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NFL Week 11 recap: Brock Purdy excels for 49ers, Lions mount comeback vs. Bears | FNIA | NFL on NBC

Nov 21, 2023
this is football night in America with Applebee's welcome inside the studio Maria Taylor Mike Florio Devon mccordi and Jason Garrett here with you we are here to analyze


11 and let's start with the Bears facing the Lions Justin Fields returning from that thumb injury and we also saw Jared g suffer three interceptions and four turnovers for the Lions, but he showed some grit Jason and was able to come back and get the win, yeah Maria, if you want to be a championship team, you want To be a championship quarterback, you have to be bble. to handle adversity and I think that's where Jared G has grown the most throughout his career.
nfl week 11 recap brock purdy excels for 49ers lions mount comeback vs bears fnia nfl on nbc
He's a mentally strong guy now and couldn't have played much worse early in the game. He throws three interceptions. They are below. 12. with four minutes left, he doesn't blink, he completes a couple of shorts, he hits Jameson Williams for the touchdown, the defense makes a stop, they drive again and they go to score and they didn't blink and they had a lot of these guys on his team. On both sides of the ball they have the same type of mentality, it all comes from their coach. I love this team and they are going to do a great job in this and we talked while watching the games, the confidence of the players when you have that confidence.
nfl week 11 recap brock purdy excels for 49ers lions mount comeback vs bears fnia nfl on nbc

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nfl week 11 recap brock purdy excels for 49ers lions mount comeback vs bears fnia nfl on nbc...

I think for Detroit it starts with Holmes, the general manager, and Dan Campbell. First they said, "Hey Jared, come on, we're going to change for you, not just because we're getting rid of Stafford, we believe in you, come lead our football team and now." everything is going wrong, everything is going wrong, that team rallied behind Golf and he led them and it didn't matter if he was top or bottom, he went on to say: you saw him on the bench shaking everyone's hand. I'm going to do it right, come on, come on. It was fun to watch that Detroit team and I think it's important for them to have that experience of having to fight through adversity.
nfl week 11 recap brock purdy excels for 49ers lions mount comeback vs bears fnia nfl on nbc
They are in a series of games. They should all win. They had more fight with the Chargers. than they should have, but that's another example of being capable and ready to go deep and they're going to need that in the playoffs you don't want to just make quick work of these teams, they should beat you, develop some character and "You've got something you can fall back on when you get to the postseason and you have games for them to win, which is good, it wasn't pretty and Jared Gof had some issues on defense, I'm still worried about them, but they got the win and Regarding 8- 2 for the first time since Kennedy was president, I thought it was a joke, it's true, Kennedy was the president the last time it was eight and two 61 years ago, actually, uh, let's talk about Justin Fields and what the The


are looking at if this is our player, this is our quarterback in the future, this is what we'll see for the rest of the season, as long as he stays healthy, it's a very difficult balance, muray, because okay, You want to have the highest possible pick in the draft, if you go in a different direction, the better he plays, the lower the pick, but I think if they can develop something from him, they will think that he could be the guy that would win because with a new quarterback.
nfl week 11 recap brock purdy excels for 49ers lions mount comeback vs bears fnia nfl on nbc
Look at Bryce Young, you don't know what guy he's going to be, you don't know if you're going to pull the right card and scratch it, and he's a winner if you have a guy that you think can be the cornerstone, keep him working around him and use that draft Capital elsewhere so let him out and let him show that he'll answer on his own, let him show you what he can do and you'll make a decision after the season, yeah I think he's the Same thing you think of Kyler Murray, you think of Justin Fields, they're both playing with the whole franchise wondering if this is going to be our guy and I think for the two guys that continue to come out, Justin Fields came out running today. for over 100 yards he showed that he can make plays and that will put a lot of pressure on the Chicago front office about what the right decision is: do we try to build around them, do we put in more pieces or do we decide to reset our whole? franchise again, I wouldn't want to have to make that decision that's really difficult, well, he's certainly making the increasingly difficult decision for the Chicago Bears brass, he's played well, he's developed as a pocket passer, certainly He has that athleticism and has had that from day one the complicated thing for them is Caleb Williams Drake.
