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Nick Bosa signs five-year, $170M extension with 49ers, can Chiefs overcome setbacks? | NFL | SPEAK

Sep 07, 2023
What's up, family? Welcome to talk, it's time to start, we have breaking news. Okay, if you care about the NFL, you'll care about this story. Nick Bosa, hasn't been in the last 40 or so days of camp, but it's over. The reigning Defensive Player of the Year was paid



s, just over 122 guaranteed and $170 million in total. I have to go to the desk because this news really surprised us in the middle of the pre-show meeting with James Jones, what's your instant reaction? Fun, hey, so good. Deserved old man, your Niners know there is no Super Bowl without Nick Bosa in that building, happy and ready to play football, so this deal had to be done, it should have been done, he should have been so glad they did it, but my god, his pants are sagging. some major money that's James Jones right brilliant Dr.
nick bosa signs five year 170m extension with 49ers can chiefs overcome setbacks nfl speak
Joy Taylor Joy how are we? I'm fine. I'm not as good as Nick poses McCoy, my former teammate, my current teammate, uh Shady, let me know your reaction 170. million dollars



s Nick Bosa what does it mean man man 170 170 quarterback money already You know what, even though he deserves it I mean he's the best part of that team. They're not the same team without him. Um, I know he'd come. Was I nice? Surprisingly, though, how long it took that's the kind of guy that voids this check, don't play with him, you see the numbers, but I'm happy for him, even though I hear beast, but you know, I'm really happy for this guy. for me because a boy from my hometown of Harrisburg Michael Parsons but I love you you know I like Nick yeah George Taylor talk to me 170 five years 122 guaranteed what's your reaction you said at the meeting let's like Hey listen Mike is happy today I'll be happy if they play at this level.
nick bosa signs five year 170m extension with 49ers can chiefs overcome setbacks nfl speak

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nick bosa signs five year 170m extension with 49ers can chiefs overcome setbacks nfl speak...

It doesn't surprise me that these are the type of players you have to get in the building. He is one of the best players on the team, if not the best, defensive player of the year. 34 sacks since In 2021, he leads the NFL, we know what kind of impact he has on this team and look, this is part of the formula with which the


win, they are dominant with high-level talent and then they worry about the quarterback field, so it is essential that he. he receives money from the quarterback and enters the building. I'm not surprised the deal was done, the numbers are big, but he deserves it and look, I'm happy every time a player gets paid and compensated for the work he did for the Niners. the defense is complete, it is complete, you know what is fascinating, you learn in this program.
nick bosa signs five year 170m extension with 49ers can chiefs overcome setbacks nfl speak
I love the Niners like they were my own. Okay, really like they're mine. From top to bottom. I'm not even going to lie to you. We've heard the Jets say we want to. To have 85 Bears defensemen, we want to have a legion of boom defenses. We've heard the Cowboys say: we want to have the best defense in football. You want to know who we haven't heard say the Niners because they let them play. They talk and now that Nick Bosa is officially signed, sealed and delivered, they can once again let their game do the talking. The Cowboys believe they have the best defense in football.
nick bosa signs five year 170m extension with 49ers can chiefs overcome setbacks nfl speak
The Ravens might think they have the best defense in football. The Jets want to have the best defense. In football, the San Francisco


have the best defense in football because they have the defensive player of the year, the best defensive player in football, plus Fred Warner at the back, Devon Hargrave at center. I have 6-1 Ward doing his thing holding him down, you couldn't start the season without Bosa on my mind and now they have him, the missing piece of the puzzle is in place. I absolutely love watching it and you couldn't start the season.
Without them because you hear all those kids in high school calling you they're not like that without 97 everyone coming off that edge you know the clock in my head this football has to come out in two seconds if it's three seconds what is it? going right, the 97 should be there, same for Fred, he knows, man, it won't be many times you've been a single block. Nick both said it won't be many times, so you know what that means. I'm going to be able to run and make tackles on the sideline or on the sideline because I know my brother is going to be double-teamed, it wasn't a surprise that in the preseason he got tackled and said, "Hey, that guy because he knows we need him." here so this is for the Niners defense and you know they're chasing the suit.
The Niners also open week one against the Steelers and we know at least everyone should know at this point how much better the Steelers are going to be this year. Ya had conceded the loss to the Steelers. I thought no. I don't think both Steelers are going to win. I'm not going to make too much of it, but the Steelers will get that dub, but now that Nick Bosa is back, I think the San Francisco 49ers they should rise to the top once again at the top of the NFC Eagles Cowboys Niners in my opinion they should be Shady in a league of their own I don't think they win that game he will be the next one not playing this game that's true Hey, look at the beginning, it was the Niners' fault. everyone should have paid me if you had paid me I would have been they can't so now you know when you take this time to get paid they missed a camp so they have to repeat it a little bit yeah. right, because you want to draw the man, so I still think the Niners could lose this game, that's very possible.


