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Nothing Phone 2 - Deserves the Hype or Overhyped?

Jul 12, 2023
It's sure that Nothing Phone is also the long-awaited sequel to The Nothing Phone One, but is it a worthy sequel? Let's find out together if you are here for the first time. I'm Erishad, this is the track and Tech English, your destination for detailed and incisive information. Gadget reviews now come first, the unboxing experience itself is fine, it's still the same rapper style packaging that once opened you can't put it back together, but underneath you have a book style packaging and apart from that you also get a safety and warranty information guide and there's also that very familiar test tube style Sim ejector pin found inside the



once in the box two and then of course we have that newly designed transparent cable, well the cable itself is not transparent. but the final points are of course that you don't get a case inside the box, nor an adapter, both of which you will have to buy separately, speaking of the cables, both variants come with a white cable.
nothing phone 2   deserves the hype or overhyped
I wish


had matched the color with the gray. variant at least I'm not too excited about the design of the cable itself, but you can see where it's coming from. Kalpa used to work for OnePlus and they have the iconic red cable which is now a red cable too. Club, this could be one of nothing. Marketing moves will have to wait and watch now, when the design renders were leaked, there were two distinctive cameras that formed a group that felt that the design of the Nothing Phone 2 is more of the same, it looks very similar to the Nothing Phone, Now others realized that nothing. was trying to create a brand identity and was trying to familiarize its users with its unique brand of industrial design.
nothing phone 2   deserves the hype or overhyped

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nothing phone 2 deserves the hype or overhyped...

What camp are you in? Do you think it's more of the same or do you think this is exactly what the photo needed? There is no doubt that the photo looks very similar to the


