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Novak Djokovic Press Conference | 2023 US Open Semifinal

Sep 09, 2023
It's great to be able to win in straight sets. I thought you knew everything was working out, very well and in my favor. Two sets to win and 4-2 and then you know things started to change. He had a set point. serving for the match lost the break you know maybe lost a little bit of rhythm there and yeah quite a close end of the match, with the crowd involved so of course it wasn't easy you know to close this match , but I'm very glad I did it in three sets. I didn't want to take this match to four, four, fourth set, that's for sure.
novak djokovic press conference 2023 us open semifinal
Obviously, he knew that he has a lot of firepower. It's incredible pop. serve, it's so dynamic and very unpredictable, you know what's coming next so I had to stay there mentally, you know present and calm and you know focused on the game plan and what I have to do and try to be solid. from the baseline, which I did for most of the match and it made him play, made him uncomfortable and overall the tournament so far has been great, you know I've performed very well, most of the matches they were in straight sets, except one. where I had to come back from two sets to win, aside from that, you know, the performances from the Cincinnati first round to now and to the final have been really good, so I'm very satisfied with my tennis and the way I'm in court. and now for the ultimate challenge and fight for another Grand Slam title.
novak djokovic press conference 2023 us open semifinal

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novak djokovic press conference 2023 us open semifinal...

Ok, thanks, congratulations once again. Name and affiliation. Use your time economically. I am going to try to integrate some voices that were not heard in the last