ing of teams potentially losing games, how about tomorrow night? Remember that the Kansas City Chiefs are without their star defensive tackle Chris Jones. The contract has not yet been resolved, but also the man on his screen, Travis Kelsey, extended his knee yesterday. Now his ACL is intact, but we don't know if Travis Kelsey will kill a trap and play with Chris Jones. He's probably he's out. Travis Kelsey still isn't sure. stumped as to what's going on Joy, I'm going to come to you first because there's a lot going on in Kansas City and we have to let you know because it's urgent, urgent, urgent information, is it too much for my homes to get over when you don't have to Chris Jones when you don't have Travis Kelsey for this week, no, I don't think so, because you still have Andy Reid, yes, and he's still the best quarterback in the league, and while we constantly talk about how they don't. is talented in some way, no talented team managed to win the Super Bowl over a team that we believe is extremely talented like the Philadelphia Eagles, long term, yes this is a problem, you have to bring Chris Jones into the building and you want to Travis Kelsey.
Back healthy, we know the sheer volume of attention and the completions and attempts he comes up with. He's a quarter of his offense, so you want to have him there long-term, you want Chris Jones in the building long-term, but for this week, I also can't help but feel like we're still talking about what a bad situation he's in. they find each other. You know what Patrick is like. You know he's sitting there paying attention to every little work receipt and just counting them. Other than that, like a chip on the shoulder, motivation, all those things that can only go so far, you still have to have the bodies on the field to do it, but Andy is a genius and he is planning a game plan without Travis Kelsey as Well, I don't think in the short term they're in trouble, but I guess in the long term you obviously need Travis Kelsey and Chris Jones if you're going to make it.
Yeah, I think Joy is absolutely right, number one. this isn't the playoffs it's not Joey B it's not Josh Allen it's not Aaron Rodgers you don't know anyone Lamar Jackson it's not those guys and you haven't had many games to prepare and click on all cylinders so for me this is it The first week, we expect the Lions to be better, but not better than the Kansas City Chiefs, and one thing I know about playing with great quarterbacks is that you always think you're going to win because you always think they're going to do the trick. right play, so I think that's what's going to happen.
I think this game will be extremely close when it comes down to it. Patrick Mahomes will make a play on whoever is there. at wide receiver and take his team to W, but this is week one, the lions are going to find out what they're trying to do on offense, you know, going up against Andy Reed and Patty Mahomes, who know exactly what they're doing on the offensive side. of the ball so I'm rocking with Patty on this one yeah I gotta go with Patty I gotta go too Patty I gotta go Andy Reed I got with the Chiefs I mean they don't have Travis Kelsey maybe not playing and Chris Jones Obviously he's not playing , but for whatever reason, that type of coach who doesn't like to run the ball, but in this type of game where he can run the ball, he will do whatever it takes to win, he is that smart, even if you come back. to the um, the Super Bowl um against the Chiefs and the Eagles, yeah, as cool as Pastor Holmes played as well as Andy Reid, play calls, think about this, even though they had two touchdowns, educate the viewers, now we have, we have the place, we have the place, okay?
We have the plays which one did you think you wanted to go to uh canarius Tony first which one do you want to go to first okay which one do you want to go to first because we have the we have the we have to play all of you are ready for it all ready for all of you ready for this here although here goes , here it goes, here it goes, oh we, I wasn't sure what's going on. Which two plays are they referring to? The two plays he scored touchdowns on were uncontested, yeah, that's coaching, I mean, that's it.
The best basketballs are that ball that's Andy Reid dicing them up, yeah, two in a championship game, two touchdowns, uncontested stuff like that is an example of why I think the Chiefs are going to win this game because yeah, it's They may not have Travis Kelsey, yes. Chris Jones may not play, it's the first game and it's against the Detroit Lions. I think the injuries and Patrick being so good that they can get things done, let me ask you this, Shady, do you think there is enough upside for the team? to


