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Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023 - Nintendo Switch

Sep 18, 2023
-Hello everyone! I'm Shinya Takahashi and I'll be your guide for today's Nintendo Direct. You just saw a new trailer for the second wave of the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass DLC, Side Order. This new story is set in the Spire of Order, where you will strengthen your character's abilities as he ascends the floors of the Spire. We are developing this DLC for single player so that it can be played over and over again. It is scheduled for release in spring 2024, so look forward to it. Well, let's look at our first batch of Nintendo Switch holders. -The toys are back in town!
nintendo direct 9 14 2023   nintendo switch
Donkey Kong. Mario. -Here we go! -The rivalry that heated up on the Game Boy Advance system is reignited on the Nintendo Switch system! With his eyes on the prize, Donkey Kong has stolen all the Mini-Mario toys from the factory... and it's up to Mario to track him down! At each stage, gadgets and other challenges await you. Observation and action are vital to your success. Mario needs to reach the key, but he can't cross the gap. Hmm. That monkey's tail looks a little suspicious, doesn't it? If Mario does he will be able to cross...and grab the key safely!
nintendo direct 9 14 2023   nintendo switch

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nintendo direct 9 14 2023 nintendo switch...

Platform too high? Reach it with a handstand jump or a back handspring. How that! Watch and act to collect Mini-Marios, overcome stages, and take on Donkey Kong head-on! In this updated version of the game, you can play with a friend in local co-op! However you choose to solve it, it's up to you to get the toys back! Mario vs. Donkey Kong launches on Nintendo Switch on February 16. Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. Save the prince and the world. Guide Sargon as he sets out to save the Prince of Persia and restore balance to the world.
nintendo direct 9 14 2023   nintendo switch
Drawing on the roots of the Prince of Persia series, this game features 2D side-scrolling action-adventure gameplay. Race through stunning environments in a Persian-inspired mythological world. But don't stay too long if you hope to survive. Harness sword and bow techniques, as well as the powers of time, to overcome these hostile lands. As your journey progresses, Sargon will grow stronger and learn new skills that will expand his arsenal. Equip amulets to further enhance your skills, among other benefits. However, the number of amulets you can equip is limited, so choose wisely. Use everything at your disposal to navigate this harsh world and defeat the mythical beasts that stand in your way.
nintendo direct 9 14 2023   nintendo switch
Prepare to save the prince and uncover the mysteries of Mount Qaf when Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown launches on the Nintendo Switch system on January 18. You can receive the in-game Warrior Within outfit by pre-ordering the game on the Nintendo eShop. These games will help you "pursue" your passions. Get ready for real arcade racing in Horizon Chase 2! Speed ​​through stunning environments, each with their own dynamic art style, as you outpace your rivals on the road. Play the main campaign to unlock vehicles, courses and more. You can also upgrade your vehicle and design it to fit your high-octane needs.
Are you looking forward to more racing action? Up to four speedsters can put the pedal to the metal in couch co-op or online. Go full throttle in Horizon Chase 2, launching today on Nintendo Switch! Get ready for musical mayhem in this rhythm-based adventure! Time your button presses to music to solve puzzles and fight bosses. More than 30 exciting tracks await you, including music from iconic KONAMI games! Up to four friends can battle in versus modes or play together in local or online play. Super Crazy Rhythm Castle launches on Nintendo Switch on November 14. Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop.
Anya Forger has a new school assignment: create a photo journal! During the week, you'll go to class... and then enjoy family time in the evenings. On days off, you can visit all kinds of interesting places... like the beach... or an art museum, looking for subjects to photograph. How will you spend your time with friends and family? And what kind of photo diary will you help Anya make? SPY×ANYA: Operation Memories launches on Nintendo Switch next year. Mario's first RPG adventure is back! Super Mario RPG game is back with updated graphics! Let's go over some new and returning gameplay features.
Time button presses with action commands to increase damage dealt or decrease damage taken. When you time your attacks perfectly, you can now damage all enemies at once! Each successful action command will fill this gauge. When it's full, you'll be able to unleash the Triple Move of three characters! Depending on your current party, the move will change, so experiment with different combos. During your adventure, you will encounter bosses with colorful personalities. After completing the game, you will be able to fight some of them again! But these boosted bosses won't be easy! Embark on adventures with Mario and his friends when Super Mario RPG launches on the Nintendo Switch system on November 17.
Pre-orders are now available on the Nintendo eShop. -Hey. -Uh, ergh... -Look alive, we're almost there. -Oh! -The Nintendo DS game Trace Memory returns to the Nintendo Switch system as Another Code: Two Memories. One day, a young woman named Ashley receives a letter from her father who she believed was deceased. Seeking answers, she heads to the lonely Blood Edward Island in search of him. Once there, Ashley encounters puzzles and obstacles that hinder her investigation. -Hmm... -Can you see me? -She also meets a mysterious boy. What truths await Ashley in this place? -And no matter how hard I try, I can't remember dad's face.