. Okay, Andrew, look good. go ahead thank you g Andrew Jones ESP and a S nov back congratulations on another slam final on a great day for Serbian sports with the basketball team winning to reach the final and this time you didn't have to deal with the humidity which allows you to have a first two sets of quality service. Can you tell us about the serve you had in the first two sets, as well as the challenges you bought in the third set with your dynamic play?
novak djokovic press conference 2023 us open semifinal
Yes, it's probably the best service I've ever had. Do you know the first pair? sets so far in the tournament and it was important considering he was playing a great server today so I knew he was going to take advantage of my looks and opportunities on his serve, but you know it was probably even more important to be really comfortable. holding my service games and trying to get that first percentage of Being high and not giving him too many chances to attack my second serve and I think I've done very well. especially in the first two and a half sets and you're right, I mean, with the roof closed, the moisture problem was eliminated and we were still sweating a lot, but I think a lot less. than in the previous matches, which I think helps the players, helps everyone, really, at the end of the day, the quality of tennis is better, you know, because when it's really hot and humid, you know, the players get they drag around the court and and the quality of tennis is in jeopardy and I think it's better for all of us that we play in conditions where we can show the best of ourselves that's okay Brian Brian Lewis New York Post um at 36 with the opportunity at short of being the oldest man to win here in the professional era.
novak djokovic press conference 2023 us open semifinal
I'm curious if this opportunity means more to you or you take it differently than you would have 10 or 8 years ago and secondly just the meaning of your celebration. there's kind of a call back to his phone call celebration in the room, yeah, well the fact is that at 36, every Grand Slam final, yeah, I don't know, it could be the last one, so I think it's probably I value these occasions and opportunities. win another Slam like more than I had 10 years ago, uh, because 10 years ago I felt good, I still have a few years ahead of me, uh, I don't know how many years I have ahead of me now or not.
I don't know how many of the years in which I play Four Slams in a full season, I have them in front of me, so of course I am aware of the occasion, but I tried, I will try to get closer to the match on Sunday. basically any other match with the intention of winning and beating my opponent and knowing that it will be the most difficult challenge without a doubt, not only because it is a final but also because I am playing, you know, the two guys who were last. The time I faced them both in the Grand Slam finals I lost to Carlos Wimbledon and then to Danil here in the US Open final 21, so I understand the importance of that and of course they are both in great shape, but you know , I think I'm in pretty good shape too, so I like my chances and I love Ben's celebration.
I just thought it was very original and copied it. I stole the celebration from him. Richard Richard Osborne usoabrir .org congratulations on another final. I know you're not one to look too far into the future, but this number you're chasing here 24 has some meaning with Margaret Cord etc. and I was wondering how much that particular number means to you. there is an additional meaning in this, not to be honest, I'm not thinking about that, you know, as I said in the previous answer to the previous question. I am aware that you know these types of occasions when I play.
A Grand Slam final at this stage is almost like a gift that you know I have to accept and try to make the most of. I was very close to making it to 24 in London, but you know, I lost to a better player. That day, in a close five-set match, I may face him again here, which I know a lot of people wanted to know before this tournament started, considering our rivalry in the matches we played against each other, all the matches were. the distance in the last three occasions we faced each other, so I understand it, you know, every time I am, I am in a SL grand final, it is another opportunity for history. you know and I'm aware of it and of course I'm very proud of it but um again I don't have much time or allow myself to reflect on these things or think too much about the history of this in In this sense, you know, because when I did that in the past, like in 21 finals, here you know, maybe I felt overwhelmed by the occasion and the opportunity and underperformed, so I don't want this to happen again and I will.
Try to, you know, focus on what needs to be done and prepare tactically for that game, Matt. I know Mt for the New York Times, what happens when you have those lws like you had in the third set? I know it's impossible to be perfect for entire matches all the time, but what happens, what happens, you say you lose your rhythm, you felt comfortable, it seems to suddenly disappear so fast. I'm curious, yes, I know, I know, I wish it were. It didn't happen, I mean, but again, the important thing is to recover and try to recover after that, yeah, whatever you want to call it, the little black hole that you find yourself in, you know, during some games where you know?
You are not really yourself. You are missing shots that you shouldn't or shouldn't. You are not. You do not know. It's tension. You know. I mean, there's no secret about it. We all feel it. um, everyone feels tight at some points in the match, especially if it's a big match like this and sometimes you make it through, sometimes you don't, it's okay, you know, as long as you restart quickly and get back to level optimal, which I think I have done again, I had the two falls that I don't like, you know, at 43 and 65 serving for the match again, eh, but you know it was the public, it was their tennis.
You know, maybe my drop in level was a combination of things that were happening and it's normal, you know, we all experience these kinds of little setbacks on the court, but like I said, the important thing is to push it away as something. that already happened and focus on the next point take a little more in english craig craig in australia um it's been a couple of years since you were in this position here do you think about what could have been? and if you could mention the excitement of being in this position again and let's also say if it's Carlos, what would be the biggest final you would remember in Wimbledon or Cincinnati Hum, probably both but I think maybe more. a more recent one and only because it was played in Cincinnati, uh, but in different conditions, you know Cincinnati this far and you probably know that I probably look at their matches this year last year played at the US Open.
I'll look at our matchups and we'll do our homework so to tell you you know we talk a lot about tactics and game plan execution so I'm sure we're going to dig into that whether it's Carlos or Danil you know a over the net ok Willie so Howard Willie coming from ESPN Novak you're 26 and one in big games this year with one game left what do you think about what you've done up to this point? And how does that affect your perspective on the one left? I mean, as I said many times in the previous years, the Grand Slams are the tournaments that still keep me active and motivate me the most so that I can practice hard every day. and and and trying to get to a level where I can compete with young guys, there's no doubt that Grand Slams are the most important goals and objectives I have, so I set my schedule so that I can perform at my best. in these tournaments and that's what happened again this year, so obviously I'm delighted with the results so far in Grand Slams, you know, playing in all four finals of all four Slams in one season is amazing.
I mean, it's the biggest accomplishment I can imagine when I start the season, you know, that's what I dream of, that's what I really wanted, that's where I want to be, you know, in this kind of position, um, but it's there's another game to go, so of course, you know, the conversation will probably be even better if I win a title in two days, but definitely, whatever happens, I'm extremely proud and happy with what I've achieved. this year at Grand Slams Howard last question in English, please, I know. Howard Fendrick of the Associated Press, are you surprised that at 36, after all these years, you're still here doing what you're doing playing guys about half your age and making it to these, as you say, four big finals of SL this year, I mean, I don't know, I mean, I probably sound cocky or arrogant, but not really, I'm not really surprised because I know how much work and dedication and energy I have.
I strive to be in this position, so I know that I deserve it and I always believe in myself, in my own abilities, you know, in my abilities, in my quality as a tennis player, to be able to deliver when necessary, so. No, it doesn't surprise me too much, to be honest, because I feel good physically. I've been so fit or so prepared. As strong as I don't want to say as ever, but I mean, as good as I've ever been. in the years and years so, age is just the number, that phrase really resonates with me right now and, you know, I, I don't want to even consider, you know, quitting tennis or thinking about an end if I'm still at the top of the game, you know, I just don't see a reason for that.
I'll probably consider doing that if I get my ass kicked by young guys in Grand Slams in the years to come, uh, in the earlier stages and then I'll probably say okay, you know, maybe it's time to move on, but so far you know I still feel I'm in the game.

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