you have with this rear glass front and an aluminum frame, now both the front and the back are protected by Connex Gorilla Glass 5, which was true even for the phone without anything. but now there is a very slight curve in the corners that nothing calls cushioning effect and I completely agree with that terminology because it slightly improves the field in the hand with that slight curve that is happening, but this phone feels heavy, tilt the weight about 203 grams and is approximately 8.6 millimeters thick.
nothing phone 2   deserves the hype or overhyped
Don't expect it to be light and comfortable, it is dense but feels premium now that you have two color variants of the phone: white and gray, but I prefer black. was there with the phone nothing, the gray is a little too dull for my taste now, when you look at these camera modules on the phone and the phone too, they look exactly the same, you have big rings sticking out, but when you lay it flat on a table there isn't much table movement which is good now, what sets a nothing phone apart from the rest of the chocolate bar designs is its transparent back, but this time you have not just five but 11 glyphs. lights inside I will definitely try to talk about the glyph lights very soon, but let's talk a little about the other hardware elements that are present in the phone.
nothing phone 2   deserves the hype or overhyped
There is a power button on the right and two individual volume up and down buttons on the left now. Since both phone one and phone 2 have an aluminum middle frame, you have to have plastic antenna lines for network signals and phone one actually had seven antenna lines instead of nine on the phone too, now At the bottom you have a type c port now this type c port has USB 2.0 speeds, it should have been at least USB 3.0 or 3.1 which is definitely a little disappointing. There is also a proper stereo speaker setup with left and right channels.
Hear it for yourself and let me know what you think, there is also a SIM card tray that accepts dual nano SIM cards, but there is something very interesting that we noticed when we first set up the phone: it won't allow them to advance until we have installed a Sim indian, that's some kind of limitation that I haven't seen on any phone I've used so far, so I'm not so sure what the limitation is. You also now get the ip54 rating instead of ip53. on the phone and there is wireless charging with standard 15-watt G wireless charging support and 5-watt reverse wireless charging, plus by the way, nothing as a brand believes in building sustainable technology, so this time the phone is also Made from an even more sustainable material. materials compared to the phone one, you can see the numbers for yourself, for example, it uses 100 recycled aluminum for the middle frame, those kind of numbers, it's actually a very, very good move.
I think more tech brands should embrace, you know, the sustainability narrative, like me. I mentioned that the glyph interface has now been updated, there are now 33 addressable LED zones compared to 12 on the phone nothing, this now allows for a lot of new features and I'll show them to you right now on the camera, the only thing I've spent a lot of time on the new glyph composer, has now been created by one of Nada's investors, Swedish House Mafia, and you can create your own ringtones and set them to listen to yourself, also with this foreign ER DJ.
It's great, I must say that there is a feature called essential notifications, for example, when you go to notifications you will see that option. Using this, you can add any app or a contact right now. I only see apps, but whenever you get a notification from the app or the contact, what will basically happen is that this light will be constantly on until you actually swipe the notification or read it, this is very useful because if you have a loved one or anyone professional contact whose messages you don't want to miss but you are very busy, you can actually be reminded that there is a notification waiting for you from that important person and that you must attend.
There is also this journey which is much more useful and evolved compared to the other strips that are on the phone, it actually shows the progress for example there is now something called glyph timer so you can set the time you want and you can see the progress on this trip, other than nothing working with third party apps right now, it's Uber. and the zomato and Uber integration is currently active on this phone, so essentially how this will work is when you actually hail a taxi or order something from zomato, the progress of how long it will take to get to you is shown on the glyph itself, for What you don't need to look at the phone similarly, you can use this progress bar to also check the volume level so you can see what the volume level is right now and you can also change it, but this feature was very dubious . uh in our time with the phone, I think it's a little bug, nothing has to fix it now, you have to remember that with the phone, when you're plugged into a charger, this exclamation point at the bottom will show you how much charge there is. on the phone, if you moved it slightly, that feature still exists, but there is an additional feature that you get now with this exclamation point.
Ok Google, what is the temperature right now in Pune? There you have the essential notification, this is what I was talking about, thank you. It's like I'm 30. Oh, that's why I've been excited, that's true, and of course the existing features, like switching to glyph, work too, and now there are also some other free features that you can use if you like. you are asking. If you're going to get all these new glyph features, well, not all of them are going to come to you because certain things are written by hardware, for example, whatever that journey of progress requires, that's what you'll have to buy the phone too.
Talking about the display on these phones, you get a 6.7-inch Full HD Plus, 120 Hertz, 10-bit AMOLED ltpo display, of course, the display size has increased over the phone. What has also increased is the brightness level so now you get a thousand nits of maximum brightness when using the phone normally and in high brightness mode and you get 1600 nits of maximum brightness when watching HDR content as I mentioned you get support for HDR 10 plus but the HDR 10 plus support is only available on YouTube not Netflix, I couldn't see that and nothing confirms that it won't come to the 4-2 either, in fact it's not on the phone either which is a bit disappointing for a phone premium, it is an updated model. screen, I sure really liked using it, especially in natural color mode.
I don't really prefer the vivid color mode because it's too saturated, but this works now. The haptic feedback is only slightly improved over the phone without anything, it's still good but not the best and apart from that you have an in-display fingerprint scanner which is very fast at unlocking the phone but is now too low, we all know the fact that the Nothing phone comes with Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1. which is still a great processor and there are three variants of the phone that you can buy 8 128 GB 12 to 56 GB and 12 512 GB now of course, the RAM is type LPD Air 5x and storage ufs 3.1 now I really can't make any comparison at the moment, but in antutu with Version 9 you get a score of more than 1 million with version 10 you get a score of more than 1, 3 millions.
The geekbench scores are in line with what the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 phones get when I was using the phone 2 and playing with it, this is one of the few phones that comes with built-in Android gaming mode, which also gives you allows you to see the FPS. Now Call of Duty runs on this with low graphics and Ultra frame rates or very high graphics and maximum frame rates of 60 and 90 FPS. Potential bgmi players should know that they can actually play the game in UHD or 4K with uh Ultra FPS and if they want extreme 60 FPS frames then they should reduce the graphics to HDR you know.
