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Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase | 6.28.2022

Jul 12, 2022
-When humanity is consumed by darkness and the earth falls into chaos... The Archdemon of the Abyss will rise from the earth. -They come running here, in a desperate attempt to survive. Both beast and man have more in common than they think. -Get ready! Ah! -Be careful! -It can't be... -And these wandering flames will feed the beast and return to the darkness. One story ends, another begins. Wandering llamas, I see you have found your home. -Careful! -Yeah! We went hunting with my favorite student! -All ready! -Remember why you are fighting! Don't waste your time! -Here it comes! -Fear my strength! -This is for my fellow hunters! -Come on! -Fire! -Hello everyone!
nintendo direct mini partner showcase 6 28 2022
Welcome to today's Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. In this presentation, we will focus on the Nintendo Switch games launching this year from our publishing and development


s. OK! Let's get into the headlines. The battle to recover the Earth begins. It is the year 5012 AD. Mechanical lifeforms have overwhelmed the planet, causing civilization to collapse and forcing humans to take refuge on the moon. Now, with a squad of androids called YoRHa, humans are prepared to take on these mechanical lifeform invaders. -Glory to humanity! -A battle droid, 2B, and a scanner droid, 9S, are two key members of this squad.
nintendo direct mini partner showcase 6 28 2022

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nintendo direct mini partner showcase 6 28 2022...

Mechanical life forms in conflict with androids, what will result from this bloodless battle? -You just die now! -This version of the award-winning NieR:Automata comes with previously released content, including additional modes and costumes. New exclusive costumes for the Nintendo Switch version will also be available at launch. Reclaim Earth in NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition, launching on the Nintendo Switch system on October 6. Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. Get ready to immerse yourself in surreal puzzles and a chilling story in this modern take on puzzle adventure games. Solve the riddle of Lorelei And The Laser Eyes, which will be released first for Nintendo Switch consoles next year.
nintendo direct mini partner showcase 6 28 2022
Familiar faces are making waves in these games! A new BOMBERMAN game is coming to Nintendo Switch! This time, a bombastic new mode called Castle Mode comes into play! A team of up to 15 players must fight their way to the treasure chests while a defending player tries to keep them at bay. Prepare your defense wisely to take down your opponents, literally! You can also create and share your own battle stages. Have fun when SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2 launches on Nintendo Switch next year. 10 MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK games, originally released for the Game Boy Advance system, are coming to Nintendo Switch!
nintendo direct mini partner showcase 6 28 2022
Control Mega Man in grid-based combat and use Battle Chips to gain devastating abilities. This collection includes a gallery with over 1,000 illustrations and a music mode containing over 150 songs from the entire series. MEGAMAN BATTLE NETWORK LEGACY COLLECTION launches on Nintendo Switch next year. The entire collection will also be available digitally as Volume 1 and Volume 2, each sold separately. A new version of PAC-MAN WORLD is coming soon! PAC-MAN'S family has been kidnapped! To rescue them, set out for Ghost Island. Eating points isn't all you can do here. Defeat enemies with PAC-DOTS, rev-roll, butt-bounce, and a giant PAC-MAN?! From high-speed chases to galactic escapades, you'll explore all kinds of wacky levels.
Save PAC-FAM in PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC, launching on Nintendo Switch on August 26. Two unlikely friends, an incredible journey. A fawn and a wolf cub must work together to find their way home through the snowy desert in the artisanal world of Blanc. In this emotional adventure, these unlikely friends must coordinate and use their individual strengths to solve environmental puzzles and navigate through the frigid wilderness. Blanc is a completely text-free story with local and online cooperative play, so all players can enjoy it. Forge an unexpected bond in Blanc, launching as a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch in February 2023. Arrr!
A swashbuckling adventure is back! -Piracy is in my blood. Like adrenaline. Or stale grog. I've been in enough trouble to fill a dozen scrapbooks. I have stories about ships, fights, love, treasure, betrayal, and root beer. But how about one that has all of the above? My name is Guybrush Threepwood. And this is a story about when I finally found the secret of Monkey Island. -Guybrush Threepwood. -Monkey around in Return to Monkey Island, which will be released for the first time on Nintendo Switch consoles this year. Below we have some news about a game that was announced last June.
Please take a look. -Mario and the Rabbids take off on a galactic adventure in the latest Mario Plus Rabbids game. Space finds itself in a universe of problems when enemies from another world suddenly appear. Your goal? Take the energy that Sparks, these mysterious creatures, possess. Now, our heroes must set out to save them. A new adventure of epic proportions awaits you! You will start a turn-based battle when you encounter an enemy. Before we begin, here's something you should know. You can move freely around the battlefield as much as you want, within your character's range, before using his weapon.
Pretty nice, huh? Let's start with Mario. There are three enemies on the way, so let's run towards one of them. Now select Rabbid Rosalina and have her run towards another one. Next up, Rabbid Luigi. One more Dash, and now, Disruptor time! By using a Dash first and then the gun, three enemies were eliminated. With that, his turn was over. Let's go back to Mario. Let's take out the other two. Bank of bank! That concludes your turn. Last but not least, Rabbid Rosalina. Team up with an ally and... jump! Position yourself and then finish off with the Kaboomer.
Okay, our turn is over. And now the enemy attacks! Make sure you take cover and you might be safe. If you don't do it, it won't be pretty. Alright, we have the floor again! Run towards the Bob-omb. And if you throw it away, boom! That will do! The key to victory is how you assemble your team and navigate the battlefield. Wait, is that Bowser? And he's joining the team?! Mario Plus Rabbids Sparks of Hope comes to the Nintendo Switch system on October 20. Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. Check out Ubisoft's special


