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May 02, 2023
there has not been a single day that we have not experienced the mighty hand of God in our lives a few days ago, it says that the Holy Spirit instructed me to write an email to our dad Apostle Salman through email whenever I narrated everything what was happening especially regarding our family situation my father was wrongfully accused by his enemies and arrested he said he was sent to prison the next day he was transferred from a smaller holding room to the Central Prison we thought all hope was lost foreigner My hope came alive he says I don't I don't even have enough data to stream the entire


so I downloaded the message and as I was listening I felt the hand of God coming upon me.
november 2022 miracle service with apostle joshua selman 27 11 2022
I followed the instructions and during the Third Day of Prayer I received a call from someone who had been with the house. to celebrate next in line for a


by all these testimonials we can just raise up and raise our hands and raise our voices and magnify the Lord thanking him for


s around the world you can bless the Lord tonight bless him tonight and Jesus mightily thank you you wanted one or I said bye there is something I want you to learn I don't just want I want you to do it I don't want to give you a miracle to go I love you so Anan told me I said I was going to I was not going to miss any meeting here.
november 2022 miracle service with apostle joshua selman 27 11 2022

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november 2022 miracle service with apostle joshua selman 27 11 2022...

I was. I started coming every day, every day. Let me sit there. Landing and landing at the destination of the


s and then the healing began to come after they believed again as they believe in God. I started to trust again. so I, a brother, gave a testimony here or after hearing the message. I was a foreigner Favor. I give you the aura of everyone in the two-faced system and the reason out of writing. They called me to come and help them. able to score vine i helped them score and after that now we go to the oral interview i went in and they just said come sit down fe you are one of us just sit assault with them and they just said what's your name? i just said just tell us about yourself we just want to meet them they talk about me like i am just one of them and they asked me to come when i got back to abuja the next day they called me i got the job we can join sister faith to celebrate the name of the Lord you are next in line for your miracle Miracle Imam Jesus that Grace called favor will speak for you in the name of Jesus amen praise the Lord hallelujah my name is I have come to bear witness to the goodness of God for what he has done in my life hallelujah in april i miss my period and after late night hormones we got this as a wonderful gift background no doubt this kid is a preacher we can come together to celebrate the lord she wants to testify for herself hallelujah you are the Next in line for your miracle baby in the name of Jesus, can you tell your neighbor that you are reigning babies in Koinonia?
november 2022 miracle service with apostle joshua selman 27 11 2022
Hallelujah, your name, sir, and what the Lord has done for you. Praise the Lord, hallelujah. My name is Abraham and I speak on behalf of my family. I would try as much as possible to wrap this Center so that in the Miracle


of September 2021 we were here and physically, my wife and I are getting married in 2020. trying to conceive and of course we conceived, but the baby did not stay , so, at the time, my wife just added a bowel movement from one of the pregnancy and she had these things on her legs, it was like she was on fire. stone and all that, then we came to the church to be cured and then, sitting next to us, there was a brother, he always said that he is an angel, he just told us, uh, he told my wife, he said that God told him that he would visit us tonight and then in about five minutes we didn't see him again until the end of the service, not only did we see the person again and my wife came during the course of the miracle healing service, my wife came forward, she got her healing and then she was here and the Apostle asked what happened and she said oh two weeks ago I had a bowel movement and all that and he said do you believe in miracles? he said yes i believe in miracles and he extended his hands to my wife and then she received the baby and then she said if the husband is here tell him to write it down if anyone here remembers that miracle service in september he said yes the husband it's here tell her to write it down that God said he's going to give you a baby and then I was outside and I was yelling I was saying that's my wife that's my wife and everyone everyone started saying congratulations long story short my wife got pregnant and it was a roller coaster of attacks like on a roller coaster of attacks the devil came all over my finances my work was home even till now like no pay and all but that doesn't make sense every time we had to go to our doctors again we were told this baby is not viable just go and remove it i said no again so what i did was i took an excerpt from the message that part where the Apostle prayed for my wife so i would always take it and said god , you had said this and I would say God, you know, remember that people congratulated.
november 2022 miracle service with apostle joshua selman 27 11 2022
I, I said to your glory, this boy is going to be alive, well he's here, can we join this family in making a joyous sound to the Lord, yes, in honor of Jesus and to the glory of the angel over this house that we name? he Joshua you can declare this is my time this is my night this is my time we can give back all the glory to God tonight raise your voice and magnify the lord be intentional now tonight be intentional we can thank him let's give him praise come on bless the name of the lord for all these miracles healings supernatural provisions miraculous babies let's bless the lord tonight the one who is able to do multiple signs and wonders the one who can take away cancer and there will be no trace at all he is here again tonight come on give him praise let's give him glory and together as a family you can shout hallelujah i think someone can do better than that celebrating jesus if you're still sitting you're a suspect come on now come on now come on in and out wherever you are To the sound of my voice please can you shout?
Can you give him all the glory? glory all glory should be to the lord just one more time all glory should be through the lord for he is worthy of our foreign friends just a few minutes you can buy your hair to say lord thank you let heaven hear your voice as you you say sir thank you just listen to the song no man on earth should give glory to himself god is both wise a wonderful doer god we thank you we are not ashamed to declare your goodness your faithfulness to the world please thank him give him all the glory bless him thank you thank you thank you i know you came here with all kinds of challenges and prayer requests can you put that aside and say lord we are thankful as a family of faith we thank you we give you all the glory. all the honor is that someone blesses him is someone who thanks him is that someone gives him all the glory said the sami I slept or woke up because the Lord sustained me thank you we are grateful we have come to return your praise in Jesus precious mighty name we have given thanks praise god thank you someone happy to be in


miraculous service can you get those things together for the king of kings hallelujah quick we can have that pain they are tight inside is offering time if you are paying your tight you are in please can you come forward or to the basement? step in front of your LED screen, you are following us online, I would like you to bag up your seed, your offering, your investment in the kingdom, your prophetic seed, your vote, the bible speaks second Corinthians is a giving and you will it will give in the Book of Lucas sorry it is a gift and you will be given good measures squeeze shaking together overflowing men will give to your chest in the book of Malacca you say that you have robbed me they dared to answer in what way they have robbed you it is tight and offering so that it is possible to be faithful in the payment of your tithe and Rock God in your offering it is possible to be committed being all in the Department you are faithful but You can still rub God in your grip and your offering please those in the front you are doing a transfer any transfer must be made to the ministry you are writing a check please do where to sign correctly wherever you are you are not with cash please just tell the public relations officers they tell you the POS so you can pay your tithing and give his offering, he's here with a prophetic sin and he's saying, oh, I don't know how to communicate it to the angel. this commission commission please pack that prophetic seed and label it appropriately place it in the offering basket in the finance department will get it and the blessing will come to your place while we are still waiting for the titles I would like you to raise raise your title you are offering your seat to heaven and talk to God if you are doing the transfer talk to God about your timing be intentional about your giving be intentional he said for this I say the spiral sower who talks about the volume of your offering or your seed the who sows spirulate will be the one who so well Generous he says every man every man give every man wife give husband give teach your children how to give offering and how to pay time don't say I'm giving on their behalf don't let each one give as you have purposed in your heart not gradually out of necessity because God loves a cheerful Giver so don't give to God as if you are helping God to be happy be excited in giving your offering and paying your right we are still waiting for the title please pray if you are up front you are sitting there pray for your tithe lord this is the least i will give this is the least i will give paul speaking he said god is able to give your seed another body pray just a few minutes while we are still waiting for the titles to come out in front pray wherever you are you are making a transparency in your seed you are paying a tied company a tied family a few minutes to talk to God a few minutes Talk to God about your offspring about your offering he said because God is powerful to make all grace abounds in you first that you always have all Grace Grace for wisdom Grace please Grace for longevity graced by open doors all Grace is power father we thank you we are blessing your people your children have come to honor you with your tithe with their offering Lord We ask you oh Lord to open the windows of heaven for the Titan blessing to follow each one of us in Jesus name so that this is the least you will ever give in Jesus name.
I pray that the God of this commission when the enemy knocks at the door of his destiny, that his seed will answer in the name of Jesus when the challenge comes, that his seed will answer in the name of Jesus where your forces failed, that the God of this commission fight for you and this week May the Lord put your name in the hearts of men to honor you in the name of Jesus May the Lord beautify you and rebuke the devourer for your sake in Jesus precious mighty name I will pray please throw your seed your offering with joy and gladness of heart foreign koinonia the bomb of Gilead is in abundance tonight enough to reach your charged intensities and sicknesses fragrant enough to dislodge the stench of your pain i tell you the truth a whole package of our Redemption bought ago 2,000 years Still Remains and if its stripes are not erased, then our claim to receive this precious gift is not erased, no matter how you feel tonight, it doesn't matter No matter how you feel tonight and maybe the professionals will give you a better prognosis.
I want you to know that the creator of your body is here. The creator of your body knows his way and is willing to get you out of bed. of your disease he was wounded by our transgression crushed by our iniquities who has bonds destined for our peace was upon him and Koinonia tonight by his sores we are healed Hallelujah foreigner there from Jehovah God Almighty the Prince of Peace in the presence where I look at your house Finances when I look into your love when everything around me turns into shadows in your light when I find the joy of reaching your heart then my will turns and throws itself into your love when everything around me turns into shadows reason i lived the reason i leave your praise foreigner here blessed by mario i feel you can hear the sound of heaven the sound of many waters below the world should come from its throne room yes foreign attention the same tonight foreigner we lie before you live the redeemed worshipers Hallelujah so loud we rise to the sinking earth above us for you foreigners now on the lamb on the ground I raise my sound I rise for you what God and God alone may you bless his name the king the king and the Lord of lords Majestic is your name we adore you the lion of the tribe of Judah even the roots of David All nations will adore All nations will bow All nations Will proclaim that you are God and God Alone someone bless his name someone bless his name someone bless your name Jesus we captivate you we proclaim you are King tonight standing here in the midst of all praise worship Christmas and drink father tonight is your night to do mighty and wonderful things among us we acknowledge you as God the Healer God the uplifter God the restorer God the deliverer and we pray tonight that you will answer your names in the midstof us in the name of Jesus Christ Spirit of the living God we recognize your Supremacy and even your leadership in our midst so that you move to glorify Jesus that you move to glorify the father thank you thank you again for in jesus much less name we pray hallelujah I give you the Welcome to a night that you will not forget in a hurry I welcome you to a night where God himself will do signs and wonders in your life I welcome you to a night in which you will say goodbye to many things and they must greet you back in the name of Jesus Christ.
I welcome you to a night when the Lord will reveal new dimensions of himself to you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Welcome to a miracle service for the month of November God bless you in Jesus name please sit down please sit down we have a lot to do tonight and God will grant us Grace in Jesus name I sincerely want to start tonight by acknowledging our sacrifices more people except you are deeply connected to this ministry and in this ministry you may never understand um the kinds of sacrifices people make as early as 9 10 this morning there have been people from all over this nation all over the world, can you imagine the level of hunger and sacrifice hunger and sacrifice how God can disappoint you he will surprise you tonight in the name of jesus christ let me speak to our global family those who are watching on tv i love you right now and even for the who are here I want you to call and inform everyone you know who should be connected to this service right now and tell them that God is about to do something all over the world and that it is important for individuals and families to invite everyone, but know people who are sick. people who are oppressed Hallelujah, some of you may need to contact people who are even in hospitals right now to tell them to connect by faith that the power of God is about to move to bring you healing and to bring you wholeness I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in his power to heal, deliver and save Hallelujah, so I warmly welcome you all and let me especially welcome all of our international guests who have traveled from all over the world. or outside please stand up let's honor them honor them are you celebrating? people who have traveled from Europe America various parts of Africa inside and outside God bless you the Lord will do you good in the mighty name of Jesus Christ please take a seat Hallelujah praise the name of the Lord please help me tonight to give the welcome a dear and wonderful man of God to the Anglican Communion, Bishop Stanley Football, let us honor him. welcome a dear friend and a man of God Apostle Paul amen God bless you from Lagos may the Lord bless you thank you sir we sincerely appreciate you all are welcome accept your troubles all are welcome except every devil that came with you all are welcome except that cause that yoke that has promised not to leave them all and everything is welcome except the devil and everything that came with him and my task tonight is to insist that you must part with those things forever in the name of Jesus Christ psalm 107 verse 18 and 19. some 107 verses 18 and 19.