Who are you? -Also included is the sequel, Another Code: R - Journey Into Lost Memories, unreleased in North America. -So this is Lake Juliet, huh? -Play both games to experience the full story. Discover both adventures, fully enhanced for Nintendo Switch, when Another Code: Recollection launches on January 19. Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. -Another Code: Recollection includes two games, the Nintendo DS game Trace Memory and its Wii sequel that was never released in North America. Both games are fully enhanced on Nintendo Switch. Look forward to playing them early next year. Next, take a look at this. -One day, a loyal Toad presented a flyer advertising a show at the Sparkle Theatre.
Princess Peach and some Toads went to see it, but then... The evil Grape and Sour Bunch suddenly made their grand entrance and took center stage! Now it's up to Peach and Stella, the theater's guardian, to save the play and the day! This perfect performance has turned into a terrible tragedy! Fortunately, Peach is able to use the power of Stella's ribbon to take on the Sour Bunch. However, tape alone isn't always enough, so let's do it! Wow! Peach transformed into Swordfighter Peach! When transforming, she can use fantastic spectacular abilities. Defend yourself from the Sour Bunch with some sensational swordplay!
Can Peach save this performance and his performers? There are more stolen programs to save! Valuable artifacts from this museum have been lost. Become Detective Peach, investigate clues and track down the whodunnit! Desserts have been snatched from this sweet festival. Become Patissiere Peach and save him from a sugar crash! The Sour Bunch got this martial arts school. Become Kung Fu Peach and take it back from these evil demons! Many other transformations are just behind the curtain. The stage is set. Our protagonist is ready to be the center of attention! Princess Peach: Show time! makes its debut on Nintendo Switch on March 22.
Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. -That was a new look at Princess Peach: Showtime! In Peach's latest adventure, the gameplay changes depending on her transformations. It looks like there are more transformations than the ones we showed today, so stay tuned. Let's continue with some more headlines. -A new SaGa begins! A multi-layered RPG filled with rich stories awaits you in SaGa Emerald Beyond! There are six heroes to choose from. A young man fighting with sentient puppets. A witch disguised as a schoolgirl to mask his identity. A crime-fighting duo chasing a mysterious organization. A robot singer who lost her voice and body.
And a king of darkness who recently reawakened. Select a hero and then follow his journey through 17 interconnected worlds as he strives to achieve his goals. How the story develops is in your hands. The decisions you make can unlock different paths, more than ever seen before in the SaGa franchise. Fight in Timeline Battles, turn-based battles where turn order is crucial to victory. Use special techniques to control the order of actions or activate team combos to turn the tide of battle in your favor. SaGa Emerald Beyond launches on Nintendo Switch next year. The legendary raider returns! The first three Tomb Raider games, all with enhanced visuals, adventure on Nintendo Switch in one bold collection!
As intrepid archaeologist Lara Croft, you'll travel the world and face deadly enemies and even deadlier legends. Climb, back flip... and dive on dangerous missions that span different countries and mythologies. Along the way, you will solve puzzles to discover treasures from the ancient world and unravel mysteries lost to the ravages of time. This faithfully remastered trilogy comes with all the expansions and secret levels for each game. You can also


between the appearance of the original polygon and the enhanced images at any time. Tomb Raider I to III Remastered, starring Lara Croft, launches on the Nintendo Switch system on February 14.
Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. This detective has a second ray of brilliance! -Every great detective starts his day early. -This is Ryme City, a place where humans and Pokémon coexist. The detective duo of Pikachu and his partner Tim investigate several cases while searching for Harry, Tim's missing father. Tim interviews people, Pikachu interviews Pokémon and together they discover the truth. They will also rely on other Pokémon to expand the scope of their investigations. Follow the scents with Growlithe... Break rocks with Darmanitan... and see through walls with Luxray. Can Tim and Pikachu solve all the mysteries and find Harry?
Find out when Detective Pikachu Returns launches on Nintendo Switch on October 6. Pre-orders are now available on the Nintendo eShop. This game is a real treat! Raise your brass for the quirky rhythm game, Trombone Champ! Play the notes in time with the music as best you can. But how you play that trumpet is up to you! You can use the gyro controls to adjust the pitch up and down, or the IR motion camera on the right Joy-Con controller. The controls are... quite unique... and mastering each control scheme will not be a walk in the park! Work your way through nearly 50 songs, spanning various genres from classical to electronic and everything in between.
Additionally, up to four musicians can "join together" in local multiplayer. Trombone Champ "slides" on Nintendo Switch later today! Battle your way to victory in these Nintendo Switch games. 10 teams of three will battle it out for survival in this online battle royale game! Reduce your opponents' health to zero and deliver a final blow... or push them off the collapsing terrain to win. Choose from 15 heroes, each inspired by a different mythology. Work with your allies to be the last team standing! Battle Crush is free to play and will launch first for Nintendo Switch consoles next spring. A closed beta test will be available in October.