tomorrow for more details on Mario Plus Rabbids Sparks of Hope! -We hope you are looking forward to seeing the chaotic adventures of Mario and the Rabbids.
Let's take a look at more headlines. There's something for everyone on Nintendo Switch! During a storm, the young alchemist Noah lands in ancient ruins. The layout of these multi-layered ruins changes every time you enter them. He recruits allies called Lilliputs to challenge the enemies lurking around every corner. He creates combos and performs powerful elemental attacks to defeat enemies. Little Noah: Scion of Paradise launches today on Nintendo Switch! All aboard! In the RAILGRADE management simulator, you will build railway systems to transport cargo efficiently and help restore the economic prosperity of an industrial colony. Complete several tasks to prepare each shipment before delivering it to its destination.
Your strategies will change depending on several factors, such as the number and length of trains running, what resources to acquire, and how to transport cargo from point A to point B. RAILGRADE is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall. Join aspiring game creator Kenta on a hand-drawn adventure to save the world in his latest creation, The Legend of Wright. Taking place in Kenta's notebook, this role-playing game spans over 200 pages in which you must draw, erase, solve puzzles, and even consult your handy calculator. Discover a new way to play every time you turn the page. RPG Time: The Legend of Wright comes to Nintendo Switch on August 18.
Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. Turn and enter a new area! Sonic's latest action adventure begins on the vibrant Starfall Islands, home to a mysterious civilization. Here you can run freely across a vast open area, making the most of Sonic's speedy abilities. Lock on and attack enemies that get in your way. Chain attacks to activate combos and rack up damage. If you time it right, you can even deflect enemy attacks. Acquire skills to enhance Sonic's arsenal of moves. You can also enter a special zone called Cyber ​​Space! Accept challenges at supersonic speeds and take the keys to progress.
What awaits Sonic on these strange islands? Sonic Frontiers is coming to Nintendo Switch this holiday season. He magically lives alongside your Disney and Pixar friends. Dreamlight Valley was once an idyllic land, where Disney and Pixar characters lived in harmony. Until El Olvido turned this dream into a nightmare. Now it's up to you to help these iconic residents recover their lost memories and reveal the secrets that brought you here. Bring the magic back to Dreamlight Valley in this fascinating life simulation adventure. Explore the diverse kingdoms of this land and forge lasting friendships with heroes and villains alike!
Everyone you meet will have personal stories to discover and adventures to complete. Help them by exploring, giving them gifts, and doing other fun activities. In this world, you can be whoever you dream of being. Disney Dreamlight Valley launches on Nintendo Switch on September 6 as an Early Access title. Take these adventures with you while you travel! LIVE A LIVE comes to life on July 22! Multiple stories with different protagonists, time periods and gameplay await you. Now in HD-2D! A demo featuring the beginning of three chapters, Imperial China, Twilight of Edo Japan, and The Distant Future, will be available on the Nintendo eShop later today.
Saved data from the demo can be transferred to the full game once purchased. Doraemon, Noby and their friends land on an unknown planet and decide to help a new friend fulfill his dreams by farming. Plow the fields, harvest and take care of the animals. You can even use Doraemon's secret devices to farm in an instant! Relax by living with friends, eating delicious foods, and fishing. And with local play, you and a friend can build a ranch together! DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of the Great Kingdom launches on the Nintendo Switch system this year. The world of Minecraft meets action and strategy gameplay in Minecraft Legends.
A beautiful land, surrounded by rich nature, is invaded by enemies from another dimension! Team up with allies and fight this monstrous force that threatens the world. What secrets await in this new but familiar universe? Minecraft Legends launches on Nintendo Switch next year. It's a treasure hunter's paradise! Two brothers dream of collecting great treasures from all over the world. Venture into the kingdom of Draconia to become legendary treasure hunters! In this spin-off of the DRAGON QUEST series, you will recruit a variety of well-bred monsters to accompany you on a wonderful adventure. With their help and your trusty gold digger, locating the loot will be a breeze!
Monsters are perfect travel companions to explore this vast world. Bounce on slime to reach high ledges or hang from a dracky to slide over huge chasms. Support your monsters in battle as they fearlessly defend themselves against enemies! Bring your hard-earned loot back to your base and see how much it's worth. Collect more riches to expand your base and increase your treasure hunting level. The X marks the spot when DRAGON QUEST TREASURES launches on Nintendo Switch on December 9. -We are going to have a lot of fun together. First of all. Your participation is appreciated and required. There might even be cake.
Portal: Companion Collection will be available later today. I wanted to call it "Why Do You Keep Killing Me?" Collection. But oh well. Let's start... monster. -Cultivate, fight and forge friendships in a new fantasy world. Welcome to Lethe, a quiet town where the seasons brightly color the environment. Your story begins here in this new life simulation RPG. Do some farm work, cook and craft items, and walk through the fields to gather materials, all while meeting the townspeople along the way. The seasons flow smoothly from spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, they will usher in the season of death, Quietus.
The crops wither. Life is threatened. Find a way to prevent the season of death from wreaking havoc on your home. The fate of the town depends on you. Start your new life in HARVESTELLA, launching on Nintendo Switch on November 4. This next segment will be our last announcement. Please take a look. -Mission, begin! Yeah! I'm coming! I am Morgana, the reigning ace of the Phantom Heart Thieves! And today I bring you a top secret video. I hope you're ready! Yeah! Persona 5 Royal will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 21! And that's not all. Let's keep the ball rolling!
Hey, Teddie?-Clear! Nice baton pass, Morgana! Okay, everyone, look at this! You better believe it! Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable are also coming! -Keep your eyes peeled to see more Persona! -On Nintendo Switch! -That's all for today's Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. Thanks for watching.

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