I want us to start hallelujah no, I got it right Psalm 107 verse 31 and 32 31 and 32. I want us to take quality time 5-10 minutes just thank the Lord for his goodness and faithfulness Hallelujah everyone says that men will praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works toward the children of men verse 32 says to exalt him also in the congregation of the people and praise him in the Assembly of elders I will give you three scriptures and then we will tell the Lord thank you scripture number two Lamentations chapter 3 from verse 22 to 23. Tonight I brought to the stage my contemplations regarding Thanksgiving it is in question it says that it is by the mercies of the Lord that we are not consumed do you think it says because his compassions do not fail the Next verse please they are new every morning your faithfulness is great one last scripture Psalm 103 of verse 1 will be read up to five please be patient Psalm 103. bless the Lord my soul says and all that is within me bless his holy name verse 2 bless the Lord my soul and do not forget his benefits verse 3 who forgives the iniquities of time who carried all your diseases how many not some who healed all your diseases who redeemed your life from destruction who crowned you with loving kindness and tender mercies the last verse that they satiate your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagles hallelujah and the bible says because of all this and more it says oh that man would praise the Lord I am not a person who likes to blow trumpets and always talk I like to praise God I made a pact with God years ago and prayed and asked Him to never Show me the full extent of my impact on people's lives Less Pride and vainglory enter our lives because we are human I just said Lord let me have one idea of ​​what you are doing throughout my life and that is enough and God answered that prayer, but I can tell you ladies and gentlemen that it will sound like an exaggerated statement or flattery if we take our time in detail and express the kindness from the hand of God from this house to the nations of the earth, some of you. you will not believe it as much as you know or have an idea of ​​what God is doing Hallelujah it is a mighty and wonderful hand of God salvations healings deliverances Restorations Supernatural changes time will fail me to talk about Nations that are not just talking about individuals now we are not talking just about churches now we're not just talking about maybe regions we're talking about nations that have experienced the power of God because of this Hallelujah and I want us to start tonight by truly acknowledging that the Lord is a great secret that I have learned from the fathers of faith and I have incorporated it as a secret in my life to always be grateful always be grateful without assumptions when it comes to your work with God and you don't have to wait until miracles and demonstrations of their power are seemingly spectacular all hand in hand of God deserves your acknowledgment in gratitude while you are sitting I don't know how you are going to say thank you but I want you to think about your life for a moment and think about the mighty hand of God in this ministry go ahead and say thank you father we thank you father We give thanks I will never be able to repay you but from the bottom of my heart I like to say that thank you go ahead and bless you I can never pay you but from the bottom of my heart I like that you know what I think thank you I will never be able to repeat you but from the heart I say Lord I thank you thank you Jesus for me I will never be able pay you but from my heart I like to say that I hate you.
I will sing the mercies of the Lord with my mouth. I'll let you know from sunrise to sunset. I will sing the mercies. Forward. I am blessing the father. thank you thank you for the healings thank you for the deliverances thank you for the preservation is there anyone expressing gratitude tonight thank you for coinonia thank you for the light wonderful light thank you for the power of your spirit the grace that travels across the nations brings light the truth of the word of God with power and grace and his spectacular display of his spirit for someone to say thank you thank you for the prosperity thank you for the increase thank you for the influence thank you for Jesus consistently revealed in our midst consistently glorified in our midst Lord we bless you let the Nations know that you are God, that the nations know that you are King, that the nations recognize you as the doer of all good, all good, all healing, all miracle, do not get tired, this is part of the miracle service , father, we thank you, father. we thank you father we thank you i am so blessed my soul has found rest oh thing i am so blessed my soul has found rest i hear you father we thank you lord we thank you we bless you dont focus on me dont focus on whats going on just look at jesus you we honor and thank you thank you for your children thank you for your wife thank you for your husband forget about what is not yet in place just focus on thanksgiving thank you because it is of the Mercy of the Lord that we are not consumed the psalmist said i went to bed and i slept i hope the lord will hold me thank you thank you thank you father we thank you let the nations watch as we thank you let the nations watch as we declare helpless our dependence on you that you are a doer of all good in this life and in this ministry thank you for in the name of Jesus we pray father as a man greatly helped by you as a ministry you have generously shown your mercy say thank you thank you for life thank you for the Holy Spirit thank you for your word thank you for the power of wisdom thank you for the systems of Advantage you have granted us access thank you for the anointing thank you for placing your hand on our lives and causing the Nations to experience your light even from us thank you for giving us access to enlightenment tonight we have come with our hearts open tonight we have come ready to receive to the Lord Jesus that no one leaves this place disappointed because in the mighty name of Jesus we pray Hallelujah God God bless you, please sit down.
I really believe with all my heart. By the way, I like that we truly appreciate those who are in Overflow outside. Please celebrate those outside. Is this the best you can do for them? Sita we are going to build, but God is granting us Grace in the name of Jesus Christ, sometimes my heart aches when I find out that you know when we have to walk with the provisions that we have for now those who are in the auditorium represent a very small fraction of the many in all the overflows to the basement outside several people tens of thousands of people this can only be God this is only the hand of praise to the Lord tonight there are three areas that the Lord revealed to me in the place of prayer that he goes to deal very seriously and i want to charge our hearts and then go straight to the business of the night um number one please write it down in the first area that the Lord wants us to visit by his spirit and this coincides with God's program for the nations even in this end time.
I did tell us that the spirit of God revealed to me and this is also consistent with the Scriptures that before Jesus returns as we approach the end of the Age there will be a restoration of the robes The Ministry of Healing in a way and a dimension that we have never seen I know that here and there we have seen pockets of healing and although it will be very uncomfortable especially for women of God to admit that we are still at the level of childhood so fast that it has to do with the Ministry of Healing it is true that only you need to be a student of scripture and a student of history and you will come to a very honest conclusion that to the extent that God is helping us here and there, we don't come close to phenomenal displays of God's hand, especially in the area of ​​healing that has been experienced in ages and years past, but we know that God is restoring this grace in the name of Jesus Christ so tonight the Lord is going to move as a Healer and as a deliverer this is the first area that God wants to address why I tell you so that your faith is alive and so that you will find comfort knowing that he has not called Jacob's seed to look for him in vain let me give you some scriptures Psalm 34 please from verse 18 and 19.
Let's work together means we have several scriptures to deal with the Bible says that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are contrite in spirit 19. says many other afflictions of the righteous many as long as that person is a righteous person the Bible says that it is not unusual for the righteous to be afflicted but it leaves him with the certainty that the Lord delivered him from them all shout amen the Lord delivered him from them all number two Psalm 107 we read it before but we will read it again 19 and 20 Psalm 107 19 and 20. says that then they cried out to the Lord in their anguish and he removed them from their anxieties verse 20 says that he sent his word and guided them and freed them from their destruction so that the word of God sustains within itself the ability to healing and the ability to undo to deliver from destruction in Isaiah chapter 53 very popular scripture and verse 5.
Isaiah 53 and verse 5. the bible says but he was wounded for our transgressions he was crushed for our iniquities says the punishment of our peace it was on him and with his wounds we were healed The


Peter when expressing this scripture would say for his tribes that we were healed that means that no matter what the situation is tonight as you listen to this scripture I am not just rehearsing a scripture that you have already read it is a word prophetic for you who should feel uncomfortable with that situation and trust that God will intervene in your life in the name of Jesus Christ Hallelujah in Isaiah 49 I like this from verse 24 to 26. the prey of the strong will be taken away oh what all devil hear this or the rightful captive be delivered is a question 25 says the Lord even the captives of the strong will be taken away and the prey of the terrible will be delivered says because I will contend whoever contends with them God himself Listen Wait don't rush that scripture do you know which means may God rise up and contend with those who contend with you not with him not with him I will rise up and contend with him who can opposeto the law no one can no one will oppose the turkey no one can obtain he said Rise up O Lord and let your enemies scatter for I will contend with him who contends with you and I will save your children verse 26 says I I will feed those who oppress you with their own flesh and they will be drunk with their own blood as with sweet wine and all flesh will know listen carefully that I am your Savior and your Redeemer the strong of Jacob shout amen loud so that God is here tonight to heal and release to heal and release to remove pain to remove bodily afflictions that plague God's people spying on your freedom I have explained to you the theology behind the healing that God heals to reveal number one his love and then number two his power but classically speaking the reason why the Ministry of Health is very important it is because each believer only has the right to one body for life as much as the Bible reveals to us please pay attention one body for life your spirit is only authorized to be housed in a body within the framework of one life Hallelujah that means that anything that deteriorates that body is trying to shorten its life and its days if we are together there is a required level a threshold level of Health that your body must reach for your spirit to be able to live inside it comfortably when your body is deteriorates beyond that point his spirit will have to be separated either at the end of his days or not, so every manifestation of sickness and disease is one is the administration of death in portions hallelujah and then liberation why do we need to be liberated them I said that not only are we freed from the influences of the Spirit we are also freed from the conditions we are together now if there are spirits that bind themselves to the conditions and oppress the people of God you can be freed from the influences of the Spirit, but you can be freed from the conditions.
The word release or Liberation simply means that you are being cut off from an influence, whether spiritual or circumstantial, that prevents your advancement and the revelation of God's glory in and through. your life number two the second area that God is going to deal extensively with and please I like that your heart is open to receive everything tonight is the area of ​​our finances 35 and verse 27 believe it all in the name of Jesus Christ 35 27 Isaiah help us media 35 27 3527. I did it well let them shout for joy that they favor my just cause yes let them say continuously let me quote it because time is magnified the Lord who is pleased in the prosperity of his servant we are together God have the pleasure of listening carefully in the prosperity of his servant that means everything you fight you are being blessed is fighting against God's will regarding your life Believers please hear me settle it once and for all that it is Christ to prosper settle it once and for all for all of that, faced with financial constraints, many things will not be in place in your lifetime, whether as an individual, whether organizationally speaking, we stand together, this is a world driven by economics, it takes more than awareness of the will of God. to give birth to his purposes there is a place in your life where you will need sufficient resources not just resources resources to the extent that your well-being and God's assignment need the Bible says that God delighted in the prosperity of his servant Deuteronomy 8 18 says and you will remember but you will remember the Lord your God says it is he who gives the power to obtain riches it is God who empowers men to obtain riches to establish his Covenant that he swore with your parents particularly Abraham what was the Covenant in these all families will be blessed of the earth made a pact with Abraham Hallelujah and the Bible says that in Galatians 3 I believe verse 29 also says and if you are the Christ then I am Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise so in Christ all of us have become beneficiaries of that blessing that was for Abraham and his seed Paul teaches us that it is Christ and now because we have been grafted into Christ through Redemption we are partakers of all that is in Christ including the blessing of Abraham Hallelujah then God gives power to prosper that means you need power to prosper you need power to prosper in this wicked, wicked, selfish world it takes power more than courage it takes power to prosper the bible says strong men retain wealth the easiest part of wealth is getting rich staying rich requires power requires more than courage is someone who learns Psalm 127 verse 1 and 2 Psalm 127 verse 1 and 2 except that the Lord builds a house says the vain labor that builds it means it will bear likeness of being built what the bible says is in vain unless the lord guards or watches over a city said the watchman wake it up but in vain verse 2 says it is in vain that you get up early that is not a bad virtue but it is a vein if God does not support you and you sit late at night alone to eat the bread of Sorrow because only God can give sleep to his beloved Hallelujah we live in a world where people minimize the role that God has to play in regards to empower people, let me tell you economically speaking, you don't need to be a Christian, you don't need to know God, you don't even need to recognize him once you understand the principles of value and productivity principles of exchange and relationships these are fundamental principles from a point of view secular views that govern the availability of Financial Resources you don't have to be born again but i can tell you there are dimensions because getting rich comes with other baggage i also hate evil jealousy battles you don't have to fight we are together now that one now is not the job of the brain what preserves you said I lay down and slept I hope the Lord sustained me Hallelujah if you were alive in the days of Noah if you were an economic guru if you understood the principles of finance who was not in the ark no matter how financially stable no matter how valuable your business or your products and services were where you would die completely and let me tell you according to the loss of times and Seasons there are always moments on Earth where this type of event causes real where only those who know how to hide under cover remain. of Jehovah an example was greed 19.