Let these Elite quarterbacks come out. You know there are people in the draft that you could say, "Wow, we'd like to build around them, but it's about opportunity cost if you keep going." Justin Field you can draft him to lighten the mood okay if you go ahead and use that high pick on the quarterback the team is where it is so I agree with Mike let's let the season play out you don't have to make that decision. Tonight, okay, let's talk about the Steelers and the Browns because you know the Browns are now playing without Deshun Watson, so we had to see DTR step in, but that defense did what they've been doing all season, Deon and that is to be elite. which makes it very difficult, the Steelers are a team that likes to stay, stay and win a game the Browns defense handled it, yes, and DTR talked about it after the game.
He's like you guys saw my first time, the first time I went out to play against Baltimore. This team rallied around me and you saw that he was a little emotional, after which he showed me that this is a team, this is a very close-knit group, yes, they lost Deshawn Watson, but they say, hey, we're not worried about that. a real football team and we're going to go play, we had it, it was great, Deshun Watson got it, we were excited that he didn't play like through the roof, so they're like, hey, DTR is going to come in here, come on.
To play through our defense we're going to need other guys to step up, but we're not done yet, we're not just out of this season, we're not out of the playoffs, we're going to keep playing and we did. It's fun to see a young rookie get a chance to go out there again and then be on the winning side and show up on that last drive, make the right throws, make the right decisions and get a win for his team, yeah he was big in the crisis. time, but you said it, this defense is Elite, but not just Elite, but they are really disruptive, they can disorient the opposing offense, you know, down after down, these quarterbacks don't know where to look, guys come from everywhere and you know, we talked about it.
Hey, there's a blitz package, a lot of times they leave their four guys on the ground and they attack the quarterback and they can't block him, so again the defense travels, they run the ball very well, it's a good environment for him and he needs can do. he plays with his feet, he needs to be able to stay within the system and let his playmakers make some plays around him, he keeps throwing the ball to number two, Amari Cooper, he gives you a chance and I thought it was very encouraging to see him bounce. That


four game, you know, one of the things that doesn't get talked about a lot.
Didn't think he was playing week four. No one in that locker room, other than Deshun Watson, thought Deshun Watson wasn't playing and this time Dorian Thompson Robinson. I knew it since Wednesday, if not before, I will prepare all week. I'm G to take the reps. I'm going to be the guy and we saw a little difference, but that defense too, the Browns defense overran the Steelers that they had. Jaylen Warren and no one else today and it was thanks to the company of Miles Garrett that the defense is truly among the best in the NFL and that the Browns did what they did and go to Denver and then play the Rams on the road afterward.
They will be staying together on the west coast and I think it's a perfect time of year to spend a week together and bond even more and prepare for that final stretch. They could really be a factor in the AFC. I think they could. because they have the defense, as you guys said during the pregame show tonight, the defense and the running game that travels and plays until January, you agree, yes, I agree, I think this team could make it when they travel . I was able to do that in 2014 with the Patriots, we went to Green Bay and then stayed on the west coast and played the Chargers after everyone went out to eat and watched movies together.
When we left the west coast, we felt like we were closer than ever and from the football field we felt like we were playing our best football and I think this team can build that type of bond and then go out and execute on the field. The other thing that's real is Joe. Burrow isn't Cincinnati's quarterback right now, yeah right, Pittsburgh is struggling with their quarterback playing what they're doing on offense, so there's a chance the Ravens are the best team in the league. division, but Cleveland is certainly in the mix, well let's talk about the


because Brock Pie had a perfect passer rating against the Buccaneers.
I like to call it the land of perfectly fit toys because he threw a touchdown pass like everyone else. Christian Mcaffrey, he beat his streak in a um, but sometimes he makes it look so easy. indefensible when you think about the


offense, they have a core of players that they just have to keep healthy and if they keep that core healthy, the guys on offense, the guys on defense, the core guys, if they're healthy, they're unstoppable, the problem. It's his style of play, as we've said before, conducive to guys getting injured, but today is one of those days where everything clicked and yeah, Brock Pie, perfect pass rating, the offense is working, the defense is working, it was a little closer.