I really want to tell you more about the performance because I started doing the performance tests. I'll just give you a little hint that things are looking very, very good. The performance is really good for an 8th generation phone or more, but well I won't tell you more because for that you will have to subscribe to the channel and I am under embargo right now but after a couple of days you will receive the review and comparison as well along with the OnePlus 11R and for those who don't game, the phone is fast, smooth, responsive, the software optimization of the hardware is very well done.
Dare I say it feels and works faster than a current OnePlus phone. Now let's talk about the battery. It has a 4700 mAh battery inside. with 45W wired charging support and of course 15W wireless charging support and 5W reverse wireless charging is also available now. I can't do any charging tests, but nothing claims that it can charge the phone from 0 to 100 in 55 minutes. Battery duration. Again, I can't speak to that though, Schmann Bargo, now the other big new change to Nothing Phone 2 is of course Nothing OS2, it's based on Android 13 and Nothing promises that you'll get three years of software updates and four years of security. updates with a security update every two months, considering the fact that no phone has received so many updates and the performance and camera performance, all that has been improved in due time.
I really like Nada's commitment to the software, so I hope they do that with the Nothing phone as well. Now you must be wondering why there is a monochromatic aesthetic. Well, nothing says this is so you don't get distracted by the colorful and flashy icons you get from Brands, but I think it's a bit. a bit over the top, are you really distracted by colorful brand icons? I mean, as an aside, the design itself looks very beautiful, that full dot matrix pattern is very big, you're nothing and it's so distinctive that it definitely stands out, it's really cool, trust me, icons. on the phone and it is like an icon pack that we used to install on our Android phones in the past and hence it also behaves like an icon pack which means certain apps do not have themed icons as you can see and i I was surprised that even Facebook, Instagram and Netflix don't have it now.
What I really like is that there are very attractive widgets now, they are nothing, but you see these little widgets here, they are quick settings, settings so quick that you get the shared notifications here, you can have them on the home screen and I find it very, very useful because once you open the lock screen immediately, if I can activate mobile hotspot like this, how useful is that, but once you switch? It turns red, but red is the color to stop properly, so this design took me a bit. Election, what do you think? I think it should have been a different color, but again, this is also fine and really cool.
Also, if you have an expanded folder like this, you can hold down to customize it and it can have a cover image and this cover image can be anything. This is Google apps as wellI'll probably add something Google related. I see what's there and by the way, you can also change the size. Anyway, you can also add an emoticon, you can also add emojis and that's cool right now. Other than that, I also noticed some experimental features, so what you have now are airpods. It's also supported, so if you own a third-generation Airpods or an Airpods Pro, you'll notice that the settings page, the Bluetooth settings page, now shows the battery level of the case and the earbuds, which It is not available by default on Android.
This is what it looks like and this is an easy way to attract more iPhone users to your ink. There is also an experimental feature for improved haptic feedback which you can activate from here and you can see that. They clearly mentioned that it will increase battery usage so be careful with that now, if you are wondering what is the normal TSR then it is 240 hertz, so nothing. OS 2 is very clean software with absolutely no bloatware, it is a very refined and very close experience. Android too, except of course for the kind of appearance that nothing has changed for the icon pack and widgets, and I think this is just the beginning of this OS because nothing really works with a team of engineers from software to build build on top of this so I'm really excited to see where this goes.
I really hope it can surpass the Oxygen OS experience we used to have to the level of Oxygen OS. Okay, let's talk about the cameras, but I can't talk much. about it because you know why, by the way, there is no telephoto camera and I was really hoping there would be at least a 2X if not 3x, but yeah, 3x would have been better, but you get an improved main camera sensor anyway, a 50 MP Sony. IMX 890 which is the same sensor used in the OnePlus 11, the 11R, the no ce3 and the Note 3 as well and apart from that you have the same old Samsung jn1 50MP sensor for the ultra wide angle camera and On the front you have a new improved 32-megapixel Sony IMX 615 sensor.
I have taken photographs in many settings and my first impressions are generally positive. Color science is very natural. Now the skin tones are good too. You also get very sharp details. for the most part the HDR performance and low light performance have also been improved but on Lola don't expect it to have very bright exposure because nothing really makes me want to keep it very close to the scene so that's what You see, so of course there will be a lot of crushed shadows anyway, the selfie camera is also great now. I loved the selfies I captured with her.
The ultra-wide camera remains consistent with color science. Here are a set of samples in different situations that you can see. You can see and judge for yourself now video recording is possible at 4K 60fps using the main camera and the ultra wide angle camera on the main one. You also get support for OS plus Eis so the stabilization is good and on the front camera you can shoot up to 1080p 60fps videos now in a video recorded in low light you can also activate night mode with the main camera which reduces the resolution at 1080p 30 fps, which is what you should keep in mind.
There is also this new mode of action that hasn't added anything. and other than that they have slow motion available at 1080p uh 480 FPS and 4K at 120 FPS of course I haven't given you detailed feedback because this is just a hands on video but what I will do is I will add all the camera samples in a j Drive Link and I'll put it in the description below. Check it out and let me know what you think now with the nothing fold. The feeling I got was that the brand is very confident with its approach now.
If you look at it in India, the phone is actually more expensive than the OnePlus 11R. Now OnePlus is a brand that has a huge reach in India and nothing is building up yet. Yes, the starting price of the phone is Rs 45,000 which is a value. move considering that OnePlus has power in India but we all know that nothing even considers OnePlus as competition. Nada is trying to basically be a disruptor and an experiential brand that is very similar to, of course, Apple's iPhone. Does it really nail the experience with the phone is largely yes, you get the feeling that you are not using another chocolate bar phone, it is a first experience first approach with a distinctive design that will attract the


beasts, but is it true If it is overrated as to my answer to that question?
I'll give you that in my review and comparison with the OnePlus 11R, which will definitely drop on the 13th, so stay tuned and I'll see you in the next video. Until then, keep tracking and stay safe.

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