Hallelujah for the privilege of God's grace that I have had the honor of praying with speaking and ministering on a very personal level to billionaires and billionaires and I can tell you that you will think that reaching a level of wealth of That guy will automatically translate to peace, joy and rest, just kidding I don't want to know the problems there are many dollar billionaires who will give their money to find peace they will give their money to find joy we will give their money to deal with what it is plaguing your health it is the blessing of the Lord that it enriches you and does not add pain the doctors present here and all over the world will tell you that the majority of their clients are not poor people how much do they have to visit the hospital regularly the type of wealth that most your wealth grows the more your bp2 grows the more your wealth grows the more you are suspected by everyone including your wife and husband you are becoming a millionaire you transfer to a single room you become a billionaire you move to a single house life is that So when God wants to prosper us, let's not carry out brain work and economics and let's say stop all that Christian talk, the person who talks to you is not stupid, I understand economic principles, says Daniel, I understand books, but I realize, there is a way, there is a higher dimension for access God's blessings and find rest on the cross on the cross rest the other sit down Hallelujah you can have money and believe that's all it takes and one thing can happen to your business and reduce your pride as you have happened to many people who have laughed at god find out what happened to remember the story of the rich man in the bible destroyed gangs and built bigger ones and put my soul find rest listen believe us let us tell you this you will never hear me minimize the place of the blessings of god the place of wealth and abundance i am not that kind of preacher i will teach you all the advice of god make no mistake about the importance and relevance of finances in sustaining your life your children i understand the price of things have for some doubled some tripled Hallelujah one of my people was cutting my hair this afternoon and he was telling me a story from the market what happens there and he said this and that used to be this now is this and we still have to come in december you know what happens hallelujah we need to pray cause it looks like the price of chicken now soon will almost become house rent we stand together praise the name of the lord so don't bring some kind of false humility and say that I don't need to prosper.
I'm not interested. It is evil to reject prosperity because there are many people connected to you when you think. from the point of view of egoism, you don't need much to be alive and all that, this is all your stomach, this is all you need to eat, but when you think about those who are connected with you and then God's program. You've heard me say the name of Jesus is heavy, it takes resources to lift it high enough for the nations to see colony. listen to me tonight the name of Jesus Christ must land on you tonight I believe in prosperity I believe it is the will of God's people listen I don't believe listen please I don't believe God's people have to live a day to day life fighting for most attitudes and temptations of injustice come in response to luck it is true that there are more people who are dabbling in the path of compromise and injustice as a result of lack than as a result of very simple abundance Health situations that can be managed medically are complicated Due to the lack of economic resources, the number of young people right now peeing and all kinds of things, you see a twenty-year-old young man having the problem of a 60-year-old man, what are you thinking about and he says my father died, I am the firstborn between seven and six of them are idol worshipers i am the only one who was born again you will prosper in the name of jesus christ oh listen please listen to me there is wealth that comes from developing your value and trading it for a price which is the classic standard way of being financially blessed what which means you package your value, you serve it with excellence to a targeted consumer base, that's what you call business, there's a level of wealth that comes from the impact on their lives. don't sell what you give, however, because of God's justice system, there will always be a way that people will honor and reward you, and because you don't sell it, your reward won't come at a set price, it will come in function of the perception of the one you have blessed we are together now but there is the third dimension of wealth that the world cannot obtain is the prophetic dimension is called suffering wealth wealth that comes from the speeches of the prophet says I am for Israel out of Egypt and for a prophet was preserved believe in the Lord your God says and you will be established he said believe in his Prophet what is the task of the prophetic to create create a climate of favor upon you i hope you believe this there is an overemphasis only on the spirituality of wealth and the people do not become valuable the bible talks about god blessing the works of your hands but please listen to me believers make no mistake by minimizing the place of the prophetic just because you are valuable i have taught you here are times like peter when your ship is right but you won't fish you can be in the sea but you won't catch you have the right net you are a professional fisherman at that point you don't need to fish you I need Jesus Jesus said cast your net to the right side for some of you who have attempted your first prayer request on this moment is your business because it is not working out as much as the value is there the prophetic is powerful at this time tomorrow I hope you believe what I am saying I made a pact with God that I will never raise up a people who are just spiritually vibrant men of the world and Men of prayer I believe in the power of influence I believe in God prospering people there are many unnecessary things prayer requests one of my dear sons will say that financial prosperity will reduce your prayer points and increase your prayer life which means that Your prayer life will be reduced from gimme gimme and now you can pray correctly the way your spirit desires for most believers. sentences are surrounded but gimme gimme once a rich man came a very rich man came to my house with his children and i said everyone should say what their concern is and the children had absolutely nothing to say i'm not sure they even understood what i I was saying.
I said look how unfair life can be. I ask these kids and they just look around and smile and say nothing. Maybe just general blessings. what must God do ah may God do it tonight I prophesy that God will do it tonight in the name of Jesus Christ I hope I am not wasting your time open your heart to prosper in this wicked world some of you must pay attention when this Grace comes this night because you give your parents a chance to see you up before they go to see Jesus. Give your loved ones a chance and then this dirty life of rushing around to compromise your faith because of tea and bread is not enoughtell believers to stop doing this, to stop following this and that we must present the grace that empowers people. the devil starts suggesting all sorts of things, then the devil programs an evil man who says beautiful lady, aren't you in abuja?
You do not know? I do not understand the pain of luck and it is easy for people to judge I say it again may God prosper you how many sincere men and women of God some of you are sitting but scattered in the congregation love Jesus there is so much you want to do for the kingdom you are not limited by Revelation you are not limited by your hunger and passion your limitation is resources and the devil knows the role resources have to play some of you have never been able to do anything no prophetic campaign for the kingdom because of the resources passing the children in your community every day some of them they I will tell you this person has left school since January and you walk by and just say oh dear I wish I wish God would change that I wish in Jesus name Hallelujah imagine since I came here now I have many financial needs and then and i can prophesy you think i'll set you free if we're together imagine i asked them to give me a bowl now once i talk to you just don't ask me questions just let whatever you know all these skills that people don't bring it is that people are bad it is what happens when there is no luck when there is luck Hallelujah I present to you with all humility what is needed to execute a colonial service is what many people will hold a conference with I present to you by God, but as long as I am alive and as long as this ministry exists, no one will financially pressure you for someone maybe you came here husband and wife maybe you came here Pastor representing your ministry among the many Graces you must covet is God's help even in this area not just covet the signs and wonders of the healing anointing and leaving this other part believe me God can prosper you in a way that every devil knows you've been helped by God this ain't about bragging and making noise if it ain't there it ain't there it's as simple as that Hallelujah then this is it the second thing that God is doing visiting the finances of God's people ending this financial bondage that has helped families keep so many people down especially because of what is happening around the world right now Frankly speaking there is no a nation you go to that automatically guarantees financial freedom.
Europe there is struggle everywhere. America is there. To post is still the help of God and uziah prospered because he was wonderfully helped by God you are a businessman here please open your heart and don't let the devil deceive you and say I am prosperous how much do you see that that is the problem for most times when you are self driven you are not pro-Kingdom in your thinking respectfully speaking how much is enough you see you don't measure Enough by your personal satisfaction you measure Enough by how much is required for the kingdom if God has called you to be a kingdom financier and you just rejoice over a billion or 100 million that is too small to walk how much it costs to kill God's house Hallelujah you know you are truly prosperous when you can give generously to God's work and it doesn't affect you until you you get there don't rest hallelujah have a can have a farm and those these things are wonderful I don't downplay that sacrifice but we are reaching a point where God is going to give men Prosperity that is equal to that of Nations where you can sit in the morning in your office and you're just sharing money like that's your job in jesus name this ministry this is what we're giving to this for this this Mission agency may that be your portion in jesus christ name hallelujah how much clothes you can buy how much food you can eat no matter how greedy you are two or three plates is enough your body will even tell you I can't take any more so we are not talking about accumulating money to say my soul, well, rest, no, stop some of you, you're here and if we're going to verify your prayer request, it's still this economy again, your children may now be in tertiary institutions and unfortunately you see some of the things that have happened to our federal institutions I believe in the blessing of the Lord I believe that it is the will of God to show men Mercy that you find that Grace number three What is God doing in our lives tonight?
Breakthrough and establishment This is the third thing the Lord revealed to me please pay attention Proverbs chapter 4 please verse 18 and 19 proverbs 4 18 and 19 but the path of Joshua Salman is like a bright light that shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day verse 19. it says, but the path of the wicked is like darkness, they don't know what they stumble into, so the bible says that for the wicked person, his path must become darker and darker, but for the righteous , his path should be like The bright light that shines brighter and brighter in Job chapter 8 and verse 7 a scripture that has ministered to me since God began with me he said though your beginning was small to someone this is a prophetic word for you tonight even though your start was conceited he said he would die later and should rise considerably that means there is no problem starting small there is no problem starting small if we are small in terms of the level of Grace in terms of his understanding of the word in terms of his ability and influence but according to God's way for the increase of believers it must come with time Hallelujah in Job chapter 42 as I was meditating on this this morning he blessed me in a very profound way work 42 let's start from verse 12 for please work 42 and verse 12. look at this the bible says so the lord blessed the back end of work more than its beginning go to verse 13. let's see, i just wanted you to see that the first part says um, let's try 15. so we do 15 until 17. he says and in all the land he is talking about the daughters he had later now and his father gave them inheritance among the brothers the last part of the life of the work now 16. we are going to read until 17. after this work he lived 140 years and saw his children and his son's children even four generations 17. so work died being old and full of days this was the last part there is no one on earth who has gone through what work went through so from that talk you should already know that your situation is not hopeless if you had seen work in the face of his tragedy what else is worse than losing all your sons and daughters in one day then you are tormented by your state of health now you see the man more rich man from the east sitting by the road with his wife you can imagine that and people would walk past him and they would just nod and say your charm finally got you god punish you and they would pass and the bible says for a man like that there is hope, so why have you passed that makes you believe that he is? desperate you know what it meant for the woman to be alive and still give birth to daughters and sons and the bible says they were righteous and more beautiful than all the people there then god restored work twice everything that was lost will be returned to you to me everything that was lost will be returned to me everything that was little by little progress and establishment will be restored it is God's will for my life it is God's will for your life Isaiah chapter 12 I think I hope I have understood and verse 6 .please help me find it it was the Lord who made Moses and Aaron advance it was the Lord who made Moses and Aaron advance I remember the day I found that scripture that blessed me greatly that men do not only advance when they see a man moving forward ladies and gentlemen there is a strength in the spirit the very hand of god the media can find that scripture for me yes thank you 12 first samuel my apologies first samuel 12 and verse 6 moses not only kept going aaron not only keep going men don't just move forward it is the Lord who advances men in your career in your life you can move on tonight the Lord brought you here tonight to keep you going God does not bring people to take you back are you listening to me God it does not bring people I repeat to take them back it has brought you here to get you ahead and you have come as a prophetic midwife in the name of Jesus you must move forward in the name of Jesus I repeat, you must move forward Hallelujah, one of the characteristics of living beings what biology taught us is movement, that when a person or a thing is alive, it is tested by its ability to move, that means when a person is stagnant or stagnant, it is a sign. hallelujah let's start tonight by praying some prayer points get ready to pray when it's time to pray pray seriously in the name of jesus christ prayer is a very powerful platform that helps us make our requests known chapter of Philippians 4 and verse 6 says not to be anxious about anything other versions say be careful the correct word there is anxious to be anxious about nothing says but in everything how many things all for prayer and I pray with thanksgiving says present your request give us KJV please make your request let let your request be made known to God let your request be made known don't assume he knows let your requests be made known to God Hallelujah in Mark chapter 11 and verse 24 Mark 11 24 Jesus was teaching them about prayer and he said therefore I tell you the things you desire when you pray desire pray desire pray desire not only desire connect your desires to prayer When you pray believe that you received them and you will have them Hallelujah The apostle John was teaching us and he says and this is the confidence that we have in him that when we ask him for anything that is according to his will we know that he welcomes us this is our confidence that when we come before him asking anything we know and that when we know that he listens to us then we can have confidence that our requests have been granted.