Lead your mercenaries to fame and fortune in this open-world tactical RPG. Accept various contracts, from protecting the townspeople from thieves to defeating the most notorious figures in the land. Before battle, equip your mercenaries with the best equipment and skills to claim victory and live to see another day. Up to four online players can jointly command a troop and travel together through this vast world. Wartales launches today as a timed console exclusive on Nintendo Switch! Run and gun in this reimagining of the beloved NES classic, Contra! Blast through explosive environments with a devastating arsenal of weapons to crush the Red Falcon's forces.
Jump into the action with easy-to-learn and play controls and a variety of difficulty options. This reinvention from KONAMI and WayForward features new weapons... enemies... powerful super attacks... and a 4-player co-op mode. Con: Operation Galuga breaks into the Nintendo Switch system early next year. Liberate your kingdom, claim your destiny. -It is a painful story that talks about Fevrith. One of stolen destinies, stolen minds and stolen nations. However, as the world continues to be consumed by immense evil, a fallen prince will rise again, with a ring.of legend lighting his way. -That is the Unicorn Ring, ancestral treasure of the royal lineage of Cornia.
Legend says that your ancestors wielded it to purify evil... -However, the answer is as clear as today. The path before us is exposed and the only thing left now is to follow it. ...I'll walk, mother. -Freely traverse an expanding world, gather new allies, forge your bonds, and lead liberation to glorious victory. Cultivate a large army with over 60 unique characters, from humans and elves to enormous beasts and celestial angels. -Today is our first foray into the fog of despair that weighs on our home. Days, months or even years may pass, but I will see the duties of my lineage fulfilled. -ATLUS and VANILLAWARE present the renaissance of tactical fantasy role-playing games.
LORD SUPERIOR UNICORN. Available March 8, 2024. -Luigi's Mansion 2 HD. Welcome to Evershade Valley, a place that screams and brims with the supernatural. Luigi, our weak hero, was sent here to check it out. It's time for chaos in the mansion! No spooky adventure is complete without this vacuum-like device, the Poltergust. Use it to illuminate dark areas... vacuum objects... and interact with the environment. It is a useful tool for your paranormal escapades. Plus, when you see a ghost... Dad! You can stun them with the Strobulb. Then vacuum them up! You can even catch multiple ghosts at once! In this game, you will find ghosts lurking...
An old plant research laboratory... A broken down watch factory that is full of sand... A mine covered in ice and snow, and even more places. These troublemakers will use every trick possible to block your way! Can Luigi muster up his courage and save the day? Looking for other ghost hunters? Up to four online players can perform an "exorcism" in different multiplayer modes! Luigi's Mansion 2 HD is coming to Nintendo Switch next summer. -How was that? Next, we have two announcements to share. First, take a look at this video. What's that? It's a great block of questions. This question block is actually currently appearing on the roof of the previously announced Nintendo Gallery that is under construction in the city of Uji, Kyoto Prefecture.
The official name of this gallery will be "Nintendo Museum". A wide variety of Nintendo products from the company's history will be on display at the Nintendo Museum. Construction is going well and we plan to finish in March 2024. We will share more information, such as the opening date, at another time. Please stay tuned. Next, we would like to share some updates about the upcoming amiibo figures. These Zelda and Ganondorf amiibo figures will be released on November 3rd. And the Noah and Mio amiibo figures from the game Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be released as a set on January 19, 2024. And finally, we have a new amiibo figure to announce.
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate DLC fighter Sora from Kingdom Hearts is on the way. With the release of Sora, everyone from Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is here in amiibo form. Look forward to its release next year. That's it for today's amiibo announcements. Next, take a look at this. -The first F-ZERO game... returns as a 99-player battle royale! F-ZERO 99! Race on classic F-ZERO tracks with machines from the original Super NES game! Go through high-speed racing courses, but be careful. Your power meter will decrease if you hit pilots or railings. If it reaches zero, you're out! You'll have to avoid collisions and conserve your power meter to stay in the race.
Do you feel risky? Spend some of your power meter to temporarily increase speed. You can also collect Super Sparks, which appear when machines collide, to propel yourself to a special path called the Skyway. It's your best chance to surpass your rivals and jump to a higher position! Complete objectives while racing to unlock cosmetic options for your machine. 99 players, one winner. It's time to race to first place... because F-ZERO 99 will be available today exclusively to active Nintendo Switch Online members! -More than 30 years after its original release, F-ZERO is back as a battle royale game! This title is also compatible with the Super NES controller available exclusively to Nintendo Switch Online members.