It felt a little closer in the second half than maybe it should have been, but they're checking the boxes and they're making their move now, what you have to remember about him is a young quarterback, now this is in his second He hasn't started that many games this year and comes out week after week. He had that little stretch where he wasn't as good at turning the ball over late in gains, but other than that, over the last year he's been phenomenal, he's a great decision maker, he can make shots down the field, he makes plays with the feet again and again, plays well in situational football and knows those weapons, obviously, Christian McAffry is one of the best shooters and the KD Auk play very well.
There are so many different guys and he just orchestrates he doesn't feel pressured to pass the ball to just one guy he reads things he throws it to the right guy he's on time it's accurate they're a very good team yeah Fred Warner talked about what was coming outside After halftime he said we were going to take it one game at a time, it was almost like this team was humiliated by going on that three game losing streak, hey let's not worry about what everyone else is talking about how good we are. You're complete, let's take one game at a time, do what we're supposed to do and every week when you play this team, I write in my notes who does your game plan, who are you coming for saying hey if we stop this one? boy you know if you stop Mcaffry Auk has a great game KD has a great game Debo Samuel now goes to the backfield so with so many weapons at his disposal it's very difficult to stop him and I think now they feel like Hey, we're the just the people who They can stop us we need to have a one game mentality, go out, execute, destroy who is in front of us and worry about who is coming after we win this game, are you back to the point of believing the 49ers are the best team in the world?
The league I do and I think what was good for them today is like Mike hinted, it wasn't perfect, it wasn't one of those games where they just dominated every facet, there were times where Tampa made a couple of plays in the ones you're like. Oh, this could turn into a game, but then they would make another big play to pull away and separate, so I think that helps this team continue to improve because they are already the most complete team in football, from time to time, Maria , they get a little. They have leaks on defense, but you know they have all those running backs, so if they can play from the front and the team has to throw the ball, they're just bringing these guys to you, we're talking about Cleveland's front four, these guys have four forwards, just rush guys, they can play coverage on the back end and they're hard to block, okay, let's talk about the bills and the Jets offensive coordinator changed.
Ken Dorsy was fired after the Bills lost to the Broncos, so insert Joe Brady. What did he notice? was different maybe regarding the offense in week 11, well, first of all, you know it's a tough deal. Ken Dorsy and the guy have done a really good job there. It was certainly a team loss against Denver the other night for obvious reasons, special teams was a part of that. his defense was part of it, but sometimes in this league this is what happens and he takes the brunt and the team has to respond and they have to respond quickly the games in six days Joe Brady has been there, he has been a Kind of a quarterback mentor to Josh Allen, so I think the transition was easy.
The biggest thing that jumped out, we've been talking about this for a couple of years with Josh, is to take some of the pressure off him and the way they did that was they threw the ball. to the backs, hehe's throwing the ball four yards down the field, the back does the rest, so now he doesn't feel like he has to put the entire city of Buffalo on his shoulders on every play and then when you do that, when you stretch. in the big moments he doesn't feel as pressured and he's going to play better and that's what happened in this game, yes, when he was a young quarterback and we would play him in New England, we would talk about not covering the running back because he doesn't want to throw to him He wants to throw downfield and then he had a stretch where he started taking advantage and I felt like this year that disappeared and I felt like Joe Brady today said: "Hey, the running backs, like you said before, are your best friends, give them the ball, that's why they call them runners, it's not Ultimate Frisbee, throw it." Let it run, I think on the other side, it becomes very difficult for this Jets defense to show up week in and week out when you know that offensively you're not getting any help and this Jets defense came out early in the game. they turn the ball over, they limit Buffalo to three field goals in a row, it's 90 and it's like we're still not doing anything on the other side of the ball, then I felt like the game had gotten away from them and it ends ugly, but I want I mean, I really feel about the Jets defense, they come out and let themselves go every week, but they just don't get any help from the offense and I've seen that kind of ugly stuff the last few weeks, in the game on Monday The night against the Chargers, when it was clear that the Jets weren't going to score 20 points, they could have played three games and the Jets wouldn't have gotten 20 points but their defense was playing like they were still at it.