God Himself is a prayer that answers to God. You believe that just as we get up to pray now. Please pay attention. so every time you say amen please keep in mind that amen means be it done to me just as the lord said through his servant that is what amen means we are together now so your task is to receive and Know that. prophetically something will come upon your life, but my main focus tonight is that I really want to take some time and pray for the sick and pray for those who have been oppressed Hallelujah that you stand in this place and know that you have been harassed by everyone. number one kind of demonic attacks and then you have all kinds of diseases and bodily pains you know i was researching before i wanted to know all the diseases that are available within our environment and in the world i lost count i mean you cant imagine the materials that i was consulting they would bring up a class of diseases and then list variations for example if you say cancer in the world of america cancer is not just cancer as you know we just call it in the language of laymen at the time the pieces that thing and they start a lecture for you, you will just say, look, leave me alone a cancer headache, what you call a headache is a complicated topic because there is a headache that is a symptom of many diseases, so generally he will not say just a headache, but for someone a headache means fatigue that needs rest for someone it is a symptom of something else we are together now there is only one name there is only one name with power to say I may not know all the variations of sicknesses but this one is safe to say I would say Hallelujah rise up your faith when we finish praying then I'm going to start ministering to the sick and please all the overflow down to the basement and then the overflow out and to those who connect to the online media, leave them the numbers to call or the emails or whatever the means of contact, be sure to bring a global family and those who go online as soon as we finish praying.
I am going to start ministering by the power of God. stay focused Hallelujah, let me request it so we can save time. How many of you already have your prayer requests? Just show it by waving your hands. They already have it written. How many of you can need a minute or two to keep writing? some things, let me see your hands, okay, here's what's going to happen, ushers and then maybe any other public relations department that can help you while we pray, can I ask you to bring your prayer requests? Now pass it to the person down the left aisle. or so that we can pick it up right away because there is a lot we are going to do Hallelujah so let's pray I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and I believe in the ministry of Prayer in the next five minutes without losing concentration I want you to start praying in the spirit open your heart by faith pray in the spirit praying understanding prepare your heart for the prayer points to come if someone prays go ahead and pray someone is praying in the name of Jesus Christ Isaiah 54 and verse 17 Isaiah 54 and verse 17 this my people can you please adore team you have sung my people use the microphone and pray maybe four or five microphones can you send it to my dear people so it will take sometime to pray in this place tonight Isaiah 54 and verse 17 no weapon formed against him will prosper says and every tongue that rises against you in judgment you will condemn says this is the inheritance of the Servants of the Lord, listen carefully and his justice is mine, say so, Lord, as we pray on the subject of supernatural protection and preservation.
Are we together now? behold, coinonia I give you the power to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the forces of the enemy he says and will say nothing for any enemy for enemies nothing will harm you in any way nothing will harm you in any way II Timothy 4 and verse 18 Second Timothy 4 and verse 18 and the Lord will deliver me from all evil walk says and will preserve me for his Heavenly Kingdom to whom be the glory forever and ever someone will say in the name of Jesus once again will say in the name of Jesus I decree and declare for the power of the Holy Spirit that every evil work on my life on my family and everything related to me I come against you in the name of Jesus open your mouth and start praying in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus is that he did not allow anyone to do them harm he reproached things because of them weakness do not touch my anointed and do not harm my prophets say in the name of Jesus I am the anointed of God I am God therefore I declare therefore I declare that every evil against my life against my life I caused you by the blood of the Lamb open your mouth and pray all evil in the name of Jesus Christ oblivious about my destiny right now right now I declare to be open please open your mouth and pray to be open every closed door im about to take a day someone is praying every closed door be open temperatures strange in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus I want to come to you again and again even me Paul but Satan tells us prevented Satan can hinder man I would like you to shout it from the bottom of your heart say in the name of jesus in the name of jesus I take authority over every obstacle preventing good things that are not good from entering my life to open your mouth and praise you come against you i come against him every day in the name of jesus hallelujah hear me if you are in ministry or if you are in any form of leadership as we pray this prayer let it be from your heart every chain every chain screams again say every change tying my advance binding my progress by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus alien alien you know in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus I gave every legal access every legal access the devil has over my life that the devil has over my life over the works of my hands and over everything related to me by the blood of the Lamb i declare i declare the access is broken now go ahead and pray every legal access every legged access even the rightful captain another baby hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah now please listen carefully listen carefully only help those who are under the anointing When I was preparing the prayer requests this prayer request I had a vision and in the vision I saw a woman sitting and I only saw tears coming from her eyes and it was when this scripture came Psalm 116 verse 8 Psalm 116 and verse 8.
Psalm 116 because you have delivered my soul from death my eyes from tears and my feet from falling someone said in the name of Jesus I decree and declare that the spirits and forces responsible of my tears i declare judgment on you now open your mouth and foreign prayers in jesus name in jesus name in jesus name say in jesus name in jesus name the cloak for my destiny the cloak of my allotment rest on me now open your mouth and pray open your mouth and pray mental assignment for your destiny let it rest on you foreigner in jesus name in jesus name two more prayer points the fire is burning in this place you are going to pray all that I leave my life all that I leave behind me by demonic orchestrations I decree and declare and listen to the word of the Lord I listen to the word of God I return to my destiny open your mouth and prophesy restoration restoration restoration everything everything restore restore restore yes four foreign years final prayer points I want you to pray it with all your heart First Corinthians 15.
First Corinthians 15 and verse 26. 1526 and The last enemy to be destroyed is death last week you can't imagine how many people I received without exaggeration probably thousands of text messages saying Apostle thank you very much that message i will not die just destroyed i cant imagine how many people live perpetually in fear of death fear of death says and to deliver those who in fear of death all their lives have been subject to servitude say in the name of Jesus shout it say in the name of Jesus I declare that I do not have a pact with death I do not have a pact with the grave so you want to administer death may the Lord judge you right now open your mouth and pray I do not have pact with death there is no pact with that there is no pact with that there is no pact with grace someone pray don't come with that sure in jesus name in jesus name many of you will be surprised to see that the answers to this prayer begin to come into your life that is a God who answers prayers there will be no more children of days come when you see that things are going wrong in your life you have the responsibility to identify it based on the will of God not based on emotions the basis of all that we do listen I have taught you that the administration of the power of God is within the jurisdiction of the will of God the power of God does not act outside the will of God we are together the ability the task the mandate over the power of God is restoring all things to be consistent with the will of God hallelujah so when the power of God comes upon a person it only works with respect to the will of God this is the confidence upon which we can release the word of God and expect it to work because when you hear the word of God, the word of God works like a drug when a doctor gives you a pill or a set of pills to swallow.
I don't have to tell the pill where to go. It's already designed. We are together? She now knows where to go and finds all the old College of drugs. It was designed to identify. There is a way that it works in your body for some of you right now. If you swallow the drug, it will require you to be asleep for it to really work, so it will simply hibernate your body and force you to sleep and then you will wake up with a sigh of relief. Hallelujah, when the power of God enters your life. I don't know you as a person you only know the will of God or what is not the will of God and the assignment of God's power is to start scanning your life not this this growth here is inconsistent with the will of God which becomes the ministry right there Hallelujah so don't fall and get up for nothing don't just yell and yell for nothing don't understand what the power of God is doing in your life when we are praying for the sick we can't mention your case because even inside of the prophetic you who are limited and whether your case is mentioned or not, yours is to receive, let the power of God enter your body, the power of God does not have to go to your kidneys when the problem is in your head if a drug that was designed by man has that level of intelligence and precision how much more the word of God that is fast and powerful the bible says that it is sharper than every sword of two years is capable of dividing up to two between the soul and the spirit and that can even discern the intention of the heart of man Hallelujah when the anointing of the spirit comes upon you you must believe that you received something and then you must take the pertinent actions once you pray for the sick and we we it is time to take testimonials for those who are all over the Overflow so we do it in an orderly way like we always do if they come for the testimony let them come outside there are several people outside so there is no chaos make sure there is an orderly way to introduce them and then for those who are online, you can always submit your testimonies and we will be able to take some in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ Jesus was not ignorant of the presence of demons Jesus was not ignorant of the reality of the ministry of demons in fact in his teaching very clearly would make them know that from the beginning it was not that Satan had played a role in the conditions of those people but the most important thing is that every time Jesus works miracles it is for the revelation of his glory that means that one of the ways in which he reveals his glory is by walking miracles john chapter 2 and verse 11 this beginning of miracles the bible says that jesus did in cana of galilee and manifested his glory as he manifested his glory beginning to perform miracles says the bible and the disciples believed in hallelujah in john chapter 20 of verse 30 and 31 give us please john 20 and many other signs truly did jesus in the presence of the disciples which are not written in this book 31 says but these are written so that you believe that jesus is the Christ the son of God and so that by believing they receive life through his name so that there are no limits to what he is capable of doing Hallelujah, several people have come right now with oppressions of darkness and there is no reason why they cannot have some of you have been here since eight and nine in the morning.
Can you imagine waiting so long just to experience the power of God, it would be unfair for you to go back the way you came and then the only thing you say is good I came for a miracle service, what then is the miracle of the service? to focus not only on the people who fall and get up focus on what the power of God is doing and then especially in your own life also believe that God is doing something in your life when God gives a prophetic word say for example , even if his name is uncalled and it applies to you right where you are what he says to what he says to everyone you can connect by faith it is uh father and the Lord who has walked in glory Archbishop Benson idahosa who says if your faith says that Yes God will not say He does not say if he builds badly he knows how to give good gifts how much more your heavenly father hallelujah several people are here under the influence of strange filth the bible calls them evil spirits that disguise themselves behind the negative conditions of men I hope you know that Most of the negative conditions in people's lives are sponsored and influenced by the presence of demonic spirits and fighting physical things is just a complete waste of time.
It is the Authority in the name of Jesus that can deal with these demonic forces and that separation is what the Bible calls Liberation, the greatest of which is your own salvation because salvation is the main expression of Liberation translated, the Bible says from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of his beloved son, but that does not neglect or minimize other dimensions of Liberation such as what happens on Mount Zion because the Bible says that on Mount Zion there will be liberation and holiness then the sons of Jacob will possess his possession are you ready tonight as for me as long as I'm gone the devil won't rest for so long? while I leave there will be no person who comes under this this prophetic environment oppressed by the devil acts 10 38 as God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power he went around killing not all day those who were sick that means more diseases are deliverance issues curing everyone who was all day long oppressed by the devil because God was with him in Jesus Christ name so please when people are falling under the anointing near you we have many ushers, hundreds of them but they are limited and we need to stretch and work with time if someone is under the anointing near you whether you usher or not if there is a call to get them out please do well to get them out let's work together so that God grant us Grace in the name of Jesus one last prayer father I am ready locate me and visit me go ahead and pray locate me visit me locate me visit me in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ when we minister Deliverance is not just a matter of anointing and power, there is a dimension of kingdom authority, you see, authority is higher than power, it is authority that gives power its legitimate basis to be administered, are we together the person who has power and the person who has authority one with authority is greater because you can use power illegitimately authority is what gives power is credibility for example if you carry a gun and shoot someone you can be in jail for the rest of your life because you have power but you don't have authority is that true, yes, when you get to the court of law they will not ask you if you have a weapon, they will say based on what gave you that authorization, but no judge will call a military and say why you shot these people when you are at war they received the order to shoot from their commanding officer and they acted so we're together now he did say we were commanded to bless so I'm about to pray and I'm going to ask them to start bringing those under the anointing it's interesting how God does this believe me you would think after After walking in the with the power of God for so many years, you should get used to the dynamism of the works of God's power.