We hope you try it and aim for first place! Okay, let's continue with some more headlines. -A little hero, a huge problem! Welcome to Bandle City, a whimsical land inhabited by small furry beings called Yordles. After a party gets too wild, the portals holding the land together collapse, throwing everything into chaos. It's up to you and your weaving magic to put Bandle City back together. Travel the land to collect materials, craft items, and meals for the locals. As you continue collecting and crafting, you can weave new upgrades by unlocking more branches of the skill tree. Enchant your experience even more by embarking on quests and hosting community festivals.
Can you save the city of Bandle? And what mysteries will you discover during your magical adventure? Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story launches on Nintendo Switch next year. Wait, did you hear that? Join your best friends, Nunu and Willump, on a journey through the frozen wilds of the Freljord. Jump, climb, and sled your way across a beautiful but treacherous land, where every step you take and every puzzle you solve brings you closer to the truth about these friends and their past. Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story launches on the Nintendo Switch system on November 1.
Pre-orders begin today on the Nintendo eShop. Let's move on to “training”! -A trip with these fools doesn't seem like a prize! Waah! -Hey, we're here! -Greetings! Welcome to the island! -This tropical resort contains tons of microgames that will get your body moving! In each microgame, you will adopt a specific pose called Form. -Ba-KAW! -Copy the form displayed and then take the correct action as quickly as you can. -Hand model! -Microgames will come one after another, so stay alive! Plus, up to four players can battle in Party mode! Reach the finish line without Medusa catching you... -Freeze! -Or settle scores in an arena to be the last to pose!
With over 200 lightning-fast microgames and plenty of multiplayer modes, everyone will have a great time! WarioWare: Move! launches on the Nintendo Switch system on November 3. Pre-orders are now available on the Nintendo eShop. A heroic story will soon unfold. Lead an army of over 100 heroes into battle and put an end to an empire's invasion. He meets Nowa, a humble villager, Seign, an imperial official, and Marisa, a forest guardian. These three come together to fight for a common goal. On their journey, they will meet a variety of heroes who can join their cause. This is their base of operations, known as Headquarters.
As allies join you, additional facilities will become available. You will be able to take care of crops, open stores and more. Each hero you encounter has their own story and motivation. They may not always get along at first, but these conflicts can strengthen the bonds between your heroes. Trust, betrayal, justice and truth. A heroic story will begin... when Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes launches on Nintendo Switch on April 23. Take part in a pixel perfect game. Take part in a pixel perfect game. Next stop, Octopia! Travel to a charming parallel world in this paid DLC for Eastward. Help Sam and John turn the pages of a new chapter as they adjust to rural life in a mountain town.
Take care of livestock, prepare culinary delights for your neighbors, and restore buildings to help the town prosper. And if you're new to Eastward, don't worry! You can access the DLC even if you haven't played the main story. Eastward: Octopia is adventuring on Nintendo Switch this holiday season. Get back to the rhythm! In this sequel to Wargroove, advance through three tactical campaigns with brave factions, including a new mouse faction, the Faahri. Additionally, you can now boost your commander's pace to unleash devastating attacks. Lead a roguelike offensive in Conquest mode, battle friends locally or online, or create and share your own scenes and campaigns.
Wargroove 2 comes to Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive on October 5. -GET OUT OF MY WAY!! -Pre-orders begin today on Nintendo eShop. Dive and catch fish during the day, then serve them as sushi at night on the DAVE THE DIVER water adventure! Use the fish you've caught to prepare recipes and create the daily menu, then serve clamoring customers at your sushi restaurant. Explore an ever-changing underwater world to find the best ingredients and strive to exceed culinary expectations! DAVE THE DIVER launches first for consoles on the Nintendo Switch system on October 26. Pre-orders and a free demo will hit the Nintendo eShop later today.
The final wave is coming! Here's a preview of wave 6, the final wave of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC - Booster Course Pass! From the Mario Kart Wii game, Daisy Circuit! More returning characters will also be added in wave 6! From Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Game, Diddy Kong! From Mario Kart Wii, Funky Kong! And from the game Mario Kart Tour, Pauline! And also Peachette! The sixth wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass DLC for the game Mario Kart 8 Deluxe arrives on Nintendo Switch this holiday. Active members of the Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion Pack can enjoy this DLC at no additional cost.
The DLC can also be purchased alone. Something new is among us. This new Among Us map is free and launches in October. -That you thought? Thank you for sticking with us until now. Below, we'd like to recap some of the previously announced Nintendo titles that you can expect to play starting in September. We'll see. We hope you are looking forward to these upcoming titles. The next video will be our last announcement. Please take a look. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, originally released on the Nintendo GameCube, will return with improved graphics. Whether you've played the original or haven't played it yet, we hope you're eager to experience this adventure in a paper world, starring Mario and his friends.
That's it for today's Nintendo Direct. Thanks for watching.

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