the talent advantage the Lions could have in this game without Travis calling without Crystal.
I'll say it again. I've seen Andy Reid win games with less talent. It's been a moment where Andy Reid told me and DeSean Jackson that they were ruining being with him, he said listen, I've won more NFC championship games than you guys have ever played in and if you don't get your act together you're not going to play and let me know. that basically he doesn't need us to win games. I played with a cop, we won games with Kyle, just say that. Who is Teo's UM quarterback? but since I didn't have a ton of great players like Travis Kelsey, I was still winning games, so I go back to things like man, they still have a chance and they still have Patrick Mahone, so if I had to put some money on that, They will certainly be prepared for whatever they are going to do tomorrow so that part doesn't worry me and it seems like I think we all think the lions are ascending and we think I'm going to have a good year, but it's the first week so that there will be some adjustments that they will have to make as well, as you said.
I just can't keep stacking the Chiefs, it makes me uncomfortable no matter how much they are going to come out with or not, I just have too much faith in what Andy Reid and that man can do, but to be honest with you, carrying Shady on his back , that's a movie studio, okay, you're watching the Eagles all year, right? you're getting ready for a Super Bowl game, you're watching every game of the season, so you're watching what they're doing in week five, oh, this is how they play man to man in week 10, oh, they changed it a a little bit, that's how they play man to man, oh, that's how they play man to man in the playoffs, so you can game plan for that and that showed up in the Super Bowl, they game planned knowing that we're trying to get through this overlooked so you know what we've been a countermotion, they overlook it, boom, this is the result, you don't know what Detroit is going to bring week one, you know what I mean and Travis Kelsey. it's not there and you have no idea if they're playing cover three, you have no idea if they're playing man to man at third, you really don't know how they approach this game, so for me it's going to come down to them making adjustments at halftime trying of locking up and it's going to be difficult without traveling, no one makes adjustments or injuries, but one thing is that I'm with you, so you had a whole season to see last year, right, it's a new year, the same coordinator and one thing.
I learned about coordinators on the office fence when it's hot, right, I'm going to go through what I know just like a player, it's a problem, right, I have a catch on the floor who is a Defender and we need to have him. I'm going to give it to you. The same movements that I feel comfortable with. The same with the coordinators. I need pressure. I'll give you the same Blitz that I'm comfortable with. It's the same thing, so I guess my point is everything he's going to see all last year. 'cause that's what Andy Reed does, we'll sit in that office, you'll get him a burger, he'll see all that flavor of last year from the first week to the last game of the season, yeah, and they're I'll be ready for the line, but then again in football every year we get a couple of new players oh we could do this now socertain things that you may have done last year it's like you know, I mean, that was my favorite coverage. last year because that's what I had this year with my auditions, now I can do this, let me ask Joy, are you more worried about the Chiefs offense or the Chiefs defense, obviously? without Chris' offense Jones, obviously potentially without Travis Kelsey, but you're going to be faced with the easy answer, obviously it's the Chiefs defense, but the Chiefs Dolphins are going to have to put up points.
Lions. I remind you that All America last year scored more than 40 twice, it exceeded 30. I think four times without counting the more than 40 games, if you put the County in more than 40 games, you put more than 30, I think six times, so , who are you most worried about defensive offense for the boss? Well, I think you just made a very good case. He should be. More concerned about the Chiefs defense, Patrick Holmes and Andy Reid are focusing on the offensive side of the ball, Chris Jones is the one who isn't there and the Lions' strength, at least last year, was their offense and ability to score points, so I'm on my way.
I'm more worried about the Chiefs defense than what Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid can do without Travis Kelsey. Subscribe here to receive the latest talk and see some segments from our other shows on FS1.

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