I'm thinking what am I missing here like them. I have some trick plays. I don't know why this defense keeps playing so hard, but last week I noticed it started to drop a little bit and today it dropped even more and that was good for the bills, that was exactly what they needed. they needed a team like that, a hurt team to come because they were hurt too to turn it around in 5 days to basically change the tire on a moving car, yes the car wasn't moving well but they did it and they need it. because Eagles Chiefs Cowboys are the next three, like a Road killer it doesn't get any easier for you, you know, a team's Deep Town confidence over the course of a season has a lot to do with who is under Center for you , TRUE? so, over time, we put it out there, we put it out there if you have a guy that you think comes together and everyone, here we go, we can win this game and I think the byproduct of the Jets' quarterback situation is permeating the rest of the team, hope and belief are rapidly diminishing, we see that with Minnesota and Josh there is no doubt that someone will bounce back, they will just do something, anything, uh, let's talk about the Chargers, they do have a quarterback field to Recover, but with their six losses, three of them came after having a lead in the fourth quarter, so let's talk about why this keeps happening to them, what is falling apart in the scams, especially in the late games, you know, you talk. as far as inconsistency, their defense has been inconsistent since week one, they just haven't played well, at different times, hey, they show up, sack the quarterback a lot, but overall they haven't stopped the run, they've allowed explosive plays .
I haven't played situational football very well and it's pretty much the opposite when the other team moves the ball all the time and always does great things you know that affects your team too even though you have this Elite quarterback and that's been the story here for the last two years for the Chargers they're just finding ways to lose at all the important moments, whether it's in the red zone or late in the game, very capable players aren't making the plays and I think yes. like squeezing that golf club a little bit, everyone is trying to do too much and showing up in their execution.
I mean, you got it right today, the mistakes they made on offense were who their best players were, it was Keenan Allen dropping a pass, it's Austin Eckler fumbling inside the five yard line when you have those plays, you know Herbert He missed some shots before, but I still go back and look at these offensive mistakes and we like to create and do it so high that it's like those were one. or two mistakes and we let the defense get off the hook when it's like those mistakes don't always beat us and we could just make some stops on defense and some turnovers on defense, but we don't trust them at all and we wait for these offensive weapons to play week after week at the best level of all time.
We need Keenan Allen with 200 yards receiving. We need Herbert four or five touchdowns. It's not realistic in this league, you won't be able to do that every week. I always. I love spotting dysfunctional organizations in the NFL and they are easy to spot. The Chargers, I think are the most dysfunctional team or the best, they have a lot of great players, but they just can't put it together like I can. I've said before that it's always a very dated Rosanne rosan and Dan reference thing, it's always a Jason D thing when they come out, but yeah, I know Rosan, I know Rosan, but it's when you look at how mediocre the conference is, they all quarterback injuries.
Is this team the one with a healthy franchise quarterback who isn't right in the middle of the playoff field when you have teams with fewer quarterbacks and less talent? I mean Brandon Staley, how can he not be done after this year? And I mean, I'm sorry, but that's just it. the way it goes if you don't win enough if you have a good team that's all but I can't count on the Chargers organization to make that decision they can decide let's just do it again let's do it again maybe be so. different next time and that's what it's been like the last few years with a great team, but they just can't put it together Brandon Saley very agitated after the game, we hear one of the sound bites and he says, "I'm calling the defense." plays don't ask me that question again don't ask it again when you were talking about Rosanne like the show no no no Saturday Night Live Gilda rner Rosanne rosan Dan knew it knew you didn't know he's talking about Ros like YouTube Shows okay , it's classic, it's there, it's on YouTube, we'll look white, okay, give us some time to do some research while we're at it, let's get some fantasy football news from Matthew Barry, please save us, Matthew, yes, Maria From the old to the new, let's talk about today's big headlines and unfortunately, many big-name running backs left their games early, so injuries to Aaron Jones, Kenneth Walker and Von H and now I have good and bad news, here are the good ones. news, none of them seem serious at this time, as we record this Sunday night.
Aaron Jones' optimism is that it is not a long-term injury, but rather an MRI that will be performed on Monday, according to Matt Leflour. Ken Walker, a legitimate oblique strain according to Pete Carol and then Devon, with positive feedback from the medical staff will be re-evaluated on Monday, that's for Mike McDaniel, so that's the good news. None of them, at least at this moment, seem very serious. The bad news is that everyone is on a short week, of course, playing in Seattle Green Bay. on thanksgiving in miami playing on friday very strong to see them available next week we'll dive into this more about fantasy football happy hour on peacock all week.
