells you how many there are try it I can do one one two three four that's the last flapjack so four flapjacks that's it, it I did I know how to count one count everything once two say the numbers in the correct order three the last number is how many three counting rules let's celebrate with flapjacks I've packed an extra one for you five wait, it's not where you live anymore, don't worry, mate space cadet, I can take you home, hold on tight 10 9 8.
I think he's building a tower oh um, I think you'll need more blocks than that, stop tickling. Let's build a tower. My turn looks like fun. I didn't even know I could do that shape. Hey, can I play one, two, three, four, five, six? Please make me some bricks to build with. doesn't fit eh all this eh or that try this lucky number blocks for beginners let's start building this could take forever look up there's something new the aliens are also building can we meet in the middle back to work everyone space here we go oh one two three four five six seven eight four oh welcome to the number block rally ten racers ten pedal driven cars but only one can lift the trophy so let's go to the starting line all ready hey wait has anyone seen one, come on, I hope so?
You are ready to play with the high rollers. Keep going. It seems unbeatable. Wait. He has lost a wheel. Let's see. That's in slow motion again. a surprise leader, a good day for it and what makes it really surprising is that nine is in last place two, second to last, keep pedaling, run octo block, race one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, Eight, right, is in trouble, those two lots of clubs are about to disappear. eight minus two equals minus three equals four four we'll drive yes minus three equals do you mind? I'm commenting here no, I'm commenting it's me me me me yes, meet again in action and with the finish line in sight there are four in the lead, so I need a breathing octoblock that passes by one that is in the lead often of one, but here is one that comes from within.
Good day for that, well I said only one can lift the trophy and I was right oh you. I've gone completely flat, that seems like fun. Hey, I'm completely flat too. I am a square. A real square. Oh, square. I have the feeling that we are no longer in the land of numbers. Welcome to Flatland, where all the flat shapes live. I am a line what a straight line two straight lines and when three lines join together we form a triangle I have one two three three sides and one two three three corners look at me and me and I'm sorry wait you're not a square I'm not a rectangle like you I have four sides and four corners but your sides are all the same and mine are not if I'm a surprise wait until you meet the others hello four-sided shapes introduce yourself rectangles trapezoid kite dart parallelogram oh what wonderful names and what wonderful shapes rectangles hello dark parallelogram square square come back oh hello who are you I am a pentagon with five sides high five let's have a hexagon in the mix count my sides and you will find six and luck I have seven sides I am a heptagon a heptagon ooh one two three four five sides pentagon six sides hexagons look heptagon of seven sides what wonderful names and what wonderful shapes what is that square are you ready to go home hey, don't be afraid the octagon is here one two three four five six seven eight eight sides I will take you home octagon make a flying basket of eight sides one two three four five six seven eight basket I'm a circle I only have one curved edge hold on tight friends here we go wow goodbye new friends me again and you are you we went to Flatland and the triangles were here and a rectangle and a pentagon and a I'm in position and I'm heading towards the block star watch out 12 the block star's battery is running out you have to change it before everything falls from the sky and crashes into the land of numbers oh, that block is no match for a super rectangle like me, all teams report changing two sixes standing next to changing three fours, I'm going to wait tight, you need to turn off the force field before you can get to the battery.
Can you see a line of towers ahead? Yes, six of them, each one has two buttons on the top. You must press all the buttons at the same time. Six towers, two buttons in each set. Show this. ask for switch you've done it 12 now head to that battery there's no time to waste I'm on it switchlift 12 you're going to hit no time turn four look at me those block ships have gone crazy it must be the low battery don't let them slow you down we have a great escape technique let's play hide and seek switch catch gotta lose them out there oh, I have a bad feeling about this eraser for a long time and the switch is low, the battery level is almost depleted, but you're right on top.
You need to open the cover, take out the old battery, and then insert a new one as quickly as you can. They are three different tasks, but I can do them all. I use all four, this is the goal, approaching one, two, you did it, now witness the power of this fully operational disco hub, look at us in three batches, the wheels look like three for each carriage, this time how many carriages one, two, three, four, how many in each car three, so how many chips do you need? four times three equals 12 tiles four lots of three four groups of three twelve blocks of numbers are you ready for the fastest and most exciting moments in pairs?
Please change everyone on board two two two two two two now, how many carriages are there? one, two, three, four, five, six and how many in each car, six times two, equals 12, so you need 12 more, oh, I'm out of chips. Roll up and have fun, there are plenty of chips to win. You need 12 tokens, you will win one for each can that falls and there are one, two, two stacks, one, two, three, four, five, six, six cans in each stack and two times six equals, here we go, six lots of two, twelve, if you are sitting comfortably.
I'll start chapter one from the beginning Once upon a time there was a small block that fell from the sky I'm one This is fun I'm one A block This is my number It means one Me and this is a wonderful world Oops, but one was all alone so she decided to do friends oh a magic mirror hello I'm one hello I'm another anyone for tennis oh one plus one equals two I'm two how's chapter two going me and you me and my best friend I'm also one two two blocks and this means two I love things there are two of one two two dancing shoes one two one two plus one equals three I am three look at me chapter three I I I am three I am one two three three blocks I could juggle one two three three balls and this means I one two three I'm so amazing who could follow me three plus one equals four I'm full did we meet before chapter four the house of four hello I'm one two three four four blocks and this little one means four can you guess which one it is my favorite way?
That's right, a square with one two three four four sides and one two three four four corners oh no, someone has chewed four holes in my tablecloth, square, you little minx. square how can we fix this one two three four four plates hello to everyone who wants a square cookie oh I can't get to four plus one equals five I have five I feel alive chapter five the star spins I am one two three four five five blocks five five I love the stars they have five points which makes me a rock star thank you and good night sweet dreams

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