I'm still in awe of how the power of God rests upon people and that all of God's stewardship of power is still maybe not a surprise in all fairness but it still keeps me in oh I just say oh my gosh I fear you every time that whati see doing this now can you imagine a church is quiet peaceful matured healthy people and in seconds just like deliverance and all kinds of things start to happen to people what a wonderful god can serve hallelujah so i'm going to pray that god have me he gave the corresponding orders by his spirit ordinary men helped by god hallelujah the power of god is going to start pouring down on the people now don't yell don't say anything i just want you to get them out i'm looking at the open ground and i'm seeing something that looks like smoke coming out of that ground and this is a connection to the ancestors and the spirits of the dead and there are people inside this Auditorium and outside there are all kinds of demonic fraternities and right now by the spirit of God the power of God is beginning to rest upon such families and altars, please take them out, take them out right now.
It's not something you can bear. This is by the spirit of the living God. Please print them and get them out quickly. Jesus is alive and the power of the grave is broken broken forever I decree and declare right now all young and old there are some of you standing representing families fraternities with the grave the spirits of the dead is like all the dead where is your sting and oh grave where is your victory May that Grace come upon you now bringing Freedom bringing Freedom bringing Freedom by the spirit of God in the name of Jesus who is the son of the Living God wonderful God as now God is showing me something I i am seeing something that looks like a shadow coming out of people like a physical shadow these are spirits that have been moving in the bodies of people in the name of Jesus every familiar spirit every spirit that is not of God has connected to their Spirit manipulating your life and your destiny I declare that it leaves you right now I bring you deliverance right now by the power of the Holy Spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit Hallelujah now we are going to shout that name Jesus please listen to me this is not just for individuals now there are many many families the Lord is showing me I am seeing a man standing a very tall man and I am seeing chains on his feet both feet are chained and the Lord tells me that this man it represents families, it's not just one individual, we're about to scream that name, Jesus, the moment it happens, the power of God will come upon the individuals who represent their various families, no matter where they are. some of them may not be here on the ground but the power of god is coming upon them are you ready to shout that name jesus one two three south jesus i break your saints i practice now i break those chains now i release families that most apocal day skater under the money captivities chains break chains break chains break chains break chains break change break hallelujah hallelujah the Lord is showing me a family here in fact for that person I don't know if you have changed your last name or want to change your last name because someone said something to him about the last name and he said there is something related to ancestry that comes with that name who is that person i am about to pray for that person i am dating a lady you are dressed in red all red down this is you are a of those people that the Lord wants to visit with that name I am giving a place let's respect I.E the opportunity let me tell you the truth now I am not advising them to go and change their names I am only telling them that in the realm of the spirit a name is more than a means of identification are we together now to the point that God would call Abram Abraham Sarai Sarah cephas Peter I want to pray right now I'm going to stretch out my hands to you the power of God is going to come you don't have to change your name physically but from the realm of the spirit any connection with any name in the name of jesus goes ahead I extend my hands right now every altar that empowers any name to walk evil on you in the name of jesus I declare right now on the count of three that it is break one two three break break now break now break now break now break now break now each name connected to ancestry i am saying it again names that came as a result of dedications made to idols names that came as a result of the Pact with the dead for the power that raised Christ from the dead from the spirit realm I break the power of the names of God now I break the power of those names now I break the power of those names now I tell you I'm just a fire rising up ahead That's it what i say i say it again i break the power of those names now i will help that woman the power of those names now please listen to me i am praying for everyone but then for the ones up front here any exchanges that have occurred in the spirit realm an exchange of your destiny and exchange oh I'm seeing exchanges happening that there is a restoration now restoration now by fire a restoration now a restoration now a restoration now release your Fates release your Fates every altar release your Fates now please listen to me some of you good i am praying for you here your loved ones who are not here but because they are connected by blood line what god is doing i say again what is more honorable than his brothers the mother called him Jabez pain all name spiritually and physically who is over your life right now and is responsible for your destruction i come by the rod of a higher priesthood let that name change now the power behind that name i break it now i break it now i break it now hallelujah i am about to say a very serious prayer true now, for those who can, you can return to your seat.
I am looking at the map of Nigeria. Listen carefully now and the spirit of the Lord is taking me to the benue state and I am hearing the name aleku in the name of Jesus Christ anyone. family that is connected to that Divination Spirit at this time, the power of God is going to comment on the people that the Spirit is, let us be broken, broken, broken, the spirits of the Dead, help them, please, benue state or any person connected to that state in the name of Jesus Christ be broken now broken now then we are States I don't know what that thing you have to do with a tree but the Lord is showing me a tree every Covenant it is true that Believers are called trees but they are not demonic trees I decree and declare every connection to the elements of creation that is for your destruction I release you now Hallelujah Hallelujah let me share with you what God has just shown me this an incredible vision I stayed here now you know how you open peanuts, just you open the shell and God tells me that there are Fates that have been shrouded by demonic altars listen listen fire is about to fall on some people now I want you to take them out every Fate I don't know why demonic means your glory was covered but in the name of Jesus by the power and authority of Jesus as you call out the name there are ministries that will rise tonight there are visions that will rise tonight on the count of preaching Jesus please take them out one two three open that near destination I open that near destination I open my God please help them I open that near destination right now the open opens please help them to be open Hallelujah now now is not the time for impartation but the Lord is asking me to pray for a gentleman does not have to go out lest he embarrassed you were genuinely called to the prophetic God has called you to the prophetic but something happened one day now I don't I don't You speak ill of the body of Christ, but you were introduced to someone who allegedly laid their hands on you and gave you something .
You know, maybe I don't know. having very destructive visions and even torturing yourself. I don't know who that person is whether you are on or off the internet but in the name of Jesus the Lord asks me to minister your deliverance be free now. I declare the purity of your mantle Let there be restoration now Hallelujah I am looking at number seven a woman seven years you have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb I know there are many people who are pleased let's just work with instructions seven years who is that person seven years very quickly I want to start praying for the sick you are seven years old you are trusting God for the fruit of the womb my God himself is bringing healing I am bringing Liberation healing and liberation when you find that person please seven years old where is that person come where you are from good state come stand here how many years seven yes where is your husband he is not here listen ladies and gentlemen let me tell you something about the power of god once you can believe look at this woman seven years now many married women many married women will tell you the kind of things that happen in africa there are people when they get married three months is enough everyone looks at you saying water nothing happens are you fine three months hallelujah in jesus name hush let her go now my um lady look at me i will pray for all of you but put your hands I want you to know that the power of God is capable of freeing you I know that women will be disobeyed but no problem just let them come place your hand on your stomach there is grace for fertility in this home let me tell you the truth I am here point to pray demonic muse you know by now let me pray for you now i will use you lady of benue as a point of contact i am praying for her but i see someone else under the anointing in jesus name i command the spirit now let them go i command that Spirit now out now out now in the name of Jesus every spirit responsible for sterility I'm saying something like a rope being removed from one of your wombs I take it off right now I take it off right now I take it off right now in Jesus name I take off right now by the power of the Holy Spirit I prophesy to you according to the time of life return to your children Miracle return to your children Miracle there is a woman you are seeing from Ghana you are sitting in your living room you have been trusting God for the fruit of the womb for four years old you are sitting right now with someone I don't know if they are your sisters you are following this program in the name of Jesus go and write it down God will give you a baby hallelujah don't be offended and I don't want you to go out but there is a woman you see I don't believe in the ministry of doom we help by spirit but there is a woman due to prolonged childlessness again you went somewhere and it's not like you were even uncomfortable but they took you to a place where supposedly someone might do something to help you and from that moment has been affecting you have you been bleeding this has this is something demonic wherever that person is in the name of jesus we dissociate you from those demonic things we disassociate you from those demonic things hallelujah jennifer i am hearing a name jennifer and the lord me it says it has come to an end help them please it has come to an end this is what i am hearing in my spirit it has come to an end i am coming to an end jennifer the word jennifer that is what i am hearing i am about to pray it has come to its end i stretch out my hands right now i don't know what it is but in the name of jesus christ jennifer let it come to an end now now now now now now by the power of the holy spirit now it comes to an end by the anointing of the holy spirit i speak under the anointing of the spirit I say it again it comes to an end there is a family right now god is delivering the marriage does not work in that family it does not matter even if you get married you must return to your husband's house I just saw light I don't know where that family is if you are inside or outside but the power that has bound the power that has bound the marital destiny of that family i lose that family now foreign i lose that family now now the Azaria family is also following the Lord is ministering to me i am dating two ladies i am just watching the place their place in zaria and i am seeing two ladies in the name of jesus the fire of god is falling on them right now and the lord i am hearing the word restoration i think its not only for them but for me. i am praying for someone there is a mantle coming on someone for a strange restoration please listen to me please listen to me please listen to me please listen to me i am about to pray for the power to come over you this is between now and december 15th you will come and testify in the name of Jesus receive that anointing right now receive that Grace right now help them please help them please help them receive that Grace right now between now and December 15 I prophesy to you by the power that raised Christ from the dead dead restore restore restore restore ReStore in the name of Jesus Christ Hallelujah I am hearing a word for someone the problem surrounding your office needs the miraculous hand of God now if I am not saying something will happen to you next month this is a career person antagonisms in your office and with what I am saying is like a query letter and I am seeing something that is making you lose your job in the name of Jesus I do not know who that person is but I'm speaking to you for God who is the helper of man i change things in your favor i change things in your favor the lord is showing me i am seeing a family you are seeing from the National Hospital National Hospital here in Abuja you are in sick bed with someone a patient and i say you are watching someone is watching the video when it's time to pray for the sick i want your heart to be open the lord is encouraging you to know that no matter where you areis able to touch you by his Spirit In the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ there are 11 people here please listen 11 people you are in business grace is a strong action for entrepreneurship you are already in business that anointing is coming upon you in three months three months from today the way God will change you will amaze you 11 people 11 people stretching out my hands right now 11 people in and out May Grace rest upon you now May the anointing rest upon you now May that anointing rest about you now.
Hallelujah. I am hearing a name. This is a Hausa name. Half satu is half Saturn. Who is that? What's your name? Where you come from? Do you believe in Jesus? It is the grace of the border upon you God will raise you as a warrior even for your family listen carefully do not be careless with your life there is a grace that was upon the borrower upon you I stretch out my hands for you and pray for the remaining, I don't know why they are out, but probably their names or their loved ones, but I pray for you in the name of Jesus Christ Hallelujah bring the lord who is screaming right now under the anointing I want to talk to him there is a lord there is a fort anointing not to a lady a gentleman if you can please this gentleman is dressed in white this is what i am seeing in my vision when the power of god comes upon him let me know please bring him let us hurry i want to pray for the sick there is a man of god here please listen to me there is a man of god here you are in the Overflow you are not outside you are in the Overflow not in the basement you know one of the overflows here you came in hungry for your ministry because things have not been working out as i speak right now the power of God is coming upon you your only prayer request is not even for yourself you are saying Lord I have done my best I do not want to compromise but truly the ministry is not working in the name that is above all names I declare that an anointing is coming upon you right now this is the gentleman father leave him it's ok he can stand my friend where are you from cross river i want to pray for you the lord is bringing captivity to end up in your family what are you doing i am an entrepreneur i see you in jail i have to pray Don't be for you, don't feel bad, eh, I'm not, I'm here to help you, don't feel bad, I'm seeing something happen and I see you in court, I'm from the court, they're putting you in jail, this has to do with people's money you have to be careful you have to seek advice you're already in trouble now that you're standing it's not even like you're free it's just that there's going to be more trouble that will land you in jail you need help eh father in the name of jesus the spirit that wants put this gentleman in trouble i declare and they declare they get rid of it now to be released from it now but that's not even why i asked you out the lord is going to use you to really free your family do you think i lay my hands on you and I pray in the name of Jesus May the grace of a deliverer rest upon you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I am seeing a woman a strong anointing coming upon you You own a restaurant a restaurant This is a food business and I am seeing the grace of God How is a new season going to be?