Also, welcome back to Trevor Lawrence and Calvin Ridley, each of them has their best fantasy game. of the year with Trevor four total touchdowns two passing two rushing over 20 uh over 32 fantasy points it's his first 20 point game of the year and Calley scores 7403 on two touchdowns he's the number one wide receiver as we enter Monday Night Football with more points today than their previous four games combined so well to see the Jags getting rolling on offense. The latest here, our long national nightmare is finally over. Tony Pard finally reached the end zone for the first time since week one, thank goodness.
Okay, now in my hot little hand here I have real bets from real bettors, it's the DraftKings highlights from week number 11, now someone said, hey, Arizona, who's going to be the first touchdown? I'm going to bet $2,000 on Ron Del Moore to be the first touchdown that person won $40,000 in over 19900 now we just talked about Trevor Lawrence he is a fantasy Superstar also a betting Superstar for someone who bet $20 on Trevor Lawrence to have two or more touchdowns to win $1,020 on plus 5,000 and finally a $50 bet that Luke's hustler scored the first touchdown and that, uh, was over 4,000 and over two thousand dollars for someone too, so congratulations, I must say it, by the way, just to clarify Trevor Lawrence's two touchdowns. that bet was on two touchdowns without a pass, so the fact that Lawrence got two touchdowns rushing is why the odds were so high at plus 5,000, that makes a lot more sense now that I think about it, hey, a reminder of That today at draftking sports book new customers can bet $5 and pocket 200 in bonus bets instantly, plus everyone gets the same seamless parlay every day.
Here's what you do: Use promo code SNF when you download the app and sign up. Okay, time for our quick round. and we want to have a Thanksgiving theme because the holiday is coming up, we're getting ready for turkey day, let's talk about what each team has to be thankful for and we'll start with the dolphins, it has to be coach Mike McDaniel. because he has brought such a refreshing personality and a certain emotional intelligence, as they like to say for years, that team, that organization under Steven Ross was nothing more than a dysfunction in wrestling, he doesn't live in South Florida, he's just there from time to time, people always have some kind of internal drama between them that doesn't exist anymore and Mike McDaniel I think is the key reason why they made a big hire even though Steven Ross wanted to hire Shawn Python and bring in Tom Brady and that blew up, they got Mike McDaniel.
And voila, I think they are prepared for the years to come. I know he was grateful for Mike McDaniel. He's also grateful for the addition of Tyreek Hill. Tyreek Hill makes Mike McDaniel's offense flow a little better. Mike McDaniel is a little happier. around, I could make a lot of jokes because they have a guy who has the most yards through week 10 in NFL history, so the Dolphins better be grateful for Tyreek Hill, yeah, you know better than me that you can't protect that guy, uh. I think they're grateful because their quarterback two has been fantastic, his growth and development is reminiscent of all the injuries from last year.
Can we trust this guy? He has been fantastic. He's the guy who orchestrated McDaniels' offense. He's the guy who gets the ball to Ty Hill. He's been great. Alright, what about the Jaguars? Well, this year specifically they have to be grateful for the schedule because they got a good one because they were able to keep winning games. They could be the number one seed. The Texans are a little better than they thought. It's going to be, but they're in a weak Division and they're in a position where maybe they don't have to go to Kansas City, maybe they don't have to go to Baltimore, maybe everyone will come to them once the playoffs start.
I wonder if What they care about is that the Jacksonville crowd is going to be RNG, ready to go, that's true, but it's better to go on tour, yeah, it's better than having to go on tour. I think they should be grateful to Calvin Ridley for making that trade one year. He makes you don't know how it's going to work. It's been incredible for this team. The catches. Appears in one-on-one confrontations. They can go to him. They have a type. I think he's really changed that offense. We talk about a. guy who wrecked the boat, they have to be thankful for Doug Peterson, he thinks about them two years ago, it was a disaster, a disaster and he gets there, he's just very prepared.
The experienced coach establishes a structure in the organization, how they acquire players, obviously. It helps when you have a franchise quarterback and Trevor Lawrence, but they just look like a pro football team, they grew over the course of last year, the expectations were high this year and they live up to them, they've played very well, what happens? the guys that the Jaguars are taking care of for the Texans, I think the Texans should be very grateful to David Terer because because he took Bryce young, he really gave them a clear path to CJ Strout and who knows what the Texans would have done with the first overall pick if they had won that week 18 game or lost that week 18 game and ended up with the first overall pick who knows maybe they would have taken Bryce Young but they have their man he is its future and it is working perfectly.
Well, all because the team that selected in front of them at the behest, whether you know it directly or suddenly, their owner took BryceYoung. I think KY Mcnaron, the Texans organization has to be grateful for Nick Cerio, he came in there, there was a lot going on. When Houston took over the Deshawn Waton situation, it was up and down who was running him, the different head coaches, Lovey Smith and then David Coy liked a lot of things and now it seems like it's only been two years since they have a quarterback, they have a Coach in the show Ryan, they have Direction and again, yes, they drafted Stra, but they also traded up to get Will Anderson and all of those moves look pretty good right now, so a big shout out to Nick Cerio.
They both mentioned Stuss, so they are certainly grateful. for him it's unbelievable, but I think for me it's the show the head coach has done a fantastic job there and again reflects on last year, they weren't a very good team, let's go get the quarterback, let's draft the other one. Dude, let's get something. The fundamental pieces are here, but let's also build a team and he has been able to do it in all the places he has been. He certainly had a big impact on San Francisco. He made an impact when he was a player. He is a natural leader and I think the team reflects his personality.
To think they're in the hunt here 10 weeks into the season, it's crazy, they've done a great job, three wins last season, they've already doubled that to six wins and they're as good behind the Jaguars as you can get. Don't even imagine it, but they have managed to make this happen, what about the Cowboys? What are they grateful for? I think for today you should be grateful. Jerry Jones finally realized that Jimmy Johnson had been put in the Ring of Honor and he was dragging his feet. and shuffling and when they cut to the shot today during Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson's fox pregame in Charlotte's cabin Fred Gelli said he's going to put him in the Ring of Honor and it took about 15 minutes to land the plane. but he put him in Ring of Honor and I think by now it was time and he was late, but it's good that he finally admitted that he took too long, let's get this guy where he belongs, no, that's awesome.
I'll just go with this year, I think it's Don Bland that loses, they lose Diggs and it was like the roofs came down, like this team was going to survive. Diggs has been his best player, he gets all the interceptions and looks up. It's like oh dur BL just tied NFL history with four picks out of six in one season, so I think this team, after losing someone so great, is your best player on defense other than Michael Parsons and then you look and say, oh yeah, Don Bland is leaving. show up and he's going to be one of the best cornerbacks in the League this year, you can't beat the fact that he's set incredible records and played a lot of football, but for me it's quarterback Dak Prescott, he's been phenomenal.
I know Troy Aman told me a long time ago that a lot of things come with dinner when you're the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and you know there's so much scrutiny and so much attention on Dak every throw he makes. Here's a guy who is one of the greats in the NFL throughout his career of not turning the ball over they had several interceptions last year it was a national story it was on the national news about Dak Prescott throwing interceptions in training camp like that It's just the way it is, but he's handled all of that wonderfully.
He's played really well here the last month and I like what they're doing, they're getting back to some of the things he's done really well throughout his career, throwing the ball down the field, that team has responded well, okay guys, what are you doing? for thanksgiving glorio eating a lot of food and drinking a lot of wine we see it direct Flor direct I like that c or something like that I'm not mad at them I think I'm going to do the same but you still don't know where to find out either at my house or at my brother's house we'll figure it out I'm not going to cook although I think it's my favorite holiday it really is I love having turkey for dinner so go come back and order a second helping and you'll have football it's fantastic yeah don't be afraid of the cranberry sauce Marie, it's fantastic, it's horrible, oh it's so gross, you might not want to use all white, although yeah, I will never eat cranberry sauce dressing. the best Thanksgiving meal, full stop, well, you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving, even though we know we're going to watch football.
We hope you will join us on Sunday night. We have US Football Night at 7 Eastern, right after the holidays. Hello. I'm Mike too and thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe to receive the latest news and highlights from NBC Sports.

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