God is opening very strange doors. You will be surprised to see the type of clientele with which God connects you. This will happen through the spirit. I declare it to you in the powerful and unique name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ. of jesus christ the lord show me a woman you are not you are not young you are you are quite an old woman God has given you the grace since you were young the grace to have prophetic dreams many things that are happening in nigeria today god showed you in dreams it is only you didn't know that this is a call on your life i don't know who that person is but god is talking to me who should i talk to you, whether you are following online or listening, god is saying that you should tell him to take the time to pray and ask the Lord to find the calls of that prophetic dimension of your life in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord is asking me to count the number seven and people are going to start coming out running from the entire auditorium and the overflows by the spirit is a graceful strong speed an antidote for the delay I start my accounting bring them out one my god two will be surprised some of you can't even imagine they will be the people three four I'm counting seven that's what god tells me five get ready now six my god that Grace for Speed ​​that swallows delay you are ready seven receive that Grace now receive that Grace now speed speed every delay every stagnation over your life speed over your life over your life spread over your life speed over your life I will sing to the Lord for he has to deal and gloriously the horses and their riders have been swept into the city I will sing gloriously the horses and their riders have been swept into the sea this is a word for someone who does not remember the former things lady whose glass you raise come he will not die I see the man is in this place here come here don't be ashamed come here I just want to talk about his life.
God bless you sir, thank you, we are honored to have you and thank God for his wife. I just want to speak a word about your life in the name of jesus for you and your wife lord the fullness of your days you will fulfill you will not die not in battle not for conspiracy who is with that crotch you my love look at me in jesus name walk lift it walk who is picking him up please help them mom in the name of Jesus walk pick him up walk walk look at this look at this no she doesn't have to come that's how she came mom look at me do you believe in jesus how long has this been since how long has this been more 30 years old mom look at me in the name of jesus christ i give you life amen by the spirit of grace christ from the dead life to you come follow me just beware of her come the name of jesus christ in the name of jesus christ in the name of jesus christ watch out watch out I decree and declare this situation this demonic thing comes to an end now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ now everyone who is on a crutch or holding a chair or stretcher all inability to walk whether here or in all overflows or out in the name of jesus the son of the living god i speak over you now by the power that raised christ from the dead let life come to you start walking now start walking now if you couldn't walk get up and try walk now the lord is healing peptic ulcer i am seeing someone you have suffered from it is acute too severe pain severe pain especially around your chest in the name above all names i dont know who that person is but the power of god is touching you now be healed in the name of Jesus Christ be healed in the name of Jesus Christ I don't know if I don't know if it's a symptom of something but I'm seeing someone your hair is falling out you're a lady your hair is falling out I don't know if it's because some medical procedure or whatever it is but your hair is falling out and god wants me to pray for you right now your hair is falling out who is that person i want to pray for you i am going to pray this is a demonic thing this for one of you this has nothing to do with medicine this is a demonic issue i stretch out my hands right now they harass the woman's hair they are glory the bible says i prophesy right now in the name of jesus every altar that is responsible for this i provoke it right now in the name of jesus i provoke it right now in the name of jesus i provoke it right now in the name of jesus listen i don't know at what age hell grows or doesn't grow that's none of my business i prophesy a restoration of your hair as a sign that God is restoring your glory in the name of Jesus Christ.
I say it again every altar every altar I hear a name Kaza chat Kaza chat I guess this is a kaduna name Kaza chat this is what I'm listening to if you're here if you're in zarya I'm hearing the name Kaza chat I don't know who that is person but the Lord wants to avoid the spirit of death of the Kaza chat family if I did I did not pronounce it correctly my apologies I only speak as I heard kaza chat I use this name as a point of contact any family here because the devil is already programming death to from now on they will not enter 2023 in the name of jesus I command those altars George now shout amen Alters of God George now Hallelujah praise the name of the Lord there is a gentleman God is showing me here you started applying for jobs from 2017 until now no you have got nothing you are a gentleman you have applied applied Applied in Abuja Applied in Lagos Applied online He has done all he has prayed and fasted and it seems the doors of jobs will not be open The Lord says I must tell him this year will not end sooner I don't know who that person gets your job I'm talking to you through the spirit of the living God hallelujah I'm talking to the spirit of the living God right now there are two people who will start laughing because of the spirit I want you to get them out I'm going to pray for the sick Now this is this is this is I have explained it to you here it is a ministry of science and wonders it passes through the spirit the bible says the cry of joy and rejoicing will not depart from the tent of the just it is not just about loving gibberish and misbehaving not this is when God gives this this is a victory note in the spirit realm it is a sign to establish something prophetically I declare it right now by the spirit of the living God that laughter is not laughter for Shale Sarah laughed and he said everyone who hears this will laugh with me i tell you again in jesus name i am using you as a point of contact everything that has brought long tears and sadness listen to me long tears and sadness for any family here i am talking to you come into your laughing season enters your laughing season you got visa rejected three times three times i can imagine you know several people want to leave nigeria so there are many people who may have been rejected even 10 times but this is particularly this is someone who is being refused Visa three times this is um I'm looking at the UK and then the US has been refused three times it's not just about Visa but God wants to visit you and pray for you we may not have time to ask you out there's no point in feeling ashamed but in the name of jesus christ i'm praying for you the lord is showing i'm a woman here don't feel bad and i'm not people have the right to live what they want to live but we are speaking within the bounds of scripture you have a son this guy has gone overseas and has become what they call he's transgender these guys turning and turning like women that's what i'm looking at this is I don't know who that this has brought pain to the woman she has been crying right now to say a child that I depend on and she has gone abroad and she is wrong um you know a group of people influence her life and it seems that she has turned into something else.
May I pray for all of our loved ones outside of this nation? Can I speak a word? please look if you are a parent, guardian or anyone who is involved in raising someone, the greatest reward you can give someone for investing in you is a responsible life, first your spiritual responsibility and then responsibility number two in terms of purpose Hallelujah it is a very painful thing believe me by the privilege of God's grace I have been behind the rise of several people I have raised people from grade school to college so I have an idea of ​​the pain of investing in someone and then in the person it becomes nothing in the name of jesus let me start with anyone here who is directly involved in raising someone will not cause trouble screaming loud amen will not create trouble will not invest your money your time your credibility in someone that will bring shame and reproach for you then we pray for all our children who are in the diaspora Europe America throughout the seven continents that the hand of God keep them from the decadence of times in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord is healing a man gentle I' Seeing that his mother asked him to see this and his reluctance from the UK this child has mental health problems he was diagnosed in the hospital and they said he has a mental health problem in the name of Jesus Christ as a sign that her mother didn't just ask. that you observe what the Holy Spirit is that guided her and that is also a sign that Jesus is looking for you he wants to give meaning to your life I declare to be healed of this mental health condition in the name of Jesus Christ let us pray for the sick now my head that was exalted like the horn of a unicorn and i am anointed the lord just showed me someone i just saw in a vision i think this is literal i am watching you receive an award i dont know if its an award why but this is your organization honoring you in the name of Jesus Christ I don't know who that person is but I prophesy that as God has revealed that it be as God has revealed that it be as God has revealed so that it be in the name of Jesus Christ now please listen to me let's pray for the sick because of this work see the apostolic ministry will expose you to the pain of the people many of you here men of God and women of God and you understand what this means I have cried at people's funerals I have stood before corpses I have seen mourn families I know the value and power of introducing the anointinghealer in a body that is sick and in a body that is afflicted of you here right now you came here literally with death sentences you came here with all kinds of situations that you are going to pray right now and whether you are in the main auditorium outside of all overflowing down to the basement or following you through tv or internet i want you to know jesus heals and is about to touch you now some of you as you came out under the anointing many miracles have been happening to you this is what i want you to do they are going to put their hands right now put your hands on any part of your body where you will believe in God to heal you and then you can also replace a loved one a friend someone you trust in God for a miracle because if it is a part of your body that you cannot touch only make contact with your chest as a point of contact.
I have seen the miraculous power of God. It's not something I should say right now, but I can tell you that I know that Jesus heals. I have seen God do phenomenal miracles and even tonight. and even now he will honor jesus once again the holy spirit that is his entrustment yours is to receive by faith take your eyes off sickness or disease those who are falling from hospitals cannot imagine and by the way they can God you know that there are hospitals that literally people get screens and put up services like this just for their patients especially hospitals that are pro-religious what a profound contribution to their health and well being and what an honor the Lord gives us to come to those hospitals and come to minister to I have told your patients that I am a firm believer in the power of medicine and doctors, and that I am surrounded by doctors and doctors.
I am not a person that doctors have contributed immensely to my life and my health. They've overseen my well-being, they've been there for me, and I'm indebted to them, but listen, let me tell you, there are situations that define medicine, there are situations, and I, I, I, I thank the Lord for the partnership between the vessels. of honor and power and doctors. This is a very pro-kingdom alliance where a lot of doctors are not only carrying the healing anointing right now but have understood that they have discerned that they can look at a situation and say listen in addition to my practice my professional practice I recognize you need the power of God Hallelujah in the same way, even as men of God, we pray for people and also refer them to doctors.
I've been to hospitals to see people and pray for them and they know it should work that way. The most important component is similarity. between doctors and those who heal by faith it is love once there is love the most important thing is always that it is not a path of the antichrist once it leads to healing and the integrity of that person must be fully embraced they are left behind the days when the men of God speak against the doctors and the doctors speak against the men of God and two of them are knuckleheads one thing has united us love that we are more interested in the welfare of that individual that in our individual uh whatever hallelujah and so we're praying right now and when I pray for you some of you may need to go quickly to a medical station to ask them to check you and check that each and every one of the medical conditions can be cured tonight.
I want your heart to be open and receive now. Is this what we want. it's going to do real quick the moment i pray for you the power of god will touch you you don't have to get those under the anointing out again just manage them so they don't have fun and then real quick I'm going to ask them to come and stand here for those who's been healed and take some testimonies while it's going on at the same time. Can I ask all of you, um, the prayer requests, those of you who haven't sent in your prayer request yet, please say hello. it is because this is a very important expression of your desires.
Hallelujah, put your hands now and let us pray, put your hands everywhere inside, outside, the tens of thousands of people who follow you online in every nation on earth. Jesus is coming to you now with his healing power. I want you to shout a loud amen as I pray in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ I command every devil behind the weaknesses in Jesus name I made that Spirit yield now I command the Spirit to yield now I decree and I declare by the power of the Holy Spirit be healed now be healed now outside be healed now all overflows be healed now the Main Auditorium be healed now the Azaria family be healed now our Global family connecting be healed now no matter what is wrong with to you I minister the life and power of Jesus I declare healing to you right now high blood pressure low now blood pressure low low blood pressure up now diabetes be healed now All Stars be healed now blood conditions of all kinds be cleared and fixed now migraine pain head be cured now bone conditions be cured now neurological conditions be cured now psychosomatic conditions be cured now growths of all kinds build now anyone who has a problematic genotype we change their genotype right now is there someone I am saying has severe pain in their right eye severe pain I don't know if you see or not see that severe pain in your right eye is healed now thank you in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord no don't be ashamed for that is the house of God and you don't have to go out I'm just praying for you I'm seeing a man here you don't even know what's wrong with you but what's wrong with you it's an STD you need help we're praying for you but please you have to go see the doctor this is a urinal do you know something that has to do with your organ reproductive you need help real quick because if this thing isn't arrested and handled it's been there a long time you've just been careless and negligent may the Lord show you Mercy right now in the name of Jesus the Lord is showing me someone who just being healed from a very painful condition of pile Pile in the name of Jesus I establish your healing right now I have prayed for this type of situation before I have seen it many times in my vision where a woman is not pregnant but is breastfeeding I don't know the name of the medical condition where a woman does not have a child there is no baby but she is producing breast milk and this has become a serious problem with a lot of pain in the name of jesus christ i declare normality to your body at this moment the lord is healing someone You have a liver problem I don't know if you are here or you are a patient who has your problem is with your liver this is like you are literally dying in Jesus name be healed right now we pray for cancer patients can we agree and pray for cancer patients lord spare their lives spare their lives spare their lives spare their lives i dont know what general hospital this is but i am seeing someone who is in a coma the person has been in a coma since last month in jesus name we knock on the door of life and we call the person to life right now in the name of jesus christ there is a gentleman you have been having again i advise you though we pray now but please see a doctor you have been having unusual heartbeat like your heart your heart beats your heart rate doesn't beat normally i don't know i'm not a doctor my apologies but this is a serious cardiovascular problem you need to see a doctor to get it taken care of immediately or at least maybe in the back or you'll lie down and sometimes you are literally short of breath it is not covered this is something i see you have a problem with your heart in jesus name by the message of god someone having respiratory problems respiratory problems get well now get well now get well now though i am praying for the sick but i am praying for a woman who always sees dead people in her dreams always like this is not once in a while like As soon as you go to bed you will always see at least one dead person.
Face the spirit of death above you who wants to swallow you using disease. I declare free yourself from it now. Get rid of it right now. you have a swelling here, just this part that I'm touching near your armpit area, it looks like it's from the inside and this is something that is difficult. I order you to get well right now, whether you mention your case or not, get well. in the name of Jesus heal yourself in the name of Jesus heal yourself in the name of Jesus we are going to do this very quickly right now outside the main auditorium across the balcony all the overflows i want you to check yourself as an act of faith is important always is important to testify when you see that God touches you testimonies keep your miracles I want you to check yourself right now the moment you realize that the power of God has touched you be very brave I want you to get up and go to the front check yourself do what what he couldn't do before for those who were under the anointing and then got up and found there has been a relief right now make that happen quickly and while that happens the prayer request please wave your prayer requests if not already you have left it and the ushers will pick it up let's celebrate those who are going out for miracles especially for the ones outside let them come real quick let's celebrate them while that is happening make sure you have your prayer request Hallelujah are you celebrating those who they come?
Check it do what you couldn't do. do not allow the devil to send you back with any ailment get checked very quickly you can go to the medical kiosk if you need it get checked is there someone you came here with severe pain on the right side of your neck I don't know what that condition is, but right now right now its completely gone and then there is someone in i think the basement now the overflow in the basement you came here with severe abdominal pain but right now the power of god is touching you. very quickly and when we have those people let's have some of them come and testify of the glory and the name of the Lord and for the ushers that will come, please lead them right so that we have them, you can distribute them here. with Pastor Jake and then um benga and his team there very quickly so we can get some of the testimonies the Lord is healing a little baby I see the Lord touch a little baby I don't know whose child that is but this is a medical condition um with that little child that little baby I don't know what that is now um is it a breathing problem or a blood problem a circulation problem in the name of jesus christ leave that baby right now right now let that baby be healed in the name of Jesus Christ may that baby be healed in the name of Jesus Christ may that baby be healed in the name of Jesus Christ and I'm hearing the name jephtae I'm hearing the name jephtae this is who jephta is where does it come from uh come on i don't hear it let's just drink even if it's only 3-3 very fast coming from the east yes sir where imo state can i pray for you what do you sir nothing i want to pray for you because i'm looking at you and i'm seeing something just sit on your destination and it's not just you destiny, even your family members and although I have a minister to the people, he had the name of jephthah, you understand, can I pray? for your father in the name of jesus i pray for jephthah you came from the east i use you as a point of contact to pray for all your family members in the name of jesus i speak to you prophetically rise from tonight rise to a new dimension i lose you from every chain and I take all weight off your shoulder go and prosper go and prosper in Jesus name God bless you we can have some testimonies let's celebrate Jesus for what he is doing in the midst of his people hallelujah hallelujah yes work with them, man, work with the protocol, don't be stubborn my friend, hey, we don't do that, wait, wait, honey, this is the house of God.
You know how to convey to yourself some of these things that people expect the house of God is a place of discipline and order we are together you don't just walk and come to the pulpit if you have a testimony be patient they will allow you to share go ahead my dear yes sir she is so surprised what happened your name and your testimony very quickly help us with the sound gentlemen I had an accident touch your shoulder for how long since March yes and right now touch it this is how your blessings will reach your hand in the name of jesus i decree and declare that healing is permanent in your life in the name of jesus i pray let's celebrate jesus yes please very quickly we have another one if i have a small child in my eye my right eye yes like a stone in my eye but when i checked the mirror i noticed that it is something that is full here , yes, but when I came here, I was spending a little bit, but when you brought up the case, I can't feel it again completely, come on, are you giving Jesus? praise like this yes please TV before i can fast three days of dry fasting but since the beginning of this year if i am trying to fast i start to get a headache and my body starts to ache but now, As we pray, I'm even getting the headache, but while you were doing that, that was praying.
I put my hands on my head and my stomach. I could not find the headache and it is completely in the name of Jesus. You are free from this demonic thing. Go and serve the Lord acceptably. in jesus name yes similar testimonials everyone had aches pains who is lord my name is have i came here with chest and stomach pain stomach problem ok someone changed me in this moment, it hasgone and the same with you my friend pain pain in the neck for how long this morning in jesus name you both are forever free let's hear the testimony of the little one omg you can imagine ok i just got confirmation , i love kids oh name i wanna testify my head was hurting good god oh darling check this out celebrate the kids of koinonia God bless you in Jesus name.
I continued to have acid reflux for over five minutes. I knew my neighbor noticed me. been giving me this constant as we shut down everyone came out fully in jesus name it will never come back to you by the power of the holy spirit yes let's hear my testimony en masse speak anything mom english hausa lo whatever, just talk, it's okay, I can't stand it, but after the prayer now I have strength. Walk mom for 15 years. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. No, it's today that Jesus said I should sing.
Come back and tell the people that we love them and that Jesus is still healthy. Let's celebrate ahead and walk. Mama 50 15 16. I even quit my job due to illness. You know, federal work every time they report here. and there now I leave my work I prophesy that God will restore I am speaking prophetically of the delay of honor to the Great and all God who healed you right now will declare the restoration please return to your seat with joy look at this praise Jesus then yes Hallelujah yes please let's have from this end forward very quickly there are several neck pains she had heart pain on her way for the past two years but while you preach she said she couldn't bear it for long but now she could bear the pain is gone in the name of Jesus decree and declare for all of you together who have neck problems we do not take for granted the works of God in your life be healed right now I declare your testimonies perfected by the power of God yes please give a word of knowledge about a man with a lot of chronic pain she's had it for three weeks so when you give her that she quickly went to trust to control herself trying to get relief once nothing was coming out it's perfectly complete in jesus name it will never come back to you again by the power of the holy spirit yes please surgery end february which has created difficulty you had surgery when i was very close to my novel yes so after surgery after a while i started to feel pains i cant sit for long i cant bend down for a long time but what happened duck now anything Koinonia don't get used to it Miracles celebrate Jesus Hallelujah yes we are going to have one more ok yes sir then you give a prophetic word a word of knowledge yes sir i am praise the lord your spinal cord completely se gone, what couldn't you do, look at me, darling, what couldn't you do before, on my back, I could go and sit in that chair, now, go ahead, sit there, pastor, let's see any pain, look at this, stand up, hallelujah, it shapes you look, these are the various demonic things we have in our world, what is the shape of someone's back like? my dear, in Jesus name your healing is permanent, go back and tell everyone who knew you that Jesus still heals in Jesus name.
I pray, amen, yes, sir. headache as in and what happened to you now completely in jesus christ name will never come back to you are you healed healed forever in jesus name yes please he is Apostle an interesting testimony i have to ask him again what happened to you ok me had a dream, you had a dream straight to the point, okay, it was like Peak Peek was feeding seven kids, then lactation. It had like, um, shining on this leg ever since, the leg felt like it even swelled up, but when you talk sorry sir. he came here with those swollen legs oh you came here with a swollen leg since you had the pig dream but when you talked about people walking the legs didn't shake the legs began to shake and run run strange turn and come back you are the God who open doors no man can sharks how much you give peptic answers word of knowledge i have had it for five years the pain is going to be healed by the power of god completely in jesus name never come back to you my dear may god bless you in the name of jesus, let's celebrate that miracle, yes please, five years, declarative record, your name, how long five years, let's make how long, dear, i have had back pain for five years and recently i was diagnosed with degenerative disease of the cervical spine couldn't move my neck when i came here move it now may the devil see you look at this look at this look at this that's your color in jesus name this is permanent it never comes back to you again by the power of the holy spirit yes please there is a testimony online in a good afternoon The Apostle just mentioned my case i have been lactating without having been pregnant and having a baby has been causing me severe pain as i do not have a baby to drink the milk and my breasts have gone God has healed me now if I'm awake can you imagine when you send the text send your region or the place the state so I know in Jesus name the healing is permanent maybe we have one or two more so we can attend to the prayer requests glory to god yes sir you give a prophetic word a word of knowledge about this sir um i was in the back you were saying there is someone someone put their hand on him from a demon spirit so i am the one where everyone was rejecting me but as of now i'm fine even when i was sitting people still sit but long before if i sit down everyone would like to get away from me but now in jesus name you are set free here let the favor of the lord rest upon you in the name of jesus amen i came in here always has internal heat praise the lord i am sunday by my name i want to bless the name of the lord why was daddy making a statement i came tonight with cake it is a severe pain and my back and also with internal heat all the time but today now i am healed it will never come back to you by the power of the Holy Spirit yes please the Lord when dad was speaking prophetically i was having this severe neck pain and i could not stretch my neck your neck and right now go ahead check yourself no pain will never come back to you in jesus christ name yes this is an online testimony from kenya i am currently on admission in a hospital in kenya as i was looking at this when the service started i had a severe attack of my leg shaking yes to the coffin was being monitored when a word from the Apostle reached high PP my PP suddenly stabilized I'm not even ashamed to scream right in the hospital supernaturally you can imagine in the hospital and his bp just went down swollen leg healed leg swollen how long a week and its gone now in jesus name it will never come back to you by the power of the holy spirit yes please abdominal pain you gave the world the knowledge of someone in the basement just healed now fully healed in the name of Jesus will never come back to you again but the power of the Holy Spirit opened which one is right how long here today in Jesus name we declare the opening remains permanent in Jesus mighty name yes cherish it since 2018 wine here and asked your mother to connect in the village you have the photo there look at this from where my friend from IMO IMO Status Say yes I just called when you are praying and then after the prayer I called you back called and said that he feels good, that he is here completely in the name of Jesus. okay just one more of you two so we can Apostle we need to hear this yes please so mommy is here with her son and they can see that she is yes what happened let her talk she has been sick for a long period of time where you come from i come from george but we are from national city ok yeah so the thing started in our dreams so when she was growing up she can talk yeah tell her to talk either hausa or any key .
I'm not okay, you can play Pastor James, so the Apostle said that he had a dream and in his dream he was actually given meat to eat and stuff was put down his throat, so he kept seeing dead people. At this age I heard her say they take her somewhere they give her human flesh or something yes and her legs were swollen and what happened now she came in here with her legs drooping she came in here with her legs swollen so she also had a growth on her neck let us talk yes sir so she is saying her tongue was actually crooked so she couldn't speak properly can you imagine you see you see this so demonic thing that's ok mom for 10 years this woman has been going through this oppression some of these some of these traditional wait let me pass a comment on some of these traditional things to the extent that we know the leaves are for the healing of nations it depends what the leaves were dedicated to because some of these leaves they carry people to use is just a connection to the spirits of the Dead.
Those who exercise this priesthood in the village are sincere people, but they don't even know the basis of that Covenant, so we must be careful. people say once things are bad they just say go to town you have to be careful make sure they don't go and bow down to demons and dedicate things to spirits and if you've been a part of that be released right now, mom, well, huh? Okay walk look at this look at this look at this this demonic situation demonic situation will never come back to you in the name of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus and for his beloved son we pray that God will show you mercy. and mom, in the name of Jesus, you are healed.
You are strengthened by the power of the holy spirit. In the name of Jesus, we pray, yes, go ahead. Destiny, by her name, was playing soccer last week and she dislocated her hand, so she came over. from the hands fate one check it now any pain no pain look what the child is doing in jesus name he will never come back to you and you will fulfill Destiny in jesus name let us celebrate yes please various backaches backaches some of them healed by power now for all these conditions my apologies you can always record your testimony for next week in Jesus name stretch out your hands to them in a minute and declare perfection for their healings in Jesus name and for all. those who have not been able to testify from all over the world, we receive your testimonies, you can send them to our media people and we will make sure to put it online or testify here if you give us permission in the name of Jesus Christ.
May this grace for healing come home to you in Jesus name I beg you please be honest everyone let's all stand up stretch out our hands to these prayer requests and I want you to make a statement on them and when we're done with pray, I'm going to invite Bishop, come and make a prophetic statement about yourself and then I'm going to invite my dear friend, the Apostle Paul Amen, to make a statement and then we'll do the altar call and wrap up, but stretch out your hands here and I want you to Do it. start praying so many thousands tens of thousands of requests here and around the world there is someone stretching out your hands father in the name of Jesus May there be miracles right now May there be miracles right now someone is praying May there be miracles right now that May there be Miracles right now May there be Miracles right now Supernatural Miracles by the spirit of the Foreign Living God I put my hands on this prophetically every situation that must give way give way right now there is a bomb in Gilead we declare healing by the spirit of the Father Living God visit the families for all those who are following online all those who are watching from all over the world and for all those who are here in Jesus name I believe I believe Lord I believe Lord I believe I believe Lord Lord have Glory in Jesus name I bow my knees for the privilege of God's grace and I decree and declare that every issue of concern please listen carefully and shout aloud amen every issue of concern depicted here comes to a permanent end now comes to a permanent end and is now a permanent and now it's about a permanent and now it's about a permanent and now and every long standing issue by the power that raised Christ from the dead between now and the end of


in Jesus name take your testimony in your hand, take your testimony in your hand, take your testimony in your hand, i lay my hands on this petition and pray that the anointing of the spirit saturate this prayer request and that there be a harvest of responses. be a harvest of testimonies in the name of Jesus every problem here that is an emergency problem we are rested by the power of the Holy Spirit every problem here that is directly caused by demonic spirits by the mercy of God let there be deliverance now every problem here that needs the approval of systems and structures we declare that the mercy of God appears now and every problem here that needs the ministry of Destiny help us we declare that God raise men to appear foreign decrees and declare by the anointing of the Holy Spirit that these Egyptians that you see today, that you do not see them forever, that you do not see them forever, that you do not see them forever, in the nameof Jesus Christ, please, I invite your honor, Bishop, please, come and Apostle, amen, please, come.
I'm going to give Bishop the microphone. He will only speak words about your life. I believe in tapping into the anointing here and I want you to receive how he talks about your life. Receive it and then I will finish declaring on your life. yes sir only what the lord only puts only to speak blessings upon his people in jesus christ name jesus name amen i speak word of faith concerning your life and your life's work your hands gold greece what you receive here what i received here no eye has sinned amen no ear is not perceiving in the heart of man what God will continue to do in Jesus name as you tone up and begin to return home God will tone things down in Jesus name by the time you come back here For the next service, if you will come rejoicing, I say that you will come, Ricardo, may the Lord bless you.
Amen, I decree in the name of Jesus. The Bible says in Psalm 35, 37, 25. The translation of the message told me that I have not seen an abandoned believer or their children wandering around. the street begging for bread i decree to dismantle on this altar and this situation that they are abandoned now receive strong credit to die nothing good dies in your hand again i decree that is your heaven of favor be open now prone to die let the ministry of the angels if man is in your favor before the end of this year let him sing your song let there be a celebration in your house let those who are never open for you let us see them walk in your favor let man be his place in your favor in the name of Jesus by the time you wake up tomorrow you are embracing miracles you are a blessing Miracles many of you here in the son of a voice I joined my faith with the Apostle before you receive the cause of foreign Miracles still praying and talking about your life prophetic words are very powerful in the name of jesus i decree and declare every near heaven over your life i prophesy to you right now this by the decree of the Watchers let the heavens open above you now foreigner i speak about every day beginning from today until on december 31 let no day end without you testifying let no day end without you testifying in the name of Jesus Christ let me pray for your walk with God this is a priority for me in the life of every believer I don't care what else works in your life if your spiritual life your prayer life your walk with God is down then your your life is in a situation that deserves an emergency therefore I speak about your spiritual life in the name of Jesus Fresh Fire on your altar Fresh Fire on your altar Fresh Fire on your altar Fresh Fire on your altar the grace for prayer and supplication receive it in the name of Jesus the grace for a constructive study of the word receive it in the name of Jesus I have seen God's favor in ways I have not I can begin to describe I know what God's favor is and I know what I can do for the privilege of God's help on my life and on this ministry receive favor now shout out loud amen receive favor now talk about systems and structures force them to walk according to the will of God over your life anyone here who has been forgotten between today and next Sunday in the name of Jesus, open the book of remembrance, open the book of remembrance, open the book of remembrance foreign nationals pray for Nigeria anyone planning evil anyone planning war every conspiracy of Dark Powers right now we command the elements of creation to combat all that is Antichrist we declare now the Lord of Peace himself will make sure that there is peace always and by all means in the name of Jesus Christ regarding the preparation for the election I do not belong to any party you see me with politicians but I have I am a man of God there everyone in every party in this ministry and parenting demands that you open your heart to everyone i am not biased not biased at all but one thing i can tell you is anyone who does not mean well in the name of jesus christ, you will not succeed, thank you foreigner, be it from counselors to whatever, having animals, killing children and draining their blood in the name of Jesus, we. invoke the blood of the Eternal Covenant and we annul those demonic sacrifices but as for you I prophesy over you you will not die you will not be victims of kidnapping you will not be victims of accidents every ministry represented here go back with fresh fire go back with fresh Grace in the name of Jesus Christ and to all our international guests, i prophesy over you, you return with answers to your prayers and in jesus name, god will do mighty things with you, hear me when december comes when men say there is a casting casting when men are aware that december be your best month in


Hallelujah, I know I have stretched you, but please listen to me, listen to me. God helps men, even financially, extend your hands to me in the name of Jesus Christ with the help of God the god of


on the one who is able to help men I pray for your finances from now until the end of this year that may my God who is also your God surprise you in a way in the name of jesus christ very strange mysterious financial doors opening for you i say it again very strange mysterious financial doors opening for you some of you will meet strangers and the strangers will say that god has sent me to help them i declare over their life they will not beg in the name of jesus christ in the name of jesus christ all the diseases that fly around this nation whether airborne by water born spirit realm i cancel it from coming to you in the name of Jesus Christ and for all your loved ones who are not here but connected to you by faith please hear me in the name of Jesus Christ I decree and declare that God is touching you here may he touch you there my final prayer for you before you make an altar call please let your heart be open all around rest whatever i.e. for you all rest all rest all rest if it means rest maritali if it means rest financially if it means rest in terms of fecundity does mean rested whatever should happen in your life called rest I call on my God to give you that rest do not rest and anyone who has sworn to disturb you name of Jesus Christ by the power that raised Christ from the dead may God be rise up and scatter them in the name of jesus our time is up but god asks me to pray for the people i hear in my spirit that there are many people who are having a hard time meeting their financial obligations in terms of house rent or such maybe kids school fees or medical bills this is what i hear in jesus name this one is by prophecy i dont care if you do business or not i am praying for you one week if i am called of god between now and next week what my god will surprise you within a week may my god surprise you I will say it again in a week may my God surprise you the Lord Home on the day of distress the god of Jacob defend you that from Zion he will send you help I prophesy that in the name of Jesus who is the son of the living God No more tears in Jesus much less name we pray as we all stand now I realize every time we make the altar call I know there are people rushing so they can get cars They are tens of thousands of people. but i can request that spot when we are doing the altar call as much as i can if its not an emergency please exercise patience for a minute and let's honor people to come real quick there are people here who need to make jesus lord of their lives and people who need to rededicate their lives to jesus if you fall into any or all of these categories i am going to count from one to five jesus said you must be born again there are people who need jesus as a matter of life and death listen to me can you get a miracle and still go to hell you can receive a miracle and if you don't do right your ways with God your life can be gone in a moment the greatest healing and the greatest deliverance is an encounter with Jesus whether you are in the Main Auditorium or For those who are outside those who are in all the other auditoriums and then for those who are connecting through the Internet I count from one to five I want you to get up from your seat very quickly very bravely and come and stand in front of Jesus a cornonia let's celebrate let's celebrate come run to jesus captain of your salvation the one who can help you don't let the devil lie to you and say that there is no salvation for you the bible says there is hope for a tree three young and old are coming rich poor man woman expose unexposed head to the altar if you need jesus fall let's celebrate as they come jesus jesus precious jesus oh by grace trust him more thank you so much for making this bold decision if you still join them come real quick let me ask the ones in front , God bless you, raise your right hand above your head in surrender.
Jesus say this after me please if you are joining them join fast if you come to the end of the prayer you are not saved it is important that you participate in the prayer Hallelujah if you are making a mistake too fast I am seeing a running gentleman God bless you come come we are a very pro-salvation Ministry Hallelujah we care and Jesus cares that we take the salvation of men seriously thank you now raise your hands please say this after me let it be from the bottom of your heart say Lord Jesus this tonight I declare that I believe in you I declare that I love you with all my heart tonight I declare that Jesus is my savior Jesus is my Lord and Jesus is my king I believe that you died for me I believe that you rose again for my justification and at this moment I receive eternal life in my spirit declares that I am saved I am born again I receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit and I declare that I am going for whatever and never turning back in Jesus name I am going to pray for you the power of God is coming upon one of you I just saw this in a vision the anointing of the spirit rests on one of you and the lord tells you I am praying for you that he is opening a new season for you it will not be like before so the anointing of the spirit is one of you this is what I just saw in my vision decree and declare by the power of the Holy Spirit that the anointing of the spirit be one of you Holy Spirit rest upon you the power to live above sin Satan hell and the grave I decree and declare in the name that is above all name you are free right now in the name of Jesus you will go from glory to glory and then you will go from Grace to Grace in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord will show you Mercy by the power of the Holy Spirit and I call you born again I declare that you are recipients in good faith of the life of God they go for whatever and never go back in the name of Jesus, I ask you dear, when do you have to give birth?
In January, put your hands on your stomach in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray for you. There will be no complications. corrected and you will comply as the Hebrew women in the name of Jesus. I pray that God bless you. Congratulations. Let me ask you to follow the counselors. They are waving the sign at you. Let's celebrate them as they go. i'll be back in your seat coinonia it's the best thing you can do give them a big god bless you a big god bless you give them a big god bless you hallelujah praise the name of the lord now to cheer you up we have we are officially having our last service here of the year on 18 on the 18th, so we have about four services left. one of them literally becomes a miraculous service that will be an expression of the power and grace of God in Jesus name so let me encourage and challenge you to make it a duty to be here and not come alone invite the people, especially those they know. they are trusting God for a touch in their lives that is why he sent us here the Lord bless and honor you in Jesus name please be on your feet thank you for your patience let us share the grace in Fraternity the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the love of God the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit rest and remain with us now and forever.
Amen. Without a doubt, the goodness and the message of God follow us all the days of our lives while we dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever. Amen. God bless you and see you on Sunday. foreign things have changed things let's change things for my goodness foreign foreign foreign

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